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Found 5 results

  1. https://nusan.itch.io/combo-pool (warning: game/site does have sound)
  2. So for the next day and a half, Humble Bundle has a cheap deal on some shitty games as usual, but more importantly this deal includes a copy of Gamemaker, which is a seemingly entry-level game making application. The bundle altogether is only $12 to get the Android Export portion which I'm guessing means you can publish your games on Android for like 10 zillion people to not see. Here's the link: https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly to the bundle. I watched a couple tutorial videos about the absolute basics, doesn't seem too crazy. The code is something I've never delved much into, though I can dabble and not fuck shit up too much (I can use Processing okay for a beginner, and I could usually do really simply HTML shit...) Anyway, is that actually a good deal? And would I be getting in over my head? Like, I'm thinking of it as a means of just trying my hand at getting some simple/weird game ideas down, not like making Call of Duty for Android or anything. And more so just to try my hand at some more advanced code-style project stuff. Obviously Gamemaker's whole appeal is that you don't need to know code, but I'm quite sure I'd have to use some to really get through to an end product 'finished' game. Has anyone used Gamemaker? Or, have any of you made little games yourselves? Advice, thoughts? I mean, yeah, it's only $12, but I'm just curious about any thoughts on that system or if I shouldn't waste my time unless I would really wanna go head first down that path of making games (which I don't).
  3. Hello, So I've been out of the video game loop for a number of years now - I currently have my sister's old Playstation 2, and enjoy playing it, but looking at some of the stuff that is coming out soon (and is out already), I'm really considering getting a new system, etc. My question is - I enjoy multiplayer games, like first-person shooters, etc., a great deal, and one of the biggest reasons I would want a newer system is for the online capabilities. In terms of what's currently out, I think I would want an Xbox 360, with online connection, but I'm wondering if the older online and multiplayer games will become essentially obsolete once Xbox One and all of the newer games come out. Will there still be a place online to play the current multiplayer shooters, etc., and will people actually be there playing them? I saw a video on youtube once about one of the older Call of Duty games, and its online play had completely degraded to the point where it was all people with hacks fucking up the screen and play, messing the whole game up, because apparently the consoles stop monitoring or caring about the older games and their online play... Anyone have any insight into this? Thanks so much, carthief
  4. so since just before christmas i've become completely and utterly addicted to UFO: enemy unknown again (X-COM: UFO defence to my transatlantic brethren). absolutely superb game, and it's reminding me that games used be *difficult* back then. if you're not familiar, there's a management screen where you manage finances and a civ-like research tree, set up bases, and add things like radar, hangars and facilities, then use them to intercept UFOs. once intercepted, it switches to an isometric turn-based strategy style where you have to kill various aliens in various terrains and recover bodies, materials, and prisoners in order to further your cause of figuring out exactly why they're invading. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfoelRLeaLY it's probably the most unforgiving game i've ever played, even on easy. only now am i getting even slightly an edge on things... i have fond memories of first spending an entire christmas playing this about fifteen years ago too! any other fans of this game? i think it might be the finest turn-based strategy game i've ever played, even beating the civs.
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