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Found 24 results

  1. Through the use of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 API and TouchDesigner, I’ve managed to create a, let’s say, MIDI sequencer that captures RGB data incoming from AI generated images in real-time, and uses it to trigger MIDI events in Ableton Live. Said signals are then feeding, among other things, two wavetables in the first two examples, and my lovely new Prophet 6 in the other ones. In short: The idea was to have a system that, given certain concepts (a.k.a prompts), generates chord progressions from the RGB incoming data resulting from the DALL-E generated images. Concept [prompt] ➨ AI generated image [DALL-E 2] ➨ capturing RGB data in real-time [TouchDesigner] ➨ using that data to trigger MIDI events [Ableton Live] For more experiments, tutorials, and project files, you can head over to: https://linktr.ee/uisato
  2. New tape is out now. Deep space solitude vibes. And here’s some free codes - 56gs-cxkb gyuc-cptx 325e-w2rq dm69-cdhz pgyn-wcpg h7uj-j6gw hlw6-yyn4 hcpt-buvm 4hf3-hqzg q4dw-v8yu 9s4q-627q Redeem at https://thelastambienthero.com/yum If they run out, feel free to give me a shout and I’m happy to send you one. Hope you enjoy!
  3. I started to write these tracks originally for the WATMM's Most IDM 2018 compilation ("Hiding the fact that you automated your own job"). I had fun creating them so I ended up making several and now that it seems that the compilation is never going to happen I'm going to be putting the tracks to SoundCloud.. Basically these are short ambient loops with shit tons of automation and randomization. They could go on playing forever. What I'll try to do is to render them to some comfortable length. A word of warning: The tracks have absolutely no structure or progression. All progress that they might seem to make is completely due to chance and they will return to form sooner or later. So if you are waiting for something more interesting to happen in the track it will not and might just as well skip the rest of it. Also I made these on my mini-laptop while traveling and they are mixed with in-ear phones. So might sound horrible with proper speakers. I have no idea. The software used was Renoise 3.1.1. The first track maybe has a kind of Orb mood from around the Orbus Terrarum/FFWD era, but it's of course even more meandering.. https://soundcloud.com/omzk/vuo-automated-ambient-pattern-1-rendered-2018-10-31-7min14s
  4. This is the first track I've completed since rewriting my music software in Clojure. Let me know what you think:
  5. AXYS by Sanjuro77 Tape release for the Roland Kayn fans.
  6. ghost cell V by Sanjuro77 Fifth year of my annual generative experiments. Featuring TR606 QS, Nord G2, Organelle, PreenFM2, Future Retro Zillion, Microcell, Morphagene, 0-Coast & laptop.
  7. Hi all - new annual collection of twisted generative glitch and electronics is out now. Unedited and raw patches. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3182509812 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
  8. Hi all - here's some free music for you lot - [bandcamp width=500 height=120 album=498864425 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 tracklist=false artwork=small] The latest in the now annual ghost cell series. Improvised laptop jams from 2016-2017, all based on various generative techniques, all one take performances. Minimal editing (normally only for length). Hope you enjoy!
  9. Axoloti jams edited down and layered a bit.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/incompetron/revenge-of-the-eternal-anglo Track and accompanying image made with Python. Let me know what you think.
  11. Hello, I thought maybe I could find potential users and other interested folks at this forum for my microtonal algorithmic all-in-one groovebox software that I've been developing last 4 years. It is a sort of community project where new features get added by user requests and feedback. Here is an "official" press info about the software/app: There has been a lot of discussion about Dhalang at the Audiobus forum, mostly by iOS users and I am looking the same with Mac users. I am myself more of a Mac user but I don't really use other programs/systems than Logic and diy. If this post is a too much of an advert, please tell me and I will change it or move it accordingly.
  12. https://4rdarmpit.bandcamp.com/album/- Know most of you are aware of this guy, but if you haven't checked out his stuff yet, this is a great place to start. I think these tracks have been honed down from a jam session of his. I am hearing hints of early skam/phoenecia in there, on top of his usual braindance fare. Oh, and it's Name Your Price. Really immersive tracks here.
  13. https://antlerlemon.bandcamp.com/album/only-for-the-hard the first two tracks are some kind of generativeshit, the rest are a mixed bag. comprised of some tracks I rediscovered on my old laptop harddrive
  14. new track from the Unit Shifter Compilation One 12" LP: https://soundcloud.com/russiancorvette/asteroids-play
  15. So, as I mentioned in this thread, (yes its been a year) I made a max patch for generating melody, and now it is a standalone app called ITVL (interval). It is basically a generative sequencer packed into a step sequencer, you decide when the next step will be triggered and what note will be played instead of letting algorithms do it, so you have the full control and it is easy to change a single note anytime. It is like you have the generative framework but your brain will be the "algorithm". It is my first time to make an app and it did take a lot of time to build on my prototype, fix bugs, a bunch of stuffs were added and a lot of functions were adjusted for releasing to public. How do you guys think about this? It is available here some videos, more are coming soon. [youtubehd]LD3H8RUSFIE[/youtubehd] [youtubehd]tPg3IQRkZFw[/youtubehd]
  16. generative stuff + live twiddling https://djsaint-hubert.bandcamp.com/track/lel-3
  17. https://djsaint-hubert.bandcamp.com/album/budget-solipsism trackslisting more generative modular stuff. All sounds are either homemade or distorted to the point they might as well be. Also incorporates ambient noise picked up from laptop mic causing little changes in the sound. You can hear it more clearly in the first track but it's still pretty hidden/obscured
  18. Sorry to lure you in all pervy. I hope that didn't break any rules. This is my EP... http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3595070575/size=medium/
  19. Greetings WATMMers, I used to post here regularly as Yage and Emoticon back in the day, around 10 years ago. I produced ambient/electronica music as 'Emoticon' and had several net EPs released on the now defunct net labels Suicide In Installments and Meep. Whilst I've been absent from producing ambient music for a while (having mostly been producing dub reggae as 'Crucial Steve'), I have recently returned to ambient production. As a result, I'm pleased to announce the (self) release of my debut album "We Have Flame", featuring ambient tracks from 2003 to 2012. It is out next month (Jan 2013) on CD (I'm pressing 50 copies) and available to buy from next month for just £6 plus postage. Listen to the promotional clip on youtube: http://youtu.be/6peSJiBlJYY Any feedback would be most appreciated. To place your order, PM me or email me using the address in the youtube video.
  20. So I have been messing around with some new effect racks. This one is a product of resonation, delay, and a low pass filter meeting a triple sine generator which is self modified by values determined by a randomly warping triangle wave. This is a piece from a show I played in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in the United States as a result of twiddling said knobs. Enjoy. http://soundcloud.com/maxkrieger/pipanhd
  21. [media=]http://soundcloud.com/maxkrieger/gox-palate[/media] Don't have much to say about this one. Was working with some new patches in Reaktor 5 along with some samples of chimes and children. Not sure what I was influenced by... drugs probably. This one is... weird. Enjoy
  22. batch processing of old samples archives (~10%) http://soundcloud.com/dtprg/shit-yo-ass-tekk-mixxx
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