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  1. The first album length release on Ghost Box finally gets a reissue https://ghostbox.greedbag.com/buy/sketches-and-spells/
  2. November 26: https://ghostbox.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR1MWSCoAeKqVHPnZZJuAtJ2KJrPn78gwNrwYwv5Gp7LogMQuifu5rccV5I
  3. Spent the night listening to The Focus Group and I think they shade it for me as favourites on the GB roster. Sketches and Spells seems to be the most underrated GB release in my opinion. Check out the John Baker echo on 'Open The Gate', and the sheer dexterity of 'Activity and Scales'. And 'Jout Sections' is pure loveliness. Candidates for the GB vinyl release? Belbury Poly seem the most obvious, or some kind of split/collab EP? Maybe even Roj. Your fave GB release/artist thus far? Best artwork? Who's next to join the roster? I'll leave the namedropping and eulogies for 'Scarlet Ceremony' to kaini (master of ceremonies for all things GB). I've no doubt this thread will remain on the first page for all of two hours and then effectively die, but fuck it. YOU know we need more Ghost Box.
  4. coming summer (june-ish) https://ghostbox.bandcamp.com/releases
  5. https://ghostbox.co.uk/news/new-releases-for-2020/
  6. Debut album releasing in October. https://ghostbox.greedbag.com/buy/peel-away-the-ivy/
  7. Jim Jupp and Jon Brooks do another collaboration. Hype!
  8. "Due in the spring is the new LP from Jon Brooks - 'Autres Directions', inspired by trips to France. Beautiful ambient electronics and field recording." http://www.claypipemusic.co.uk/
  9. http://belburyparishmagazine.blogspot.ie/2016/04/new-ways-out-coming-may-2016.html
  10. A wishlist of 90s-00s goth /industrial / hauntology / occult-related bands from the legendary Cleopatra label, with a choice of colored 7" vinyl, now at a sale price. If this was 1995, I'd be tempted to buy it. Limited to 666 copies of each vinyl color. https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/occult-box-limited-edition-5-cds-7-lp-w-pendant-chain/
  11. Jon (Advisory Circle) Brooks has an LP coming out on Clay Pipe in October. 500 copies only, the usual gorgeous artwork. From Clay Pipe:
  12. My anger overfloweth that I can't obtain this physically. Digital will have to do, buy those 7's are fucking beautiful, 180g. "On 5th June we'll be releasing another in our Other Voices series of singles. This time by Ghost Box regular Pye Corner Audio. With dark dystopian industrial disco on "Machines Are Obsolete". With a slightly more upbeat collaboration with Belbury Poly on the flipside, called "Pathways" which finds the surprising common ground between the two artists." https://ghostbox.greedbag.com/buy/other-voices-20/packshot.html
  13. Did we sleep on this one? Very much in the Trish Keenan tradition of 60 psych, Ghost Box spookiness. CD comes with a bonus disc of 4 exclusive tracks. I'll be picking it up tomorrow at Rough Trade. It's a holiday so anyone want a watmm shopping trip? They have a bar. Brick Lane should be jumping. https://deathandvanillamusic.bandcamp.com/album/to-where-the-wild-things-are
  14. More audio clips and tracklist here Lovely !
  15. Here's a 70 minute mix I put together in Traktor the other night as my new alias Riiitz ... LOTS of dark vibes, even a couple moments of straight up sludge and doom there in the middle with some Boris & Witch... https://soundcloud.com/baddreaminc/wear-the-shadows-proudly-2013 Here's the full tracklist: Pye Corner Audio - Vorticism/ Miles - Flawed/ Unknown - #003/ Mark Pritchard - Ghosts/ Kassem Mosse - Nacht An Allen Tagen/ Hyetal - Northwest Passage (Vessel Remix)/ Sanctums - Jaguar (Silence In Presence)/ Violetshaped - Spectral Nightdrive/ Dalhous - Success Is Her Sensuality/ oOoOO - Mouchette/ The Haxan Cloak - Hounfour (Temple)/ Boards of Canada - Semana Mertvykh/ Boris - Method of Error/ Witch - Black Saint/ Miles - Lebensform/ Autechre - Runrepik/ Old Apparatus - Dourado/ Young Echo - Nexus/ oOoOO - The South/ IVVVO - Haters/ Lake Radio - Lake Kilarney/ Boards of Canada - Telepath/ The Haxan Cloak - Dieu/ Violetshaped - Out Of Any Symmetry/ Sigha - Scene Couple/ Ghost Cinema - Gravity Pull
  16. Jim Jupp of Ghost Box posted to this blog post containing music that was supposedly commissioned by Philips for the Philips Evoluon Technology Exhibition at Eindhoven in the Netherlands, 1967. Another video supposedly commissioned for Krups. The tracks are credited to Dutch composer Jan W. Gruber and supposedly made in 1967. They are pretty nice tracks, but I am doubtful that it really is from that era. I had left a comment on the user's YouTube channel asking where the user got the music from and whether it was really from '67. It has been deleted and/or channel comments have been disabled. There are a total of 3 tracks on the YouTube channel Maersk NL right now. The instrumentation is right for '67 but the production sounds a little too clean and exact to have been made around that time. If you take a listen to Tom Dissevelt's (and also by a Dutchman ) Whirling/Sonic Re-entry which was made a year later than these tracks were supposedly made the percussive loops is not nearly as in time with the other tracks as it is with the Jan W. Gruber tunes. Especially in Krups Theme with the 6 plus measures of triplets bass notes so precisely in sync with all of the other tracks. The only way to do this at this time would be with two tape loops or a tape loop and an analog sequencer but they would eventually go out of synch after a couple of measures. "Philips Expo Theme 4" has a backward mask part of a triangle-type sound right after the forward version. Super easy to do (and a popular technique) with modern production, but very a painstakingly intricate detail for '67. Also, it is too good to not find it being mentioned in the same breath as Tom Dissevelt, Raymond Scott, and all of the BBC Radiophonic composers all these years. But I guess it is possible is has been languishing in obscurity for 45 years. After Googleing "Jan W. Gruber" a few hours after the videos were posted the only results were the YouTube channel the videos were posted to and Jim's post. So who do you think might have really made these tracks?
  17. 'Up to my neck in work for the @GhostBoxRecords LP ~ Shaping up quite nicely I think!' http://twitter.com/P...028066051457024 'GBxLP: Done!' http://twitter.com/P...733318200532992 also, free live pye corner audio recordings here http://soundcloud.com/pye-corner-audio
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