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Found 91 results

  1. He's been making poppy electronic/EDM for his first couple of releases, so I completely passed over him until this point. Incredible turn in sound and style and the accompanying video/visualizer is a delicious eye candy. 1. "Hi This Is Flume" 2. "Ecdysis" 3. "High Beams" (with HWLS featuring Slowthai) 4. "Jewel" 5. "╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌" 6. "Dreamtime" 7. "Is It Cold in the Water?" (by Sophie) (Flume and Eprom Remix) 8. "How to Build a Relationship" (featuring Jpegmafia) 9. "Wormhole" 10. "Voices" (featuring SOPHIE and Kučka) 11. "Mud" 12. "Upgrade" 13. "71m3" 14. "Vitality" 15. "Daze 22.00" 16. "Amber" 2:23 17. "Spring" (with Eprom)
  2. Hi all - new annual collection of twisted generative glitch and electronics is out now. Unedited and raw patches. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3182509812 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
  3. https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/liefde Weekly dsp workouts, beatless weekend jams & fieldrecordings gone bad.
  4. Hi all - here's some free music for you lot - [bandcamp width=500 height=120 album=498864425 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 tracklist=false artwork=small] The latest in the now annual ghost cell series. Improvised laptop jams from 2016-2017, all based on various generative techniques, all one take performances. Minimal editing (normally only for length). Hope you enjoy!
  5. Been having fun with the weeklybeats initiative this year, pimping old projects and what not and have collected a few braindancy submissions + other stuff in a small ep on my bandcamp page. Check it here; https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/valencia-ep Enjoy or not!
  6. I just finished an album of weird modular beats for RPM 2018. Have a listen and download over here https://carriersignal.bandcamp.com/album/mantis-structure Cheers!
  7. Going to get more active here and am excited to do so! :D Here are a few recent tracks: https://soundcloud.com/anthonyburchell/dlmd https://soundcloud.com/anthonyburchell/tableflip https://soundcloud.com/anthonyburchell/elepho A majority of my music is recorded off of a modular system. Here's my modulargrid link if you're curious where they came from: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/282027
  8. Not much info other than 12" coming from Occult Research by Vytear. Some strange mix of Breakcore and Glitch if it's anything like his Broken Teef. Hearing some VHS Head and Otto von Schirach there. Not available for a preorder yet so keep your eye on this Bancamp page if interested: https://vytear.bandcamp.com/album/kingtrips-ep1 Also for those who are into vinyl, Erik from OR hinted on FB there will be more wax from the label in the future.
  9. http://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/vlugtig-ep ^I've put up a 3 part, 39 minute audio marathon on my bandcamp page today featuring sounds created in 2004 using a bunch of different tools. The individual sounds are also included as bonus material/flacs, for those wanting to process further, potentially use in your own work . Creative commons, non-commercial, attribute + share-a-like license applies.
  10. Oy, put this ep out end of last month on bandcamp, breakbeats 'n shit; https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/puinruimer-ep example; https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/sugriwa
  11. Welp, this is a pretty glitchy and chip tune-y reggae dub influenced track. Prepare for some heavy bitcrushing. https://soundcloud.com/omzk/rraaste-troddin-thru-memory-segment-0xb800
  12. shits on fire yo https://soundcloud.com/sietecatorce/panico https://sietecatorce.bandcamp.com/album/ep3
  13. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time. Barry https://soundcloud.com/hardwired2001/oxidation-is-loss
  14. 9 minutes of pure pleasure with heavy hitting sounds, audio and video pleasure :D
  15. support if you can, so i can support watmm ;) https://mikatechnika.bandcamp.com/
  16. https://soundcloud.com/darreichungsform/8080808a https://soundcloud.com/darreichungsform/05b
  17. Just finished something: https://soundcloud.com/darreichungsform/a-story
  18. Just finished a glitch ambient downbeat techno (or whatever) track with nyppy. Would love to hear opinions: https://soundcloud.com/darreichungsform/nyppy-darreichungsform-orz
  19. Whilst that other thread slowly makes it's way onto its 18th page, here's where you can post your actual faults with the site. Again, this isn't for design suggestions or complaining that the older version was better, but things that are legitimately broken - Here's a couple I have: 1. (RESOLVED) Almost half of the smileys appear as broken images on the 'Show All' smiley window. Also the table itself is far too wide meaning you manually have to expand the window to see which smiley text corresponds to which smiley. I've tested this on both Firefox 5 and Google Chrome 13, so it starts off like this: and manually expanding like this: 2. As pointed out by (eek, can't remember now - sorry whoever it was !), in Chrome (which I think, though could be wrong, adheres strongest to W3C standards) when writing a post the posting window will cause the Tab key to lose focus. In fact the Tab key becomes completely functionless when posting so you have to use the mouse to select or click anything else on the page. Not a biggie just a bit off a functional faff. 3. (RESOLVED) There currently (unless I'm missing something) doesn't appear to a way to embed youtube videos without having to reedit the post. First you put the youtube url within the [ Youtube ] [ /youtube ]tags and post, then have to click edit then remove the [ url ] [ / url] tags from you post.
  20. Hey, some days ago I made this track. What do you think about it? (https://soundcloud.com/darreichungsform/k-5) https://soundcloud.com/darreichungsform/k-5 Thanks for your feedback
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