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  1. Wednesday, July 1, possibly shirts as well: https://global-goon.bandcamp.com/album/give-it-2-ya
  2. So Global Goon deleted his Soundcloud and Bandcamp again. Anybody got an idea whether he's posting his new stuff somewhere else ?
  3. Here ye! Here ye! https://soundcloud.com/9ynth/kholdensnifds0003
  4. Guest

    global goon

    KAY SO HERES THE DEAL: i didn't see a thread for global goon and decided that was a huge fucking mistake. if it turns out i made a huge fucking mistake and there already was a thread, my apologies. ANYWHO, global goon is most definitely my favorite rephlex artist asides from afx. he is THE SHIT. every track he writes makes you like this . you've probably got the idea. his stuff after he left rephlex was/is less interesting, but the rephlex records. solid gold. SO I'M WONDERING "what's the love situation with global goon". who's wanting to answer? my favorite tracks are: eve
  5. go go go http://j-hok.com/album/rivers
  6. Summoned to spam the following; Saturday 10 October at the Kazimier in Liverpool; https://www.facebook.com/events/444822762389395/ Tickets; http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Liverpool/Kazimier/UpitUp-presents-LUKE-VIBERT/12434919/
  7. Hi watmmers! New Global Goon out in a couple weeks time vinyl only, strictly 303 copies, all hand stamped & numbered on lovely heavyweight vinyl https://soundcloud.com/iloveacid/ila006-global-goon-preview-clips should be in the shops mid/late July 2015 usual places, bleep / juno / phonica etc. plus our bandcamp page - balkanvinyl.bandcamp.com cheers!!
  8. Offspring of Quones, Quonesha EP Download from http://j-hok.com
  9. August 2015 01. Evuin (9:46) 02. sJ0uRRR (6:12) https://j-hok.bandcamp.com/album/house
  10. Sound Cloud Link: http://soundcloud.com/squawk/attack-of-the-quones tracks: I saw no others Speed limits Promising lead A long line of cones Kibo Railroad tracks Overnight Quones I don't know Unusually low
  11. https://j-hok.bandcamp.com/album/nush acid 303 inspired tracks, more upbeat than recent tracks
  12. https://j-hok.bandcamp.com/album/great-heck
  13. https://j-hok.bandcamp.com/album/shazbot Derpsiclese 05:06 WeeBow 04:54 MetaGFS 04:58 KnightWRG 04:04 Crwrpyonhg 05:16 Opalisk 06:03
  14. 01.DepeHouseee 06:23 02.pathwayztojupiton 07:07 03.redwoteva002 04:59 04.cloobinubwdu 04:33 05.bajdkbaxcvbji002 04:27 06.hundereedered 06:03 07.thesumonmone 04:55 08.guluchupes 04:45 09.treenFYG003 03:12 10.the dronouloids 03:31 i dont even know y i got invited .. or if i can share this info anyone else able to listen to this one? i just did tsgreat
  15. The WeMe compilation celebrating their 10 year anniversary has been released today. It's up for pre-order on vinyl on the WeMe site http://www.mewelesite.be/ Tracks by CN, Global Goon, Der Zyklus, Ceephax, Leyland Kirby, DJ Stingray, DMX Krew, MNLTH and more. You can also download it on bandcamp - it's free to download just today (August 15th) https://wemerecords.bandcamp.com/album/weme10ans
  16. March 2014 - Balkan Recordings - BD001 01 - Looking Glass 02 - Cymule 03 - Soda 04 - People Person 05 - Dusty Sequence 06 - Hours 07 - Law Of The Land 08 - Gloomish Goon 09 - Outwit 10 - Feelings 11 - The Grillroom 12 - Weather Flanghe 13 - Cuprice 14 - Destroy The Mirror
  17. I'm trying to track down some of the old Syntheme/Aunt Acid demo tracks that were posted here and elsewhere around 2006-2007. Does anyone have them? These are the ones I'm missing: Ape BZ QozmikStryng.mp3 ReallyRoughMongo.mp3 afgrberfs003 Rendered.mp3 beheqqa2 Rendered.mp3 egyx07 Rendered.mp3 electrotestnumber4.mp3 fraqqtwr004 Rendered001.mp3 hytvuy04 Rendered.mp3 mfvowg04 Rendered.mp3 multidecked02 Rendered.mp3 muugj03b Rendered01.mp3 oiftakka01.mp3 pragued Rendered02.mp3 silversurfer Rendered002 treepen 04r01 wergwergwrg08_001.mp3 (And let me know if this thread is somehow inappr
  18. 13 Nov, 2012 Tracklist 1.Starting Point 04:36 2.First leg 05:13 3.Boarding 04:33 4.Reversing 04:14 5.Stopped 01:48 6.Sixth 03:07 7.Journeyz 03:49 8.Mega Mush 03:02 9.Matter Moat 03:10 10.Machine Worm 04:48 11.Email Memo 05:29 12.Journey's End 03:13 http://globalgoon.ba.../album/journeys
  19. A compilation of electronic music, available for free / pay-what you choose - raising money & awareness for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Available here: http://musicsansfrontiers.com/ Featuring new & exclusive tracks from B12, Plaid, Nightwave, Milanese, Shadow Dancer, Global Goon, Radioactive Man, Jokers of the Scene, Hrdvsion, Posthuman and many more. This is the second charity compilation I've done, was really proud of 2011's Acid Relief (which raised money for the DEC), and this time I've doubled the target to £2000. MSF is a charity I've always supported
  20. I can't find the other thread, sorry. New(ish) stuff on Soundcloud right now. Sounds great. Looks like they are potentially for an album? https://soundcloud.com/globalgoon
  21. Hey all, Does anyone know where to find Global Goon's most recent releases? Specifically: Horizon Journeys Quonk I believe they were offered for free when released on his bandcamp. But his bandcamp page isn't working for me and I can't find them anywhere on the big bad internet... Any help would be much appreciated. (IE where to purchase them or download them if they were in fact offered for free)... Cheers
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