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Found 25 results

  1. Halloween Kills OST by John Carpenter https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/products/sbr263-john-carpenter-halloween-kills?mc_cid=2ea6b1fe5a&mc_eid=a9bbf7dc14
  2. Here's this year's annual Halloween setmix. Now on it's 8th year, with just over an hour of blended dark and noisy/heavy rhythms, and haunting reverbs. Get spooky and enjoy! Tracklist: Index - Countdown // Katsunori Sawa - Strange Hell // Shifted - Sharpen Your Senses // The Fear Ratio - Captive // Karim Maas - Trama Doll // Nocturnerror - Fake Useless Dialogs // Pessimist - Paian (Simon Shreeve Mix) // Overlook - Sleight of Hand // Clarity - Taking Effect // Ploy - Keys In The Dark // Regis - Cracked Earth // Maenad Veyl - Armature // JT Whitfield - Forensic Evalutation // Krikor - A Sheep Among Wolves // The Fear Ratio - The Final Vision // Mønic - Cut Through The Noise ..
  3. Well it's that time of year again, time for another annual Halloween mix!!! Now on the 7th year of this tradition, I'm proud to keep the spooky vibes coming. Another blended mix of dark heavy rhythms, growling synths, and eerie vibes for whatever spookiness you may get up to this month. PM me if you want a DL... Tracklist: Meemo Comma - Lake Besides // Pessimist & Karim Maas - A7 // Ossia - Devil's Dance // Scorn - Feather // Hide - Close Your Eyes // Fret - Slowly Moving In // Overlook - The Totem That Guides Us // Cub - Seeing From Above // Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa - Time Of Deceit // Lonefront - Chariot // Karim Maas - Civilize // Broken English Club - Funny Games // Pinch - Walking With Shadows // Katsunori Sawa - Frozen Dirt Trace // Mmph - Tragedy (Roly Porter Remix) // Brick Reds, Black Mauves - Cabochon
  4. Now that's we have arrived at the spooky month (almost) are there any halloween/ spooky IDM albums out there?
  5. Here's an interesting avatar generator - it mostly seems to generate kawaii (cute) avatars, and this one is Halloween-themed. If the site comes up in Japanese, choose the second option at the prompt (agree to play): https://picrew.me/image_maker/150684 Picrew also seems to have a general avatar generator: https://picrew.me/
  6. A new blessing from tha god this Friday 4/29 + Also a virtual lock for worst album cover of 2016.
  7. May 27, 2016 Piraeus Academy Athens, Greece May 28, 2016 Piraeus Academy Athens, Greece May 30, 2016 DR Koncerthuset Copenhagen, Denmark June 2, 2016: Barcelona, ES - Primavera Sound June 15, 2016: Portland, OR - Arlene Schnitzer June 17, 2016: Oakland, CA - Fox Theatre June 18, 2016: Los Angeles, CA - Orpheum June 19, 2016 Ikeda Theater Phoenix, AZ June 21, 2016: Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre June 23, 2016: Austin, TX -Moody Theatre @ ACL LIVE June 24, 2016: Dallas, TX - Majestic Theater July 2-4, 2016: Ásbrú, ISL - ATP Iceland Festival July 6, 2016: Switzerland, CH - Neuchâtel July 8, 2016: New York, NY - PlayStation Theater July 9, 2016 Keswick Theater Philadelphia, PA July 10, 2016 Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall Pittsburgh, PA July 12, 2016: Washington, DC - Lincoln Theatre July 15, 2016: Detroit, MI - Masonic Temple July 16, 2016 Thalia Hall Chicago, IL July 18, 2016 Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI August 26, 2016 TOdays Festival Turin, Italy August 28, 2016 Auditorium Parco della Musica Santa Cecilia Hall Rome, Italy Oct 28 & 29, 2016: Manchester, UK - Albert Hall Manchester Oct 31, 2016: London, UK - The Troxy Dec 17-18, 2016: Houston, Texas - Day For Night Festival
  8. Reverb.com has a cool video on John Carpenter's synthy movie soundtracks: Synths used: Ensoniq ESQ-1, Roland Juno 106, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, MiniMoog Model D, Ableton Live, Roland 606
  9. Do any of you have any creepy or strange music to suggest for Halloween? examples:
  10. OUT NOW!!! The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Volume 10 - Occults and Rituals An audio journey into the dark world of Magic, Occults and Rituals. Featuring: EVP's, Near Death Experiences, Black Masses and Narrations on different Beliefs and Rituals. Blended together in a collage of music, beats and soundscapes. WARNING: Contains Mild Satanism https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-10-occults-and-rituals Availble now on: Black C60 Cassette/CD and Digital Download From: https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/merch For it is the Season of the Witch... and the night draws nearer...
  11. We have a little over a month. Lets see if wee can come up with some good ones that aren't too unrealistic to accomplish. I'm not going to start.
  12. Anything!! Anything, good rave tunes, dark beats but still funky, old shit, really old shit, new shit. Fling it at me cuz I gotta dj a party later. Just any fucking thing, preferably electronic, that you'd like to hear at a halloween rave! Help! plz!
  13. Let's ave em Halloween series Planet Terror Bram Stoker's Dracula Evil Dead I The Shining 30 Days of Night Trick R Treat The Mist The Thing
  14. http://s3.amazonaws.com/media.percussionlab.com/audio/mp3s/4972/Hirnduebel_-_The_Witch_s_Tit__2012_.mp3 Download Percussionlab Mixcloud It must have been October already, the ground was covered in dead leaves, when I decided to go out and dig a hole in my backyard. The handle of my shovel was awfully brittle and the weather wasn't exactly inviting either, but I kept digging, deeper and deeper, until I eventually came across something! It was a little copper box, no label on it, the outside sealed shut with several large rusted screws. It took a good while and more than just a few burnt fingers, but I eventually managed to get the chest open! I threw my blowtorch behind me, feeling both excited and apprehensive as I slowly took off the top of the opaque little container - inside I found these tracks: oOoOO feat. Butterclock - NoWayBack Purity Ring - Belispeak White Car - Feel Hunt Bibio - Jealous Of Roses (Pivot Remix) Gatekeeper - Visions Rainbow Arabia - Mechanical oOoOO - CoachBagg Fatima Al Qadiri - Hip Hop Spa Purity Ring - Fineshrine oOoOO feat. Butterclock - Hustling Xeno & Oaklander - Saracen Games - Strawberry Skies (Gatekeeper Remix) oOoOO - EGYPTYNLVR Xeno & Oaklander - Shadow World oOoOO - Seaww Halloween / Synth-Pop / Witch House / Darkwave Mix. ††† Godspeed & Enjoy! †††
  15. This is my 2010 Halloween mix. I finished it just in time for my party on the 31st, so I decided not to post it and kept it locked away for a year. Cover designed by Phil I dug deep and scrambled together some of the darkest tracks I could find - the result ended up being quite sinister. It's a Downtempo, Dark Ambient-ish, Experimental kind of thing. The original mix was designed to fit on a 90 minute cassette tape, but I dropped Side A as it was ultimately inferior to Side B, which I am sharing with you here. It's is also kinda my personal favorite out of all mixes I have done yet, so I hope it will help making someone else's Halloween a little creepier. DOWNLOAD mp3 320kbps 44:44 min PercussionLab MixCloud Tracklist:
  16. how much candy did u guys get on this halloween! i got almost 8 lbs plus someone hand me a can of tuna lol i think they didnt know its halloween i was tails from sonic
  17. SAMHAIN http://percussionlab.com/sets/atop/french_kissing_a_fresh_corpse White Stag – Driftwood Fresh Swells Shells Water Borders – I, Like Salieri Lake R∆dio – The Weather Balam Acab – See Birds Devil's Tor – SNIT LA Vampires & Zola Jesus – Looking In †De∆d Virgin† – H∆te Expo 70 – Land of the Midnight Sun How To Dress Well – Endless Rain Washed Out – Olivia Pink Priest – Red Headed Dead Head (Pwin∆ ∆Teaks rmx) Mater Suspiria Vision – The Ring Hype Williams – Untitled Mitch Murder – Hollywood Heights Tropics – Melorr Pink Priest – Snakes Flicks Its Tongue oOoOO – Hearts Fostercare – Down the Street James Ferraro – Lipstick On Ants Brother Raven – Megaton Ike Yard – The Whistler Walsh – Westworld Com Truise – Norkuy Lone – Outlander VHS Head – Red Lens Effect White Ring – We Rot Salem – Asia (Jokers of the Scene rmx) love, Akkad the Orphic Priest 777
  18. Guest

    PP Roy - Haunted Arcade Mix

    yes yes yes! Another outstanding Dj set from local hero PP Roy! Free download and instant streaming here: http://www.upitup.co...x.php?mix_id=20 This time grab a toffee apple, turn all the lights off and listen to it in the dark....on your own....
  19. halloween is awaiting and did anyone on watmm make a APHEX TWIN punpkin ever? aphexes logo or face? post if u did!!!
  20. Guest

    halloween costumes

    so who are you guys gonna be for halloween? i'm thinking about painting a piece of cardboard like a 303 and strapping it on my body. maybe add some flashing lights and a speaker/ipod setup with 303 sounds.
  21. Atop


    HAPPY HALLOWEEN 93...Akkad...777 http://percussionlab.com/sets/atop/atops_2010_halloween_mix_set
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