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Found 15 results

  1. Third album from Kebu, Finland's gift to synth wizardry; following in the footsteps of synthesizer greats, Sebastian Teir works only with hardware in the studio and live on stage, actually playing his instruments and not just sequencing them. Highly recommended.
  2. https://neurone45.bandcamp.com/music This is not "new" as far as it's been produced between 2005 and 2014, but exept giving some cd-r when having live gigs, this have never been released or uploaded on the internet so far. Almost everything is hardware, raw 2-tracks recording out of analogue mixing desk (no daw multitrack mixing, no editing, no post-prod, just go and rec, just a bit of mastering process). If you go for a listen, I suggest you to start by the most recent ones (coz' more interesting i.m.o.) though, if you're into ambient, you should try the older "venale suite" or "etorpe winter harvest". I also have some more jungle / drumn bass stuff, that I still have to pack and upload. Last recent years I was more busy working with another project in duet with a friend, (live techno / breakbeat / rave stuff), that I will post a bit later. Well also last years I was very busy working and raising kids... but I'mactually back in the studio so I hope I will soon put out some more music ! Feedback is welcome ! Cheers ! Neurone
  3. Hello. My new Roland TR-707 themed album RC-707 is out now: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rc-707 https://soundcloud.com/unitshifter/russian-corvette-rc-707-minimix Cheers!
  4. new album by good time watmm member james bevan AKA Chunky (rip). v nice tunes, james has a gift for melodies that invoke clouds, planes, sunrises and adventures with strange animals. p sure all these tracks are all done with a teisco 60f multi tracked. nice 1 james. it's an adventure through time (naturally) and an adventure for us all (naturally). http://jamesbevan.bandcamp.com/album/- have fun b safe
  5. Hello, so I'm having a clear out of some gear that I'm really not using any more. Am trying to fund the purchase of a new Macbook, and can't justify just buying one without at least having a bit of a clear out of some kit... Will be sad to see it go, and I've had fun with the Volcas and Blofeld. A lot of what I have has now been superceded by my recent modular purchase however (especially the Volcas)... actually probably most gutted to sell the Blofeld as I have upgraded it with the Don Solaris Analog Voltage pack and don't feel I ever really explored it enough. Oh well, roll with the punches I say. Listings below: Roland A-300 MIDI Controller: http://r.ebay.com/Lov8eF Kawai XS-1: http://r.ebay.com/HyNJ8p Waldorf Blofeld (with Don Solaris Analog Voltage Pack): http://r.ebay.com/aQLRCU Korg Volca Beats: http://r.ebay.com/XbCegw Korg Volca Bass: http://r.ebay.com/jQKWFO Korg Volca Keys: http://r.ebay.com/k0xJ0C
  6. Most know by now that there's official album art featuring a list of the gear purportedly used in the making of Syro: And a spreadsheet version that shows what goes on which track: https://docs.google....6S9GnEU/pubhtml But what exactly is all that gear? Here is a youtube playlist featuring demonstrations of almost all the equipment listed. The only ones omitted were rare modules, microphones, pre-amps and EQ's that weren't available on youtube, but they are all legitimate devices, searchable through google. Something to look through for your christmas shopping, a help to guess what might have gone where on the album, or just an opportunity to gawk at the best synthesizer and audio hardware on the planet. Thanks to Hexahedral for transcribing the list into plain text and adding the spreadsheet version. I might also warn you that reviewing this unreal list, device by device, might lead to a severe case of gear lust; side-effects include envy, depression, madness. Talk it out here.
  7. https://cyberdyne.bandcamp.com/album/the-magician
  8. http://malfokusita.bandcamp.com (Hit the link above for an 11-minute video of me explaining the series in a bit more depth)
  9. Figured we could use a computer thread, since I couldn't find an already existing one. What operating systems do you guys use? I use Windows 7 myself, but I'm planning on switching to a linux distro when I get my SSD. I ordered myself the Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD from Amazon the other day for £68. I was considering going for a cheaper one of a different brand, but I've heard the Samsung SSDs are pretty reliable, and it comes with a pretty satisfying 5 year warranty. I spent an extra fiver to get it directly from Amazon too, since their returns and customer service (while not amazing) can at least be counted on more than some foreign supplier. Once I get it, I'll be moving to Linux, but I don't know what distro yet. I've heard good things about Mint. Anyone got some advice for me here? Another thing, anyone dealt with the Samsung cloning software? I've heard a bit about it, but not all of it great.
  10. Hiya, does anybody know if there are any more or less specifically karplus strong hardware synths?
  11. I found a Digitech Studioquad v1 for sale around 100€ and found out that it can be upgraded for around 20€ to the v2, featuring more effects. I only been able to find this video showing the effects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6BYsjSpHnw People have really different meanings about the machine, currently i have a lexicon mpx550 and a t-resonator, but i would like some more hardware effects to twiddle around with. Any users of the studioquad here at the forum, and if what are your experiences working with it ? Cheers
  12. Guest

    Live Acid

    just lookin for more heads who focus on live hardware setups.. what do you use, whats your approach? i base my sets on loosely planned ideas, usually write all new patterns for each show, recycle some but rework them live, do alot of live programming and such…
  13. https://soundcloud.com/tonfarben/transit-final-version Finally my new hardware setup is complete and I can make electronic music without using any computer. I bought an Electribe MX that now sequences my Doepfer Dark Energy and also my Polysynth CheetahMS6. The Poly has got a new Eprom Chip which allows it´s parameters to be edited via knobs through the Beringer BCR2000. The Doepfer Darktime gives the Master Clock for the Electribe and also for the Monotribe which you hear in the beginning. The Dark Energy has now got a second VCO module and ADSR Envelope module in a small modular case from doepfer along with a multiples module and a mixer module. As effects I use an analog chorus for the Polysynth and an analog delay as Insert Effect. The drums are played with the electribe itself and also use the inbuilt electribe effects.OK, this is not fully analog, as the Electribe uses PCM samples for the drumhits, but I got rid of the computer and pain in the ass mouseclicking and now can make tunes without it. I use the Electribe as a sequencer beacause it can store all the patterns so I can organize my "songs". Just two patterns here to change between the slow and fast drumbeat and the bassline. The rest is tweaked live. Sorry for the strange font above, I copied that from FB. Hope you enjoy the track and please tell me what you think. :-)
  14. so i was jamming with hardware yesterday (not something i do too often) and came up with a cool beat/groove/melody and started expanding. this is the edited and reconstructed version. it needs more editing and such, but i've listened to it so much the past couple days i'll probably leave it alone for the weekend...in the meantime, i'd love to hear impressions and suggestions on what you like/don't like. https://soundcloud.com/tsrono/vladbitch
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