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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, feels awkward posting this here and probably isn't the best place for this but I'm trying to help my friend reach more outlets... I'll give a little background: A close friend of mine has fallen on some really rough times lately, he was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. On top of this his relationship with his fiancé whom he currently lives with has been falling apart. His fiancé is psychotic and unfortunately he was under her medical plan, in one of her manic episodes of rage she cancelled his medical insurance and is trying as hard as she can to drive him out basically l
  2. Okay so I gotta write a short (2000wd) informal research essay. It's due tomorrow and I literally just need to turn something in with 6 sources. But, as always, my problem is I can't do anything without over-thinking it. My own sophistication and pseudo-polymath interest in many subjects makes even attempting low-level writing VERY difficult. This is for a fucking english111x class, mostly freshman, I'm taking it bcuz I realized I have almost a BA in foreign languages completed (w/ minor in music) and all I have to do is bust out these bacc core classes I neglected to take earlier. So I think
  3. Guest

    ambient track id

    hello can anyone help me identify this snippet of ambient music? https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3zopo7n9s23nsh/unknown.m4a thanks!
  4. So this was probably one of the earliest electronic songs I ever heard, back in 7th or 8th grade when I got my dad to torrent the Yeah Yeah Yeah's discography (excluding It's Blitz, it wasn't out yet and it's considerably more "electronic") and this track was featured on a B-side (I think, I know it's a cover of the Liars song Mr You're On Fire Mr). Any other disgusting thrashed garage disco?
  5. Alrighty, so I recently bought an M-audio Axiom Pro and to improve latency issues with the midi keyboard I downloaded/installed the ever so famous ASIO driver. But I ran into a problem when changing the "Driver Type" and the "Audio Device" to the newly installed ASIO components. Here's the problem: when I switch the driver type from the (default) MME/DirectX driver to the ASIO driver and switch the audio device to the ASIO4ALL v2, I open up the ASIO4ALL UI and try and route the audio through my USB DAC/Headphone amp so I can use my AKG q701's, but the status on the USB DAC reads "Unavailable
  6. Guest


    i've got a pretty big room with semi-vaulted ceilings. the sq ft is about 500-600 and the ceiling is about 15 ft tall at its highest point, with 2 alcoves for the skylights. i've only had to fill up a small room with my PC speakers, or fill up a bar with a PA. i have no experience messing with sound in these medium-sized rooms. my PC speakers sound awful in this room, and i don't really want to put a PA in my living room. i'm thinking freestanding will do the trick. don't really want the cheapest speakers, but i can't spend any more than $200-300 on the speakers themselves (i have a re
  7. Guest

    Steam Name

    Well, it seems that I can't change my steam name on watmm. I chagned my steam name recently and now I can't change it on my profile settings. Am I missing something?
  8. Hello everyone, hopefully this will be solved quickly and people can get back to regular watmming. SITUATION/CONTEXT: I have loads of pdfs, most of which I've had scanned, for my research. As I can't command-F these to find keywords I was wondering if there's another way (software?) to achieve this. thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I know this isn't a novel thought, especially with all of the analyses of what it means to have so much music "freely" available to the public, etc., but as a lot of you are quite intelligent, music-enjoying folks I thought I'd put this out there and ask for feedback. I'm obsessive with a lot of things in life, but I've found that my "need" to obtain all the music that I believe I'll like, which is a lot, prevents me from enjoying what I have and basically eats up way too much of my free time. The second I find something I like, instead of sitting back and enjoying the album many
  10. I have a problem with the interface I´m using, that it only records on one side, the left side. When I listen to it afterwards it´s only on the left speaker. I´ve had this problem for a while and have tried fiddling with everything on the interface (it´s not because it´s on mono, i´ve tried both mono and stereo, both with the same problem). The problem is not with the microphone either, because i´ve tried plugging a guitar straight into it and ... same problem. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I´m wondering if I should just take the interface to be looked at, that the pr
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