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Found 24 results

  1. https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/dayak-warrior-dance-ep-2 some beats.
  2. Been finishing up a bunch of tracks that take inspiration, samples from music out of Mali that I will put on an ep later this year. Start & end might be subject to change for this one. Enjoy or not .
  3. So one day my friend and I were like, "let's make some lo-fi hiphop or something". Things took a bit of a turn and we ended up making the saddest shit ever - plus, we made 12 tracks in one day. We have absolutely no intention of doing anything about these tunes apart from putting some of them online and hope someone with a broken heart listens to them. EDIT4: NEW NEW NEW TRACK lolwtfbbq EDIT3: NEW TRACK! lolz EDIT2: NEW TEASER!!!!! EDIT: Added some additional tracks that I didn't wanna share to begin with... but... Gocab pressured me into sharing them. https://soundcloud.com/daarligt/darligt-11 https://soundcloud.com/daarligt/darligt-12-woh-haa And here's a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eJOl3PSGlc Alright, back to work!
  4. Bought a second hand cassette deck recently and been ripping some old cassette's to mp3 for my mixcloud account. From mixtapes I bought in my local record store to radio show recordings, mostly 90's hip hop; Listen to more here; https://www.mixcloud.com/plugexpert/
  5. Ho, ho, ho merry Christmas and all that humbug, 99 problems, but spam aint one ;) ... https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/mid-nineties-mods-salvage-3 http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=553574561/size=medium/ Example track; https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/richard-jonas-rico-gabber-1 Some earlier salvaging missions; https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/94-95-protracker-selection https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/mid-nineties-mods-salvage-2
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAV64QgrKcY :cerious: :cerious: :diablo:
  7. they're back. ^ went up on their fb a few weeks ago
  8. Hey guys! I've been looking for a nice forum and found this today via Resident Advisors news article on your Kickstarter page for the Aphex Twin record. What do you think of this track? I'm thinking of adding vocal samples from the film Equus throughout the track so that there is more of a storytelling aspect to it. That's alot of work though... [sc5]137865723[/sc5]
  9. Guest

    Jonas - Obiaman

    https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/70-bpm-jonas-obiaman enjoy or not
  10. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1734011583/size=medium/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/transparent=true/ Proud to present you this free/name your price selection of cut-up, glitchy sample based beats & instrumentals. Some beats were made as track ideas for a Hip Hop/funk/jazz project (De Beloning) I'm producing for (vinyl out end of April this year), some are influenced by *insert conspiracy theory* I've been reading about on the internets last year. With an abundance of bonus material, there should be enough neck strain material. Tread carefully.
  11. Just put up a collection of beats in a bandcamp album; http://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/de-bokkenrijder ..but since no one visits the EKT new releases sub-forum I'll spam a few soundcloud track examples here; https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/jonas-when-every-triangle-is https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/jonas-manis
  12. OK so I have a huge boner for Noisia. Their work with the Foreign Beggars has been excellent, though the rapping has been pretty hit or miss for me. But I was still pretty psyched to hear they did a whole album together. Still on my first listen, overall pretty positive! I love that it still has some pretty classical-y elements (one of the Dutch boys is classically trained, can't remember whom) but is, as expected, poppy, crunchy, and big. So far the lyrics are a little distracting. The single - Make Those Move - is badass, reminds me of their Prodigy remix. Free DL too if y'all want.
  13. Made these a while ago as ideas for a hiphop jazz project I'm in, these beats are not going to be used so I thought I'd share. Maybe I can build some of these in something more interesting or rap on it myself? ;-) https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/92-bpm-jonas-titelloos-discoig https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/94-bpm-jonas-workout-anders-1 https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/105-bpm-jonas-workout-2 Enjoy or not .
  14. Check out this beat I made. Would sound good with a powerful voice or two :) [sc5]107198380[/sc5]
  15. Since 2008 there is a torrent floating around featuring tons of mid 90's hip hop filled Dutch radio shows (http://kuiken.co/search/dutch%20mastaz/0/99/0), today I've uploaded the content of this torrent to mixcloud for ease of streaming, listening.. ..although there is the obvious Dutch chatter in between tracks, freestyles and what not, there is still enough gold to wade through for non-Dutchies imo :) Check all the collected Dutch Mastaz shows from the torrent here: http://www.mixcloud.com/plugexpert/ Big respect to Solo11 for recording and digitizing all his cassette tapes & theboombap.nl for sharing the .torrent! (read more about the origins here: Read this (Dutch): http://www.theboombap.nl/theBoards/read.php?1,1205439)) Random example show:
  16. 30 years ago the Beastie Boys released their debut EP. Time to reminisce. This mix is for the Beastie Boys, in great memory of Adam Yauch (R.I.P.), and all the musicians who have contributed to their legacy. http://www.mixcloud....i-beastie-boys/ Enjoy the music. BB
  17. Soundcrash is proud to invite you to a night featuring one of the greatest, if not the greatest, turntablist in the world, accompanied by one of 2012′s brightest acts and some of the finest turntablists in the UK. Prepare for an absolutely spectacular night of music, now with added visuals. Serious dancefloor business. Trust DJ Kentaro to weave a stupefying set as he simultaneously dissects and reconstructs every possible permutation of hip-hop, drum and bass and electronic beat into eminently dance-worthy compositions whilst never, EVER, letting the flow drop. There is no question that this man is responsible for some of the sharpest, most uncompromising DJ sets in recent years, full of energy, imagination and skill. His pedigree as a world-beater is unquestionable: in 2002 he shattered the record for the highest ever score at the DMC World Championships, being the first Asian DJ to ever take the title home with this outrageous routine: His visits to London are few and far between, so don’t miss this chance to catch a true master at the peak of his creative powers, and watch out for a DJ Kentaro full length album coming out Summer 2012! An unquestionably spellbinding live act that has seen venues across the country sold out, Anchorsong plays his largest headline show to date! His remarkable performances are an awe-inspiring showcase of improvisation, conveyed effortlessly with a soulful warmth most acoustic acts strive for and a sense of spectacle rarely ever achieved in live electronic music. Joining him on stage will be his string quartet, combining with his samples and melodies to create simply stunning music. Joining him is fellow heavyweight and former DMC Champion DJ Woody, representing the Old-Skool turntablist steez. Big bloc beats, heavy funk breaks and catchy as f**k riffs cut & pasted together to a demolishing effect. Representing the New-Skool enter Bristol’s DJ Cheeba, mash-up king extraordinaire, whose audiovisual show draws from TV soundtracks, film dialogues and infectious party tunes for a double-sensory-whammy worth the admission price of the night on its own. Reso is simultaneously moving a whole spectrum of electronic genres forward while further cementing his place as the overlord of hi-tech dubstep. With Reso wobble, hypercrunk, breaks, wonky, hip-hop and D n B all receive the treatment. Reso’s deep musicality, incredible skill, intricate programming and wildly diverse references place him at the peak of a new breed of electronic producers. Information + Tickets: http://www.soundcras...aro-anchorsong/
  18. I've been following K. Flay since "I Stopped Caring In '96". She has some great depressed raps. She also does all her own production, which is top notch, killer drums and great sampling. Eyes Shut has some harder pop production including a couple of really well-used dubstep synths. [media=] [/media][media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkeqhJrFd5A[/media] She's not one of these Kreayshawn people who pretend to be black. She's doing her own thing and I think it is awesome. The EP is available for free on her site. http://eyesshut.kflay.com/ Hope you like it WATMM. edit: wanted to add an example of her sampling genius. from that grizzly bear song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEmdqgPdX0k
  19. Guest


    this is something i put together today, after a long hiatus from working on non-guitar music. kinda fun though.
  20. Hello watmm, I proudly present you my new hip hop flavored release on bandcamp. A mix of beats, skits & tracks, heavy on the sampling front mixed with electronica. And yes, that is a Gaarg tm original, blessing this release with his ms paint wizardry! Check the album here: http://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/pindarotsjes
  21. http://soundcloud.com/arbeemonkey/maxime-robin-tronic-ii-late-1 I'm in remix mood lately, started a few ones already... here is the first that is really finished. kind of hiphop meets ambient/drones. tell me what you think, thanks !!
  22. hey folks. this is a collection of demos i produced over the summer this year... i'm trying to narrow my focus and decide what's good enough to finish up. i'd certainly appreciate any comments or feedback, positive or negative. it's not exactly IDM but it's electronic with beats and lush synths and samples, so... there you go
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