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Found 9 results

  1. I will soon be putting up a series of new albums on Bandcamp and my website but while I am preparing those sites for the new release I went back and looked at my ancient CD Baby account. Anyone on here ever have one of those ? Is there any benefit to keeping it ? The one thing I do like about it is the seamless way it incorporates into the itunes store but does anyone even use the itunes store anymore to buy music ? Apparently they also blend with spotify Anyway this release was put out way back in 2004 https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?pl
  2. There is a band i follow since their debut : COMETT. One of them is my friend. I love this band & it's electro pop. There is the links : Facebook and : http://comett.bandcamp.com/ (or iTunes) & from youtube : Enjoy! ;-) Comett is an Indie pop duo from Paris who released a 1st single supported by a multi rewarded Video clip - Comett needs U 2 release its 1st CD http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/comett-needs-you-to-release-its-1er-cd Comett is a French electro pop band, founded in 2005 by Alex C.P. It is therefore only after several trips abroad (1 year in Londo
  3. Hey, I took a look at the rules and I did a search and found no info on this - I'm sure it's been asked before and I apologize for the noob mistake of making a thread about it, but here goes: Has anyone who lives in the USA or anywhere but Japan purchased iTunes Japan gift cards? If so, from where did you pick them up / order them? I'd love to legitimately complete my collection of Japan only tracks. Thanks, and/or sorry!
  4. 1. Phylum Sinter - Wisercracker [hopsk026] 3.05 // 83.0 BPM 2. Phylum Sinter - Venus Please [hopsk026] 4.00 // 111.0 BPM 3. Phylum Sinter - Elron [hopsk026] 4.44 // 162.0 BPM 4. Phylum Sinter - Bubbler [hopsk026] 3.44 // 103.0 BPM 5. Phylum Sinter - Thats Not Acid [hopsk026] 3.36 // 136.0 BPM 6. Phylum Sinter - Esskay Dirty [hopsk026] 3.45 // 96 BPM 7. Phylum Sinter - Crescendiola [hopsk026] 4.36 // 98.0 BPM 8. Phylum Sinter - Quantum Probability Lattice [hopsk026] 4.22 // 110.0 BPM 9. Phylum Sinter - Put It On Me [bonus Track // Free Download] 3.14 // 126.0 BPM Listen on Soundclou
  5. Me and Resting Cell (Kyle Scotese) got together and made an EP for Acid Boutique Records and it's now available to purchase on itunes. If enough people want, I could ask if I could put a HighQ version up for sale on Bandcamp too. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/born-again-analog-ep/id591446247 https://soundcloud.com/gravecell/willow-wave http://gravecell.bandcamp.com/
  6. Hi, I recently got a new laptop, and I'm in the process of transferring music from my old computer, as well as adding new albums I've gotten since to iTunes. I noticed, in the preferences regarding burning CD's to iTunes, the default setting adds the music files at something like 192kbps, or less, as opposed to the seemingly ideal, for music nerds, 320kbps. In the past, I just transferred my physical albums while leaving the default setting intact, partially because I wanted to conserve space, and partially because I didn't think there would be much of a difference. Do you chan
  7. Guest

    MP3 Player EQ Settings

    Tell me I'm not the only dude that changes the EQ settings depending on the band or group. Some sound better one way, some another way. So is it possible to have a mp3 player that memorizes how you set the EQ for a file?
  8. Acidburp - Hello Again http://soundcloud.com/acidburp/hello-again-preview Its out on Complex Sound Sagacity 28/11/11 and will be available to buy on Juno, Beatport and iTunes. artwork by my friend, Mark Jones.
  9. so i'm running itunes 10.4.1 in os x 10.6.8, also using the last.fm plugin for scrobbling, and every time i play a cd through itunes, when the next cd track automatically begins, or if i seek to a new track, itunes crashes. it seems to be quite difficult to re-install itunes (?) from everything that i am reading and i'm only finding one 5 year old thread reporting this issue, so i'm wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. help me watmm you're my only hope!
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