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Found 9 results

  1. Let's list links to places where it you inevitably end up spending far too long reading/browsing (besides WATMM itself). All you wanted to know about Street Fighter II http://streetfightermiscellany.com/index.html
  2. In 1999, the BBC did an interview with David Bowie about the growing influence of the internet: Watch how Bowie expertly predicts what we all know now, and takes the piss out of Jeremy Paxman while doing it!
  3. Dear Mr Brian Dance, I am very sorry that I used a bad word in my first post to you here on internet, it was harsh and uncalled for. I was using the word mostly because I'm very excited about the possibririty of a new Aphex album. I hope I did not drive you away from WATMM because WATMM is good. The mods are good too even when they are Australian. I trust this heartfelt apology will discharge my social debt and satisfy those people I offended with the "F word". Sincerely, Andy Stephen Edit: edited for accuracy, spelled my name wrong the first time.
  4. Is there something about this plane of existence you don't understand? Something that befuddles your puny human mind? In this thread, with the help of other WATMM users, let's solve these mysteries so we can continue through this confusing existence with one less worry. Besides money, love, warm living and eating stuff. My personal mystery to solve, if you could help me get to the bottom of it, is this: Why oh why do so many people own copies of Bon Jovi's Crossroads? Everyone, from metal heads to teachers to friends I visited when in primary school to scientists seem to own this album with that bland black and white photo cover. Why does it appear everywhere?! Please help me understand this societal enigma.
  5. http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid2323364781001?bckey=AQ~~%2cAAAAAF1454s~%2cQH_ygumSKiUSM5umxH7QftbSQjDYIwCl&bclid=0&bctid=2722379534001 I couldn't embed it (if someone can, please do so) but the above link is to a video of curmudgeon novelist Jonathan Franzen and technology theorist Clay Shirky discussing the pros and cons of the Internet and it's effects on culture. From the current New Yorker Festival. I really want to track down Shirky's writing and lectures now. I think he's very good at articulating the issues at hand and drawing parallels to other points in history, like the changes brought on by the invention of the printing press for example. As for Franzen, well at least he didn't crawl up into a ball and cry, "WAHHH! Take me back! Take me back to a simpler time!!" but by the end it seemed like he was about to.
  6. Why do I have to sit here in front of a laptop screen to get the information I want? The internet having so many different purposes (infrastructural, educational, social, artistic, etc.) It's a shame I have to use the same device for everything. The act of using this laptop further increases the divide between my reality and the virtual world, when, ideally, they don't need to be so markedly separated. The huge variety of uses of the internet all get funneled through this one screen...the 'personal computer'. I also get the feeling that I am no longer the master of my information intake. I feel like half of my life just flies at me through this hole in my reality...the laptop screen. Perhaps the sheer volume of content variation is overwhelming when confined to one source of consumption. That is why I envision a much more comfortable internet (for me). I sit in my room, there is a medium size cathode ray tv. I turn it on and there is tumblr/dump.fm/image-sharing. Face it, those methods of content consumption are pretty close to tv already. I feel like I wouldn't have this overwhelming sense of personal agency to what I do on the internet if the uses were split more. I'm kind of thinking to myself, we could be living that retro-futuristic life...we have it all here, but instead of treating the internet like the infrastructure it is, it is sloppily thrown at us from one screen. I know smart-phones and tablets are going this direction but I don't want one, they are missing the point for me a little bit. (fyi I go through phases where I have to lock my computers away in attempt to restructure my life around IRL activity) thoughts?
  7. Guest


    moving to the woods soon and can't get dsl/cable/fios so i'm out of luck. anyone have experience with satellite internet compared to dial up? for streaming vids or gaming? thanks watmm
  8. future advances in virtual reality will make it so rather then go 'on' the internets, we will go 'in' the internets
  9. A friend and I (who is a flaming homosexual) were recently discussing speech on the internet versus speech in real life. (S)He took the position that we should edit ourselves on the internet moreso than we do in actual conversation because certain types of jokes can create potential legal problems when made on the internet. I disagreed, arguing that speech is speech, regardless of the medium, and that the only reason speech on the internet could lead to increased legal liability is because people are paranoid and reactionary. What do you guys think? Are you more reserved on the internet than you normally would be? Do you think a person should be?
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