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Found 7 results

  1. James Ferraro - Far Side Virtual 12" (Hippos In Tanks, October 25 2011) Side A: 1. Linden Dollars 2. Global Lunch 3. Dubai Dream Tone 4. Sim 5. Bags 6. PIXARnia And The Future Of Norman Rockwell 7. Palm Trees, Wi-Fi and Dream Sushi 8. Fro Yo And Cellular Bits 9. Google Poeises Side B: 10. Starbucks, Dr. Seussism, And While your Mac Is Sleeping 11. Adventures In Green Foot Printing 12. Dream On 13. Earth Minutes 14. Tomorrow's Baby Of The Year 15. Condo Pets 16. Solar Panel Smile "James Ferraro paints a 21st century still life on his debut album for Hippos In Tanks. The record is called Far Side Virtual. Each song, a melodious reflection of the moment NOW, comes shrink-wrapped in HD fidelity as glossy as a 2012 Toyota Prius. Ferraro’s muse is some enigmatic modern metropolis, where the streets are as slick as i-Pads, and where the symphonies ring with Macbook message alerts. Through the steam rising from our latte mocha chinos, he invites us to gaze out at the dreamy disorientation of our digital lives. Imagine a Darius Milhuad-guided tour of 5th Avenue. Imagine a Whole Foods bakery that sells only cakes emblazoned with frosting replicas of Camille Pissarro's “Haying at Eragny.” These are the surreal utopias Ferraro brings to life with sixteen swirly-pop concoctions sure to sell out at the candy stores. So slip in your ear buds, and welcome to Far Side Virtual. - words by Kate Linthicum Far Side Virtual has been mastered at the legendary Dubplates & Mastering in Germany, and has been imprinted onto 180 gram all transparent vinyl. Limited release of 1,000 copies." YES!
  2. https://soundcloud.com/xizyzi/newzewlund
  3. I'm starting to get back into music making, it's been since 2005. Excited! Who uses Tabletop to create music? I like a challenge, and that's why I decided to make music iPad only. --> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tabletop/id436080882?mt=8 M
  4. I just realized I could use an Ipad in the studio, what's the best one to buy if I want to use it as an outboard synth host? How do you iPad owners integrate yours into your setup? Do old Ipads run new iPad OS'es? Any caveats?
  5. I'm thinking about getting an iPad of some sort for use in making and performing music (and other stuff too I guess). The iPad mini looks like a great option because it's got a smaller form factor and is much lighter, which is great for transporting it and swinging it around madly at shows. It's also cheaper, which is always good. What do you guys think? Any experience with a mini? Does the scaling down of apps cause any issues? What are your thoughts on TouchOSC? Update: For those just joining us, I ended up getting an iPad 4. It rules.
  6. I recently acquired an iPad 2 and one of the first things I noticed was that the native Music Player app had some annoying shortcomings. Most annoying is the inability to choose an artist and continuously play all albums / tracks by them - the program limits you to playing individual albums and stops playing when an album ends. The interface is pretty boring as well. So I went on a brief quest to find alternative iPad music players and found a couple of cool ones I thought other iPad users here might enjoy: Planetary, Vinyl Love, and Retro Boombox. (Disclaimer: These of course are not intended as replacements for good old fashioned hard format listening, but great for when you're somewhere like at the office or on the road where you don't have access to your entire vinyl collection or a means to play it.) Planetary (Free) [link] In Planetary, your music collection is a visually stunning galaxy with orbiting movement where you can filter music by artist (alphabetically) or playlist. Artists are stars in the galaxy, albums are planets and tracks are moons. It's a fun way to experience your library and most importantly (to me) you can choose to play all music from an artist continuously. Also, if you "minimize" it to work in other apps, it continues to play. The following video and screen caps don't even do the visuals justice. [vimeo]23168163[/vimeo] More screen caps: Vinyl Love ($2.99) [link] Vinyl Love is a fun app by Swedish design studio "Color Monkey" that lets you interact with your music library like a digital vinyl collection. Flip through albums in crates organized alphabetically by artist. Select one to slap a virtual platter onto a sleek looking record player and enjoy a subtle "crackle pop" injected into the music. I wish the vinyl "noise" had adjustable settings so that you can choose for example to only hear it between tracks or for xx seconds into the music, or even adjust the level of noise, but alas. It's not that intrusive however and it really does make you feel like you're listening to a record (as much as an iPad can, anyway.) You can also skip tracks by "lifting" / moving the needle across the record and you can "scratch" and rewind the record too. This app keeps playing your music in the background whilst multi-tasking though playback is album by album only and there is no playlist function. Retro Boombox ($3.99) [link] Retro Boombox is my least favorite out of the 3 apps mentioned here, but it does have its special features and advantages. Much like a real boombox, the interface is kind of clunky looking and you control it by tapping and turning the various knobs and buttons. Tap the tape slot to choose your music by artists, albums, genres, or songs. You can also "record" through this app which connects to your voice recording library and you can access local radio stations as well. This app has more playback functions and flexibility than the iPad native music player, it's only real drawback being that when you minimize the app to multitask, it quits playing. If you have any other favorite iPad music player apps, please post them.
  7. So the buzz has become deafening that this thing will launch like in the next 90 days with a 10.5" diagonal touchscreen, support for hi def video, ebooks, app store etc etc. I'm wondering if it will run any OSX applications and if any of our beloved music artitsts who are ardent apple supporters will incorporate it into their live shows. Should be cool to see how this evolves after launch.
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