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  1. not sure if this is uber-WATMM or anti-WATMM probably the latter anyway now there's also a mug and pencil and pen set too just give it a listen :)
  2. https://soundcloud.com/ev-ia/xiel Let me know what you think...
  3. Hey guys, thought I'd post this here in case any of you guys were into it. New release on Love Love coming very soon....don't worry, we will be releasing some acid soon! ;) ------------------------------------------------------ ‘Gentle Persuaders’ is the Love Love debut from London based neo-noise-jazz outfit Sly & The Family Drone. In the form of a four track long player, Sly vomit forth a smooth serving of curious and clattering noise not devoid of fun. With the ingredients of shattering baritone saxophone, splurges of analogue noise, rolling drum derangements and snarli
  4. https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/ab I found this album while going through a poll for best Estonian album released in 2017. While most of the stuff there was basically usual suspects and boring hipster pop, this double LP (running length 2x37 minutes) is to me personally a jaw dropping pearl and I was instantly hooked. The concept is actually not a new one - trying to marry classical instruments and electronics, but it is really rare to see it executed so tastefully and dynamically as Taavi and Kristjan in this case have. There are step sequencers, but they are guided by the warm and lov
  5. This is the place to post your classic cup images. Solo is a long-time manufacturer and restaurant supplier specializing in disposable foam products. There are other brands to be sure. Their most iconic design is the "Solo Jazz" cup (thanks roasty), pictured below. You can also post classic sugar, salt & pepper, and condiment packet images -- anything for the consumer-on-the-go. Also, be on the lookout for the ultra-rare, orange cup. You've seen it in movie theaters on Seinfeld. We do not know the name of this cup.
  6. Experimental jazz-y electronic lushness. Didn't see a topic come up for it in search, but it's freakin' awesome. Digital just came out a couple of days ago, vinyl out in January. More info.
  7. As the onset of Autumn encroaches, a dose of musical medicine to enhance & embellish the getting-late-early transitions. Harmonics, swirling swing & some locked grooves, with optional Jack Russell foot warmers. https://soundcloud.com/cwmbran-city/the-eye-the-earth-the-sun-and-the-beak
  8. Mac Gollehon and the Hispanic Mechanics ... Jazz legend Mac Gollehon's new project of funk-infused latin jazz/salsa with tinges of electronica and dance out, now via NYC's True Groove Records imprint: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mac-gollehon-hispanic-mechanics/id1096431025 Mac played lead trumpet on over 500 gold/platinum records. His trumpet playing has been a key element of the defining hook riffs and lines on the new wave/80's pop mega-hits we've grown up with--namely David Bowie's Let's Dance and Duran Duran's Notorious. He's also featured on hits by Chic (Nile Ro
  9. I had a chance some weeks ago to sesh with some amazing people. Ron Veliz, a san fransisco session musician who lives here was on guitar. he is a badass but only plays if good enough people are in town and it just so happened that the drummer, josh costello, invited his old friend who is a professional 'piano battler' nick schlueter from st. louis to town... I was on bass, electric guitar and electric upright, both which are in pretty shit shape so my pitch is very liberal. anyhow I recorded some sessions with my yeti blue stereo mic and they turned out pretty good! I of course mixed and eq'
  10. Nice n funky, improvised jazzy tracks from an underground 70s legend. This is a compilation of his only two albums, both released in 1977. Recommended. [youtubehd]ZkX5tgL0Tic[/youtubehd] https://boomkat.com/vinyl/1230253-bruce-ditmas-yellow-dust
  11. http://soundcloud.com/badun/badun-s-o-t-s-album-preview http://schematicmusi...m/album/s-o-t-s
  12. The 10th edition of my annual mixes! Cheers to all my watmm listeners! Check out my website for all the info. Download on Archive.org Tracklist
  13. Made these a while ago as ideas for a hiphop jazz project I'm in, these beats are not going to be used so I thought I'd share. Maybe I can build some of these in something more interesting or rap on it myself? ;-) https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/92-bpm-jonas-titelloos-discoig https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/94-bpm-jonas-workout-anders-1 https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/105-bpm-jonas-workout-2 Enjoy or not .
  14. Grammy award winning songwriter Jim Peterik has his very own music app on iTunes now. The app has everything Jim Peterik! There are pictures, music videos, songs, how to connect with him online, and more. All of his fans, new and old, can have everything they love about Peterik all in one place! Peterik’s solo career has been responsible for eighteen top ten hits, including his three number-one songs “Vehicle,” “The Search Is Over,” and “Eye of the Tiger”. He’s co-written songs for the likes of 38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackhawk, Cheap Trick, Sammy Hagar, Cathy Richardson, Van Zant, Bri
  15. Before seeing The Eagles and Loverboy rock the stage, Jim Peterik’s jazz band Lifeforce featuring American Idol’s Mindi Abair and Leslie Hunt are set to perform at the Milwaukee Summerfest! Lifeforce will perform on the ULine Warehouse Stage starting at 5PM on Sunday, July 7th. They will be in good company, as The Eagles and Loverboy will both be performing later on that evening. Lifeforce will delight their fans with this Summerfest performance and will certainly gain some new listeners. Lifeforce recently released a deluxe edition of their album “Forces at Play.” The remastered album is a
  16. Jim Peterik will rock the crowd Sunday, July 7th with his band Lifeforce while performing at the Milwuakee Summerfest. Lifeforce will be the perfect opening performance for The Eagles and Loverboy, who will both be performing later on that evening. Lifeforce, featuring American Idol’s Mindi Abair, will rock the ULine Warehouse Stage starting at 5PM. Lifeforce recently released a deluxe edition of their album “Forces at Play.” The remastered album is a two-disc set featuring bonus tracks and a total of 32 incredible jazz artists. Lifeforce is currently being played on over 20 radio statio
  17. my original composition played by the SUNY Potsdam Crane jazz band. I play bass. : ) https://soundcloud.com/happycream/posh-tater-4 words cannot describe how elated I am to hear this, I just was given the recording!!!
  18. Guest

    Lunks EP

    Lunks is a "fresh" french duo where Electronica, Deep, Techno and Jazz are the main aesthetic directions. Complex polyrhythms and scale progressions are the building blocks of their first groovy EP. The two tracks draw a connection between two parallel sound dimensions. A deep bassline and resonant chords are floating asynchronously through the "Magellanic Clouds". The sound space is maximized on "Massaz" with many cosmic pads and dark atmospheric synth. Syncopated and ragtime beats accentuate catchy choruses and produce an original fusion between melodic lines and synchronized patterns.
  19. Bored by endless one-style mixes? For his 40th birthday, mcBodach randomly picked 20 records from my 1,600 pieces record collection - Jazz, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Postrock, Electro, Surf, Eurovision Song Contest. You name it. Only 20 records for a 40th birthday? So I chose 2 tracks per record and mixed them in a pendular motion. We start and end with Iceberg Slim, Biz Markie comes 3rd and 38th, Orbital come 13th and 28th, Martyn comes 15th and 26th and so on. The peak time is for Tortoise. It became a mad mix with unexpected transitions. Ever heard a Eurovision Song Contest title swoon over Orbita
  20. Hi - I'm new to the board - please check this out: Stereolab-Percolator & Squarepusher-Iambic 5 Poetry [live]
  21. [sc5]68805096[/sc5] I actually managed to produce something upbeat and danceable for a change. Enjoy and comment! aF
  22. Big fan...couldn't find any threads, so here's one. my main reason for starting it is to get a nice list of live albums together - seeing as he released so many, it would be nice to get the gold Lived an Interesting life, if people are unfamiliar i'd recommend giving him a read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chet_Baker one of the highlights is getting his teeth knocked out after a sour drug deal, and consequently having to re-learn how to play the trumpet there's a pretty good documentary about him called "Let's get lost" by Bruce Webber i believe anywho - any fans or live
  23. Hi. I've been listening some Zorn's stuff, like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0xcf-P7FBk and some of his solo music. I think he's amazing, and I really want to swim in his ocean of sounds. Post your favorite Zorn work! Or any other artist in the same vein. Thx.
  24. I put this in the Jazz Thread, but really it is worthy of it's own discussion given the weight of the matter argued by Bill Evans. He gives his ideas on topics such the approach to studying music or beyond that, becoming competent in any field. He talks about jazz as an improvisation form being a return to what classical music was doing before it closed off this outlet to the players and became a rote rendering of notes tendered. http://youtu.be/Nsnh21ae6YI
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