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Found 20 results

  1. Anyone has listened to the new RP Boo record? I've been digging this lately. Some pretty cool tunes there. https://rpboo.bandcamp.com/album/ill-tell-you-what
  2. I have been recording my weekly mixes I do for my college radio station. Tonight I had fun playing short tracks back to back. Played some music made by wattmers... (such as Kyriakos Iaonnou, MRX, Owen Gilbride, & No Pomo) tracklist: broadcast and the focus group - what i saw clark - dew on the mouth neu! - vier 1/2 xela - sinking cadavers infinity frequencies - mist hype williams - dragon stout kyriakos ioannou - lay them on the playground mrx - themee kyriakos ioannou - holding the sun boards of canada - house of abin'adab koji kondo - ghost attack infinity frequencies - portals aardvarck - ge-vat loop & biet niet oneohtrix point never - grief and repetition no pomo - ◖◖◖◖PORT◗◗◗◗ garon blodgett - no one is free infinity frequencies - ghosts onohetrix point never - behind the bank owen gilbride - cosine owen gilbride - oo-pad-g boards of canada - uritual autechre - notwo angelo badalamenti - laura palmer's theme boards of canada - from one source all things depend
  3. http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ318 i defy you to produce something half as sublime as footworkin on air by traxman. it's the first track- press play. it's the only one i've heard so far. i don't work for planet mu (though i would if they were hiring, sure)
  4. Tellem Hawk - What A Rush!!! Tellem Hawk is the Juke / Footwork / Drum and Bass alias of Will Rosario. Also known as QBLA. This is his debut as Tellem Hawk on Bonding Tapes.
  5. if'n u like it tracklist: 165 bpm set roni size + Dj die – It’s a Jazz Thing (Phillip d Kick’s footwork jungle edit) dj rashad – only one (feat spinn and taso) violet systems – haunter neuropunk – toe taggin Leviticus- the burial (phillip d kick’s footwork jungle edit) dj rashad – feelin (feat spinn &taso) violet systems – behind bars machinedrum – seesea tobias renfro – straight fuckin underground dj manny – next level ital tek – gonga om unit – slowfast matrix danny scrilla – fallout (goth-trad remix) ital tek – fireflies machinedrum – clissold VIP aphex twin – papat4 (pineal mix) 140 bpm set faltydl – dånger ramadanman – don’t change for me 2562 – brazil deadwalker addison groove – oversize clip manix – i can feel it machinedrum – come1 burial – temple sleeper visionist – survive visionist – snakebite 125 bpm 2562 – Fever —- oneohtrix point never – animals peace for listening
  6. Various Artists - Quality Time Vol. 1 After almost a year of planning, Bonding Tapes is finally here! And to help usher in this joyous occasion, we've released a beat tape titled Quality Time Vol. 1. Come make yourself at home and spend some Quality Time with us! Track List: Lex Looper - Tie Your Shoe Laces The Koreatown Oddity - Off To The Shaman For Some Ancient Medicines DMN SLYR - Architect Groove We Savage - Knuck Sonic D - Aqua Hello Keller - Like Life QBLA - Flatlands Vimana Aircraft - Colorful Retinal Scan Radio 92 - 35MPH V N C F - (Girl) What You Gonna Do? Dolphin Brain - 9407 Oasyum - ryoushin EMRLDS - Mattress SR388 - Therewolf Zander One - Redshift David Peck - Lunchinabag. Tim Cosner - Feelers Thiefinger - Hierophant
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krc547miOdM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPsnymfLAUw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGLwyO-KUhc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN8U1kuQo0c
  8. Guest


    it has drums & stuff.
  9. Oy Watmm massive, I've put up an ep on my bandcamp page from which most tracks were started during daily commuting between my house and school a few years ago. A pattern loop here, 4 patterns there, multiple ideas and try-outs left to marinate on my laptop harddisk for use in more inspired times. Last year my mate Yann (waveshaper.12r.org) has been sending me samples of his analoque drumkits to create demo's for him. The perfect excuse to dig up some of these old ideas and bring in some fresh sounds / finish them off. Check the ep here: http://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/electra-ep Example track: [media]http://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/160-bpm-jonas-the-plugexpert-2[/media]
  10. http://www.nopomo.info/USB/WASP%20TEK1.mp3 http://www.nopomo.info/USB/WASP%20TEK2.mp3
  11. http://soundcloud.com/samwhite/fuk-whale http://soundcloud.com/samwhite/h-i-t-m-e-r-i-p-i-t
  12. Hay y'all. So I finally got my equipment delivered and set back up after moving across the country. Turns out making music is neither harder nor easier here, but my things DO still work. First post-move track, any feedback welcome: moth mouth - strictly parenthetical http://soundcloud.com/rbxbx/moth-mouth-strictly
  13. THEM Footwork Special 23.11.12 @ Corsica Studios 5 Elephant Rd, London, SE171LB http://corsicastudios.com Room 1: **Very Special Guests Ital Tek Om Unit Chrissy Murderbot Deft Naive Machine Room 2: Hip Hop, Electronica, Techno Illum Sphere, Randomer, Phon.o Moto Vortex SG >>> Tickets from http://tiny.cc/THEM14
  14. Guest

    Fuck Back to School mix

    Listen on Soundcloud.com Me and a friend put this together. My first attempt at a mixtape so I'd love to hear what you think! Can anyone guess the flick? (: Tracklist: Bobby Tank - Afterburn (Original Mix) Alec Carlsson - OMG The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo EP Minimix Disclosure - What’s in Your Head Jonas Rathsman - Feeling You Punks Jump Up - Mr. Overtime (Oliver remix) Lemaître Blue Shift (Bonus Track) Aves - Spiral (demo) (Fuck Fuck edit) Errror - Rainbow (Fuck Fuck edit) Malinchak - Beside Me Bwana - Baby, Let Me Finish (Karma Kid Remix) We Have The Technology - Girl (I Wanna Be Your Girl) (Girl) Taquwami - You R Everything ://about:sound - Another Darius - Dans Tes Yeux
  15. I have been subscribing to Computer Music for about 2 years now, latest issue turned up yesterday. Interview with ital tek plus studio video on the dvd mira calix interview talking about making her music and installations (she is doing a new one for the olympics) Video and article on making juke beats and bass interesting article on using delay how to abuse plug-ins and get good effects from them in non-standard ways So a pretty good issue. Every now and then a great one turns up, and there is plenty that interests me. But on the whole, I keep thinking about cancelling my subscription as there is quite often a lot of fluff. It must be difficult for them to get a good balance of articles and artists each month so that most producers out there find something interesting though.
  16. Guest

    My take on Juke

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