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Found 18 results

  1. Available for the first time on vinyl. Highly recommended.
  2. https://clone.nl/item38808.html Unexpected good news, makes me smile. Im totally biased in terms of Kettel, "making love to famous ladies" , "look at this..." and almost everything except his first releases is like a diary of my youth. so yeah, it'll be absolutely great and a intimate moment when i get that glorious vinyl. for everyone who cares ;) now find another moon
  3. Now Up For Pre Order.. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/dear-of-the-yog 1. Spawkings (Martin Nonstatic rmx) 2. Missingsense - Goodnite Reroute (Roel Funcken rmx) 3. Fygon Isk (Ben Fowler rmx) 4. Drogan (Lusine rmx) 04:30 5. Artcloud - Sunder (Roel Funcken rmx) 6. Leaved (Generate rmx) 7. Plaid - Wen (Roel Funcken rmx) 8. Balaklavskiy Prospex (Ben Milstein rmx)04:13 9. Pead Bandorum (Kettel rmx) 10. Ochre & Roel Funcken - Spock Covex 11. Other Form of Matter (Erothyme rmx) 12. Circuit Interference (Woulg rmx) 13. Ben Milstein - Cosmic Flatulence (Roel Funcken rmx) 14. Bloid Fraxton (Rumpistol rmx) 15. Pead Bandorum (Illuvia rmx) 16. Sisix & Shwex - Divergence (Roel Funcken rmx) 17. Cober Blue (Julien Mier rmx) 18. Android Robson (Ochre rmx) 03:00 19. Humanoid - Post human (Roel Funcken rmx) 03:07 releases May 26, 2018 So I’ve had this idea for years, and finally its coming to life, thru a release on Touched. I wanted to do something bigger with my musical power for a good cause. I have an amazing network of musical friends, and almost everybody I asked to get involved said yes. I just want to make a statement, we all have power to do something good in this world, just think about it what it is for yourself and think of ways to make it happen. 3 years ago I adopted a rottweiler from the shelter, he was in the shelter for 2 years. From all the dogs I took walks with I connected the most with him. And although he is a handful, I love him more than anything in the world. And it opened up my eyes even wider how I connect with them, mostly better than with humans. I just love animals, and dogs in particular. It was clear I wanted to pick a charity that helps dogs, nothing grabs me more by the throat than the horrific situation for dogs in the dog meat trade in Asia. I supported the soi dog foundation a couple of times already so this was a logical choice to focus on them. They do amazing stuff in the whole of Asia. Mission Statement of soi dog: To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty. www.soidog.org I want to thank anyone that has participated to bringing this release to life. The whole release turned out even more fantastic than I could have imagined. Thanks everyone. First of all Martin from Touched music. touchedmusic.com Musicians : Martin Nonstatic ultimae.com/artists/martin-nonstatic Missingsense foresense.org Ben Fowler www.benfowlermusic.net Lusine lusineweb.com Generate soundcloud.com/generate Plaid www.plaid.co.uk Ben Milstein soundcloud.com/milstein Kettel www.kettelmusic.com Ochre ochremusic.com Erothyme erothyme.bandcamp.com Woulg soundcloud.com/woulgmusic Rumpistol rumpistol.com Illuvia soundcloud.com/illuvia Sixis & Shwex soundcloud.com/sixis-3 soundcloud.com/shwex Julien Mier soundcloud.com/julien-mier Stakker www.facebook.com/binn.dogends Art : SHVLFCE shvlfce.wixsite.com/shvlfce Mastering : Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering scmastering.com And Rip Thomas Denis aka Qebrus. He was supposed to do a remix, we were talking about it a lot, unfortunately it didn’t work out. I hope he has found his peace now. See you on the other side. soundcloud.com/qebrus license
  4. https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af008-kettel-alacasa-ep-2017 Sounding pretty good!
  5. Cirque De La Musique Compilation Get A Copy From Touched Music Friday Morning - https://touched.bandcamp.com/music Various ‎– Cirque De La Musique Label: m.o.l records ‎– m.o.l 001 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation Country:Belgium Genre: Electronic Style: Ambient, Experimental Tracklist A1 –Bruno Rodenbach Breath A2 –Kettel Grouseprince A3 –Syntheon Balanced Wire A4 –Bloomypedal Clock Orchestra A5 –Discodelic Porngroove Desert Fox A6 –Oto Kopter Kopter B1 –Oforodetta Nest B2 –Like A Tim F-Teling B3 –Sk'p Fungoid Forest B4 –Bangkok Impact Mushroom Clown B5 –Gros Geografia
  6. preorder link out [email protected] This is the story of a nameless astronaut, drifting alone in the vast emptiness of space. No window to return home, although every world he is visiting could be one... A living stasis, with all hope lost. All that endures are his thoughts and the fleeting memories of another life... A time when love and hope still remained in his heart. Each artist on this album has recorded their own interpretation of this tale, inspired by their own unique experiences and imagination. Combined with you, the listener, they form the complete story. Feelings like loneliness, longing and love are often hard to translate into words. Perhaps that is why music is so close to our hearts. It resonates within all of us and speaks the words we don't always know how to share. I hope you enjoy listening to this record as much as I enjoyed compiling it. -Vagon Brei. ------------------------------------------ VISIONS COMPILATION Limited to 300 copies. Black 180gr vinyl. Artwork by Kilian Eng. Sketches inner sleeve by Kilian Eng mastered by Alek Stark Music by: A1. Alek Stark vision A2. Segerfalk vision A3. Legowelt vision A4. Elektrobopacek vision A5. Carbon Based Lifeforms vision B1. Kettel vision B2. Dmx Krew vision B3. Sterre vision B4. 36 vision B5. Vagon Brei vision
  7. Holy shit this is amazing This gonna be a nearly perfect BRAINDANCE release! so stoked! Analogical Force is the force. https://soundcloud.com/analogicalforce/af005x-va-voiceless-x-w-kettel-dwaallicht-shinra-eod-microlith-2017
  8. "This is the story of a nameless astronaut, left forgotten in his ship, drifting alone in the vast emptiness of space. No window to return home, and no opportunity to find another. A living stasis, with all hope lost. All that endures are his thoughts and the fleeting memories of another life... A time when love and hope still remained in his heart. Each artist on this album has recorded their own interpretation of this tale, inspired by their own unique experiences and imagination. Combined with you, the listener, they form the complete story. Feelings like loneliness, longing and love are often hard to translate into words. Perhaps that is why music is so close to our hearts. It resonates within all of us and speaks the words we don't always know how to share. Music & info & preorders soon...
  9. Howdy, just wondered if any other WATMMER's were going to this event (lineup looks fucking amazing) and if you fancied meeting up for a pint beforehand. I'll be meeting up with Encym, others are more than welcome. https://www.facebook.com/events/1605784146355488/1617510448516191/ Thanking you edit. freaking BOLA! edit edit: I should probably have put this in the general music forum. mods, is it possible to move? thankyouplease
  10. Here's an interview with Kettel about a year ago with a few tibits about Secede: http://volterock.blogspot.com/2014/06/interview-kettel-reimer-h-eising.html
  11. Guest

    Summer Lenticulars

    https://www.mixcloud.com/fraser-smith/summer-lenticulars/ Two mixes I found in the vaults from 2011 stitched together. First half quite warm, second a bit more reflective. Perfect for a drive, long walk or lying in a field cloudspotting. If anyone's interested in a download get in touch and i'll sort it out.
  12. Another one I've just uploaded - lots of ambient stuff with a bit of William Burroughs mixed in 00:00 low profile society - example 6 / labradford - recorded and mixed at the sound of music, richmond, va 04:43 blackdown - crackle blues 07:33 aphex twin - tha / miles tilmann - particle 3 / arovane and phonem - valid edge 11:52 aphex twin - saw2, cd2, track1 15:05 michael brook - distant village 17:09 autechre - bronchussevenmix / freeform - a.t: autechre remix 20:45 ensemble - disown delete: tim hecker remix / tim hecker - chimeras / robert henke - ground kaven 25:25 unknown track 29:13 kettel - electrician and adventurer 30:00 burial - night bus 20:33 monolake - indigo / mira calix - ms meteo: poolside mix 37:12 biosphere - the things i tell you 39:41 global communication - 9:39 44:22 brian eno - lantern marsh 48:30 radiohead - treefingers 50:59 spooky - seneschal / stephan micus - concert for gender, shakuhachi and zither 52:18 cliff martinez - will she come back? 56:38 deathprod - journey to the centre of the first 1:1 / woob - the gate 59:26 fennesz - city of light / keith fullerton whitman - track 3a (2waynice) 62:15 kettel - a french composer / boards of canada - diving station 66:27 brian eno and harold budd - the silver ball 69:04 loess - viscer 71:11 bob holroyd - earthwatching / autechre and the hafler trio - ae3o 75:59 bola - whoblo
  13. Hi Guys n Gals, yesterday Kettel announced on facebook the soundtrack he made for a game called Wabafun. I couldn´t find a thread on that here, so I made one. Here is the Soundcloud playlist: https://soundcloud.com/kettelmusic/sets/soundtrack-for-kinetic-sand-adventure I really like it so far. It follows the path he went with the Ibb and Obb soundtrack. Cheerfull melodic ambient music pieces. Glad to here something new from him.
  14. Hi guys, just stumbled across the Mindcamp Mixcloud with Sets from the 2014 Event. http://www.mixcloud.com/mindcamp/ Four Sets so far: Kettel, Roel Funcken (who is Dj Mindcamp i think), Shourai and Dj Eazm. I love some Kettel now and then. Not many new Tunes, but solid Kettel stuff. Enjoy!
  15. ..is available now to download from http://kettel.bandcamp.com/ Waits patiently for murphythecat8 to come in here and spaff all over the place
  16. "To launch the new website and to warm up for "When Can", Kettel & Secede have prepared a little mix of tunes that have colored the fields of their inspiration over the past months. The mix does not feature any actual tracks from the album because When Can is best presented in it's own, strange habitat. So you have to wait just a little bit longer for the songs. But we guess you're used to that ;). The album is just about done and a release date will be announced soon. Jeroen Advocaat's artwork for When Can is featured as the current background." http://soundcloud.com/sending-orbs/kettelsecedemix12 http://www.sendingor...ecede-when-can/
  17. C.Hans - Happiness is a Warm Snare Rush Kettel - Marliesje [Marguerita Recordings, 2007] Aphex Twin - To Cure A Weakling Child, Contour Regard [Warp Records, 1997] Decal - Superscum [Rotters Golf Club, 2003] Mochipet - Plastic Carpet Ride [btrendy Records, 2002] Joseph Nothing - Exotic Man Walking [Planet Mu, 2001] Aphex Twin - Carn Marth [Warp Records, 1996] V.L.A.D. - Femme Tuning [myspace steal, ~2008?] Boards of Canada - Roygbiv [Warp Records & Skam, 1998] Mu-Ziq - Meinheld [Planet Mu, 2003] Iermoc - Eggyweggs [Koept, 2002] Cycheouts Ghost - Cosmic Baton Girl (Amen Mix) [ROMZ, 2004] Wagon Christ - Kings Lyn [Ninja Tune, 2001] Soundmurderer + SK-1 - Dreader Than Dread (Remix) [Rewind Records, 2002] Clark - Herzog [Warp Records, 2006] Ceephax - Texaco Gang [Rephlex, 2007] Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Reprise) (Boards of Canada Remix) [Planet Mu, 2001] Doormouse - Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix) [Addict Records, 2004] Com.A - Welcome COM.A [ROMZ, 2001] 40 minutes of acid, amens and big stupid grins.... http://www.mixcloud....arm-snare-rush/ http://www.mediafire...4d6stlc6yqsbc1h
  18. YouTube (video clip): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KknO2E5E5AE YouTube (album teaser): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UpagISoJQM YouTube (album teaser): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UpagISoJQM YouTube (promo track): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kweEl2hgUDw YouTube (promo track): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejaZr0rDta8 Artist: Sabi / kiyo (Tokyo, Japan) Album: 71:36 Label: Force Intel / (Vertical.fm labels group) Label website: http://www.forceintel.com Release details: http://vertical.fm/promo/348.htm [ Description ] [English] Proudly introducing: First CD on new label and Mille Plataux derivative FORCE INTEL. Why another label? Well, we received many great demos not experimental/artful enough for MILLE PLATEAUX, but just too good not to be released. The solution was FORCE INTEL, our new label for Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). *** Great IDM / Ambient album - Remixes by Kettel, Julien Neto, Machinedrum, Richard Devine *** Sabi (aka Taro Peter Little) and kiyo (Kiyoshi Ono) are two long-standing producers in the Tokyo electronic scene, but hardly recognized outside Japan so far. 71:36 is split in 2 halfs: Ambient IDM with a rather organic feel in the first 5 tracks by SABI. Here, the epic SLEEPY EMERALD is totally standing out. HOWLING OUT… (Kettel Remix) could be a soundtrack to a science fiction movie, you can almost see a new sun being born in the skies over a future planet earth. The 2nd half has the KIYO tracks and sounds much more electronic. While tracks 6, 7 and 8 are best described as Glitch Ambient (or is it Ambient Glitch?), tracks 9 +10 have a beat. Great IDM, with remixes by some of the finest IDM producers around. [Deutsch] Endlich: Die erste CD auf dem MILLE PLATEAUX Ableger FORCE INTEL. Wir erhielten viele sehr gute IDM Demos, die für MILLE PLATEAUX nicht experimentell genug waren, aber zu schade, um sie nicht zu veröffentlichen. Die Lösung war das neue Label FORCE INTEL, welches künftig für IDM und Ambient zuständig ist. *** Klasse IDM / Ambient Album (Remixes von Kettel, Julien Neto, Machinedrum, Richard Devine)*** Sabi (Taro Peter Little) und kiyo (Kiyoshi Ono) sind zwei langjährige Größen in der Tokyoter Elektronik-Szene, aber außerhalb Japans bislang kaum bekannt. 71:36 ist zweigeteilt: Klassisch anmutender Ambient IDM in den ersten 5 Tracks von SABI. Vor allem das monumentale SLEEPY EMERALD ist hervorzuheben. Orchestral, rhythmisch und atmosphärisch – eines der besten Ambient Stücke seit langem! OM ist dagegen dezenter, ein wirklich schönes, klavierbasiertes Stück. Track 5 könnte ein Soundtrack zu ein einem Science Fiction Film sein: Man kann förmlich sehen, wie eine neue Sonne geboren wird und am Horizont der Erde erscheint. Die zweite Hälfte mit den den 5 KIYO Tracks läßt sich am besten als Ambient Glitch bezeichnen, die letzten beiden Stücke mit Rhythmus. Die Sounds sind elektronisch experimentell, aber immer noch hörbar, auch für weniger fortgeschrittene Hörer. Kurz gesagt: Exzellenter IDM Ambient, mit Remixen einer ganzen Reihe von namhaften Produzenten. [ Tracklist ] 01 Om [05:10] 02 Sleepy Emerald Vs. He Ostrich [10:51]________>>Tip! (Video)<< 03 Om (Julien Neto Remix) [05:25] 04 Howling Out With Tight Neons [08:22] 05 Howling Out With Tight Neons (Kettel Remix) [05:13]________>>Tip!<< 06 Tones On Tail [05:24] 07 Micropsyche [06:00] 08 Micropsyche (Richard Devine Micromacro Remix) [06:38] 09 Bear In. Warm-Noiz (Noor Extended Version) [13:49]________>>Tip!<< 10 Noor (Machinedrum Mountain Eye-Beam Remix) [04:39] [ Buy links ] Amazon CA (mp3): http://j.mp/iIlHrr Amazon COM: http://j.mp/m8N7Ck Amazon DE: http://j.mp/iGNP6w Amazon FR: http://j.mp/m7r0Tm Amazon JP: http://j.mp/lKm5gj Amazon UK: http://j.mp/m9bT2o Beatport (mp3): http://j.mp/o625yq iTunes (mp3): http://j.mp/jKqKTj eBay: http://bit.ly/g8UxtA Full list of stores: http://bit.ly/BuyVertical [ Tags ] ambient, Ametsub, electronica, experimental, glitch, idm, japanese, Julien Neto, kettel, machinedrum, piano, richard devine
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