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Found 20 results

  1. I've been stalking this forum for a while but finally ponied up and paid for an account. This is my first album release! (a wider distribution will occur on Sept 3rd by Ingrown Records) I wanted to share here first though. Its cool to trash it, beat it up tell me what sucks (as long as you tell me why!) 🙂 I trusts your critiques! There were no Software DAWs effects or VSTs used in the making of this album its all just sequencers controlling hardware synths and effects boxes mixed on a small analog console and then record to tape. Enjoy!
  2. http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/06/29/korg-uk-roland-uk-fined-for-breaking-competition-law/?fbclid=IwAR0SRP4aIXiLXyE7EZlCxmxKJVdq3V9rRClHha1McPN7LRG3WtS3JO4qZrs
  3. Acidphakist/Carrierwave just tipped me off to these. Rumor has it they are being debuted at Music Messe 2013. Still as yet unconfirmed: Matrix Synth
  4. Both KORG and Moog have made their iOS and Android synth apps FREE in response to COVID-19 and people being quarantined inside their homes: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/minimoog-model-d-synthesizer/id1339418001 Moog Minimoog Model D (iOS) https://www.korg.com/us/news/2020/0313/ KORG iKaossilator (iOS)
  5. Richard is selling one of his massive Korg PS-3300 synths in the auction I run. If you click on the link you'll see the description & six pics, and at the bottom right of the sixth is a tiny but cool pic of him in front of his three (soon to be two) PS-3200s. I'll attach a bit bigger version here. http://www.spheremusic.com/Bargaindtl.asp?Item=16241 In the same auction is a ton of stuff from Somadril aka Martyn McNelis who was a good friend & associate of Richard and the then rephlex crew. It includes lots of his gear, and a few things which have his recordings on/in. For instance http://www.spheremusic.com/Bargaindtl.asp?Item=15714 which is a minidisc recorder with material on, There's also his entire CD collection inc lots of rephlex & his personal copy of Syro. 200 CDs http://www.spheremusic.com/Bargaindtl.asp?Item=15718 The money goes to his mum, and Richard was very keen to help her out. So anything you like the look of .. please bid.
  6. Korg is being awesome with their toys this year: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2013/11/04/korg-littlebits-synth-kit-lets-you-snap-together-a-modular-synthesizer/
  7. Guest

    FOR SALE: Korg MS-2000

    Hello, I have for a Korg MS-2000 here. Unfortunately I can get no sound from it at all. When I tried to restore factory settings it gives me an MPU to DSP check error. Now, I know that is is fixable but I neither have the skills nor the money to fix this myself. I was thinking that it might be a good project for someone who likes fixing or circuit bending things, I know there are a few of you on here. To be honest I am a bit gutted because I bought it second hand for £260 and I used it a grand total of three times before this happened. I'm honestly not sure what it's worth in it's current state. I'm just going to say that I'm looking for £50 for it, I am however open to negotiate on the price as I want shot of it. I am UK based and I would prefer someone UK based to take it off my hands. Any offers PM me or leave them here.
  8. Guest


  9. The Korg DSS-1. A great big beast of a sampling keyboard from the mid 1980s. Features a digital sampler & two digital delays, an analog filter & analog ADSR, and the ability to generate synth waveforms (digital I believe, have not used that feature seeing as I've got dedicated synths for that). A bit cumbersome to use, it sat in my closet for years until I had an urge to dig it out the other day & make some tracks, which reminded me that it's probably the warmest sounding sampling unit I've ever used & now I wanna make a whole buncha tracks with it Problem is! It runs on floppy disks. Actually that's mostly a good thing because it coats the samples in lofi grit & it forces you to be choosier about what sounds you use & it makes this cool mechanical noise while it reads the disk. But it's a pain in the arse to record sounds to my Zoom H2, hook that up to the DSS-1 via audio cable, & play the sounds back individually to record them to the floppy. There's a program called Omniflop which allows you to create properly formatted dss-1 disks on a PC, problem is it only seems to work on internal drives & I'm running off a netbook with a usb floppy. Long story short, does anyone else here own one of these things & have any ideas on how to take the hassle out of floppifying my sound banks?
  10. Guest

    analogs in analord

    oldies but goldies covers 02 06 09 n stuff he used
  11. http://www.korg.co.jp/Product/Synthesizer/iPolysix/ Site's in Japanese, but don't let that stop you:
  12. Guest

    Yamanote Rock

    Sequenced in FL Studio. Sounds come from Korg Kaosillator, Synplant, Harmless and my voice. Would love to hear what you think... http://soundcloud.com/katsucurrytime/yamanote-rock
  13. I have the big keyboard version of the MS2000, and I love it. It's just HUGE. Does anyone have the rack version they would be willing to swap for? Cheers! - Ryan
  14. I have to sell it , but it works perfectly. 100 euros each. I made this with it ---> http://www.pamplemoussecarre.bandcamp.com
  15. http://soundcloud.com/captureclouds/cloudcapture-i-be-here
  16. Hi, I recently put my faith in purchasing my first pricey 30yr old analog synth, the korg polysix. I recieved it on Saturday morning, and immedietly fell in love. I was playing it straight through the mixer the rest of the day. Last night I decided to route it into my computer so I could test recording with the polysix. Here's a clip I uploaded. It's a rough 1 take recording, so let's say it's pretty loose. Still, I truly am amazed by its depth of connection to my emotions. Hope everyone is doing well, and prepared for a new year. Cya http://soundcloud.com/captureclouds/p6test
  17. Found the adapter for my omnichord recently after being lost for years and decided to mess around with it. Also was wondering if anyone knew if this omnichord is analog or digital? It's share time. Thanks for listening, and cya. http://soundcloud.com/captureclouds/cloud-capture-flippers
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