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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, just listed One-Offs Ep up for pre-order on bandcamp https://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/one-offs-ep 1. Plip (3:36) 2. Shoo (2:16) 3. 210101 (4:54) 4. Sfacidx3mulch (1:15) 5. Rumk8 (9:49) 6. Kcl2 (3:39) the original press-release from June 2001: "Monotonik is very proud to present an exclusive 6-track EP from Finland’s Lackluster, aka Esa Ruoho, an artist we’ve been releasing (as Distance) since way back when we were putting out .MODs, and have seen go from the limited-edition “CDR#2” on Monotonik (our only physical release ever) to critical acclaim through
  2. Hi. Kahvi Collective have released Lackluster: Swansong Ep "Since the very start of Kahvi, one artist has been an almost regular fixture releasing frequently throughout the years. Not only on Kahvi but also on many commercial labels, and touring the world with his unique live set. Lackluster is a familiar name in electronic music circles and we're happy to feature his latest ep entitled Swansong. There is a selection of older and newer tracks from Lackluster's extensive archive of tracks, minimal and subtle like in shonuff shoreditch to epic and loud in preposterous. Swansong is s
  3. While there is no actual writeup for this album, it received one very fun review recently: "Moody blue and dreamy ambient IDM return from Finland’s Lackluster" -Boomkat “You can define this EP as the soundtrack to a funeral, in a world where death does not have to be something sad.” "Se puede definir este EP como la banda sonora de un funeral, en un mundo donde la muerte no tiene por que ser algo triste." -Buenos Aliens http://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/moments
  4. Hullo. Here's something I'm selling! Lackluster: Slice CD (u-cover024) Esa Ruoho: Spaces CD (u-cover005) Esa Ruoho: Riversmouth 3" CD-r (Attenuation Circuit) Kaneel / Lackluster: Split 3" (Awkward Silence Recordings) Lackluster: R U Oho? 12" (Merck Records, with remixes from Esem, Xhale, Brothomstates (x2) and Sense) Lackluster: Showcase Sampler 12" (Merck Records, with two exclusive tracks not on Lackluster: Showcase CD (Merck015cd)) Please get in touch privately via [email protected] if you like. You could also check out my Discogs page with super-inflated completely ridicu
  5. Hi, hope you like this: Lackluster: deFocus Package (FOC349): 1. Sundial Jam (Suntrap Tomas Szepe Remix) 05:43 2. Ix Pen 05:02 3. Meanwhile 06:23 (FOC354): 4. Cull Streak (Sense Mix) 03:39 (previously unreleased): 5. Meanwhile (Sense 354 Mix) 03:54 6. Cull Streak (Sense -2 Mix) 03:46 (Released on "Mine is Yours N5MD Tim Koch thing): 7. Cull Streak (Tim Koch Dull Streaker Mix) 06:04 (previously unreleased): 8. Meanwhile (S3ns3-354mix) 06:16 9. Meanwhile (Vim Remix) 05:20 (FOC354): 10. Cull Streak (Bauri Remix) 06:19 (FOC368): 11. Glimpses 02:50 12. Glimmer 04:49 13. 01.it (Suntrap Origina
  6. Here's your chance to take part in a weird 'n wonky project that's trying to raise $600 in order to purchase back CDs (Esa Ruoho: Spaces, Lackluster: Slice) from a defunct Belgian label that was once called U-Cover Records. They'll be listed up on Discogs and on Bandcamp and there's a few perks in there that might be interesting for you, if you're interested in, well, stuff that's interesting to those who are interested in listening to music by Lackluster a.k.a. me. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/to-purchase-145-lackluster-cds-to-re-sell-them/x/373141 I can confirm that the crowdfu
  7. https://cryptobeat.bandcamp.com/album/cryptobeat-volume-one Released 19th of June 2014 01. Rushfell: Maka (Mooncrayon's excursion remix) 02. DataRebel: Re-Delete 03. Lackluster: Im Finished Here 04. Lion, Meet Lizard: Boy Meets The World, Boy Gets It 05. Gaszia: Dont Need U 06. Eganomixxxxxxxx: I Need You (Instrumental) 07. Mayonnoise: Destroyer Of Worlds 08. The Hubble-Bubble: Relics Of The Ice Age 09. Rushfell: KFMC I O U 10. DanTron McTronDan: Imple Bitsy Shirts 11. Suburban Trash: Bonus Beats (Lackluster Remix) 12. Skywayz: New Age Bounce 13. Sine Linguist: Foreign Laser God 14. シルクP
  8. Just found out that esa ruoho released a fascinating drone concept album. http://mahorka.org/release/083 It's free! I'm giving it a listen right now. Good soundz, I'm loving 'looming'.
  9. Hi, Grillin' Records have released a new V/A compilation called Grillin' 10 years compilation (GN'001). Here's the cover artwork http://grillinrecords.bandcamp.com/ 1. Fossa - Päivärytmi 06:24 2. KeFF - H-laituri 04:24 3. Make - Ynth 03:00 4. toiminto - Junovibat 04:57 5. DKSTR - Sahtikanisteri (feat. MC ShakkiMatti) 04:30 6. gÖk - Haulikko 03:58 7. Herman Prime - Vibes Track 04:54 8. Poutatorvi - Dr.Wily's Stage 1 02:49 9. Rægæ System - From Savon Jamaica 03:08 10. Lackluster - Dosed 02:58 11. Die K<se - Up 4th, 1st Variation 06:41 12. Videovalvontaa - Lori Konkero
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