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Found 27 results

  1. https://rognvald.bandcamp.com/album/the-new-selecta-vol-3 Out tomorrow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRqtXQu1sjo
  2. New Rognvald full length. Massive jungle storming. Really digging the track above. Squarepusher fans should really love this. Will be released tomorrow, Dec. 13th: https://rognvald.bandcamp.com/album/xwife
  3. New five track 12" released via Love Love Records. No samples/clips yet, but pre-orders available through bandcamp: https://rubymydear.bandcamp.com/album/altai-r
  4. 4 Track 12", Out on September 27th. Love Love Recs "Precision electro-acid house? Bass-injected rumble techno? Call it what you want, this new 12” from Si Begg perfectly shows off this legendary UK producer’s hold on sonic manipulation. Recording music since ’93, Si’s catalogue of music has always pushed the boundaries of dance movements of the day: electro, breaks, garage, bass, techno and almost everything else. With a weird and wide-ranging career that includes a 2004 Peel Session and music put out alongside Tipper and Neil Landstrumm on labels like Tresor, Fuel and Novamute, Begg has proven himself as one of the true greats of the sound. Focussing his career on TV and film in recent years has meant a slow-down in the rate of bangers making their way outside of Begg’s studio but ‘400 Million Pieces of You’ shows that they are still very much being made, and are perhaps bigger than ever in their magnitude. A side track ‘P1 Tek 2 Neu Anfang’ takes the form of a subaquatic acid monster with a bubbling urgency coursing through its veins. The Drexcyian inflection is clear as tracks ‘Elektronisch For Pleasure’ and ‘P1 Voltage 2 Repeater’ take the full plunge into a fizzing electro sea. While the trance-like ‘When We Were Young’ harks back to a more hedonistic time the robofunk grooves found on ‘400 million Pieces of You’ still sound like they’re from the future. " If you liked Acid Jeep, you should like this too. Pre-orders: https://sibegg.bandcamp.com/album/400-million-pieces-of-you
  5. Love Love Facebook says: Announcing the 3rd single by drumfunk champion dgoHn on Love Love Records, 'So Be It, Lumbricina'. It includes a remix by Glasgow based junglist Rognvald on the flip-side! There will be 100 limited edition clear-red vinyl available exclusively from Bleep.com Pre-order a copy quick to avoid disappointment!! Standard edition is also available to pre-order direct from the Love Love https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/so-be-it-lumbricina Bleep Says: Having recently knocked us sideways with his Kunst collab with Jodey Kendrick and rolled the beats for possibly the very best Rephlex DNB comp with Macc back in 2010, dgoHn follows two sold out 12s for Love Love with a new EP of mangles junglist electronica. For those fast enough we have a Bleep exclusive of 100 copies pressed to clear red wax up for pre-order... ! https://bleep.com/release/89209-dgohn-so-be-it-lumbricina
  6. Manchester born Miike Hayward AKA The Teknoist has been experimenting with the hardcore end of techno/tekno for nearly two decades putting out releases with veteran labels like Deathchant, Planet Mu, Ad Noiseam, Rebel Scum and via his own imprint Ninja Columbo. ‘Maximal Techno’ is the debut album from Miike under his ‘Technoist’ moniker and his first foray onto Love Love Records, exploring the versatility that can be found in slower tempos and deeper grooves. This is by no means traditional techno however with influences taken from all over the dance music landscape - Chunky kicks, big breaks, dubby licks, raw chops and epic electronica-style melodies. A more personal affair than other work of his, this album covers a wide range of feeling from aggression to introspection across ten tracks (eleven including the bonus track!) set to move the minds and feet of heady revellers. Despite its eclecticism Maximal Techno is in essence powerful dance music primed for the party, full of rushing euphoria reminiscent of early techno floorfillers on labels such as R&S and Warp. Out on June 21st CD and digital from BC: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/maximal-techno-2 The clip sounds pretty good. For some reason reminds me of Chordata's Smackgull, an old but short NER gem which I love so high hopes on this one.
  7. Hey guys, thought I'd post this here in case any of you guys were into it. New release on Love Love coming very soon....don't worry, we will be releasing some acid soon! ;) ------------------------------------------------------ ‘Gentle Persuaders’ is the Love Love debut from London based neo-noise-jazz outfit Sly & The Family Drone. In the form of a four track long player, Sly vomit forth a smooth serving of curious and clattering noise not devoid of fun. With the ingredients of shattering baritone saxophone, splurges of analogue noise, rolling drum derangements and snarling feedback it is immediately clear that these formidable noise-mongers have honed their methods of ear-attack adeptly. Textural spaces are peppered with bouts of densely packed controlled-chaos creating a tension that builds almost imperceptibly until the crushing pay-off that comes with the final track. The politest of bludgeonings, ‘Gentle Persuaders’ has a real sense of cohesion and style, at times subtle and at others shudderingly direct. With their unusual and interactive live shows, the group cut their teeth stunning the audiences of punk and noise scenes across the UK and Europe. Now, Sly & The Family Drone present their most complete recording to date; a rush of sheer ataxia ushering in a new age of noise. Available to pre-order on 12" and all digital formats from www.loveloverecords.net releases April 26, 2019
  8. It's time for our end of year Bandcamp sale! For the next two weeks you can get a 30% discount on EVERYTHING using the code: BIGLOVE www.loveloverecords.net
  9. Pre-order link: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-new-selecta-vol-2 Rognvald, aka Richard Wilson, returns at full throttle with part 2 of 'The New Selecta'. Rognvald’s unique future-old skool sound continues to evolve in this release, the third 12" in his WIFE series. You will travel into unknown subterranean territory with ‘The New Selecta’, exploring the limits of break choppage and granular sound design on a loved and familiar soundscape, as well as 2 dread filled cuts of swampy ambient reductions. Using a minimal sound palette to maximal effect, Rognvald deconstructs and abstracts the tropes of old skool jungle. Blending blunted breaks with burrowing subatomic sinewaves, euphoric rave vocals lead to a nuclear ruffneck ecstacy. The future of jungle is yet to come.... After nearly two decades working predominately under the Beatwife alias, Richard began his project 'Rognvald' focusing on a more break driven jungle sound that flirts with dub and ragga. He has always developed and used his own scratch-built software. Working as an engineer for both Vestax and the Casio Corporation while living in LA has enabled him to gain access to special prototype hardware. Now based in Glasgow, Richard has been dazzling crowds with his visceral live P.A. shows TRACKLIST: A1. Selecta Scene A2. Snare Drums B1. Amen Conductor B2. Tranquilizer
  10. https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/world-building Think this release needs it's own thread. Previews sound stellar. Instabought.
  11. Possible NSFW 2 track black 12" 1. Baby Eaters 2. Acid Abyss Hellfish and Bryan Fury, the Axe Gabba Murda Mob, are two of the biggest innovators in hardcore techno. Both have been pushing the genre in all kinds of directions for over two decades providing the pulse for thousands of parties around the globe. So with this in mind, we are honoured to present ‘Baby Eaters’, an earth shaking joyride to the very edge of the human psyche and beyond. The eponymous A-side strikes terror into the hearts of men, splitting brain cells like atoms with destructive chain reactions of radical distortion and soul-stripping screams. Pure demonic catharsis, sound frequencies don’t get more violent than this. The B side ‘Acid Abyss’ is an LSD stained hardcore techno anthem where eerily cold voices are strangled by crunchy bellowing kick drums and bleeding 303s. Despite still being cranked up, the precision of the fills in this track offsets the chaotic kicks of the A-side, coming off almost subtle in comparison. This single is for connoisseurs coming lovingly housed with artwork by the wonderful Jim’ll’Paint it, depicting the deadly duo conducting some rather grizzly research in their underworld studio. Snippets/teasers apparently soon. Pre-orders: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/baby-eaters
  12. Any Birmingham heads here? ;) Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 Starring: dgoHn - spoti.fi/2KV5U1x Earl Grey - spoti.fi/2IY8odU Hollie Anthwax Channel 23 Jesus Christ! DJ Love Love Records 10pm - 04am First wave tickets are limited to 40 and can be purchased here: https://bit.ly/2IWWjFR This is the venue: bit.ly/2NqLlM6 Suki10c is powered by 100% wind farm generated electricity and over 90% of waste is recycled with the rest used to generate green electricity...nothing at all goes to landfill! https://www.facebook.com/events/266561467434050/ www.loveloverecords.net www.suki10c.co.uk
  13. Some of you guys might be into this possibly..... As contrived and absurd as it seemed, we all knew that this day would eventually come. Refrigerate the Holstens, draw for the baggie, bust out the mustard, and prepare to respect it: it’s time for GEEZER, the debut LP from loveable idiots ONA SNOP. Twenty minutes of unrelenting disorientation sees these foolish scamps recklessly tear through 18 brand-new tracks of freaky fastcore to keep your head banging and your mind boggling. Download the album for FREE or buy the limited CD version here: https://bit.ly/2zCK3cc Ona Snop Facebook: https://bit.ly/2NctZ4k Love Love Records Facebook: https://bit.ly/2N9bs8Z Written by George Wright, Henry Gibson, Joseph Kerry and Kallum Ingham. Produced and mastered by Ian Boult. Artwork by T Bare McClough. Fun trivia: George Wright is Alex Lenkemz younger brother! :]
  14. Hey guys, thought I'd give you the heads up on a new EP from Arizona based Terminal 11....one of my fav producers of many years! He's made some really wicked music over the years, if you haven't heard much of his stuff, check out Illegal Nervous Habits, Tracing Structures, Kaleidoscope Eyes and Self Excorcism....all of which, are pukka! You can pre-order the release on CD or digital formats here: https://bit.ly/2r1L2NE And here's a recent interview with Mike: https://hypnosaudio.com/2018/04/10/terminal-11/
  15. Hey guys, we're having a little sale over on our Bandcamp for the next two weeks. Use the code 'lovelovelove' to get a 30% discount on everything! https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/ Ends June 11th at midnight :]
  16. yo yo yo, a first full length Rognvald album for Xmas: What makes this pretty interesting is the third track (or the title of it). Thought that Savi Rhankar - Dovedale X0.10 was definitely a Heorge Garrison track....and maybe it is. Dunno, Rognvald stirring a pot. It will be on Love Love Records as usual: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/lord-rover And this is the Dovedale I have:
  17. https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/merch/lovcloth06-white-shirt New Love Love shirts available for pre-order! Extra-small, extra-large and ladies skinny sizes will only be available for the first week or two as we're always left with loads of them. :]
  18. Hey guys, forgot to post about this on here.....we are currently having a lil' sale for the whole of September on our Bandcamp. https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com 25% off everything if you use the discount code 'SEPTEMBER' Thought some of you might be interested....might be a good time to pick up some old goodies, or pre-order the new bits. :] Love Love Sam Fez :F
  19. Some words from FB: "Announcing the latest in our LOVWAX series! Ruby My Dear - Basic 12" Julien Chastagnol returns to Love Love on tip top form with a 12” containing some of his most acute acid material to date - a concise collection of 4 tracks that convey Ruby My Dear’s most high-octane dimension. Each track displays a complex manipulation of its fundamental elements utilising sharp shocks, whirlwind processing and the occasional moment of respite; all racing along at a breakneck pace. A glorious full frequency assault." I'm not actually familiar with the artist but I really love the artwork. As for the music it's quite in the vein of Rognvald and EDM i. Listen to it yourself: Pre-orders: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/basic
  20. Very bizarre release coming... Available to pre-order at Love Love Records' bandcamp: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/- I can almost write and pronounce the names of these tracks here (Most IDM 2017???). Check them out yourself. Sorry about that huge pic...
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht2HJwQUims From beyond the rings of Saturn and travelling at speeds faster than light, Henge are a collective of aliens united by a mission to save planet Earth. Their debut EP Cosmic Dross is an introduction to their universe. Unit of Power provides a sparse, murky opening before blasting-off into smokey psychedelia. Humans is a crash-course history lesson about the inhabitants of planet Earth sounding like something Monty Python might make while taking LSD. The dripping acid lines of Venusian Apocalypse ooze funk while rephlexion chords bleed over splutterings of wisdom, spoken in their native tongue of Venusian. The fury of Jupiters Wild Ride smashes like a comet with shrieking synths colliding and tarantino-esque guitar licks, ricocheting to a cosmic peak before climaxing with Puck Funk, a high-octane cliff-hanger for their journey so far. One small step for Henge. One giant leap for mankind. This EP is released on the 23rd of April. Vinyl version will be released on the 23rd of May. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/2p0H5pJ www.hengemusic.com www.loveloverecords.net
  22. A few words from the PR department "Rhythm Magnet is the debut release by the all-purpose sonic LSD vehicle Acid Jeep, broadcasting high grade machine-made acid worldwide from the scorching metropolis of Houston, Texas. This squelchy warehouse material is characterised by chunky acid grooves and hypnotic lead lines, moving through 7 tracks of pounding hyper-dynamic rhythms and curling bleeps’n’bass made using an array of hardware. Despite utilising a sound palette that will be familiar to most ravers and braindancers, Acid Jeep is able to take dancefloors to previously unknown destinations with his fresh take on a style that, whilst pulling influences rooted in Detroit, has been more euro-centric in recent years." Tracklist: Magnetic Freq Seeker Clap Noise Altitude Wasp Rhythm Processing Acid Stitch End Game Pre-orders here: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/rhythm-magnet
  23. Tracklist: 1. Caviar (And English To My Dog) 2. Love Its Guts 3. Coctail (Party FX) 4. Curtsy 5. Hearseback Riding Available from Bandcamp and Love Love store
  24. [sc5][/sc5] Pre-order CD and digital: http://bit.ly/2gIVSE3 . ꁐ̈͗͠͏̝̪̟ꁑ̡͕̣̃͂̂́̔ꁒ͊͛ͪ̾҉̱̳̦ꁓ̨̟̤͕͍̬̗̪̩̦̎̊́ꁔ̷̤̖̟̰͍͕̹̠ͦͥͪͮ͠ꁕ͐ͥ͗̒͌̍҉͈͔͇̭̗̱ꁖ͔͈ͬ̓͐̑̑͜͜͝ꁗ̴̝̺̜̗̬͓̑̅͊͛ͤ̆͑ͅꁘ̡͙̱̮̺̾ͮ̌̎̽̅͑ͅꁙ̨̥͚͊̋͒̓̓͆ꁚͧͦͤͨ͘҉̣̱̙̗͖ꁛ̔ͧ̆̓̋ͪ̒͐҉̠͕͙͕͖͙̘͍͡ꁜ̇͌̈͂͏̘̫̤ꁝ̭̜̝̯̼̰̿ͦͬͯ̒͘ꁞ̡̖̣͙͖ͮ͒̊̄ͦ̐ꁟ̡̹̟̘̀̈̏̽͘͜ͅꁠ̠̜̺͍͇̝ͫ̋̈́ꁡ̴̖̖̬̠̝͇ͮͦꁢ̼̗ͪͮ̋́ͧ́͠ꁣ̩͓͎̪̊͆̽ꁤ̶̣̲͉ͥ̌̑ͅꁥ̍ͮ͐ͯ͊ͮ̓̔҉͚̞̳͇̤ꁦ̧͇̟̜̞̺̽̿́ͅꁧ̟̲̖͍̤̦͙ͨͪ̾̄ͫ̿̉ͬ͡ꁨ̫̠̘ͭ̄ͮ̃̀͞ꁩ͊͂͏̙͔͎̺̠̤̻̼͖ꁪ̭̺͒͂̒̓̎̓̀̚͠ꁫ̢̥̙̭̠̠̎͑͗̏̃ͥ̍͠ꁬ̵͈͍͐ͩ̊̒ͨ̄͆̎ꁭ̷̸̨͎̱̠̳ͣ̿́ꁮ͖͍̩̬̲̭͓͇̓ͮͬ̔́ꁯ̸̛ͯ̽҉͈̱̖̦͖̜̠ꁰ͕̘̦̗̂̉̏̉̊̑͘ꁱ̽̍̂͛͏̛̤̼̦̰̪͇͎̟ꁲ̴̝̬ͯ̽̔ͣ͝ꁳ̶̸̷̰̥͚͉̳͇̭̞̳͛̍̆ꁴ͙̝̘͔̄ͨ͜ͅͅꁵ̠̰͎̗̬̤̮̲̹̿̓̆ͩꁶ̺͚̟̩ͯ̀ͅꁷ͕̠̽̽͋ͬ̚ ̢͙̫̹̝͚͋ͨ͑ͮͩꁸ̢̯̟̱̹̈͐̐͂̚͢ͅꁹ̃ͤ̈ͮ͘͏̭̭̘̣̗̮̗͔̖ꁺ̵̗̬̭̙̖̼ͭͨ̄̈́̔ͤͨ̌ꁻ̧͎̮̓̆͗ͦ̿̅͑̚ͅꁼͥ̓̋̅ͦ̄̏҉̙̗̳͚̠̦̰́ͅꁽ̞̥̮̯̻͆͘͞ꁾ̢̙͛ͧ̂̔ͫꁿ̻̟͙̦̫͙͈̽ͯ̾̓̓̀̅̚͜͢͝ͅꂀ̺̠ͨ̔͠ꂁ̴͇̟̦̦̥̳̟̉ͬͤ̊ͯ̍ꂂ̴̠̇̒̃ꂃ̸͚͖̮̰͚̙̃͂̓̎̄͠ꂄ̪͍͖̩͛͌ͦ̿ͫͪ̓ꂅ̺̟̹̗͉̰̰͊ͦͯ̑ͫ̆ͪ͑͘͟ͅꂆ̸̨͙͍̖͉̩ͩ̏̋̃́ꂇ̸͈͚̹͍̖̯̄͆̇͛͂̕ͅꂈ̷̴̮͊ͭͯ̉̍ͯꂉ̷͍̥̙̞͕ͪ͜ꂊ̧̗͎͙͙͇̘̙̖ͧͣͧ̃̇ͧ̊ͨꂋ̼̞͇̰͍̖̰̤̮ͧ̀̎̿͒ͬ̓ͩ͟ꂌ̄ͣ̋ͩ̈̔ͤ͘҉̫͚̦̰̥͖ꂍ̵̳͈̩̤̥ͮ̉́ͨ͒̆ͮꂎ̸͎̬̠͈̲̮͚̂͌̽̒̆͌͛̊̀̕ͅꂏ͈̘̝͐ͭ͟͟ꂐ̝̮͔̀̓͆͢ꂑͦ̐͂҉̜̳͉͠ꂒ̨͕̬̫̺̑̏̈́ͭ̌̚ꂓ̨̳͍̪͕̦̼̜ͩͣ̈̊̅͠ͅꂔ͍͉̰͈̺͎͔̗̋͛̓͒ͮ̊ͧꂕ̸͙̮͖̪̠̝̇͐̓ͨ͗ͫ̌͌ͮꂖ̯͚̍͗ͤ̂ͩ́͠ꂗ̀ͭ҉̹̺ꂘ̶̷̤̝̜̒́̈́ͬ̔͗̚ꂙ͊̉ͭ̀͌̋̑̍҉̗̝̺̭͎̥͙ꂚ̛̖͓͓̰̖̎ͤ͗͑̍̔̃̾̚͝ꂛ̤̭̝͈̟̙̒͌̇͝ꂜ̨̻ͨͭͥ̓̃ͥ̌̍́ꂝ̞̤̓ͮ̓̇̄ͪꂞ̧̢͚̪̘͕̜̲͇ͩ̑͊̓̍̒̂̊͘ꂟ̴͇̼̞͎̯̅̔̃̇ͧ̈́̔̍́̚͜ ̴͖̗ͬͪ̿ͣ͛̄̊͊͟ꂠ̴̵̞̭͍̯͓ͤͤ̾ꂡ̴͖̙̙͓̫̑̽̔͒̇ꂢ̨̰̣ͬ̊ͧͯꂣ̣̭̪̹͖̘͉͍̒̄͗͌͑̏̃̕ꂤ̦̘̯̫̫͎̝̰͗̓͐͛́͟͜ꂥ͖̹͍̯͍̭͇͑ͮ͆͑ͬ̅̉̚̕͘ꂦ͚͉̝̪͆͐̆ꂧ̴̱̜̺͎͍̯̯̀ͩ̾̐ͤ̒͟ꂨ̵̣̟̪͓̞̳̟̌̀͐͐ͫ̌̍ꂩ͇̝͂ͬͮ̽͟͡ꂪ̹̭̮͓̖̳̯̏ͦ͘ꂫ̗͚͈ͮ̕ꂬ̒̑̎̔ͮ̿͏͏̣̦̼̤ꂭ̴͓̖̥͍̯͇̺̩̞͐̑ꂮ͍̩̟̰ͨ͋ͅꂯ̷̧̙̫̥̭̭ͮ̿ͥ́̍ͣ͗ͫ̾ꂰ̻̗̰̘͕͓̼̄̾͒ꂱ̩͎̮̝͔̳̘̼̙ͧͣ͠ꂲ͚͙̣͓̤̈̍ͭ̾̋̾̾̃ꂳ̨̜̭͎ͬͥ̽͞ꂴ̼̲̥͍̘̗̌̓̒ꂵ̘͚̱̹̖̅ͫ͐́̆͑̈́ͬ̕ꂶ̙̟͕̄ͮ̃ͭ͛̀͞ͅꂷ̷̩̠̬̃ͣ̌͌̓ͨͨ̎ꂸ̺̟̙̲̜͙̔ͅꂹ̧̛͓̰̘̭̗̈́̈́ͯͭ̓ꂺ̈ͭͨ̒̎ͯ̔̆҉̦̻̜̣ꂻ̴̛͖̱ͪ͊͆͆̒͂̃ꂼ̸̗̜̻̦̳̲͍̿ͮ͠ͅꂽ̧̈̃̋͑̌̓́͏͎̜͍̭̝̟̺̱̘ꂾ̴̶̰͍̹͉̦͉͑̑͆̀͒͂ͦ͆͠ꂿ̢̼̪͙̱̥̜ͥꃀ̵͖̈́ͨ̏̑ͭ̀̋ꃁ̞̘̤̝ͧͯ́ꃂ̾̈̄͋̐̈́̓ͦͥ͏̩͈̯̕ꃃ̛̹͙̭̱̲̱̓̽͟ꃄ͔̱͙̺̝͒͆̓̿̿͗̽̽͐ꃅ̸̵͍̮̲̠̩̦́ͪͧ̌͂͝ͅꃆ̺͓͙̞͍̦͖̱̉̌̇͠ꃇ̓̈́͏͎̺ ̴̪̗̝̭̗͚̤ͭ̄̈́̐̀ꃈ̥̫̳̱̪̱ͦ͑ͣ̔̐͠ꃉ͉͓̥͕̼̻̈́̿̉̆̋ꃊ̗͈̍̓ͩ͋͒ͣͫ̂͜ꃋ̨͈̭̯̮̬̹̫ͦͣ͌̑̏ꃌ͚̤͍̮̤̘͋ͤ̐̓ꃍ̢̣̠̗͔ͫ͊ͅꃎ̱̲̘̩̄ͣ̌̎̾̒̎̚̕ͅꃏ̢͎̘̤͋̇ͮͦ͟͡ꃐ̡͔͕͊̕ꃑ͛ͮ͏̝̪̟̹̩͞ͅꃒ̷̰̜̦̂̄̈͛ͪ̇̂̐ͨ͝ꃓ̭̠͈͈̟͙ͧ͋̿ͮ̒̊ͮ̍ͥꃔͤ̇̇͊̌̎ͮ̂͆͏͉͓̞̤̭͓̖ꃕ̱̖͈͓̗̫͕ͭ̉̅͂͒̓̾̓͠͞ꃖ̶̳̭̰͔̩͚͆ͩͥ̉̊̇͌̀̀ꃗ̨̧͈͙ͣ̄ͬ͋̈̂͂́ꃘ͖̻̖͉̹̙͌̄́͟ͅꃙ̛̥͈ͤ̋̆ͭͬ͐ͯ͘ꃚ̴͒͛͊͆̄͂҉̳ꃛ̵̡̘̜͙̺̠̻͇̦̮ͥ͒ꃜ̰̲͇̂̇ͭ̄͐ͧͤ͗̿͜ꃝ̝̪̘̪͖͍̾̄̇̎͒̋̄̚ꃞ̡̡͚͚̲̟̪ͩ͗̓͂͟ꃟ̖͈̙ͬͧͬ̚͘͠ꃠ̡̨͍͙̯͖͌͊̂̏͂͒̀ꃡ͉̙̥̘̞̳͊̚̕ꃢ̘̰̜̭͌̕͢ꃣ̨͕͓͇ͣ̋ͦͮ́͜ꃤ̢̺̪͔͒͛̃ͫ̃́ͮꃥ̨̡͕̬͕̳ͪ̋̀͌̌̂̒̓͡ꃦ͓̝̰͕͔̿̃ͥ͗ͅꃧ̙̤̿̇ͥ͌͒̇̉ͭꃨ̶͖̥̭̹͇̖̅ͫͫ̇̚͠ꃩ̰͕̦̍̕͟͡ꃪ̵̨͍̣̰̤͓̾́̄̽ꃫ̧̔̃̀҉͕̟͉ꃬ̼͇̪̪̦̣͇̬͊̂͐̉͌ͪ͐͐̒͟ꃭ̰͉̪̰̘̙̪͚͕̊̌̽̚ꃮ̔͌͌ͭ҉͓̮͔͜ꃯ̫̳̘̲̙̌̕͟ ̦̼̥͇̪̭̙̲̋͢͠͠ꃰ̛̯͔̝͒̉ͭ̑͗̉̃͡͝ꃱ̫̟̝̐ͮ̍̔͢ꃲ̤̩̫͐̇̒ͨ̽ͫ́͞ꃳ̲͎̹̒̇̔ͧͬ͂ͦ͝ꃴ̬ͨ̈́̿͒ͥ̆͝ꃵ̮̹͖̮̠͉̳̫ͫ̃ͩ͛̏͆̏́̚ꃶ̶̳̤̞̟̞̜̳̾̀̎͌̋͜͜ꃷ̤̦͖̮ͪ͂ͩͣ͒̾ꃸͯͤ̌̈̂ͩ͑҉͙̙̤͉̻̠̬̲͠ꃹ̛̳͚̭̲͙̙͇͈ͥͫ͊ꃺ̢̖̲͓͇̖ͬ̉ͥͦ͞ꃻ̴̢̡͙̤̥̜ͭ̆͂͆̅̋ꃼ̄ͦ̋ͩ͏̜͚̺͔̪ͅꃽ̝͎̫̇̄ͨ̊̍ꃾ̞̦͖̈́̆̑̓̓͝͝ꃿ͖̱̪̦̜̤̪͛̈͒̒̍ͫͯͅꄀ̣̘̖͉̆͌ͧ̔ꄁ̮͈̬͍̲̼̾ͨ͡ͅꄂ̧̫̟̪̼̥͖̗ͬ͑̓̓̃̆̓́ꄃ̬̘̯̬̘̲̥̦ͫ̉̉͊ͦ̏̆́͗ꄄ͙̿̿̎ꄅ̡͔̗̩̠ͬ̒̀ꄆ̺̞̃̌ͮ͆ͪͬ̕ꄇ̰̻̰̻̑͛̔͌̃̒̂̊ꄈ̸̡̖̤̫̜͙ͦͩ̎͑ͭͨꄉ̷̥̜̭̝͓͑̀̂̉͂̎̐͒ͅꄊ̞ͬͭ̔̄ꄋ̶̙̩̣̭̻͇̹͍ͥ͒̄ꄌ̦̦̞ͧͮ͌͂̀͠ꄍ̧̘͉͕͙̼̝̱̥͙̎̇͐͆̚ꄎ̡̹̦̘͍͉̪̯̉ͦ̀͗̒̃̋ͯͭꄏ̴͉͕̻͈̤̝͗͐̔̓ꄐ̸͍͈̜͎̜̥̼̺̄ꄑ̧̯̘͓̱̠ͬ̈͜ꄒ̵̷̥̠͓̲͕ͯͥ͑̑ꄓ̬̬̪̫̑̋̏̄̑̔ͤ͗́͘ꄔ͓͓͖̯̝̣͊́́̕ꄕ̷̴͓͚̦̌̅̔̓̎͐̋ꄖ͌̓͏҉͇̞̦͓ꄗ͙̝̹̬̲͇͔͔͗̀̂̓̓ ̪̮͙̟͖̈́ͫ́ͩͪ̀̈́́ꄘ̗̱̈̌͛̿̎̉̂ͦ͘ꄙ̸̪̺̳͎͓͗́͆ͣͅꄚ̢͇̮̪ͫ̐͂͠ꄛ̫͇͙̯̯͚͚̮̭̇͡͝ꄜ̞̪͓̤̙̹̱̽̅̌̈́ͧ͢ͅꄝ̪͔͚͇̗̣̰̫̜̄̊͊ͧ͐͗ͥ̑̚ꄞ̡͚̠͈͈̼̱͗ͭͨ̈́̚ꄟ̙̟̐̄͐̌̐ͤ͠ꄠ̴̼̺͖̄ͥͩ͐̃ͤͩ̚ꄡ̶̛̫̝̩̬͙̏̑͑̎ͪ̆̅ꄢ̩͎̬͇͇̆ͭͮ̿ͮ̋̉̉̚ꄣ̖̬̹͉̖̬̭͛͊̃ͬ͗́̀͠ꄤ̞̰̯͕̰ͨ͢͠ꄥ̡̼̤̯͓̼̞͔͙̺ͪ̓ͮ̀́͢ꄦ̂̍͂ͮ̿ͣ̾̈́͏̖̦͇͖̹̙͕͍̠͝ꄧ̱̲͖͖̺̰̾̒͢͟ꄨ̱̳̝̑ͭ̈̽̈̈̕͟͝ꄩ̯͍͔̝̜̬̪̇̀ͬ̋ͩ͘͠ꄪ̱̯̞̭͕̦͈̮̌̀ͣ͜͜ꄫ͉͓̰̗̬̲̠́ͮꄬ̞ͤꄭ̫̗̯̞̈́̌̈ͯͨͥ̈́̚ꄮ̷͎͙̹͈̫̫̼͌͆ꄯ̸̟̝̤ͯ͛ͪ̑̚͞ꄰ̼̼̤͇̳ͣ̀͛̀͜͟ꄱ̸̡̙̣̖̭̰̪ͥͯ̅̐ͮ̋ꄲ̵̪͎̳̣̳͎̩̣̣͊̽̓͐́ͭꄳ̴͎͚̻̟͑̒̃ͬ̀ꄴ̭͍ͥ̈́ͮ̄͜ꄵ̸͙̮͚͙̙͒̎́ꄶ̼͈̙̗̠̣̥͙̓ͮꄷ͔̫̱̮̔̌̃ͣͯꄸ̨͍͓̱̫͎̤̰̙ͪ̀ͮͩ̿ꄹ̫̣̣̦̆̈̔̊́ꄺ̵̑ͮ̀͏͓̜̝̦̳̜̘̭ꄻ̮̹̳̦̯̺̠̱̌ꄼ̼͉̮͙̩̰̒ͣ͂ͅꄽ̸̱͊̂͑͠ꄾ̡͍̦̄̑ͫ̿͌̋̇͠ꄿ̗̤̻̠̭̞̻̂͆̌̾ͦͦ͂͞ ̻̱̱̠̼̾͗ͧͤ͌ͫ́ꅀ̰̦̬̖̠͌̇̓͊̓ͣ̇͢ꅁ̥̫̩̺̘͈̞̝̯̈́͐̊͂ͨͯ͐̾̋͟ꅂ̴̭͙͑̏͒ͬ͐ꅃ̸̥̣͖̦͓̟̊ͦꅄ̮ͪ͂̕̕ꅅ̛̦̯̇̑́̈̑̈́ͭ͐ꅆ̸̭ͮ̾̃ꅇ̸̵̲̱̞̜̪̂̆̂̓ͫ͛̓̂ͣ͝ꅈ͙̈́̂͆̽͜͜ꅉ̧̱̤̣͈̰͈̱̤ͫ́̂ͧͅꅊ̢͕̙̻̜ͦ̎̓ͦ̿͛́̚͟͟ͅͅͅꅋ̦͚̦̮̣͛͋̅̔̿̅̚ͅꅌ̴̴̪͚͒͌͂ꅍ̱̭͖̄̑̂̾ͭ̍͟ꅎ͔͉̒͛͘ꅏ̡̜͓̣̭̟̼͂ͧͣ̒̃͆ͨ̕ꅐͥ͒̇ͤ͑ͬ͏̢̹̼̲̟̞ꅑ͂ͤ̈́̃ͮ͋҉̡̙̮̳̭͝ꅒ̤̜̟̭̥̤̠̘̫ͪ͊͛̔̎͆ͦ͋͢͡ꅓ̛̹͑̂̀̓̈ꅔ̭͎̜͗ͫ̑̈͒̒̔ꅕ̡̬̬̖͕̘͋ͬͮ͘ꅖ̧̺̯̣̤̼͚̆̇͛̓̓̚͢ͅꅗͥͦ͠҉̹̲͎̠̰̖̹͟ꅘ̷̙̫̺̮̜͚̥̤͐̐ͯ̂͘ꅙ̥͍̞̟͉̐̅̉̆̆ͭͩ͘ꅚ̲̹̝ͬͪ͟ꅛ͈̗̰̂ͦ̑́ͤ͐̂ꅜͨͮ̄̅͐͡͏͎ꅝ̵̤͙̤̥͌ꅞ̢̬̫̜̝ͬͭ̑͛̄͟͞ͅꅟ̓ͨ̒̾̓҉͕͕̬̲͠ꅠ̶̨͔͚̗̙̳̝̗̉̃ͧ͜ꅡ̴̸͔̥̜͖ͬ̕ꅢ̸̺̬͇̦͔̲̟ͦ̆͌̂̄̈́̅̑̎ꅣ̷̱͍̮͖̊ͪ̎̉̇ͪ̃̚͞ꅤ̩̱͍̳ͩͨ̇̈̃̚ꅥ̯̖͙͇͍ͩ͗̊̓͛͟͟͞ꅦ͙̝͇̘̉ͭ̓ͥ̀̒͘ꅧ̂̾̐̓̌̚҉̤̻̼͓̙͖̠͉̼͞ ͎̹͓̺̳̣͍̩̐͌ꅨ̸̰̟̤͉̪̖͕͌̿͋ꅩ͇͚̱̤͖̮̲́̉ͥ͑͡ꅪ̵̰̣͌̇͆ͩꅫ̼̠̜͎̤̯͆ͯ̐͛ͯꅬ̥̟̫̟̹̦̬̥̽̈̈́ͪꅭ̾͊͐̂͂ͧ́̀҉͍̭̝͎̬̩ꅮ̬̟̥͕̪̤̤̘͒ͤ̌̾͜ꅯ͚̥̣̟́̆̾͢ꅰ̨̧͈̙̩͖̫͍͈̯̺ͥ̽͊ͯ͑̅͝ꅱ̴̫͓̖̤͙͉̯̭̏ͫͨ̎͂̃̒́̇́ꅲ̷̞͖̼̉͒̀ꅳ̷͈̥̋̇̾ꅴ̲̖̐̽ꅵ̪̝̩̟͍͍̭̇̑ͧͪͭ̽̿́́͜ꅶ̢̿́̌͂҉̴̲̲̗̪̜̫̝̦ꅷͬͫͨͭͪ҉̡̝̦̦͔͠ꅸ͕͎̝͉̪͒͂ͯ͑̆̀̚̕ꅹ̣͎̩̭͎̼ͨ̔̍͋́ͬ̕͢ꅺ̷̖̟̭̖̯̟̍̈̋̀̎ͨ̀̀ꅻ̤ͩ̈͊̇̇͢ꅼ̭͔̜̤̤̰͎̮ͨ͂̕͡ꅽ̵̡̠̟̗͓̼͓̞͕̑͊̇̒ͯͅꅾ͂͑͏̢̳̬͕̦ꅿ̻̻ͪͭ̂ͧ̃ꆀ̿ͯ̍ͣ͗̋̚͏͔ꆁ͖̘̬̘͖̣̥͎̖ͩ͑̐̇͑͆ͦ̐̿̀́ꆂ̴̸̭͇̘̭̥͔̉ͫ͋͐̒ͬͩ̚ͅꆃ̨̹̗̙̳͍̟̹̅̊ͭ͑̒͟ͅꆄ̛̰̮̹̼̠̣̦͇͋ͩ̊ͬ̿̌ͥ̓͜ꆅ̳̞͚̖̞͕̙ͪ͒̓ꆆ̷̡͓͕̮͉̺̗̬̄̉͊͒̔̆̐ͅꆇ̶͓͉͎̝̘͊͒̂̃̓͗̀͢ͅꆈ̲͚̮̣̟̩̪̭̄ͭ̄͒̇́ꆉ̭̗̘̟͛ͧ̍̂͊ͯͤ̆͠ͅꆊ̵͔͔ͮ̊̔̀ꆋ̸̧͖̞͍̻̿͢ꆌ̷̢̜͚͕͇̼ͥͣ̚ꆍ̉̿͐͏͖͙͕̼̞͇̖ꆎ̶̧̮͖̹͎̠̣̉̾ꆏ̴͚̝̩̀ͮͯͯ̒͐͂ ͎̹̥̥̰̃͛͂͛̓͌̆͟͞ꆸ͇͚ͨ̆̇̔ꆹ̗̜̼͍̲͋̃͑ꆺ̛̦͖̦̹̗̭̒͑ꆻ̜̖̲͉̘ͬͨͥͫ̔́ͩ̍ꆼͥͭ́̑̄̓ͩͯͪ̀҉̬̱͜ͅꆽ̸̜͎̗̤̘̤͒ꆾ̵̡̻̱͕͓ͨ̒͆͌̉ꆿ̥͕̖͙̭̜ͭͦ̄ͬ͑ͨ̈ꇀ̸̶̪̳͎͌͒͒ꇁ̳̼͆̒ͭ͜͝ꇂ̪̯̱͓ͫͭ̌͌̇̈̽ꇃ̢̛͈̼̘̖̒͜ꇄ̢̓ͤ̌̿̆̏̔̚̚͏͔̯ꇅ̜̜͈̰̺̰͍̩͂̆ͅꇆ̵̜̮͈͔ͪ̉̈͊ͥͭ̑͘ꇇ̊̂̋҉̵̨̦̠̻̤ꇈ̨͇̰̹̞͕ͦ̅͑ͅꇉ̯̾ͩ̽ꇊ̪̱̟͇̞͈̞̦̤̊̓͊̿̊ͦ͝͡ꇋ̵̲̜̯̱̋̎ͫ́ꇌ̵͔͖͌̔̽͐̈́ͯ̈́͜ꇍ̟̰̞̪́̍ͣͭ̃̆̌̎ꇎ̛͖̼̖͍̱̟̖͎̓͊̈́̋̿͠ꇏ̷ͫ͋҉̺͍͎̫͔͔͖ꇐ̞̳̻̬͖ͤ̾̊ͣ͂̆̅̉̕͞ꇑ̧̣̩̳͔͓͓̋ͧ̆̂ͯ̄͗ͦ́ꇒ̖̬̼͕̽̀̌͐͞͞͡ͅꇓ̳̗̩̰͙͎̥͔̅ͩ̇̀͡ꇔ̞͔̺̼͚͈̮͇ͮ̆ͪ̄̓̚ꇕ̻̲͇̪̥͔̊͗̽ͧ̋̊̀́͝ͅꇖ̸̵̧̞̫͇̞̩̝̩͔͒͗͂̄͗ͮ̚ꇗ̒ͭ͏̢̹͚̹̖̼̻ꇘ̢͔̲͔̩͙̱͙͎̐̄̏̉̊͐͡͡ꇙ̲̹̭̘̹̤̬̱͔̓ͫ̒͑͆ͬ͟͝ꇚ̱̥̜̫̥ͨ̒ͤ͋ͥ͜͠ꇛ̶̼̙̭̜̯ͭ̑̾̇͌̂ͦ̉ͣꇜ̜̩̪̩̱̍ͮ͘ꇝ̙̗͌͆ꇞ̹̣̗ͣͬͧ̉͐̓ͩ́́͞ꇟ̬͓̦͇̣̱͔̰̦̅̑̌ ̧̤̟ͮ͒̓̌͜ꇠ̯̠̑ͧ̈͢ꇡ̼͂̾̄ͫ͂͑ꇢ̴̸̜̫͙̬̣ͦ̾ͨ̆̅͠ꇣ̴̗͈̐͛̂̒̈́͘ꇤ̰͕͍̖̜ͨ̂̕ꇥ̴͈͇͍͓͛ͫͯꇦ̵̯͕̭͈̞̬̾ͪͤ͂̌̊́͡ͅꇧ̗̓͜͟ꇨ͇̯̩̩͔͉̥̎̐ͨ̀͜ꇩ͚̦͖͉̟̟͖̉̃̊ͯͩꇪ̛̖͚̟̩͇ͨͬ̄̊͂̑ꇫ̷̸̛͎̺̱̻̯̠͂ͬ͐̄̅ͅͅꇬ̤̝͊̀͢͝ꇭ̡̪̘̍̉̈́͑ͮ͆ͣ̿͠ꇮ̡̫̳̬̣̯͔̀ͬͧ̄̊̚̕͝ꇯ͓̪͕ͧ͋ͮ͂͛̋͛̀͟ꇰ͇̩̺̳̰̫̏ꇱ̧̞̝̦̩ͭ̇̑ͭͬ̊ͦ͝͠ꇲ͇͚̮̐̍̂ͯͦ͐̿͂ꇳ̮̝̯͒̄ͥ͐̍ͤ́ꇴͪͩ̎͒ͬ̒̅̇҉̟̺͈̺ꇵ̧͈̬̫͓͙͕̍ꇶ̴̡͈͙̳̺͉͐͑͝ꇷ͔̘͙̠̘͈̇̒͂ͤ̅ꇸ̭͓̯̻ͮ̚̕͝ꇹ̄̓ͥ̍͊͒̑̆͏͉ꇺ̱̬̱̠̼̱̌ͧͣ͂̽͊ͨꇻ̟̭̮͈̜͗͊̉ͯͩ͟ꇼ͕͈͇ͮ̇͋ͪ̓ꇽ̴̦͖͍͒̐̂̚ꇾ̵̩̝͚̰̰̞͒̓ͦͯ̔͆͂̽͢ꇿ̴̶͚̣̺͕ͤͣ̍ͩ̂̈́͛̓͘ꈀ̘̻͇͖̟̺̝̐͒̀ͤ͝ͅꈁ͚͙ͣ̂͜ꈂ̘̫̳̹͈̫̝̫̩̏̽̂͗͗̅̄̓̀ꈃ̦̬͚̖͔̬͇̓̈́͒̿̾ͮ͛̽ꈄ͍̰͍͚̹̲ͧ̿̉̄̀͑̐͘͠ꈅ̃ͫ̒ͪ҉̤͔̯̹̦̯̘̝ꈆ̖̜͈͈͔̞̘̀͞ꈇ̅̇̄͏͕̜͚̠̪͉̬͠ ̛͇͇̝̰̗͍̙ͩ̒͊̾͘ꈈ̧͍̜̣̙̯ͨ̓͐ꈉ̗̪̘̥͊͛̿ͩ̃ͪ͆͢ꈊ̼̥͔̦͚̯͙ͬ̇ͥ͊ͩ̐͛̆͡ꈋ̨̹̗͍ͫ̈́͂͑̋̆̃͒̾͡ꈌ̵̵͚̘͔̖̞̬̭͐̾͑ͬͩ̊̚ꈍ̨̨̢͔̖͓͚̻̘̮̙̾͋̄̾̀͛̔ͪꈎ̷͈̗̆̒̓̌ͮͪ̾̚ͅꈏ̶͉̙̭̗͙͙͌̂ͮͧ̆̈́̕͟ͅꈐ̴̜̫̫̲͇͙͖̮̩́̊ꈑ̬̝̣̪̘ͨ̽̈͗̈͋̋ꈒ̦̯̂͟ꈓ̳ͭ͌̃ͨ̀͢ꈔͭͪ͊͏҉̭͍͕̘̼̻̲ꈕ̞͚̤ͤ̐́ͧ͋̃͐͂ꈖ̷̱͌̈́͟͡ꈗ̛͎͓̹̏̑ꈘ̜ͦ̓ͪͣͧͭ͠ꈙ̸̝ͥͤ̐̐̎ꈚ̢̜̤̌̀͘ꈛ̵͍̞͙̼͇͕̤̖ͬ̽̏͆͋ͧ̕ꈜ͕̗̈ͮ̌ͬ̌̿͞ͅꈝ̛͇̼̲̬̠͕͇͗̾̄̆͒̿̿̎ꈞ̤ͬͥͫͩ͊͗ꈟ̨̼̜͐̅̇ͬ̋̎͐̚ͅꈠ̈́̿̒͗̀̚͞͏̤͈͔̲̩ꈡ̢͇̲̭̬̣̃̇̑͒ꈢ̞͔̻̠̈͊ͨ͘ꈣ͇́̏ͩꈤ̶̢̙̠̹̫̮̝͔̳͒ꈥ̴̘̣̳̲̺̺̲͍̮̀̊ͭ́̊̃̏͜͞ꈦ̿͐̐̆̎҉̨̞̹͈̗̙ꈧ̳̖͔̊̓ͭͪ͑̈́̈ꈨ̴̬̖̯͉̯̫̺̈́̓̒ͨ̌͒ꈩ̜̬̖͖̳͖͖̌̓̂ͮͯͩ̀̚̕͠ꈪ̛͛̓ͤ̇̐͏̖͓ꈫ̗̝͔̞͉̻̟̞̆̂̏̊ꈬ̼̈̈̂̾̎̑̍́̀̚̚ꈭ̷̵̙͉̘͛̌͑ꈮ̘̳͇̞̦̥̫̗̌ͥ̾ꈯ̼̙͓͎̖̟ͩ͐ͫ͌̓̚̕̕͠ ͭ͌̓͌̽͊҉͈̙̫͝ꈰ̵̜͓͎̱͖͎̃̍͐͋̋͒̑̎͟͞ꈱ̶̱̯͍͎͖̿̂̓ͦͩ̎ͪ͘ꈲ̷̗̋͊̉ͦ̇̈́̑ͪꈳ̧͈̦̫̀̄̄͋ͮͣ̌͟͡ꈴ̸̬̺̯̣̦̳͗̑͛ͪͮ͆̃̀ꈵͫ͡҉̳̱̞̬͍ꈶ̡̫̥͇͕͚͚̗̈́ꈷ͒̊͒ͭͭ̂͗͊ͭ͏̶̞͙͢ꈸ̶̨̫̦͈͚̦̳͖ͩ̄̐̐̈͒̌ͯꈹ͓̝ͦ͢͜ꈺ̴̙̮̱̫ͨ̎̉̓̔̋̆̀̚͜ꈻ͖̞̰̩̹̊͑̐̕̕ꈼ͎̜̄ͭ̈́̎̋̾̈́ꈽ̮̖͇̬̱ͮ͛ͯ̒ͤ͒͞ꈾ̴̥̑ͮͪͣ̊̚ꈿ̛̣͉̘͚̘͙͇̆ͤ͡ꉀ̢̡͚̥̱͗ͭ̓ͫ̋͗ꉁ̨̼̰̱͔̤̲͇͇̑͂ͅꉂ͙̮̭̍͠͡ꉃ̴̠̞͍̦̥̫͖̈́̂͊̄̋̍̌̆͞ꉄ̈̈̓ͥ̐͑͛̚͏̠̭̩̳͎̦͈ꉅ͍̬̤̆ͭ͒̃̔ͫ̈́͢͠ꉆ̷͙̗̯͈̪̺ͤ̋̃ꉇ̘͈̩̗͎̪̗͍̽̏͠ꉈ̫̳̫̜̟͐̄̊̋̀̂̀͡ͅꉉ̷͉̟ͣ̾͠ꉊ̶̵̻̤̝͕͉͉ͪ̍ͧ̉̏ͩ͐̀̆ꉋ̨̗̤̪̟̣̣̏ͧͥͦ̉͂ꉌ̶ͤ̍̈́ͣ͟͏̻̙̮ꉍ̳̪̣͉̎̓̔̌̌̏̋ͪꉎ̶̰͇̭̟̱͇̺̹̍̀ꉏ̹͉̻͖͚ͧ̌͢ꉐ̬̼̝̾ͩ͡ꉑͤ̎̑҉̢̦͇͈ꉒ̡͖̦̤̋ꉓ̡̘͈̑ꉔ̨̰͎͑ͩ̽̑ͨ͂͢ꉕ̠̂ͬ̊́̏͢͠ꉖ̆̈́҉̻̖͖̭͘ͅꉗ̦̘̝̻̪̣̣̮ͨ̒̂͗̀̒ͮͨ̚͞ ̶̴̛̻̪̠̦̀ͣ͗ͭ́͒ꉘ̷̧̟͔̗̞̜̹͇̄̌ͣ̊͋ꉙ̸̺̻̳̮̰̆̀͑ꉚ̩ͪ͒̓̿̌͢ꉛ̶̸̧̪̠̦̣̒̏͒̈́̃̌ͩͣ̉ꉜ͊͒̇ͬͦ͑̅̃ͦ͏̶͎͕͇̱̥͔ͅꉝ̹͈̖ͤͯͭ̒ꉞ̶̠͍̻̝̬̯̱͔ͪͮ̐ͧ͜ꉟ̦̬̺̆̃͋̌ͪ͋̍̿̀͜͠ꉠ̸̤̦͚̻͖͚̳ͬ͗͛͐ͤ̄ͤ͂̄ꉡ̷̤̦͙̦̺̭̔ͦ̋ͫ̂̚ꉢ͙̫͉̈́̈́̉̇̄̄̍ͨꉣ̦͉̦̼̮̙̈́̈͐̈̂ͭ͒͐̔͝ꉤ̪̠ͯͦ̊̕ꉥ̛̩̺̰̤̤͉̱̼ͫ͛̕ꉦ̬̼̘͍̖͓͔͓͒̀̂͜͠͞ꉧ̼͔ͪ̏̀̐ͪͩꉨ̙̗̖̺͍́ͤꉩ̡̡̰̝̙̖̽̀ꉪ̧͉̗͎̣̝ͮ͆ͮ͐͒ͤͫ́̚ꉫ͍̣̺̞̜̦̱͉ͫ̾͌ͤͣ̎̀͢ͅꉬ̨̳̟̂͊̕͢ꉭ̷̭̳̳̘̙̩̬̗̻̒ͨ̊̑̐ͣ͑̒ꉮ̸̴͚̟͈̗͍̰̘̒͌̓̈́̀ͧꉯ̸̷̴̻͎̯̝̹̗͂ͥ̐ͩꉰ̧̫̪͍̺̟̱̜̫̌̃̐̓̊ͣ̈́͐͋ͅꉱ̼̹͔̗͚͕͊ͧͨ̐̊ͅꉲ̷͖̫̫̲̖̣̲͕́̉͊̓̏͑̏͟ꉳͣͩͨ͞҉̰͙ꉴ̧̟̜͙̫͚̞̥̦ͤͩͯ͜͠ꉵ̷̟̪̹ͩꉶ̨̗̲͈͇̗̄ͥ͊̋̇̈̕ꉷ̴̴͕̙̇́͋̏̚ꉸ̍̓҉̴̟̲̻̳̥̠̺͕̼ꉹ̀̅͡҉̺̞̘̭̱ꉺ̨̝͓̭ͦ̀̃͆ͥ̉̉̈͟ꉻ̟͓͉̳̩̭͔̝͊̓̅̌̌ͥ͌̕ꉼ̱̯͍͈͕̫͆ͭ̔ͭͤꉽ̞̱͕̖͎̯̔ͬͫ̀ꉾ̧͖̈́ͮ͑̿̀ͥ̚͟ꉿ̵͙̳̦͔̥̗̝̌̊͋̿ͤ͜͞ ̴̖̬̹͚̠̯̿̆̊̆͑̕ꊀ̢̝͙̤̺̺̯̦ͯͪ͝ꊁ͈̼ͧͩꊂ̴̘̗̉̾ͤͮ̐͂̾ͩ́ꊃ͓̬̌̊̂͑͐̊̃͑ꊄ̸ͩ̉̌̇͏͓̥̼ꊅ̾ͩ҉̵͚͢ꊆ̢͉̘͌͂̏͛̐̿ͨ͢ͅꊇ̶͓̹̗̜͉̼̣͎̿̾̃ͭͬͪ̊̎ꊈ̧̠̰̞̬̼̬̠͙͓͐͝ꊉ̸̻̩̘̽̉ͭ̈́͜ͅꊊ̠͕̮̝̥͖ͯͦ͛ͨ͘͟ꊋ̩̟͙̠̓̓ͣ̒̐͘ꊌ̼͔͓̮̻̣̝̱͗̈͋̓̎̃ͣ͟ꊍ̴̛̪̹̲͇͇͔ͧͨ̐͗ꊎ̢̡͎̝̗̼̪̦̝̾̽ͨ͘ꊏͣͣ̿͌ͨ͡҉̺̻̲̭̞̥͢ꊐ̫̏̊ͤͩ̉͆ͩ͜ꊑͫͯ҉̭͍͖͖ꊒ͎̤̮͖̬ͪ́͗̄̆ꊓ̗̩͇ͤ̓͆̄̍̚ꊔ̛͙̪͎̫͕͉̝̺͂ͦ̓̆̑̿̀ꊕ̫̩ͦ̀̉̒̔̎̿͋ꊖ͉̰̆̆ͤ̉ꊗ̍ͪ͟͏̜̟͉̻͖̲̖̺ꊘ̈͐ͯ̀̄͑ͫ͛͏͉͙ꊙ̟̣̖̫͉̯ͯ͘͘ꊚ̢̳̗̙̩̦͚̖͆̎̕ꊛ̝̼̭̣̅̋́͠ꊜ̷̵̸̼̺̤̟͎̊̒̐͛̈́́ͩ͊ꊝ̨͍͓̈͝ꊞ̗͙͖̠̹̙͈ͥ̌ͯ̅̇̒̂̽̕͝ͅꊟ̷͐҉̜̪͈ꊠ̨̦̳̥̘͕͚̎͗ͯ͢ꊡ̡̲͎̯͋̌̕ꊢ͈͙̋ͦ̈ͬ͑͘ꊣ̎̌̽ͮ̔͊͑̏ͯ҉̰͈ꊤͪ̿ͮͦ҉͕̙̗̫̦̫̝̭ꊥ̺̜͎̍ͫꊦ̲͙̬̜̯͍̼̝̐̇ͪ̌ͫͨͅꊧ̧̦̹͚͚͖̯̰͗̌̄ ̛̻̭̱͇̹̣̥̣̽́̉̾̑͘͢ꊨ̣͕̲̱͉̃͆͒̃̎̅̀͟͜ꊩ̧̼̺͖̞͙̻ͩ͑̊̈͐̓̋̒͑͜͞ꊪ̦̩͚̜̼̺̟̎͌̌̔̃ͦ̔͛͠ͅꊫ̷̹͔͆̔̊̀̑͜ꊬ̗̭̪ͦͨͦ͒̇ͣ̇ꊭ̢̤̠̺̈͛̀͘ͅꊮ̺̬͙̇͛͡͝ꊯ̷͓̍̏̎̉̔͐͛̅͢͞ꊰͦ̇ͭ͏̣̟̕ꊱ̢͓̄ͯͧ͑ͨ͑͆͜͝ꊲ̡̦̼͍̮͉̝̟͔̐͌͒̔̏ͫ͗̒ͥ͠ꊳ̵̭ͫ̋̚ͅꊴ̷̛̤͍̱̻̟͈̤̫̂̐͆̿ꊵ̵̣͕̼͇͍͑̊ͪ͐̋͆ꊶ̙̯̤̫̳̜͔ͫ̂͛ͣ̑ͅꊷ̧̥̠̲͒̒ͫ̄͆̀̋ꊸ̴̗̟͚̟͈̜̖̃ͫ̀ͣ̍ͧ̊̒ꊹ̴̡͍̰̤̣̲̜͇͂ͣ̔ͩ̊̌̔͌ͦꊺ̴͎̟̝̤̹̟̟̋ͭͥ̐͋̅ꊻ̜̞̜̻͎͈̱̼͂̏̐ͭ̃̆̀ͨ̋͢ꊼ̵̨̼̦̘͇̈́͐ͥ͑͗̆ͧꊽ͉͕̰̤̰̈ͪ͑͐̇ͭͮ̓̓͢͝͡ꊾ̶̨̡̲̘ͥ͋ͧ̑̿ꊿͯ̍̓̓͑҉̢̢͔͙̖͎͈̤ꋀͣ̎͏̶͉̣̯̺̩̟ꋁͥ̐͗͋̔ͩ̽҉̸̩͓͓̼͎̪̳͍̖ꋂ̡͖̱͍̞̞͎ͯ́ꋃ̜̝̘͚̠̲͔̩̌̿͘͢͡ꋄ̘̘̪̦̭̱̐ͪ̚ꋅ͚̝͉̣̾ͦ͗ͪ͐̒͐ꋆ̵̞̮̘̈́ͭͬͣ̿́͂̄͢ꋇ̪̠̤͇͎͍̼͍̍͘ꋈ̯͎͈̻̱̘̿ꋉ̺͉̏̉̀͗͐́͂̀̚͟ꋊ̘̝͈̹͎̰͍̉̅̽̇̊̀̀ꋋ̧͙̫̤̦̱̖͈͂ͩ̍̋̆̅̑́ꋌ̶̢̠͈͚̻̟̃ͫ͡ꋍ̠̮̥̆̿ͣ̓͑͢͠͞ꋎ̖̟̘̯͈̤͙̲̝ͫ̀ͭͫ́ͩͫ̊͢ꋏ͍̬̩͖̤̩̤̬̝ͬ͋ ͧ̎͏̶̩ꋐ̛͔̼̗̦̏̉ꋑ̄͂̌̑͘҉̠̬̘͇̻̬̞ꋒ̴̧̱̙͔̥̳͕̃̎̄̌̄ͥͅꋓ̨̦̜͙̞̗̇̀̽̆ͦ̒ͤ̀ꋔ̥̃ͯͣ̚ꋕ̴̞̩̟̰̙̥͕̽ͬ͢ꋖ̟̻͕̟̟̼̳͙̥̎͗͐̋̚͜͡͞ꋗ̠̙͇̠̒̾ͨ͐̄ͤ̕̕͜ꋘ̸̟̹͙̫̭̆̃ͯ͛́ꋙ̨̥͖̠͙͍̠̰̰̄͒̒ͪͤ̅̚͡ꋚ̹̞̀̎̔̓ͩ͊͐͠ꋛ̖̰̝̤̲̳ͪ͜ꋜ̹͉̹̮̺̟̗̖͗ͦͭͭ́̕ꋝ̶͈̝̤̦̖͈̬ͧ͋ͬꋞ̼̞̖̞͖͓̂ͯ͋ͬ̉̍͝ꋟ̷̇̂͌ͥ̉̒͏̱͖̱̲̟̲̯ꋠ̢̡̦̯̫̂ͫ͢ꋡ͎̥̌ꋢ̱ͤ̀ꋣ͚̫̻̩̝ͬ͑̐̈̌͐̆ͯͫꋤ̰̙̬̝̩͎̜͚͖̔̌ꋥ̛͔̘̟̝̮͈̖̋̀ꋦ̶̨̡͔̟̟̗̟͈͑̋ͣꋧ̨̗͍̙̟́̽͊ꋨ̵̴̶̹͕̺̖̟͈̣̮̉̈́̄ꋩ̜̟̯͋̓͟ꋪ̟̪̩̬̭̞̩̯ͣ̾̔̉͌ͭ̒ꋫ̥̰̣̖̝̘̀͐ͮ̒́͌̿̀͘͜ꋬ̫̦͇̘̀̏͊̑ͫ͛ͮͪͯꋭ̛̔̓̈̄ͫ̀ͦͪͭͅꋮ͍ͧͤ̏̈́̾ͧ̽̉ͫꋯ͕͖͇̘̣ͨ͌̃̓ͩ͑̋͘͞ꋰ͉̜͉̯͔̲̼ͥ̒̔̈́̒ͨ͌ꋱ̡̨͚̞͋ͧ̾̓̇́͌ͫꋲ̢̠̯ͦ̆́̑͝ꋳ̴͉̰͓ͧ̍͛ͥ̏̽͘ꋴ̧͚̺̬̮̣̳̺̝̟͗̓̊͆̉͑̍̊͢ꋵ̝̽̋ͪ́̚ͅꋶ͓͕̫̗̰͖̝ͬ̊ͬ̽̅ͪ̆ͫ͠ꋷ̡͓̖͈̤̯̻̪̗͑͆̾̓̃̐̓͛̽ ̻̮ͤ͑͛̉ꋸ̰͙̝̬̼̫͂̽͋̈́̈̃ꋹ͖̖̖̠ͧ̔̈́͂͋̓̇ꋺ̠͔̬͙̟͚͙ͫͩͪ͗ͬ̏͜͝ꋻ̶̲̩͓͔̺̫̀ꋼ̆ͣ͌ͨ̓ͬ͛ͯ҉̫̣̠̞͕̙ꋽ̶̝͚͕̗̳ͨ̽͑̉̒̎́ͪ͆͠ꋾ̡̫͇̣͉̦̳̲̫͊͛͞ꋿ̴̘̦̤ͫ̿͑̔̽̉ꌀ̼̼̺̤͇̼ͬͥͮ̓́͊̎ꌁ́҉̟͍̱̲͍͚̟͞ꌂ̵̡̗̣͓̂̌̈́͒ꌃ̛̙̗͚͔̯̠͕͖̆ͮͮͯ̓ͥ̾ꌄ̵̴̩ͧ̅̉ͬ͌̚ꌅ̗̗͍͚̠̓́ꌆ̸̝͓̠̹͎̦̙̤̈́̋̓̅͗͗ꌇ̹͕̂͑ͧ͛͊ͣꌈ̶̝̺̫̤͕̖͖̗̽͆̉ͧꌉ̵̠̥̟̤͉̪̬̯̋͊ͩͤ̑ͬͨͪꌊ͉̝͈͎̰̀̀ꌋ̸̲̪̙͎̭̠͕̲̈́͂̎͠ͅꌌ̡͖̖̣̥̺ͪ̉̑̿ͫ̍͒͒͠ꌍ̨͎̺̇̾̋̾͜ꌎ̵ͪ̓͛͐̊ͥ̚҉̼͈̬͖̹̻͓ͅꌏ̛̖͍ͯͦͮꌐ̼̗͍͈̟̼ͯͥͅꌑ̸̜͑̀̾ͬ̎̃́ꌒ̖͈̭̺̗̟͑ͩ̽̅̆͒͞ͅꌓ̸̶͉̭̮̌̂͌̉̍̃͢ꌔ̪̳̓̓̌̓͒͠ꌕͫ̉̈ͪ͏͎̥̫̖̻͞ͅꌖ̵ͫ̄ͪ̎͊͠҉̰̼̣̤͈ꌗ͇̲̠̺͌̿ͩ̌̆̀͡͠ꌘ̭̹̙̳͉̓̽̾ͅꌙ̫̯̗̦ͧ̇̉ͬ͞ꌚ̮̦ͫͮ͑͋̑ꌛͮ̋͒̀̋͗ͦ̚҉͈̹͙͔̟̖͎͇͡ꌜ̘̩ͮ̒̒͊̆ꌝ̛͇̤̩̲̳̰̥̜̟̊̊̇̆̈́̾ꌞ̸͙͚̣ͬ̈́͜ꌟ̝͍̠̖̃͂͐̋͟ ̧̛̩̎͗ͪͦꌠ̫̳̯̰̦̬͕͐̾ꌡ̛̯̐́̐ͤ̏̉ꌢ͇̫̯̥ͨͩ͜ꌣ̷̷͈̫̾̅͝ꌤ͕̗͔̖ͨ̅͌ͯꌥ̢̘̳̙̩͊̔͌ͣ̓ͩ̐ͨ͢ͅꌦ̡͕̦͚̥̇̒̇̉́͠ꌧ͎̖̾̆̇̑ͅꌨ̎ͫ͗̆҉̨̨̹̙̲̦ꌩ̸̨͔͈͔̜̹̠̝̹ͩ̈ͧͥ͊ͫͧ̀ꌪ͂̐̃ͭͪ̔͌҉̙̼̠͖͙̩̺̬͝ꌫ̶̹̼̞͇̀͑͌͗̅͗̌̑ͫ̕͝ꌬ̤̫̰͉͕̹̣̎͒̑̓̉͊̾ͦ͜ꌭ̫͚͈̗̮̥̼͐ͣ̊̉ͮꌮ̖̬͉̜͙̼̰̈́̀ͬꌯ̭͎̲̞ͯ̏͂͐̑ͧ̇͘ͅꌰ̷̧̤̋͑̏ͮ͒ͥꌱ̫ͪ͐́̚ꌲ̪̳̝̩͖ͧ̓̑͂̀ꌳ̨̬̼͓̯̬͌̑͌̍ͅꌴ̮ͫ͊̊̒̀͞ꌵ̸̧̩ͮͮ͗͐ͮ̉͘ꌶ̶̡͇̬͎͉͓͈͍͑͆ͤ̂̀̐̅ꌷ̴̵̡͇̯ͦͤꌸ͐̋̀ͭ͏̲͇̼͉̪͎ꌹͨ̊ͥ̂̎̽͊̽̓͜҉̜̦͓̱͔̬̪͇̳ꌺͩ̓̊҉҉͕̩̻̣̩̙͈̗̥ꌻ͒ͣ̎ͨ̄̕҉̴̱͚̲̟ꌼ̜̩̭̓̄̆͋͛͠ͅꌽ̊̿̈́ͫ͐́̚͏̩͍ꌾ̷̺̳̰̮̖̒̔̈́͌ͭ͢͟ꌿͥ̎͏͏̰̘̫̟ꍀ͓̰́ͯ̽ͥ̎̑̒͝ꍁ͓͙̬̠̰͇̃̏͆ꍂ̨̺̲̮̽̐͂ͦ͛ͬ̀ꍃ̡̬̝̣͕̖͓ͯͦ̉̚ꍄ̶̷͎̱̰̐ͮ̏͂́ꍅ͈͎ͣ͊͂̓͠ꍆ̘ͩͩ̉̚͢͠ꍇ̉͛̂ͪ͋͆́͏̢̪̼͕͓̝ ̩̻̩̦̻͌͋ͩ̓̊ꍈ̼͔̰͙̝̐́ͤ̽͊ͧ̽͡ꍉ̛̱͉̙̦̬̹̓̓̒̋ͫͮ̊̃ꍊ̗̟̯͕̥͔̞̯ͭ̉͌̈́ͤͦͦ́̚ꍋ̱̩͚͙̮͚̺̹̖̊ꍌ̛͈͎̮͍̣̽̄ͣ̒͘͡ꍍ̩ͯ̓̓̐ͥͬ͟͜͝ꍎ̭͙̟̟̝̩̤͈̼̈͆̒͠ꍏ̣̪̐ͣ̏̅̔̋ꍐ̵̧͙͖͇̖̤͍̝̪̽̄͋ꍑ̷̤̦͎̞̝͍͖͕ͦ̅͑ͭ͛̊ͭ͌̚ꍒ̨̺̟͙̰̤̯͚̤͐̀ꍓ͉͈̼̳͚̩̜̞͙̍̂̄ͧ̒͌͛̾̕͝ꍔ̵ͤ̿͛ͯ̀̂͆͐͏̪͉ꍕ̷̦̪̝̲̖̞͓̦̱ͭͣ̆͒͗̏̋͢ꍖ̴̬͇͚̮̘̉̓ꍗ̛͕͗ͤ͗͘ꍘ͙̩͉̰̂̇̅̅̉ͭꍙ̷̭̼̂̒͂̌ͦ̌ͤ͡ꍚ̦͇̭͑̃͗͑ꍛ̶̙͈̂̓ꍜ̛̳̺̰͇͕͕ͬ͞ꍝ̶͗ͥͨͩ̏͛̄͂ͭ҉̛̹̤͇̣̹̩͖ꍞ͙͖̿̇̓̎̍̍̚ꍟ̠̤͚̝̩̟̊̒͢ꍠ̢̛̼͉̥̯͔ͭ͝ꍡ̶̬͉̣͖͓̼̭̟͑͒̈́ͥ̅̋ͤꍢ̡͇̳͕̞̼̫̅ͮͫ̄ͪͫͬ̓ꍣ̪̗̻͆̿ꍤ̯̠͊ͫ̈́̏̿̅͂̋ͅꍥ̴̱̩̜͉̹͎̜̈̎̽͛ͧ͠ꍦ̻̯̥̙͍͌͑ꍧ̸̢͚̬̞̳͈̳̯̳̲͌̈́ͥ̈́̿͘ꍨ̶̛̰͋̅͡ꍩ̼̹̰̇̒ͯ̏͗ꍪ̑̏͆͏͏͔̯͍̞̳̙̹̹̮́ꍫ̶̛ͫ̈ͅꍬ͙̗͇̖͔̲͔̌͆͂͆ͣ̇̓̆̓͘ꍭ̢͚͔̐̂̏̒̉̽̽ͫͥꍮ̱̥̉ͮ̅ͫͣ̽͗̽̚͢ꍯ̧̘͎̔͆̐̎̄͝ ̝̞͇ͯ̂͗͢͞ꍰ̞̾̋͟ͅꍱ̷̞̲͈̾̋̀͂̂̆͝ꍲ̮ͬͤͣ̂ͮͨ͜͜ꍳ̯͙͇̭̭͌̕͝ꍴ̢͇̭̝̻̳̀͂́͟ꍵ̴̲̖̣̯̯ͦ͐ͪ̓̂̓ꍶ͉̪̤̰̻̾́̒ꍷ̸̥̹̺͇̯̹͗ͭ̿̐̒̈́̆͆ꍸ̴̷̭̰̭ͯͥ͒̋̎ͩ̽ꍹ̶̮̻̱̭ͪ͗̓̿̀͛ͧ̇͒̕͝ꍺ̨̪̘̦̦̭̋̽ͯ̐ͮ̚ͅꍻ̢̥̭̘̫ͤ͊͐̋͆̃̕ꍼ̏̓͂̌̽ͥͨ́̚͏̲͟ꍽ͔͎̝͈̈ͣ͆͌̓͢͠͠ͅꍾ̣͖̬̯̲̝̺̄́̀͒̇ͮ̐̒̀͢͡ꍿ̷̶̥͕̦̝͕̣̘ͦ̄͑ͧ͞ꎀ̷̞̘͓̬̱̞̬̊̃̿̓ͧ͘ꎁ̢̢̩͎͙̞̻̗̰͌͊̾ͧ̎̀̃̆ͅꎂ̰̫͙̻̇̀̓͑̾͊̀͝ꎃ̮͎̥̦̦̦̽̄ͪ̀̾ͫ̚ͅꎄͣ̅̉̈́̅̚͏̫̯̫͎͍ꎅ̠̦̦̺̭̥̃͋ͨ̅͒̚ͅꎆ̯̩̲̹͕̞͕̽̾̒̈̈̉ꎇ̧̥͍̹̥̞͔̘̲̳ͩ̿̀ͤ̈̀̐̋̀ꎈ̡̬̰͉͚̙͚̩ͪ̍ͬ̆ͬͮ̅̓͡͠ꎉ̛͕͎͚͍̥̾͆ͫ̑ͧͣ̚̚͢ꎊ̷̗͍̫̮ͣ̔̃͐͜ͅꎋ͉̜̫̒ꎌ̮̲̤̻͈̤͆͑̾̉̚ͅͅꎍ̨̗̠͕̤͉̱̍̐͗ꎎ̛̹͎̳͚̪̐͋̂̓͑ͯ̀ͅꎏ̶̲͖̙͖̗ͥ̐̽̓͗̇͐͆̀ꎐ̮͇̱̣̏̀̎ͣ́͢͝ꎑ̦͒̑̃̇ͤ̅̋ͣ͒͘ꎒ̤͉͕͔̻̄̏̃͊̽ͪꎓ̨̃̊͐̈ͦ̊ͣ̌҉̦̳̰̳̖̗͔ꎔ̍ͨͧ͡͏̲͍̗̰̦͉͓̬ꎕ̷̦̩͖͖̦̽̿̊ͦ͠ꎖ̨̼̻̬͖͆̊ͫ̃̈͆ꎗ̧̯̺̳̰̰̝ͯ̈ͥ̎ͯ̃͘ ̧͈̩͔͇͕ͥ́ͯ͗̒̋̈͗͘ꎘ̰̫̗͇͉̤̎ͨ͢ͅꎙ́̑̎͑҉̡͕̘ꎚ̙̘̺͖̠͎̹̗͛̋͡ꎛ̻͕̻́̋̆ͮ͒ꎜ̵͓͓͑ͩ͝ꎝ͎̳̣̰͚̩̥̩̞͌̒̋͟͝ꎞ̐̋ͣ̈́̅͏̧̘̙̣̦̮̼͖̮ꎟ̼̱̦̀ͮͮ̐͋͂͝ꎠ̈́ͬ̉̽̚҉̵̟̼̱͍̰͚͉ꎡ͍͍̬͌͒͒̍ͅꎢ̭͉̦̪̤̠͔ͥ̉̒͆͛ͩꎣ̥ͣ͒̇͊́ꎤ̶̞̫̻͚͎͙̮͊̃̆̀ꎥ̹͂̎ͩ̇̚ꎦ̏ͣ́̈ͤ̇͏̣͈̼̰ꎧ͚͙̟̙̯͔ͫͦ͌̈́ͮ͌ͅꎨ̩̬̱͖͕̟̻̞͗̂ͦ̔͑̇̍͊͑ꎩ̨̰̖̒ꎪ̴̭̤͍̯̊̓̋͂͒ꎫ̶̷̨̮̒̂̊̌̎̑͋͋̿ꎬ͈̙͙̮͕͚̄ꎭ̝̮̗̺̰ͫ̽ͮ̉̈ꎮ̨̤̫͈̊͂̑ꎯ͍̠̳̗̠̫͊ͮ̋ͯ͜͞ͅꎰ̞̼̖̲̬͉͓͒̾ͤ͘ꎱ̩͎͚̘͕̹̝͊̎ͤ̄̈́ͩ̑̔̒ꎲ̩̮̮̼͕̦̈́́ꎳ̢̛̮͇͖͚͓͚̭̠̳ͧ̆ͥ̃ͩ͌̚͜ꎴ̘̘ͩ̋͒̋ͭͭ͑̅ͅꎵ̀ͯ̾͆͞҉̨͎̳̖ꎶ̳̖̬͉̳̣̣̖ͭ̏ꎷ̧̡̟̝̳͍͐͢ꎸ̢͌̐ͦ҉͙̠̬̝ꎹ̹̍͗̍͋̎ͬ̌̏̚ꎺ̤̑̆̀ͭ͋̒̎́͞ꎻ̫̞͓̭͇̌͛̓ͮ̂̒̆̚͢͠ꎼ̶̯͙̃ͮͨͫͨͫ͒̂̆͝ꎽ̵͛̅ͦ҉̙͍̥ͅꎾ̢͖̱̼̦̱ͥ͊̀ꎿ̴̱̥̥̐ͬ̊͡ ̨̢̭͎̱̿̓̐̊̎͊͋͘ꏀ̝̫̦̩̫ͤ̏ͭ͛͐̑̏ͭͥ́͠ͅꏁ̸̙̭̯̟̃̐̂̔ͮ̀ꏂ͊́͂͊ͬ̀́̋͘͏̜̼͔̟͎̤̜͉͢ꏃ́̉͐ͫ͏̛̞̟̟̙̹ꏄ̱̈̆̅ͥ̕ͅꏅ̛͖̺̯̦ͩ̔ͩͬ́̚͟ꏆ͓͓̝̺̺̿́ꏇ̵̢͈͖̻ͬ̎̒̅͋ͣ̚ꏈ̘͔ͤ͊ͮͫꏉ̛̠͇̓ͦ̇͒͊͜ꏊ̴̣͖̩̻̦̜̃͐͒͐̀ꏋ̛͙͉̥̇̓̄͟ͅꏌ̵̹̱̤̹̗̮͕̻ͥ̕ꏍ̨̞̝͖ͨͤ͆̐̿̇̒ͤꏎ̎͑ͬ̎̍͝͏̪͜ꏏ̨̟͚̫̲͎̻͉͊̈̈́͐̌̚͜͠ͅꏐ̪͚̂́ͩͬͫͫ̓̄̀ꏑ̴̰̩̆̆ͮͦ͞ꏒ̴̵͓̝͈͉͋ͦ̇̕ꏓ̵̻̠̤̈́̿͛͆ͫ̉̿͠ꏔ̯̙̤̳̞̙͑ͯ̄ͨ̆̿̕ꏕ̼̟̱̍͆̊̉ͫ̑̚̕͟͡ꏖ̮͔̠͚͕̦̆͗͒ͩ͛̍ͫꏗ̶͉͓͖͑͗͊̊ꏘ̢̙̣̰̟̤̥͍͗̈̆ͯ̃ͦ͑͡ꏙ̸̣̣̤̺͈̜͖̌͗͊͒̚͜͢ꏚ͐ͩ̍͊͌҉̘̫ͅꏛ̧̼̥ͤͥꏜ̜͎̬͓̤̘͙̼ͩ̅̊̚ꏝ̵̛̩͙̭͕̞̦̼̃̀ͧ̌̍̈̄̑̏ꏞ̞̳͐ͥ͛͂̑ͪ̉̂ꏟ̛͖̥͕͓̩̠̗̻̅ꏠ̸̯̼̦̂͒ͤ̽ͦꏡ͓͎̙̰̫̰͇̙ͣ̑ͮ̊ͬ͊͆̾ꏢ̫̘̜̤͑͒ͨ͋͐ͬͦ̈͡͡ͅͅꏣ̴͚͈̫͕̱͂ͪ̌͑̎̏ꏤ̨̨̱̰̝̩̯̹͚̰ͤͪ̇ͩͪ̉ͤ̓̚ꏥ̸̼̰͕̝̬̦͌ͫ͌̓͐ͩ̈͡ꏦ̤͉̘̜͈͎͔̽ͥͩ̓ͫ̽͢ꏧ̸̘̩̮̱̘͎̖̺ͭ̊͐ ̛̳ͣͫ̾̄̇ͧͤ̕ꏨ̸͓̙͍ͧ̏ꏩ̴̼̟̖̰̬̔̂ꏪ̨̛̬̦̪̲̬̣́̀̊͐̕ꏫ͓͈͉̹̙̗̈́͐̊̑̌͌ͮͦꏬ̭̐ͮꏭ̶͙̣̠̟̖̘̌̾̐ͧ͆ͪ̚ꏮ̙̹̺̱̫̳̼̖́ͅꏯ̢̛̘͈̰̱̎ͧ̄ͯ̆̿̈́͘ꏰ̜͉̗͍̟̣̊̔ͯͥ̒ͮꏱ̸̩̥̩͎̦ͧ̂̄̇ͥ̽̈ͮꏲ̈́ͯ̅̆̈́҉̙̖̗͖̦͠ꏳ͓͉̜͛ͬ̎̈́̆ꏴ̳̼͑ͨ̅̉̽ͬ̐̈́̀ꏵ̶̢̬ͦ̍̐̆́ꏶ̺̘̩͙̈́̍ͣ̓̿͋̓͌̕ꏷ̺̯̗̰̗̎ͤ̋̉̀̐̈́ͫꏸͪ͋̉͏͕̲̦̀ꏹ̞̟̺ͫͣ͗͗̃͑̌ꏺ̵̰͕̇ͬͧꏻ̡̧͇͕ͧ̓͑̉ͯ̈̌͜ꏼ̣̥͎̣͐̀ͤ̒͗̈́͐͞͞ͅꏽ͖̤̦͚̥͎̐͐͜ꏾ̻͓͍̙̦̙͍̃̊ͥ͛̊́ꏿ̷ͨ̂ͥ͆ͧ͗̓̈҉̷͖̯̰͔̣͓̟͓̼ꐀ̢̝͙͕͕̖̹̈́ͣ͐̋̏ͬ͌́ꐁ̯ͬ̐̿̄ͫ͌ͬ̎ꐂ̽ͥ̀͞͏̠͈̲ꐃ̽̔͒̽̚҉҉̘̻̘̬̞̳̹ꐄ̱̩ͦ̍̿̒̀ͪꐅ̸͕͈̈́ͮͯ̓̽͐̓̅͜ꐆ̓̃͢҉̢̰͈ͅꐇͪ̌͏̦̙̤̪͈͕̜ͅꐈ̝̤͚̻̳͚͈̹̒̍ͪ̄́̉ꐉ̸̦̼̳̝͉̮̜͕̾̂ͤ́͞ꐊ͓̦̼̭͕̓ͯͥͧͦ̂ꐋ̵̞͚̻̤̄͑̍͌ͤ̂ꐌ͙͚̝̒͊̐̊̋̚ꐍͭ̉̚͏̹̻̙̱͉̲̭͙͉͘ꐎ̷͇̬̽̅͋̌́̚ꐏ̪̼̩̽ ̛̺͓̹̮͚͚͒̃̈́̓̍̀͢ꐐ̐͐͏͠͏͕͎̱̺ꐑ̷̧͇͓̰̗͈̺̌͆̄͘ꐒ̤̖̗̹ͦ̍ͦ͆ͣ̇͜ꐓ̸̮͕̦ͪ̈́̉͡ꐔ͔̦̪̳͉̽̒͒͗͝ꐕ̋̃ͯ̄҉̙͇̱͖͍̩͙͘ꐖ̠͕̯̤̱̽ͤ̒ͦ̃̆̅́̚ꐗ̨̮̱͚̻̱̌ͨ͆͊̃̀͡͠ꐘ͎̻̞̣͓̻̜ͩͮ̉̂ͅꐙ͊̇ͩ̉̉̓͌́͏̰̪̱̲̳̝ꐚ̧͓̑̆̑̈̈̉̀ꐛ̶̴̟͚̹̙̥̯͉͂͝ꐜ̛̲̘͈ͧ̅̒̊̉͐ͫͣͭ̕ꐝ̧̥͚̣̦͕͒̋͗ͣ͒̾͊ͦꐞ̯͍͓͙̾ͬ̄̓͂̇͗ꐟ̵̑̋͏̷̺̯͍̼̟̞̹ꐠ̲͉̤̳̲̣ͥͫͫ̆̓̂̂͟͡ꐡ̷̣̘̱̽͒͒̀͑ͦ̊̎ꐢ̼͍͆ͭ̀͠ꐣ̛͙̺̥̰̔ͭͨ͂̊͋̉̒ꐤ̫̣̿̉͐ͣ̿ͯ͑͡͡ꐥ̴̹̹̏͐ͤ͑͆̾͟ꐦ̔͂̌͗ͧ͂ͥ͡҉̗͚͇̥̬̗̝̠͘ꐧ̅͗ͪͨ̇҉͈̲̺͎̲͔ꐨ̢͈̣̔̉̏ͦꐩͫ͊͐̑҉̗̪͙̣̗̱̺̪ͅꐪ̷̦̞̑̎̿͛̓̀ꐫ̢̞͕ͬ̓́ꐬ̣̺̦͕͙̖͌͛̔̽ͩ̚͢͠ꐭ̷̩̖͋͆͗ͦ͒̈͡ꐮͯ̉͒͂̌̓͏̹̭̖̤̣̱̕ꐯ̭̣̱̰̟͇͙̀̾ͨ̅̚̕ꐰ̥͓͕͓͙̹̏̍̑ꐱ̨̲͓̙͕ͫ̈ͯ͡ꐲ̴̦̰͍̮̟̦̦̜̘̄͒̀ꐳ̦̣͚̲͚͆͒̈͛̓ꐴ̤̈ͥ̀͟ꐵ̧̙̼̠͕͙̙̇͛̌͂̊͋̎̚͝ꐶ̘͚͙̰̗ͥ̇͌̂͗ꐷ̭͂̈́̿ͣͣ͗̉̊̐͡
  25. Pre-orders of the new album from Christoph de Babalon are available now from Love Love Records: http://tinyurl.com/q6nrhrb! Listen to album opener ‘Barely You’ for a taste: Release date: November, Friday 13th With a career spanning over two decades, Christoph De Babalon has consistently created music that stands apart from contemporaneous trends. Early 12”s such as ‘Destroy Berlin!’ on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) and ‘We Declare War’ on his own Cross Fader Enter Tainment (CFET) outlet first presented his cathartic brand of noise-orientated drum & bass and his isolationist tendencies, with extensive support from the late John Peel and Thom Yorke helping Christoph achieve somewhat of an outsider-status. More recently his ability to remain separated from specific spheres of influence has allowed him to deliver uncompromising releases like the mutated conceptual album ‘Scylla & Charybdis’, as well as his diverse 2012 album ‘A Bond With Sorrow’ on Tigerbeat6, marking a departure from the chaotic flurries he was perhaps previously more known for. ‘Short Eternities’ sees Christoph once again exploring the abrasive nature of his earlier work whilst maintaining throughout the album a level of measured assuredness not often seen in this area of music. Album opener ‘Barely You’ serves as a powerful message of intent interlacing a fractured drum break with tense horror tones, whereas detailed ambient atmospheres such as those in ‘Wait For Me’ and ‘It’s Returning’ alongside the hypnotic rumblings of ‘Home is Here’ and ‘Bad Dreamer’ break apart the extremities of the album, providing an opiated atmosphere within which the album swims around. This cinematic presentation allows for a far greater impact when the climactic ‘Haunting Past’ finally hits home with its finely-tuned blend of jarring distortion and moody surroundings, followed hastily by the twisted drum breaks and writhing bass-line of ‘Fairreality’. Christoph touches upon a rich shadowy darkness akin to a handful of contemporaries such as Demdike Stare and Vatican Shadow but with a vigour that captures the anarchic spirit of early breakcore. It is the explorative and ritualistic nature of his method, combining paradoxical feelings of euphoria, introversion and explosive aggression, which truly makes Christoph’s music so compelling.
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