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Found 17 results

  1. ths quirky little website connected to the internets is well worth celebration. through all its little flaws, we are given something very special here me thinks..
  2. It's happening!!! Only a few days away now, the hype is through the roof, etc. Timetable: I can feel this will be a very SPECIAL year. A year to inspire new worlds. Please discuss.
  3. Yo mangz and mangettez! I didn't visit WATMM even once in like 6 months, cuz I was getting addicted to this place. Basically, I had to stop sucking dick for heroin and then give away my heroin, because I was spending too much time on WATMM. I hope to spend my time more responsibly here, but I dunno. That being said: HELLO. You know how RDJ and Mike P and Gasman and Cylob and all some other peepz who I don't even know, are coming out from their wank caves and releasing old and new material and all that jazz? I haven't been here in months, but I bet this site was pulling some 5 petabytes per hour on threads about Arfox Twonz alone. Anyway- my rhetorical question of sorts is: Do you know why this is? ...Why the smell over the windwaves is that of late 90's to early 00's barbecue? Okay, if you've had time to think of the answer between the previous line and now, good for you. But here is the answer: BECAUSE THE TIME OF ULTRA IS NEARING. You ever get good at something? If not, you're a lazy human and should probably pat yourself on the back for unknowingly being a genius at crying after marathon masturbating. But if you've ever taken a form of expression to a high level of execution (anything accomplished at a high level becomes an artform-- everything you do is you, so basically this means "anything you can rock"), then you know the immediacy of action, the power of your movez, and the fluidity at which the impulses stream from your consciousness into the projected consciousness of this illusory reality. It's some wicked shit. And so I just want to tell all of you, that you have a greatness in you-- whatever your greatest interest, talent, or passion is, it has been boiling hardcore deep within you for the past 5+ years-- I know this for a fucking fact. And what does that mean? It don't mean shit if you don't do anything with it, motherfucker. Right now is a cosmic era of ultra alignment of All, where it's like you're covered in lube and sliding down a plastic sheet on a grassy hill with no rocks. You have a running start-- you are 7, so your bones are made of rubber. BUT, if you haven't guessed it, the missing element of your current equation is the almost retarded level of bravery that you once had when literally sliding down such plastic sheets. Or thinking you could ollie across the Grand Canyon that one time you died, etc. So the stars and Zeus himself are in promotional mode for your efforts, and simultaneously to all beings, the vibez are like: "Yo dawg, check out what this guy/gyal can do, it's fuckin' dope." And I know you don't want to let the ultra gods down, because that is a disgrace to humanity; a disgrace to yourself as a being of greatness. Fuck performing at a level to impress humans or impressing that one hot chick at work who you want so bad who smells like pure pheromone panties-- you HAVE skill, and you ARE awesome, and if you can perform on this plane for the ultra gods and the stars, YOU WILL BE REWARDED IMMENSELY. You know who can reward you more than all of existence? Yourself. But you don't know that unless you perform for the cosmos. It's a human mind trick that needs to be done due to logistics and logics of brain chemz, but if you can fuck it all and jumpkick through the wall of self-restraint and fear, with a heart of glistening diamonds larger than Jupiter, then you will be transported to an alternate dimension where your love is a light of a billion Suns (...possibly transported by aliens, but really, greys haven't abducted regularly for over 40 years-- so if you are strapped to a bed with greys doing surgery over you, you might actually be in realtime molestation by perverts in plastic masks). Anyway- I know this, because I am communicating and sending this message out through multiple dimensions, because cosmic soldiers for the battle of infinity are being recruited, and it is my duty and privilege to be able to write this post. Now is the easiest time in your whole life that you will ever know (until you know it again in the phuture time) where you can make all previous versions of yourself look like shit. If you can imagine an ideal version of yourself and your life- that version is actually right at your fingertips at a distance smaller than the smallest known particles. Time is on your side. The ether is on your side. Zeus is on your side. All of the greater good of humanity and Gaia are on your side. .....Are you on your side? Godspeed cosmic warriors. You are truly your only limit to Ze Ultra.
  4. have a listen gentleman https://soundcloud.com/superior/counterpoint happy new year
  5. http://boomkat.com/vinyl/919967-rainer-veil-new-brutalism Swung, shadowy beats tending at times towards industrial ambient, but their sonic palate is just as hissy and subtly vibrant, with sweet mournful repose. A grayscale oasis.
  6. Here's a mix I made for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day, I think it turned out really well so I'm sharing it with you guys. All the track titles are centered around "love" and various other love and valentine related themes... Soundcloud's getting dumb about uploading mixes these days so I hosted it on Mixcloud and you can download it from the upload.net link... Tracklist: Thundercat - Is It Love? // Solar Bears - Love Is All // U-Ziq - Hug // Cooly G - Love Dub // AFX - Love 7 // Hyetal - Lovers // Bloom Slow - We Can Hold Hands // Onra - Send Me Your Love // Dave Brady & The Stars - Baby, Baby I Need You // Prefuse 73 - Afternoon Love-In // Andrew Bayer - Need Your Love // Squarepusher - Everyday I Love // Darkside - Heart // Frustrator - I Adore You // Boards of Canada - Color Of The Fire // Aeroc - Some Kisses // Chrome Sparks - Cosmic Claps Of Love // Fevrier - Your Arms // Vaghe Stelle - Out Of Body Sex Experience // Lotide - Lover's Masque // Lake Radio - YR Love // Deftones - Sextape // Lord Raja - I Really Love You Listen: http://www.mixcloud.com/RIIITZ/roses-will-die-but-my-love-goes-on-for-rachel/ Download: http://uploaded.net/file/w64dxz80
  7. So I went to my Aunt's funeral the other day and it opened my eyes quite a bit. I had always thought of my aunt as a kind of crazy person who I wanted to keep my distance from. She was always nice and ALWAYS quick to hug, but it was what seemed to me an over niceness and, again, a little crazy. My whole immediate family felt this way and also a good bit of my extended family. So I'm at her funeral and first of all they are playing Beatles songs which is already such a huge change from the typical hymnal, stuffy religious songs I usually hear at funerals (I have been to alot of funerals). The atmosphere is already loose instead of obligatorily somber. Then the people get up to talk about her. Every single person talks about how she loved everyone like family. She had driven to Minnesota to pack up her sister and her four kids to come live with her in Texas (making their 3 bedroom 4 person house a 9 person household!), she had helped a boy who was homeless and jobless get back on his feet to the point where he eventually married her daughter. She had influenced her niece to sign up for the army which turned out to be a hugely helpful and wonderful thing for her. She had introduced a woman to a man that became that woman's husband after she had sworn off dating. She actually changed people's lives and touched them. The funeral home was mostly full of people who she worked with. There were a ton of people that worked with her there! I was struck with how different we perceive people. I liked her and cared about her, but these people loved her and were so mournful of her passing because of the differences she made in their lives. I feel like I judged my aunt unfairly and this caused me to keep my distance while these other people truly relished her existence. I hope this sticks with me and helps me truly accept people more instead of judging appearances of their status in this monetary achievement driven society. I tend to respect and look up to people I feel have achieved a certain kind of status or salary when there are so many other avenues to be successful. My aunt would have loved her funeral.
  8. Bearman - Love Symphony Hi, my name is Matan Berman and I produce my music as Bearman, I come from Israel. I would like to show you my newest track called "Love Symphony". Moreover, I Have a lot of passion for creating music please let me know what you thinking. https://soundcloud.com/bearmanproducer/bearman-love-symphony
  9. No other musician and DJ has contributed to so much happiness in the heart of the average person. We need someone to inspire everybody to keep struggling through the hardship and the mess. We need someone like Tiesto. The greatest DJ to ever grace the planet Earth.
  10. Guest


    forgot how much i love this track
  11. So a while ago my girlfriend moved in with me, from across Europe. She had to leave her cat behind at the time, but she's been missing it very much ever since. I saved up some money and spent a total about ~1000€ to get the cat brought into the country for her. Last night was the big day when we were supposed to pick it up at the airport, but something was wrong with the cat's passport(strange EU laws) and it is now quarantined and we have one week to come up with the money so we can take it back to the country of origin and take care of the passport and return again. But I am fucking broke as shit after this first try and all out of ideas on how to fix the situation. So I turn to watmm! If anyone can help us out with any size donations to get this sorted out, I will give you a download link containing tons of my own unreleased music in return. I know it's not much, but if anyone is interested in helping out and getting some of my music at the same time then PM me and I'll love you long time. (ugh, I feel like an ugly beggar)
  12. Go and listen to that band : http://www.pamplemou...re.bandcamp.com Do you like it?? ---> Share Also on facebook http://www.facebook....sseCarre?ref=ts
  13. Awt - Lost Found - Found Lost - Love Files (mp3 album) click ^above^ to stream from release page, or download .zip right now. thanks ! enjoy ! yes !
  14. Guest

    Thank you RDJ

    Was unsure for a while about whether this thread was worth making or not, but I now feel my instincts are worth trusting, and even if they're wrong only good could come of it. So basically, one of my best friends went missing several weeks ago and it made me think: even though we all loved and appreciated him so much we never showed it. He;s one of the smartest people I've ever known and very capable in every aspect of his life so I guess we never worried that he had a dark side or would ever consider going missing (of course, he may not have, there is a small chance he was attacked or something). The lesson I learnt though, is that it's always important to show, or tell, others that you love them, and not just assume they realise. And I think, with someone like RDJ, who's out there on his own, doing his own thing, it's especially important. His public identity may be that of a cold, self-contained sort of person. But everyone needs to know they're loved. It just worries me that, at this point in his career... maybe he's struggling to come-up with commercially viable material, maybe he's struggling to move on after the split with his wife/partner, maybe he's feeling isolated and forgotten about, or that his style of music is out-dated... I think we can all agree he seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment. So my point is, I'd just like to say: thank you, Richard. Your music has given me so much (often at no personal cost to myself at all!), and I'm fully convinced you have what it takes to get out of this assumed dark patch in your life and keep making awesome music (released or not) well into your twilight years. P.S: I can smell a shitstorm on the horizon, but I think, for those of you who assiduously keep up with every new detail on RDJ in this forum, if you take a moment to consider the various signs, I think you'll find this thread to be justified.
  15. Curious to know anyone's thoughts and reactions. Just finished and posted this on Youtube yesterday. Best in 1080 HD, if luxury of wait is available. Full 4 track EP is available here (the rest of which is a polar opposite in mood of the above): http://batona.bandcamp.com/album/my-property Alternately, "Her Heart" can be downloaded from Soundcloud: Thanks for looking/listening.
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