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Found 131 results

  1. Probey (first track of the mix): http://soundcloud.com/mixmag-1/scene-selection-planet-mu ...it's going to be glorious
  2. I'm proud to present my first full length Bandcamp release: https://titchthomas.bandcamp.com/album/strange-fruit STRANGE FRUIT [43:35] 01. PHLUB 02. GUNGA ACID 03. SUMMONER 04. NITE BIRD [fast mix] 05. DAMPER 06. DARBY ACID 07. PLINK 09. SHIPWRECK ACID 10. PILL 11. NITE BIRD [tape mix] (bonus track) art by Marjar * * * Much love to all the WATMM users who've helped me craft a sound. I truly appreciate the listens and support! TT
  3. Hi! I’m Timi Alexander, a 23-year old Finnish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist living in London, and I'll be releasing my debut solo album on Soundcloud and Spotify within a week or two. The record takes influence from the 90s alternative rock and hip hop production (Liquid Swords is a big inspiration on the skit-like nature of the album flow), a combination that will further be explored on the future releases, as well as Aphex Twin. I've performed and produced all the music in my bedroom, an environment I've found surprisingly inspiring over the course of the making of the album. Cold Leather - https://soundcloud.com/timialexander/cold-leather Heartblood - https://soundcloud.com/timialexander/heartblood In case you're interested, here's a Dropbox mp3 download link to the (yet) unreleased full album: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8du8f1kalam09t/Timi%20Alexander%20%28mp3%20version%29.zip?dl=0 Thanks for listening! :-) __________________ [https://soundcloud.com/timialexander]
  4. "The forthcoming Latitudes session. Following his critically acclaimed debut album on Aurora Borealis, the new Tri-Angle signee, The Haxan Cloak (AKA Bobby Krlic), has quite gracefully buried himself deep into the networks of unsettling electronic music. This Latitudes release is, in essence, Bobby live, but think of it as 'The Haxan Cloak 2.0'." "This recording is about trying to re-interpret my own work, I think," says Krlic of his Latitudes session. "I never want to give a straight recreation of any of my recorded material when I play live - one reason is because it is too logistically difficult, but the main reason is that I just don't think it suits me as a performer; it makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to treat performance as a composition also - a different beast. So on this Latitudes session, and when I play live generally, I think of it as me remixing my own work essentially. If my recorded music so far exists within one sphere, I'd like to try and move the live element to a completely different sphere - I don't like the notion of being stuck in one place, or pigeon-holed, I guess." [media=] [/media] http://shop.southern...r-the-water-cd/ http://www.discogs.c...axan Cloak, The
  5. Un Chien Andalou LP is out now! Download for free on www.cairnem.com dark ambient / lo-fi / experimental / hypnotic / psychedelic / sound design facebook ~ bandcamp ~ soundcloud Un Chien Andalou I (8:56) Un Chien Andalou II (5:49) Un Chien Andalou III (7:41) Un Chien Andalou IV (10:00) Un Chien Andalou V (9:34)
  6. http://www.randsrecords.com/space-dimension-controller/the-pathway-to-tiraquon6 http://www.facebook....&type=1 http://boomkat.com/v...y-to-tiraquon-6
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYDlsy8eJmc&feature=player_embedded http://www.beatink.c...pusher/BRC-334/
  8. https://www.facebook.com/190160714355150/photos/a.224281910943030.48493.190160714355150/670910902946793/?type=1 not much info, but still:
  9. HEY! Please consider helping me do this awesome thing. I'm attempting to give my most popular album, CYBERIA, a small vinyl pressing (100 copies) and I need YOUR (yes, your!) help! Even if you aren't interested, if you know anyone who might be, please share the post and get the word out - especially for people who do small-time distro. On transparent purple vinyl, it's as gorgeous as it gets. Even if you don't have a turntable, simply reserving a copy just to donate to the cause helps just as well! If you think it's too expensive, message me and we can work something out. The important thing is that I get enough backers to make this thing happen. If you want to order more than one copy, I'll give you a special rate of $14.42 per copy. https://qrates.com/artists/kyonpalm/items/10144
  10. http://www.raster-noton.net/ http://www.residenta...s.aspx?id=14748 http://www.factmag.c...s-on-new-album/
  11. A free release I did for fun. Recorded in Toronto between 2012 - 2014. Flirts with electro and John Carpenter influences. Sometimes it even kisses them on the lips. https://rottentropics.bandcamp.com/album/loud-flowers
  12. http://www.factmag.c...ial-ep-details/ interview: http://thequietus.co...liams-interview
  13. http://darla.com/ind...em_cat_id=40007 http://www.dekorder.com/releases.html http://www.discogs.c...t/Andrew+Pekler
  14. http://room40.org/store/cd/HATAKEYAMA_MIRROR
  15. "If you've ever heard classic late '70s library albums like Brian Bennett's 'Discovery' on Bruton Music, the Telemusic 'Spatial' albums by Sauveur Mallia and works by Jean-Pierre Decerf, you should have a fairly good idea of the direction Georges Vert is coming from. Mix that with some Rinder and Lewis, a bit of Roberto Zanetti and a touch of Francis Monkman's The Long Good Friday OST and you're just about there, in terms of influence." "The project started life on Lo Recordings / Loeb, with an inclusion on the seminal 'Milky Disco' compilation. The 'Freak D'Espace e.p.’ followed, featuring re-edits from Juan Trippe and Rune Lindbaek. Georges has also produced and released material as part of the Black Mustang production team (along with Jon Tye of Seahawks and Luke Vibert), nonchalantly crafting remixes for the likes of Black Devil Disco Club alongside their original material. Georges also enjoyed remixing the new-wave underground classic ‘Jive Baby On A Saturday Night’ by The Jellies, which appeared on Trunk records." [vimeo]43608577[/vimeo] http://cafekaput.blogspot.com/ http://georgesvert.b...n-electric-mind
  16. http://www.honestjon...7&LabelID=14815
  17. http://www.self-titl...l-mohn-project/ "According to a post on Kompakt’s website [via Self-Titled], MOHN’s first album will be released this Spring, and is extremely decelerated, slow motion techno with and without bass drum, containing lots of plasticizer." [youtubehd]E5FxGuvFrf8&feature=player_embedded[/youtubehd]
  18. . http://hymen-records...all/y792_2.html http://www.hecq.de/
  19. [youtubehd]eu54lIq1f48[/youtubehd] "Opening track of Lukid's yet untitled album" http://www.werkdiscs.com/
  20. "Mr. Weatherall requires no introduction if you're over the age of 25 and have even a passing interest in club music. For everyone else he's the guy behind Primal Scream's definitive '90s LP 'Screamadelica' and one of the most respected wax collectors in the world. For his 'Masterpiece' he draws for no less than six of his own remixes out of 12 on offer. They include his chugging overhauls of Grinderman, The Horrors, Wooden Shjips, and the aforementioned Primals, plus a strolling pace rework of Timothy J Fairplay and a Big Beat Rockers remix of Toddla T & Roots Manuva's 'Watch Me Dance'. Complementing these are fine cuts from Walls, Ajello, Kaspar Bjørke, A.R. Kane and Aquarius Heaven" http://boomkat.com/d...ous-masterpiece http://www.discogs.c...drew Weatherall
  21. "The Australian group’s hugely innovative and spiritually attuned releases in the 1980s and 90s helped define the sound of the 4AD label, taking influence from Gaelic folk, Gregorian chant, Middle Eastern and African musics, and in turn influencing everything from the goth and metal underground to mainstream pop." "Formed in Melbourne in 1981 and centered around the duo of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry (pictured above in their pomp), DDC grew more and more ambitious with each album release, cultivating a magnificently po-faced, medieval-tinged and richly ambient sound that for us peaked on 1987′s breathtaking Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun." http://www.factmag.c...and-world-tour/ http://www.4ad.com/a...ts/deadcandance
  22. "Mika Vainio's next solo album is on the way via Touch music, titled Magnetite it's due for release on 3 September. The seven track album will be his 5th for Touch, and was recorded in Berlin between 2011 and 2012. Touch say the album moves "between the two poles of silence and noise"." http://www.thewire.c.../articles/9387/ http://www.touchmusic.org.uk/
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