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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys Presumably like many other folk, lockdown has inspired me to dust off my gear and start making tunes again after a couple years of being lazy. I've got a few finished bits that I'd like to have mastered. How do you guys handle the mastering side of things? It seems there are tons of options available. Are you sending your stuff to proper engineers? or the dudes that operate on sites like Fiverr? Are automated mastering services such as LANDR any good? Do you do the mastering yourselves? I'd be interested to know what route would be best for my shit. Thanks!
  2. Spotify announced today they are welcoming SoundBetter (think TaskRabbit for musicians and engineers in the music industry) into their Spotify for Artists services: https://artists.spotify.com/blog/spotify-for-artists-and-soundbetter
  3. Hey, MusicMakers! Let's share in this thread some awesome plugins, techniques and tricks in the field of mastering that you guys found by experience, listening or reading. Most interesting parts for me is the drum kick room (bassy drum kick is my current struggle :/), sound layering and stereo (separation Left-Center-Right, reverberation), sound/volume balancing, sound equalisation and richness, and ofc loudness. Let me start with some of the cool stuff I found useful. Sound richness: I've been recording guitars for a long time, some of the guitar recording techniques I transferred to synth recording, like double tracking, it really makes sound reacher and adds more vibe, especially if you play around with eq and modulations and make it slightly different on one and the other track. It also helps to add some real sound to the virtual synths. About layering, rooms and stereo I'd like to learn more from you guys, but I mostly do typical stuff like kick - center, second layered kick could be a bit off, snare a bit out of center, bass depends on the composition. It's actually very sensitive part of mastering, since it can be very dependant on the composition, but it would be nice to share special tricks, techniques and cool things you tried. For example, I really like this part in Clark's tunes, when he makes snares left and right with no center and modulates it over time with different EFX. Maybe you guys noticed something more detailed and cool, come on give us a share :) What plugins you prefer for this stuff, I did hear a lot about Waves Center, thinking about trying it out. Anyone tried? Currently I am using native plug-in in logic pro X for this, I find it good (maybe because did not try anything else) EQ and loudness are the beasts. I think this is very vast topic to discuss. The best advice I've been given is to use layering and completely cut frequencies that are not required or not used by the instruments + not to overlay. The biggest problem I am experiencing is when one instrument overlaying another and it partially disappears from the track. Usually LFP and HFP are helpful for me to completely isolate sound frequencies. I'd say it can be combination of everything. EQ really helps a lot to put an accent for particular instrument and double tracking. Loudness, unfortunately, is not a friend of mine, usually just playing around with compressors and limiters. All of those plugins are logic pro x native. Sound/volume balancing is also interesting part. I have only one pair of studio monitors but what I usually do is I am trying to lister my tunes on every media I have: monitors, car speakers, 2 pair of headphones, button headphones, laptop speakers, TV. After listening I make notes and try to understand where sound has to be balanced/fixed, where do I have too much of HF or LF, or where I cannot even hear the instrument properly. Or sometimes I am just lazy and skip all of this parts :D That was everything that came to ming just now, but I'd be glad to hear your tricks, tips and experienced suggestions!
  4. there are many i could post but today i was listening some random stuff there and there and i came across this although not the music i'd go first but the (what the thread title says) is huge !!!!
  5. Hi all, I am starting mastering engineer with a degree and some experience in various genres. I am offering free 'test' mastering of one track, if you'd like to see what my work has to offer to your music. Find more about my skills and finished projects: http://jg.zvukolom.org Regards, Jonas Gruska
  6. okay folks. so i searched as far as 9 months back for a good mastering thread, found nothing. what techniques does everyone use for their own mastering? any suggestions for us with what has/hasn't worked for you? i'm personally using Ableton Live 8 Suite, and can do the basics in Audacity. in the past i've just tried to finish up my tracks, and once i get a tracklist together, i'll try to normalize/compress/etc using the same filters and settings. this seems to help, but it's not anything near professional i'm sure. i'm nearing completion of some releases and am starting to think ahead about mastering.... i've read a few articles over the years on the subject, but nothing i can remember that is particularly helpful. so, besides the obvious suggestion of 'pay someone else to do it,' what are your thoughts on the matter?
  7. first off, i'm using protools. i'll have a mix that i'm happy with and when i go to bounce it to a .wav, it will sound completely different (using itunes with the same speakers and headphones), and also considerably softer than other songs in my itunes library. for example, the bass drum will be squashing the bass and the snare will be squashing a synth in a similar frequency (or vise versa), or an entire part will suddenly sound muffled and squashed and then revert back to normal.. all of which will not be heard prior to the bounce. admittedly i don't know too much about mastering, so i could be completely overlooking some important finalizing steps, perhaps having to do with dithering (which i know nothing about), compressing the overall mix, sample rate conversions, etc. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. http://www.hotto.de/software/audiomasteringsuite.html this guy has lots of sick free audio programs for mac/pc... definitely a treat
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