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Found 20 results

  1. Through the use of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 API and TouchDesigner, I’ve managed to create a, let’s say, MIDI sequencer that captures RGB data incoming from AI generated images in real-time, and uses it to trigger MIDI events in Ableton Live. Said signals are then feeding, among other things, two wavetables in the first two examples, and my lovely new Prophet 6 in the other ones. In short: The idea was to have a system that, given certain concepts (a.k.a prompts), generates chord progressions from the RGB incoming data resulting from the DALL-E generated images. Concept [prompt] ➨ AI generated image [DALL-E 2] ➨ capturing RGB data in real-time [TouchDesigner] ➨ using that data to trigger MIDI events [Ableton Live] For more experiments, tutorials, and project files, you can head over to: https://linktr.ee/uisato
  2. Hello everyone! Been working for quite a bit in a way to transform image into sound, and came up with a hopefully-interesting idea. In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to transform RGB data into MIDI in TouchDesigner, and feed it to Ableton Live: I’ve also uploaded both project files and the final Ableton session for all my patrons: https://linktr.ee/uisato Enjoy! 😄
  3. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/wxepzw/musicians-algorithmically-generate-every-possible-melody-release-them-to-public-domain
  4. Hey guys! For the last couple of months I have collected and curated lots IDM MIDIs from a variety of sources and locations, hosting them all on a website with a bunch of recreations and links to the MIDI file downloads. I plan to do the 4 big IDM acts, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Autechre and Squarepusher. Due to the abundance of Aphex Twin MIDI files, I have finished that section and am ready to release it while working on the other artists, as well as constant aesthetic overhauls and improvements. It's a very basic early version at the moment, but I hope this grows into a project that really acts as a legitimate resource in dissecting the music that we all love, and to sate the curiosity and desire of anybody that wants to know what goes into writing and composing some of the greatest tunes in Electronic Music. The site is split into the albums, and while a lot of these files you may already have, there are many exclusive MIDIs to be downloaded, such as the start of "I'm Self Employed", "Girl Boy Song" and the very fresh "Umil-25" Lead and Bass. I have a dedicated person working on creating MIDIs of full tracks, he made the Syro and Soundcloud MIDIs that were posted on Reddit and discussed on the Richard (MIDI) James thread earlier this week, aswell as our very own Scarbo who contributed some A+ piano MIDIs to this site. I will constantly be adding them as I receive or make them, and if you have any tracks, MIDIs, ideas or bugs you have discovered, you can send it in with an email link on the artist home page. Thank you for your attention, and I hope you enjoy the site. http://www.midm-database.co.uk/
  5. Over 113,000 files available! https://bitmidi.com/
  6. Just bought this and its fucking amazing!! can create microtuning,custom tunings for either sodtsynth or hardware with MIDI so easily DIRECTLY IN DAW!!! http://www.tallkite.com/alt-tuner.html Alt-tuner is a DAW plug-in that retunes almost every midi keyboard or softsynth. It runs on PCs, macs and Linux/Wine machines. Click here to buy it. Alt-tuner combines ease of use with powerful capabilities: Recreate historical tunings like pythagorean, meantone and well-temperaments. Stretch your piano tuning -- create your own Railsback curves. Explore ethnic tunings like Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Indian and Indonesian. Investigate experimental tunings like 22 notes to the octave. Or just use the adaptive just intonation feature to make "normal" music sound smoother! You don't need to know tuning theory to get started. Well-chosen defaults get you playing right away. Alt-tuner is novice-friendly and encourages "stumbling onto" new tunings. Alt-tuner uses a graphical point-and-click interface, making it very easy to explore. You're moving sliders and clicking on things, not typing in commands and numbers. Alt-tuner is to other tuning software like Windows is to MS-DOS. However as you explore alt-tuner, many advanced mathematical concepts are demonstrated in a way that can be immediately seen and heard. The manual even includes a 120-page primer on tuning theory (read the outline here). Alt-tuner is so easy to use that it doubles as an educational tool!
  7. hey hey all. random question. does anyone make any sort of midi filter or effects that are stand alone, or not ran through a computer? like any arpeggios or anything? or any sort of chord filtering or stuff like that? im pretty satisfied with anything software based i have messed with in these regards, but i am on the hunt for something small and stand alone that is not a laptop with a interface, to integrate into my all hardware live setup. i did some searching, but i really could not find anything. i figure if anyone knows, its you rad peeps here :)
  8. Hi fellow twiddlers. I've been working on a side project for a while and now I'm looking to have a few others test it out. It involves hardware synths, and a web browser. :) I don't want to give away too much publicly yet, but if you want to get in on the alpha, I'll tell you all about it. To participate you'll need to have a couple (or more) hardware synths which can be controlled with midi control change messages, a midi interface, and not mind installing a plugin for Chrome. I'm looking for people to give feedback about bugs, but also ideas for what functionality might ultimately go into it. PM me here if you're interested, and we'll get setup. Thanks!
  9. Sorry bad english..... i have allways thought that there are more advantages in working with audio files instead of midi data. for example, it is very easy to cut the impact of a recorded ride, leaving you with only the ambient ringing tonne. also, by cutting out parts of a recording, and pitching them differently can also do wonders! and there is the good old reverse. for me, working with audio recordings inside my daw (reason7) gives me more creative control of the sounds that i'm working with. but, i dont find me being a guy of control. you can unleesh just as much chaos working with audiofiles. for example stretching (and then quickly exporting the streched sound before it has rendered and fixed all the glitches) has given me alot of chaos in my work. I also think that there are more advantages (for me) in working with "analog" equipment, or atleast -the idea and feel of analog equipment. the idea that all sound created is audio, just a signal and you just kinda play more with it when it is analog gear. just just twiddle som knobs and make up new sounds in the moment. and to make some filter follow a rythem in your head, does not mean you have to do an automation -you record it in the go. i like the playabillity of alaog. the "live" onetake, feel of recording that. problem is that i really dont own any analog gear. and i have an old casio toy synth that sounds very ugly and a SQ1 workstation, but they dont offer that much control over the sounds, -in real time, that is to say. But! i got a mashine last year, yeah -that beatthing with colours and blinky buttons and stuff. it's bacically like an mpc midi controller. But! i love pads! i play melodies so much better on pads, and my brain can like remember the scales when it is on a grid. and i can play rythems very nicely on the pads. i just love playing around with the mashine. the problem is just that if i do something live with it, it can sound nice and exiting but when i want to record something -it all comes down to automations and midi notes...... SO HERE IS WHAT I DID, it's not like revolutionary or anything, but i really got me rid of working with any midi! (: I borrowed my friends soundcard (he doesnt produce anymore, -only gets high) and i dusted off my old stationary PC. booted it up, installed reason7 on that mothafukka, and now my production setup is like a digital marrige beetween two computers (PC + MAC), two soundcards (EIE + BALANCE), two daws (REASON7+MASHINE2.0). so all i do on the mashine software on the mac computer is spit out through the balance soundcard and into the eie soundcard and into the pc and recorded in reason. this new way of working has done sooo much for me! and has given the playfullness of making electronic computermusic back. i am thinking to expand, you can get like very cheap midi replika synths with alot of knobs too, i think aturia makes them. buying alot of midi knob twidling stuff -will not sound like analog DUH!. -But will have the same live, playfull feel in this context. SOYUZ!
  10. Pre-order on Indiegogo at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keys-the-music-keyboard-that-anyone-can-play/ Keys is a keyboard designed for the novice and configurable for a pro. Learn your favorite songs in minutes through LED lit keys and create beautiful music without any previous experience. Plug into any device or computer and launch the app. It's that simple.
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artiphon/introducing-the-artiphon-instrument-1 Damn that'd be great for me. I'm more of a guitar player than a keyboardist. I guess there's no need to pledge it any more though
  12. hey, I put my Yamaha QY70 sequencer on ebay. A friend gifted me an old mpc so I'm saying goodbye to the little guy for now. It is very portable and fun.. especially if you're into gameboys. Hoping to find it a happy home! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-QY70-Sequencer-/331468426811?
  13. Helo, I like make electronic musik just like The Aphex Twins please. Recommend me good cheap MIDI interace please? P.S. I've had my eyes on the M-Audio/Midiman Midisport 2x2. I don't think I need anything more advanced than that to be honest. It's either a 2x2 interface or perhaps that Cirklon thing. Oh, I'm a Mac person.
  14. best midi step sequencer? hardware or software. if software, then what midi distribution box?
  15. IK Multimedia now has the iRig Pads available for 150.00USD: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigpads/
  16. My band is in the process of putting together a relatively DIY light setup that we can take with us put together at shows. Right now our plan is to purchase a few LED lights strips and use those to illuminate the stage. Additionally, we're are interested in the possibility of having these LEDs react to MIDI signals from our instruments. My question is this: Does anyone have experience with stage lighting and have you encountered an affordable strategy for converting our MIDI signals into DMX signals and outputting them to our LEDs? Ideally the system would allow us to identify the separate MIDI signals by channel and filter the different MIDI parameters to control light intensity, color, and fade time, etc... Now, I've got a good working knowledge of Max/MSP 5 so I could probably, with a little reading up about the DMX protocol, build exactly the custom patch I require. I may very well end up doing this. What I will then need is a USB to DMX interface so that I can send the DMX signals out of my computer. I found the Anyma uDMX which is roughly $250(!) and the ChamSys MagicDMX which is waaay more affordable but their FAQ suggests that it has some proprietary nonsense which will not allow me to use it without their lightning software. Does anyone know of a good, affordable, alternative?
  17. Hey guys, I posted a new tutorial video to my channel covering how to create complex drum patterns using Ableton's legato clips. Hopefully some of you might find a useful trick somewhere in there. I also discuss follow actions a bit, and there's a little bit of a live performance in there too. Enjoy: [youtubehd] Dud5cqGNAtE [/youtubehd]
  18. I've got one of them Midisport usb -> midi cables. Used to run it from my XP computer to a Pro Solo. But that computer don't work so hot any more, so the last few months I've been producing on a Win7 Starter netbook, & I can't seem to get Buzz to send out any midi signals (it does recognize the device though). Also, MIDI-OX doesn't show any signals in or out when I test with it. Also also, Buzz doesn't seem to recognize the Polac MIDI Out thingy anymore. Anyone have any idea how I might rectify this situation? (I would have asked this on the Buzz forum I used to go on but it seems to have vanished into the ether)
  19. I've uploaded 3 new videos to youtube that demonstrate 3 different ways to slice up breaks in Live. Thought you guys might like em. More content at www.rm-sounds.com. [youtubehd] uEehw8rgKwo [/youtubehd] [youtubehd] 6jeR4f42FLQ [/youtubehd] [youtubehd] -7ZpO5sRQGw [/youtubehd]
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