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Found 5 results

  1. In celebration of 21 years since the release of Music Has The Right To Children, there will be a mobile listening party in Peebles Island State Park in Waterford, New York, USA, on Saturday, April 20, 2019. See the attached image for details.
  2. Presents Link to stream: http://www.mixcrate.com/utilitarianaudiotapes/2014-walking-hiking-companion-audio-recording-125bpm-8913237 link to download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/4zlfnw 1-Ulrich Schnauss-A Strangely Isolated Place 2-Distal-Frozen Barnacles 3-Aphex Twin-minipops 67 (120.2)(source field mix) 4-Soul Oddity-Welcome Back To Earth 5-Cloud Capture-captureclouds p2 6-V.L.A.D.-Roll X 7-Aphex Twin-wet tip hen ax 8-Dynamix [email protected] 9-Mrs Jynx-Sci Fi Sofa 10-µ-ziq-Vinxel 11-Tipper-Pringle Guts 12-Dave Monolith-Farewell Frenchman 13-Clark-PhrenicMix 14-Soul Oddity-Freq Shift 15-Boards of Canada-Sundown 16-Boards of Canada-June 9th 17-Clark-Night Night 18-Team Sleep-Live From The Stage 19-Radioactive Man-up in the air 20-edan-aeoc 21-Barry Long-A journey in Consciousness The first minute of the audio is for stretching your legs out while looking up at the sky and mentally preparing yourself for the journey. Once the beats begin please start walking at the pace of the music. Sway your arms at or near the 125bpm pace to experience this recording properly. This recording is suitable for easy hiking or moderate walking between 2.8-4.1mph at full stride with an average distance of 1.25-2.1 miles. This audio recording is meant to be enjoyed on Sentry Sport Hooks Clip-On Digital Earbuds from your local Dollar General Store. Thank you and walk safely.
  3. Dragon


    You know when, for whatever reason, you think of a really specific kind of food and start craving it? I've been studying human nature for a while now, and when you put it in that context, it turns out to be a really interesting topic. Going back to our evolutionary days, cravings were essential. It made sure we had all the nutrients and vitamins we need to survive. The human body is designed to recognize all the different things you eat. It pays special attention to this task, just as it does to recognizing subtle body language, or the minute details of spoken word. Suppose you're eating a specific food, let's say a baked potato. Here your body is doing two things at once. Firstly, it takes a mental picture of the food, focusing on everything about it; its taste, its texture, the movements involved in eating it, and of course, how delicious it is. These sensations are saved and memorized, but this is only half the picture. After the food is eaten, your body begins the second phase. During digestion, it is sorted and checked for all its nutritious value. It could have Vitamin C, which helps you live longer. It could have carbs, which give you muscle energy. If your baked potato had butter on it, you have energy which can be stored for future use. All of these things are remembered, and directly associated with the memory of eating the food. So now, you have a complete picture of a baked potato. Whenever your body wants Vitamin C, or carbohydrates, or anything else coming up short in its day-to-day workings, the picture is there, ready for use. It's amazing, a testament to the wonders of evolution. A direct link between our imagination and our basic biology. Some people feel guilty for their cravings. According to the seven deadly sins, it's actually wrong to have these feelings. In its appreciation of the miracle of human life, Proverbs 23:2 proclaims "put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony." I don't know about you, but I have the utmost respect for an intelligent force that wants me to stay alive. Cravings can lead to all sorts of interesting situations, and that's why I wanted to start this thread. Yesterday I bought six bottles of sparkling mineral water. I usually have some kind of drink with me throughout the day, but I figured I could use a change from all the sodas and fruit juices I'm used to. So for the last few hours or so since my last meal, I've basically drank nothing but sparkling water. The bottle has been here next to my desk, exactly where a carbonated, sugary soft drink would sit. But a moment ago, something very interesting happened. Just as I was drinking it, I got a sudden craving for golden syrup. Sweet, sugary golden syrup. Weird, huh? But that's exactly it! Sugar is just the thing missing from this water. After all this association between the fizzing CO2 of a pepsi, and the sugar registered in my body, I have combined in my head the cravings for carbonated soft drinks and sugar. My body senses this lack of sugar and, with a suggestive nudge, selects the beautiful image of dessert syrup, something I must've eaten years ago. I just think it's really amazing to see this mechanism working in action, and to marvel at what it can do.
  4. THE sky was "black as pitch" and flames leapt above the nearby sandhills as Ashley Severin stood atop his grader at Curtin Springs station and yelled. Alice Springs filmmaker Chris Tangey spun round, his camera already cocked and rolling in an incredible moment of good fortune, to capture four dust devils dancing, one with a gullet full of flame. In a show lasting some 40 minutes, Tangey says, the largest uprooted mulga trees and hurled them skywards, a "proper tornado", while the most spectacular swallowed a bushfire, sending an arc of twisting orange up toward the heavens. "It was like a dance of giants, really," Tangey says. "There was a red one, a black one, a white one and one made of fire." After two wet La Nina summers, central Australia is on the cusp of setting a new record for its longest dry spell -- 147 days if no rain falls in Alice Springs by Wednesday. The once-lush country has dried, with some areas already "going to bulldust", Severin says. Elsewhere, the withered vegetation is ripe to burn. When the twisters appeared on Tuesday, Severin and his men had already been fighting bushfires for more than a week. A "bloody horrendous" task, involving back-breaking work to contain flames that had spread into an area not burned in more than 50 years, he says. "The smoke on the ground was thick like a blanket," Severin says, describing a "real pearler" of a fire unlike any seen before, even by an experienced, second-generation cattleman like him. Severin nipped back to the station homestead, about 80km from Uluru and 360km from Alice Springs, to meet filmmaker Tangey, who had come out to do some location scouting. Later, the two returned to check on the firefront with others, including a station hand known only as "Spook". That's when the twisters appeared. "There was no wind where we were, and yet you had this tornado," Tangey says. For him, it sounded "like a fighter jet"; for Severin, it was like "standing behind a 747". "I've never seen anything like it. I just thought the ground was going to start trembling," Severin says. "The noise it was making, the speed, the red flames in the centre of it. It was like a kaleidoscope show." Geoff Kenna, a senior fire control officer with Bushfires NT in Alice Springs, says serious bushfires can create their own wind and sometimes phenomena such as twisters or tornados. "Especially when you have a lot of combustible materials, the heat can really build up," Kenna says. He says large areas of the Northern Territory burned last summer, in the wake of the wet, La Nina seasons. La Nina is a Pacific-coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that typically brings wet weather to Australia. But with La Nina now gone and its opposite cousin, El Nino, stalking, forecasters say the next few months will be hotter and drier than average across much of northern Australia. Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/alice-dust-devils-pack-a-gullet-full-of-flames/story-e6frg6nf-1226474496818
  5. Hope you all enjoy it... Would love to know if this song was able to inspire any imagery. http://soundcloud.com/zanderone/altitude-the-summit
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