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Found 3 results

  1. So i just released an album on Bandcamp for streaming and for purchase: http://tsrono,bandcamp.com/album/i/
  2. This Week's New Arrivals as of 8/11/2011 To order any of the following items email [email protected] or call (718) 260-9299. We ship worldwide. Supplies are limited - orders are filled on a first come / first served basis. Another batch of goodies now in stock - two Bless Up regulars hit new heights - our boy Travis on his latest Machine Drum album for Planet Mu and Alex Incyde appears on Brendon Moeller's Steadfast... Loco Dice comes on strong with a new M_nus joint... Moodymann's Mohagani Music label issues Andres III... a bevy of quality funk re-issues from Light in the Attic... The Horrors album is out on XL... Skudge drop a bombero for Echocord... Patrice Scott's latest for Sistrum.. the great Motor City Drum Ensemble DJ Kicks is now on wax... and a grip of great new compilations from Strut. Mad tunes! For features, reviews, news and events on underground culture check out http://www.halcyonline.com To browse music, books, fashion and design items visit our online shop at http://halcyonline.com/products-page/ If you absolutely insist on mp3s at least buy them from a record store at http://www.halcyondigi.com V/A 'Monday Is The New Sunday' CD (Fokuz) Item No. 19427 $22.99 Benton 'Having Fun' 12in (Terrain) Item No. 19426 $12.99 Machinedrum 'Room(s)' 2xLP (Planet Mu) Item No. 19458 $23.49 Machinedrum 'Room(s)' CD (Planet Mu) Item No. 19459 $16.49 Tropics 'Mouves' 12in remixed by Falty DL (Planet Mu) Item No. 19460 $8.99 V/A 'Horse Meat Disco III' 2xCD (Strut) Item No. 19440 $16.99 Holy Ghost! 'Holy Ghost!' 2x12in (DFA) Item No. 19461 $37.99 Betty Davis 'Betty Davis' LP (Light In The Attic) Item No. 19415 $19.99 Betty Davis 'They Say I'm Different' LP (Light In The Attic) Item No. 19414 $19.99 Kid Creole & The Coconuts 'I Do Believe' 12in (Strut) Item No. 19446 $11.99 Melton Brothers Band 'Livin' In The City' LP (Favorite) Item No. 19418 $24.99 V/A 'Americana: Rock Your Soul' CD (BBE) Item No. 19438 $14.99 V/A 'Americana: Rock Your Soul' 2xLP (BBE) Item No. 19439 $21.99 V/A (Norman Jay MBE) 'Good Times (30th Anniversary Edition)' LP (Strut) Item No. 19437 $21.99 V/A (Norman Jaye MBE) 'Good Times (30th Anniversary Edition)' CD (Strut) Item No. 19436 $14.99 Jay Z & Kanye West 'Watch the Throne' CD (Roc-A-Fella) Item No. 19462 $17.99 V/A 'David Rodigan's Dubwize Shower' CD (BBE) Item No. 19442 $14.99 V/A 'David Rodigan's Dubwize Shower' 2xLP (BBE) Item No. 19443 $21.99 Andres 'Andres III: Be Free Baby / We Run Tings Side' LP (Mahogani Music) Item No. 19452 $16.49 Erdbeerschnitzel 'Suave' 12in (4 Lux) Item No. 19421 $14.69 Motor City Drum Ensemble 'Dj Kicks' 2xLP (!K7) Item No. 19444 $18.49 Patrice Scott 'Analog Dreams Reworked' 12in Remixed by Johannes Volk / XDB / P.Scott (Sistrum) Item No. 19453 $10.99 Loco Dice 'Knibble Never Comes Alone / Loose Hooks' 12in (Minus) Item No. 19423 $12.99 Dr. Dunks/Justin V. 'So Good Feeling/Untitled' 12in (Keep It Cheap) Item No. 19420 $9.89 Radiohead 'Feral/Morning Mr. Magpie/Separator' 12in (XL) Item No. 19448 $17.99 Radiohead 'Morning Mr. Magpie/Bloom' 12in (XL) Item No. 19449 $17.99 The Horrors 'Skying' CD (XL) Item No. 19450 $13.99 The Horrors 'Skying' 2xLP (XL) Item No. 19451 $20.99 The Sound 'Permanent' 2xLP (KODE) Item No. 19447 $22.99 Jim Ford 'Harlan County' LP (Light In The Attic) Item No. 19416 $19.99 Jim Ford 'Harlan County' CD (Light In The Attic) Item No. 19417 $14.99 V/A 'Keb Darge & Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers' 2xLP (BBE) Item No. 19445 $21.99 Area Forty One 'Discharging' 2x12in (Ann Aimee) Item No. 19425 $25.99 Incyde 'Telophase' 12in (Steadfast) Item No. 19424 $13.79 Skudge 'First Observation' 12in Remixed by Conforce (Echocord Colour) Item No. 19422 $13.99
  3. Hautlle

    It's Summer...

    Sorry for the lack of posts lately. summer classes, work, and trying to enjoy the summer with my friends have all kept me occupied. I've been writing new tracks, and meeting a lot of new people that love electronic music, both far and abroad. This place has definitely been a big component of that, but I've also started meeting quite a few new local people. This has led to some collaborations, and jams with new people which is always interesting. Getting some new input on the things you're doing are seeing it from a different angle can really open your eyes to why you started doing something in the first place. Over-all it's been a really great summer so far. I'm still sending some demos out, and I've had a few good replies, so I'm hoping some good things are in the future. In the mean time, here are some releases from fellow WATMM'ers and friends: About Turn by Acidburp: This is a great little 4 track EP just released by Acidburp. More of his lovely melodies and spastic drum-work! http://soundcloud.com/complex-sound-sagacity/01-about-turn http://soundcloud.com/complex-sound-sagacity/02-shark-delivery http://soundcloud.com/complex-sound-sagacity/03-how-now-brown-stout http://soundcloud.com/complex-sound-sagacity/04-wasp-incident Download the whole album over at the Complex Sound Sagacity website Independent Filth, a mix by H.P. Sneakstep This is an amazing 2 hour mix. Features many amazing tracks from the greats and the unknowns. Definitely not one to be missed! Download or listen Tracklist: Jackson and His Computer Band - TV Dogs Alan Smithee - Feed the Horse Remix DJ Douggpound - Numb my Gummies Beak - I Saw Two of Me Bangkok Impact - Premature Ejaculation Major Lazer - Pon de Floor Splitradix - Acid Reply EOD - FM Rave2 Dexter - Intruder Memory Boy - (There Is No) Electricity (vox) Squawk - Dairy Fonk008 Branch Acidian - Pinch of Salt Acidphakist - So You Turned Your Back On Me AFX - Crying In Your Face Hautlle - My Days With You (Clonicle rmx) Juke Nukem - spillfuckindrank_delayed DJ Jo Quaid 5 - Snooze AFX - 3 Notes Con Raffertie - Vomit Riddim Smackulator - Hockey Girl TraiT- Going Green Again Paul Blackford - Worm Holes AFX - W32.Mydoom. [email protected] A Shared Sexual Experience - Daddy's Bad Habits DJ Skurge - Slide Skate DJ Stingray - Mindless EOD - Collarbone Bad Company - Wednesday Goldie - Kemistry Konflict - Bad Acid Future Cut - Stealth (Domination) Acidburp - How Now Brown Stout Future Cut - Overload Technical Itch - Darkhalf H.P. Sneakstep - Dust-Mite Menace Twisted Individual - Rusty Sheriff's Badge Brodyquest Dom and Roland - Bring in the Funk Lindrum Larry Cocopipe - Billy Blue Hat Lindrum Larry Cocopipe - Fountains Aphex Twin - Mt. Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount TechDiff - Ashen Light Living Sword - The Thing In The Archway Aphex Twin - Tha Turbokisu by Idiron Soundtrack: Here's a quote from the swishcotheque site: "Turbo Kisu has roots in me getting further into my analogue synths, including 6 hour session on a mate's 303, and it sort of spiralled from there. There is a narrative, which is mainly about malevolent trans-dimensional cats, but also alien love, and faulty robots." Download the album That's all for now. I doubt I'll make another post before the fall semester starts. I leave for a 2 week fieldcamp in the beginning of August so expect many pictures of the mountains and scenery from Colorado, Utah, and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming when I return. Hope everyone else's summer is going as well as mine.
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