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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Autechre Cover?

    I do this Autechre impression at heady parties to scam mad chicks, but I only end up with mad bros. Whatevs. It's like, a mouth is a mouth, namsayin?
  2. Flash Crash IV is slated for September 4. This will be streamed on the lines_community Twitch channel. We are looking for live code performers to play a ~20 minute set. Max is strongly preferred, but other platforms are also welcome - previous performances have included ORC/\, SuperCollider, TidalCycles, Teletype, and Druid (Crow). Performing live is great if your network connection and anxiety level allow; pre-recorded is good too.
  3. For playing live, there are a billion things you can do, but in the software realm it always feels like: a) Ableton-ish: You create one big project with everything in it. Your rendered tracks, your loops, your live-playable instruments, your effects, and whatever else are pre-prepared so you can go at it. b) DJ-ish: You can load from a library rendered tracks and loops and use effects to mix and perform them. The Ableton style allows you a lot of customization in the prep, but feels clunky when you want to add stuff and tweak it on the fly. The DJ style allows for a lot of flexibility in the moment and requires a whole lot less preparation, but is still pretty limited in what you can match up with track, effects, etc. Now imagine a setup where you prepare an individual song (or whatever) with its pieces, a layout for combing and/or moving between the pieces, and the effects you intend to use with it and save that. When performing, you have a shell with global effects and mixing tools within which you can load the individual song modules. No having to cut out an effect to make room for another. No dead effects or controls cluttering everything up when you don't need them. No slapping together a gigantic copied and reworked project every time you need to get ready for a gig. Now, can anyone tell me how the hell we can achieve something like this without painstakingly building it from the ground up in a modular environment? Here are some things off the top of my head that come close: Traktor Remix Decks: There's no tying of effects to the saved samples. Effects are still global, you can only have 12 max, and there's not a lot of per-effect customization. Multiple instances of Renoise: Check out Hitori Tori for examples. Requires either a lot of prep and minimizing your use of VSTs and long samples if you intend to be beatmatching songs, since Renoise doesn't have realtime timestretching (my number one ongoing complaint about Renoise). Multiple instances of Ableton: This sounds like a headache already. I'm already frustrated with the lack of momentary/latch options for midi mapping in ableton, and I busted my balls building my last setup with virtual midi shenanigans. Also, multiple instances of any program this bulky worries me. REAPER project tabs: Was really excited about this one at first, but you can only play one tab at a time. :((( CORRECTION: This apparently does work. Experimentation, go! Usine: Still seems like a little too deep of a modular environment for me. Haven't even tried building something in it yet tbh. Still holding out hope with this as a last resort. What do you guys think? Is there something out there I've overlooked? Got any ideas of how to implement something like that isn't absurdly janky?
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