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  1. https://eomac.bandcamp.com/album/cracks One half of Lakker and one of my favorite producers, Eomac, is back with his new album (first on Planet Mu). Preview tracks sound LUSH. Don't know if I can wait til Mid April!
  2. Yo guys, i was happy and also shocked to see that Planet Mu is 25 years old, saw it on bandcamp today! Mike P congratulations and thank you so much for all the dope artist and murziq you introduced us ❤️ https://daily.bandcamp.com/label-profile/planet-mu-25th-anniversary-guide good god! all these amazing records, but also weird that a lot of em are not on bandcamp 🤔 anyways here are once again 10 of my all time played to death yet unbreakable fav's leafcutter john - The housebound spirit datachi' - mmale ffemale venetian snares - huge chrome cilinder box
  3. So, finally the new Vibert album on Planet Mu seems to be getting out after a few years of rumours :) Just announced at the Planet Mu showcase on BBC Radio 1 yesterday. Not really sure about the spelling of the title but w/a. Planned for release in October, first track on it is called Knock Out (played on that Planet Mu show, last track).
  4. Massively looking forward. Like, AOTY contender already. I’ll update when there’s more info.
  5. Hi, So since early 2019 I've been spending a lot of time gathering all my favorite bits from Vsnares catalog, eventually gathering them in this massive mix. I tried to make it more eventful than a simple "deck to deck" mix, yet smooth and enjoyable for a casual listener. Hardcore fans might enjoy tracking down all the subtleties too. No deck was used, all the sync & mix was done with Audacity and Calculator, a few effects were added sporadically. Almost every track has been edited at some point. I tried a Mixcloud upload but this got instantly unavailable for USA listeners (r
  6. Date TBA - Planet Mu - ZIQ360 Tracklist TBA http://planet.mu/discography
  7. Planet Mu (1st May 2020) https://italtek.bandcamp.com/album/outland 01 Chamber Music 02 Open Heart 03 Deadhead 04 Reverie 05 Bladed Terrain 06 Diamond Child 07 Angel In Ruin 08 Leaving The Grid 09 Endless 10 Oblivion Theme Ital Tek (a.k.a. Alan Myson) returns to Planet Mu with his sixth album ‘Outland‘.The album was written during a period of new beginnings following a move out of the city to a quieter space and the birth of his first child. During this time of self-imposed isolation Alan recorded a huge amount of source material and spent week
  8. Buy at Planet Mu Bleepstore : https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/122321-rian-treanor-ataxia Buy from Bandcamp: https://riantreanor.bandcamp.com/album/ataxia Press Release: A preview: Some further listening that likely has more stuff from this album, and some of his previous releases too:
  9. https://datachi.bandcamp.com/album/bones Much like its predecessor, 'Bones' manages to make the most of the possibilities modular systems offer, whilst avoiding their many pitfalls that can often turn such music into little more than a dry academic exercise. Indeed 'Bones' is a remarkably intimate album, written and recorded in the time following his father's death, and reflects this intense period of personal change in Joseph's life. "Creating this music was a therapy of sorts," Joseph recalls. "It was almost like a close friend being there for me, and it's something that I hope others c
  10. December 2019 01 Personal Discourse 3:51 02 Like Tooth Decay 3:36 03 Fuck A Stranger In The Ass 3:12 04 Point Blank 4:00 05 Boiled Angel 4:38 06 Cricket Spine Bin 5:04 07 Aqap 6:02 08 Milk 8:55 09 Eating America With Pointed Dentures 4:43 10 Punk Kids 3:14 https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/142504-venetian-snares-greg-hates-car-culture
  11. I've wanted to go through planet mu's catalogue for a while so I've come up with this: twice a week, say mondays and fridays, I'll be posting an album from planet mu, and anyone who so wants to listens to it, and shares thoughts. I think twice a week is a reasonable rate - one for the work days and one for the weekend. I'll be doing it chronologically using this handy dandy list of releases: https://planet.mu/releases/ tomorrow i'll be starting with tango'n'vectif, and from there we'll go through the breakcore, dubstep, footwork eras, with all sorts of weird stuff inbetween. Personally i'l
  12. Been out for a month, went completely under the radar. I thought I'd share it here (help guys I don't know how to embed bandcamp lol))))) I personally don't know what to think of it yet. I liked Virtuous.scr and I thought sponsored content was okay
  13. Planet Mu 2019 05 10 01. St. Fabian Tower 6:06 02. Yeah, I Like It 3:55 03. Slice Neck 3:30 04. I Want You 5:42 05. A New Consciousness 5:55 06. Edge Of Darkness 4:33 07. Buss It 5:13 08. The Kru 4:01 09. Fi Di Gyal 5:29 10. The Light 6:02 ► 50:27 https://basicrhythm.bandcamp.com/album/on-the-threshold https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/124719-basic-rhythm-on-the-threshold
  14. ARTIST: Herva TITLE: Hyper Flux LABEL: Planet Mu Records Ltd. FORMATS: 2LP/CD/DIGITAL CAT#: 2LP: ZIQ385 / CD: ZIQ385CD BARCODE: 2LP: 5055300386014 / CD: 5055300386021 RELEASE DATE: 24th February 2017 2LP A: Esotic Energy Jitter Nasty MF B: Rule The Sun Multicone Lly Spirals C: Solar Xub Meta Wave Cops Twerk D: Peach Dedicated (ft. Mar G) Zykmed CD: 01 Esotic Energy 02 Jitter 03 Nasty MF 04 Rule The Sun 05 Multicone 06 Lly Spirals 07 Solar Xub 08 Meta Wave 09 Cops Twerk 10 Peach 11 Dedicated (ft. Mar G) 12 Zy
  15. Planet Mu ZIQ396 20 18 07 06 01 No Body 2:45 02 Back From The Future 5:09 03 At War 3:32 04 Cloudy Back Yard 4:33 05 U-Don't No 4:46 06 Earth's Battle Dance 3:14 07 Work The Flow! 3:32 08 Bounty 4:09 09 Flight 1235 (ft. Phil & Crossfire) 4:18 10 U Belong 2 Me 3:00 11 Wicked'Bu 5:07 12 Deep Sole 4:22 http://planet.mu/releases/ill-tell-you-what/ https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/100854-rp-boo-ill-tell-you-what
  16. https://www.facebook.com/lanoise/videos/10155242014099101/ "Happy to share this song from my ongoing collaboration with Daniel Lanois! We’ve been recording an album together and will be playing some shows later on in the year, the first being at the Great Hall in Toronto May 31."
  17. Some time in December. Too soon? http://www.faceslaces.com/faces/18454-michael-paradinas-planet-mu/
  18. My debut album "Cyclical" drops tomorrow (26/05/08) on Planet Mu> Warp: Ital Tek drops his debut album after some very nice singles on various labels and the quality is as high if not higher than expected. Ital Tek stalks the ground where electronica and dubstep meet, with a ponderous, melodic album with a few tricks up it's sleeve. He often uses the bass, which is often used as an instrument of brutality in dubstep as a melodic instrument, adding an easy and open emotional element to his tracks. He also employs lots of tricky rhythmic editing, which give the tracks and inte
  19. Machinedrum - Room(s) Jul 25, 2011 - Planet Mu - ZIQ307 1 She Died There 4:06 2 Now U Know The Deal 4 Real 3:51 3 Sacred Frequency 4:28 4 U Don't Survive 4:44 5 Come1 6:44 6 Youniverse 3:17 7 GBYE 4:26 8 The Statue 3:55 9 Lay Me Down 3:57 10 Door(s) 5:21 11 Where Did We Go Wrong? 4:20 http://planet.mu/discography/ZIQ307
  20. Planet Mu - ZIQ387 2 0 1 7 - 1 2 - 1 5 01. Formative 02. Bass 2 Dank 03. The Imperative 04. Nitrate Abuse 05. Jacktrak 04:26 06. Tactile 07. Bedrock 08. Mashdown 09. Seconds Too Soon 10. The Outlook Is Bleak https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/cassettera http://planet.mu/releases/cassettera/
  21. Ekoplekz - Bioprodukt Planet Mu - ZIQ386 June 2017 01 Elevation 02 Consequences 03 Expedition 04 Acrid Acid 05 Slipstream 06 Calypzoid 07 Transience 08 Descent 09 Low X-Over 10 Denier Daze https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/bioprodukt https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/82528-ekoplekz-bioprodukt http://planet.mu/releases/bioprodukt/
  22. Planet Mu - ZIQ389 releases August 11, 2017 01 Cascada 02 Species With Amnesia 03 Caramel (µ-Ziq Caramello Mix) 04 Beatrice’s Visit (Huerco S. Extended Stay – The Morning Version http://planet.mu/releases/refresher/ https://konx-om-pax.bandcamp.com/album/refresher
  23. µ20 3CD, unreleased tracks, **book with special edition** CD1 01. Kuedo – Slow Knife (2014) 02. Herva – Kila (2014) 03. Remarc – Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix) (2009) 04. DJ Diamond – Dozin (2014) 05. Anti-G – Oohh Shit (2015) 06. Ital – Digi Dub (2015) 07. Mr. Mitch – Phantom Prophet (2015) 08. Ekoplekz – Detroit (2014) 09. Claude Speeed – Center Tech (2014) 10. RP Boo – Azzoutof Control (2004) 11. Traxman – Nothing Stays Tha Same (Funk Bomb Remixx) (2015) 12. Ital Tek – Vacuum I (2015) 13. FaltyDL – Brazil (Maddslinky Remix) (2010) 14. Boxcutter – Neonia (2012) 15. Venetian Snares – Meet
  24. http://asherlevitas.bandcamp.com/album/lit-harness Asher Levitas is perhaps best known as part of Old Apparatus, the acclaimed and enigmatic London experimental outfit. Over the last few years he has featured on releases for labels including Deep Medi, Houndstooth and Left Blank as ‘Saa’ with the singer Linn Carin Dirdal. ‘Lit Harness’, his first solo album, started forming as a project in 2015 alongside the artist and writer Michael Crowe who worked on the live A/V show while Asher created the music with vocalist Marina Elderton (from the Ethereal Psych band Kull) who features on the tra
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