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  1. new sasu on planet mu: "Isoviha was recorded four years ago, inspired by ideas that Sasu Ripatti (aka Vladislav Delay) had been reflecting on for a long time. This album is a counterpart to his two Rakka albums which were a personal reflection on the nature and sound-world of the northern Arctic wilderness, 1000 kilometres north of where he lives on the Finnish island of Hailuoto. It's an area he loves to explore, trekking out alone to enjoy its rugged power. However the sound world of Isoviha is a return to man-made civilization. Musically Isoviha presents a more complicated world than Rakka; overloaded and unpredictable, audio archaeology that layers and juxtaposes everyday sounds into intense sculptures of noise and drone. As a musical observation internally and externally, it's influenced by the heightened anxious intensity Sasu feels when returning from the empty wilderness. The ratcheting up of urban noise on Isoviha is built with insistent loops that seem to malfunction the faster they spiral and the dangerous overwhelming potential of ordinary objects and events: shimmering, hammering, crowds, radio distortion, ancient backfiring engines. It's hypermodern musique concrète, married to a jazz drummer's intuitive sense of rhythm. Going back even further in time but still tethered to the local, Isoviha also means 'the great wrath' and refers to a time in Finland under Russian occupation in the 1700s. A time when all the Islanders of Hailuoto were killed, apart from a single couple who were left to bury the dead. As if time is non-linear, the response to toxicity and madness that drives the album feels even more appropriate now than when it was written four years ago and confirmation that the horrors of the past still darken the present."
  2. More info I was a big fan of Serverant but haven't played it in a while, looking forward to this. Not sure I'm a fan of the artwork at the moment, like the image but not the type. Bandcamp
  3. yay, http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ309
  4. Massively looking forward. Like, AOTY contender already. I’ll update when there’s more info.
  5. https://datachi.bandcamp.com/album/bones Much like its predecessor, 'Bones' manages to make the most of the possibilities modular systems offer, whilst avoiding their many pitfalls that can often turn such music into little more than a dry academic exercise. Indeed 'Bones' is a remarkably intimate album, written and recorded in the time following his father's death, and reflects this intense period of personal change in Joseph's life. "Creating this music was a therapy of sorts," Joseph recalls. "It was almost like a close friend being there for me, and it's something that I hope others can, perhaps, utilize in the same way."
  6. new album from Relaxer (formerly known as Ital) on Planet Mu https://relaxerelaxer.bandcamp.com/album/concealer first track almost feels a little Burial but with some direction. i was hoping for an Endgame part 2 because i love that album but this ain't half bad for what it is. the song has a good bit of flow to it, curious to hear how the rest of the album is gonna sound.
  7. https://vladislavdelay.bandcamp.com/album/fun-is-not-a-straight-line 01. filthyfresh 3:13 02. monolith 3:29 03. motherfuckyou 3:59 04. speedmemories 3:44 05. flowers 3:31 06. everyday 3:19 07. 90 dreams 4:40 08. wants interlude 3:07 09. videophonekitty 3:24 10. movathat 3:36 11. girl is hip 3:00 vladislav footwork album out now
  8. https://eomac.bandcamp.com/album/cracks One half of Lakker and one of my favorite producers, Eomac, is back with his new album (first on Planet Mu). Preview tracks sound LUSH. Don't know if I can wait til Mid April!
  9. Yo guys, i was happy and also shocked to see that Planet Mu is 25 years old, saw it on bandcamp today! Mike P congratulations and thank you so much for all the dope artist and murziq you introduced us ❤️ https://daily.bandcamp.com/label-profile/planet-mu-25th-anniversary-guide good god! all these amazing records, but also weird that a lot of em are not on bandcamp 🤔 anyways here are once again 10 of my all time played to death yet unbreakable fav's leafcutter john - The housebound spirit datachi' - mmale ffemale venetian snares - huge chrome cilinder box venetian snares - fool the detector exile - pro agonist kuedo - servant jlin - black origami gabor lazar -source young smoke - space zone machinedrum - rooms so much i missed, don't know where to start so what are your fav's and what did i miss out on fam?? post your top 10
  10. So, finally the new Vibert album on Planet Mu seems to be getting out after a few years of rumours :) Just announced at the Planet Mu showcase on BBC Radio 1 yesterday. Not really sure about the spelling of the title but w/a. Planned for release in October, first track on it is called Knock Out (played on that Planet Mu show, last track).
  11. Hi, So since early 2019 I've been spending a lot of time gathering all my favorite bits from Vsnares catalog, eventually gathering them in this massive mix. I tried to make it more eventful than a simple "deck to deck" mix, yet smooth and enjoyable for a casual listener. Hardcore fans might enjoy tracking down all the subtleties too. No deck was used, all the sync & mix was done with Audacity and Calculator, a few effects were added sporadically. Almost every track has been edited at some point. I tried a Mixcloud upload but this got instantly unavailable for USA listeners (really...), so I quickly did a Mixlr link : https://mixlr.com/nyuhm/showreel/lcmx03-venetian-snares-4 Tracklist : https://pastebin.com/JYAnFYTN Hope you enjoy. PS: some might remember 4 years ago i applied the same principle on Autechre discography, still online (and ok for USA ;) : https://www.mixcloud.com/NYUHM/autechre-25-years-the-megamix/
  12. Date TBA - Planet Mu - ZIQ360 Tracklist TBA http://planet.mu/discography
  13. Planet Mu (1st May 2020) https://italtek.bandcamp.com/album/outland 01 Chamber Music 02 Open Heart 03 Deadhead 04 Reverie 05 Bladed Terrain 06 Diamond Child 07 Angel In Ruin 08 Leaving The Grid 09 Endless 10 Oblivion Theme Ital Tek (a.k.a. Alan Myson) returns to Planet Mu with his sixth album ‘Outland‘.The album was written during a period of new beginnings following a move out of the city to a quieter space and the birth of his first child. During this time of self-imposed isolation Alan recorded a huge amount of source material and spent weeks and months sitting up at night with his newborn, listening back and making notes on how the new record should take form, focusing and developing ideas to shape this lean ten-track album.Alan talks of the record being a collaboration between two parts of himself, something that definitely comes across as the album unfolds. Textures are something Alan excels at and on his last album, the largely beatless ‘Bodied’, it felt as if he was building a new sound-world. On ‘Outland’ he expands upon this. The album brings together the extremes of Alan's sound, contrasting roughened bass and beats with starker more detailed atmospheres and emotions.The most beat-driven song here is ‘Deadhead’, with its gnarled bouncing bass, angular distorted melodies and cavernous textures. On tracks like ‘Bladed Terrain’ the contrasts are even more defined with buzzing drones and razor sharp drums plunging into a grainy fog, giving the track a dramatic 3D feel. Then there are the stop-start pauses of ‘Leaving The Grid’, where the song evaporates into space before reemerging with shuddering rhythms and ghostly textures. Melodies crawl around these tracks as if they’re just waking up, as heard on the atmospheric ‘Angel In Ruin’. The sleep-deprived fraying of the senses became Alan’s routine and one which he says gave him a renewed creative energy; half-asleep, working through the night, and then into the daytime super-focused but exhausted. Prone to audio hallucinations whilst writing the album, he aimed to capture these distortions in his perception of pitch and time, and you can hear these effects interpreted on tracks like ‘Endless’ and ‘Open Heart’ as melodies phase and slip out of time like an emotional Doppler effect. This is also true of the soaring atonal synths at the peak of ‘Diamond Child’, which feel like the aural equivalent of eye floaters.
  14. Buy at Planet Mu Bleepstore : https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/122321-rian-treanor-ataxia Buy from Bandcamp: https://riantreanor.bandcamp.com/album/ataxia Press Release: A preview: Some further listening that likely has more stuff from this album, and some of his previous releases too:
  15. December 2019 01 Personal Discourse 3:51 02 Like Tooth Decay 3:36 03 Fuck A Stranger In The Ass 3:12 04 Point Blank 4:00 05 Boiled Angel 4:38 06 Cricket Spine Bin 5:04 07 Aqap 6:02 08 Milk 8:55 09 Eating America With Pointed Dentures 4:43 10 Punk Kids 3:14 https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/142504-venetian-snares-greg-hates-car-culture
  16. I've wanted to go through planet mu's catalogue for a while so I've come up with this: twice a week, say mondays and fridays, I'll be posting an album from planet mu, and anyone who so wants to listens to it, and shares thoughts. I think twice a week is a reasonable rate - one for the work days and one for the weekend. I'll be doing it chronologically using this handy dandy list of releases: https://planet.mu/releases/ tomorrow i'll be starting with tango'n'vectif, and from there we'll go through the breakcore, dubstep, footwork eras, with all sorts of weird stuff inbetween. Personally i'll be using spotify since i paid for premium like a fuckin moron, but I'll be posting spotify / bleepstore / whatever links for your convenience. Ain't that nice
  17. Been out for a month, went completely under the radar. I thought I'd share it here (help guys I don't know how to embed bandcamp lol))))) I personally don't know what to think of it yet. I liked Virtuous.scr and I thought sponsored content was okay
  18. Planet Mu 2019 05 10 01. St. Fabian Tower 6:06 02. Yeah, I Like It 3:55 03. Slice Neck 3:30 04. I Want You 5:42 05. A New Consciousness 5:55 06. Edge Of Darkness 4:33 07. Buss It 5:13 08. The Kru 4:01 09. Fi Di Gyal 5:29 10. The Light 6:02 ► 50:27 https://basicrhythm.bandcamp.com/album/on-the-threshold https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/124719-basic-rhythm-on-the-threshold
  19. ARTIST: Herva TITLE: Hyper Flux LABEL: Planet Mu Records Ltd. FORMATS: 2LP/CD/DIGITAL CAT#: 2LP: ZIQ385 / CD: ZIQ385CD BARCODE: 2LP: 5055300386014 / CD: 5055300386021 RELEASE DATE: 24th February 2017 2LP A: Esotic Energy Jitter Nasty MF B: Rule The Sun Multicone Lly Spirals C: Solar Xub Meta Wave Cops Twerk D: Peach Dedicated (ft. Mar G) Zykmed CD: 01 Esotic Energy 02 Jitter 03 Nasty MF 04 Rule The Sun 05 Multicone 06 Lly Spirals 07 Solar Xub 08 Meta Wave 09 Cops Twerk 10 Peach 11 Dedicated (ft. Mar G) 12 Zykmed Few artists have the ability to totally seduce over a few spins like Italy’s Herva. What may seem messy at first listen starts to fall into sharper definition and ‘Hyper Flux’ makes a very strong case for being his most seductive and mature record yet. The album has dismantled the broken beats of his early records and drifts, dives and shivers, its beats blended into the haze, everything approached from unusual angles with none of the music sounding entirely digital as it smudges between manipulated live instrumentation and field recordings coupled with synthesis and space - there's a warm heart at the centre of this music. Of making the album he says “I challenged myself to play real instruments. I have a lot of guitars and weird acoustic instruments at my home and also my Dad’s. He's primarily a guitarist and an inventor of instruments, so I have lots of those. Anyway I'm not a pro but I'm able to play drums quite well and I'm not that bad on guitars and bass too, but the weirdo instruments are the best, you are even more free to reinvent how to play them since no one else knows how to.” The deep ambience of the albums opener ‘Esotic Energy’ melts into the shivering 4/4 pulses of ‘Jitter’. ‘Nasty MF’ pits a sludgy house beat against rough vocal samples whose aggression is disarmed by bell-like melodies, matching one earthiness for another. ‘Rule The Sun’ melts pattering drums and distorted chords with distant piano, while ’Multicone’ takes things down with relaxing undulating chords and clicks and cuts. The centrepiece of the album is the space cruise of ‘Lly Spirals’ which sounds like early 80s boogie blasted into the stratosphere. Things start to get weird with ‘Solar Xub’s drifting jazz, punctuated with scratchy beats and noise. ‘Cops Twerk’ is a rattling piece of uptempo techno with flickering rave chords and a vocal that sounds like police radio whereas ‘Peach’ is a bristling piece of ambient house, all reverbed hits and reversed stabs over a scuttling broken drum kit. ‘Dedicated’ featuring the vocals of Mar G. balances loose chords and a reversed break against her plaintive, striking vocal. Hyper Flux finishes the way it started, with the distorted chords of ‘Zykmed’, echoing dust and hiss played out over a gentle nostalgic melody.
  20. Planet Mu ZIQ396 20 18 07 06 01 No Body 2:45 02 Back From The Future 5:09 03 At War 3:32 04 Cloudy Back Yard 4:33 05 U-Don't No 4:46 06 Earth's Battle Dance 3:14 07 Work The Flow! 3:32 08 Bounty 4:09 09 Flight 1235 (ft. Phil & Crossfire) 4:18 10 U Belong 2 Me 3:00 11 Wicked'Bu 5:07 12 Deep Sole 4:22 http://planet.mu/releases/ill-tell-you-what/ https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/100854-rp-boo-ill-tell-you-what
  21. https://www.facebook.com/lanoise/videos/10155242014099101/ "Happy to share this song from my ongoing collaboration with Daniel Lanois! We’ve been recording an album together and will be playing some shows later on in the year, the first being at the Great Hall in Toronto May 31."
  22. Some time in December. Too soon? http://www.faceslaces.com/faces/18454-michael-paradinas-planet-mu/
  23. My debut album "Cyclical" drops tomorrow (26/05/08) on Planet Mu> Warp: Ital Tek drops his debut album after some very nice singles on various labels and the quality is as high if not higher than expected. Ital Tek stalks the ground where electronica and dubstep meet, with a ponderous, melodic album with a few tricks up it's sleeve. He often uses the bass, which is often used as an instrument of brutality in dubstep as a melodic instrument, adding an easy and open emotional element to his tracks. He also employs lots of tricky rhythmic editing, which give the tracks and intense energy that contrasts well with the more delicate elements. A great crossover point between dubstep and electronica, that seems wouldn't really have been possible on any other label. Boomkat: "Positioned on the shiny bit of the cutting edge of dubstep electronica, Alan Myson's iTAL tEK project has won over a legion of fans in the last year or two with massive releases for SQUARE and Planet Mu providing the essential platform for his intricate programming abilities and moody attitude ridden dubstep style. His debut full length continues his previous good work with a very coherant and personally touched collection of hi-end dubstep convolutions that sounds like the ideal succesor to the Planet Mu electronic music staples of yesteryear. Over eleven tracks Ital Tek sweeps between intensely edited rhythm freakouts and bass mangles with an omnipresent compositional element that lends much of his work a developed melodic and harmonic style close to that of label mate Boxcutter, or electronic music heroes Wauvenfold or Funkstorung. Strong gear from a talented producer." Buy it here: http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=96563 Also you can check out my latest tune "Archaic" featured on Mary Anne Hobbs' compilation "Evangeline" alongside Wiley, Magnetic Man, Flying Lotus, Surgeon etc... released June 16th I'll be launching the album with a mix on Maryanne Hobbs' show on Radio1 this Tuesday.
  24. Machinedrum - Room(s) Jul 25, 2011 - Planet Mu - ZIQ307 1 She Died There 4:06 2 Now U Know The Deal 4 Real 3:51 3 Sacred Frequency 4:28 4 U Don't Survive 4:44 5 Come1 6:44 6 Youniverse 3:17 7 GBYE 4:26 8 The Statue 3:55 9 Lay Me Down 3:57 10 Door(s) 5:21 11 Where Did We Go Wrong? 4:20 http://planet.mu/discography/ZIQ307
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