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Found 5 results

  1. This is a thread for vanished/archaic/lost VSTs that make you misty-eyed. Post plugins that you used and loved which have disappeared from the face of the earth, or just don’t see much use anymore. They don’t have to be ‘good’ as such, just stuff with character that you had a connection to. This is a weird thread for me to start because I don’t actually use VSTs that much, plus I’m aware how ridiculous it is to get nostalgic over plugins, but fuck it. [thread prompted by me finding an old CD from Computer Music magazine that has a medley of outmoded soft synths full of cheesy trance presets] Edit: just saw Brisbot's 'Most Unique VSTs' thread, hope this doesn't cover too much of the same ground!
  2. I am a long time user but recently since I have installed it on my laptop I sort of am rediscovering it. It has its short comings and its not as electronic music frienly as logic or live but I really am digging the plugins I have downloaded etc Anyone else here a pro tools user? what are your favorite plugins?
  3. So I'm trying to make my workflow as consistent as possible and in order to minimize problems and distract myself with uncertainty and spending time converting audio, my goal is to set personal standards for two things: 1. Sample rate in my DAW for the music I'm making. 2. Sample rate for recorded music I'm digitizing from cassettes and vinyl. 3. Any advice on what to use for converting higher sample rates to lower rates. I have Ableton 8.2 linked to a Tascam US-122L interface using ASIO. For ripping I'm thinking of using Audacity, though I question if it's the best choice, and if so I might stick with Ableton or acquire Reaper for that task. I have a friends copy of Sony Acid but from a superficial first try I don't really like it. So the Tascam interface can go up to 24-bit, 96khz which and I'm perfectly content at that being the max (no 192khz for me). So my questions are: 1. Is 96khz better than 88.2khz? I'm sold on 24-bit but I can't tell if there's a benefit of 88.2 in conversion going to 44.1 versus 96 to 44.1 (for CD's). Is it better to use 48 and 96 because it's also used for video sound and digital hardware sample rates? So basically, is there a difference between 24/88.2 and 24/96? 2. I see a lot of vinyl rips done at 24bit/96khz. I know with few exceptions cassettes are inherently lower quality (metal type IV is probably better than cheaply-mastered vinyl). Is 24bit/96khz overkill for cassettes and vinyl? I'm pretty sure 16/44.1 is just fine for archiving my rare and unique cassettes but not so sure about using 16/44.1 for vinyl. After all, digitizing is still, well digitizing…right? Will 24/96 even make a difference in playback of pre-recorded music? 3. Is Ableton adequate/ideal for dithering and converting? I'm committed to recording and mixing with it because of familiarity and my workflow thus far. But should I export the raw mix and use something else for better conversions to lower rates? Also, this might be the dumbest question, but once I set Ableton to my Tascam for audio input/output and set ableton to 24bit/96khz does everything I record with my Tascam UL-122L have to be in 24/96 no matter what? Or could I set the Tascam (using it's driver preference screen) to 44/16 for my recordings of analog sources but keep my Ableton project set to 96khz? To be honest, this is where I'm most unsure. I don't want to keep changing my interface to different rates when I record different things if it can affect the sound quality within the same Ableton project. Fuck, this is long and way too OCD sounding. Sorry guys. Feel free to turn this into sample rate advice thread too, after all this one is a bit old: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/8241-sample-rate-bit-depth/
  4. Ok so for ages I've been using non-legal software, but now I'm getting a bit sick of it. I recently bought Numerology 3 SE, Mainstage (for sculpture and ultrabeat), and Microtonic. I'm looking to put together a solid kit of not-so-expensive synths and effects. High on my list to buy next are: Circle > http://www.futureaud...hop.com/circle/ Mini Spillage 2 > http://www.audiospil...um-machine.html Drum Spillage > http://www.audiospil...-drum-synth.php ABL 303 emulator > http://www.audioreal.../abl2/index.htm < sounds great but is a bit expensive IMO for something that is more or less a 1 trick pony. Eventually Logic, which is now only $200 for studio. I'll wait on this though as it pisses me off with lots of shitty UI issues, plus I'm in no hurry to give Apple more money. LOL. What are some other good and not so expensive (like under or around $100) plugins for osx? I'm looking for really versatile stuff. Effects, fun stuff. No NI stuff please hahah. Cheers!
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