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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-49290641
  2. So is all this WW3 media talk just exhaustion from the US Presidential election, and fatigue for anything but Trump kinda journalism, or possibly a real conflict set to arise over numerous issues including the standoff in Syria? The news sources are wank at best, but I can't even find a reliable DEFCON status for America. http://www.morningledger.com/us-russia-war-us-defcon-raised-to-level-3-air-force-ready-to-mobilize-in-15-mins/13111931/ This says level 3: http://defconwarningsystem.com/ This says we are level 5: http://www.defconlevel.com/ As there is no official DEFCON media outlet
  3. I've never been very interested in Beyonce. I realize she is immensely talented and it seems like everyone loves her music. But she has always directed those talents towards a music I'm just not that into. And, she always seemed anodyne and corporate to me. I appreciate singing about female power is subversive, but when power is money and fashion and consumerism, well, that's just not my brand of subversion. [youtubehd]LrCHz1gwzTo[/youtubehd] But dang, this new video looks awesome and seems political in a new and interesting way for her. and the song is pretty good, except the hook. "Y
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_migrant_crisis discuss
  5. A good friend of mine, https://soundcloud.com/sammybananas is putting this together. He's a good dude / it's a good cause/ and I think a pretty good idea. DJs for Climate Action (DJ4CA), my 7 year strong push to galvanize DJs and music fans around the issue of Climate Change is finally moving into what DJs do best: HAVE PARTIES. We brought our cause to SXSW this March with an event headlined by Soul Clap, and now it's time for our first ever party in NYC! We're elated to team up with one of the country's most influential environmental groups, the National Resource Defense Council (N
  6. Here's a moving talk by Lawrence Lessig about kickstarting the one super pac to buy the power the lock money out of politics: All the more relevant given last weeks supreme court decision about campaign finance. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/04/john-roberts-campaign-finance_n_5086235.html The legalese is a bit above my grasp, but some of you might have some strong opinion about last weeks ruling. Anywho, Lawrence's talk does present a bit of hope, I guess. What do you think?
  7. Recently in the United States, there has been a surge of support for legalization of marijuana. From what I've been seeing in the news lately, quite a few states will have amendments on the ballot in November related to legalization. There's also been increased pressure from Latin American countries to legalize because they're practically falling apart due to cartels. They could begin by legalizing drugs themselves, but the real big consumers are Americans, so I doubt the illicit drug trade would suffer much if they still had the United States as a viable market. All this change excites me
  8. the USAs 2011 election is just in a few days (nov 8). will you be voting in the USAs 2011 election? i cant vote cuz they wont let me but my suggestion is to vote thread topic: do u vote and who will u vote for in ur town. talk about ur candidates also if your voting i would remind u to cosider the NDC political party run by me who is running for every office in the USA even if your just writing me in for a school board or something noone cares about every vote for the NDC political party candidate Richie Ball will show ur support and lack of support for the bull crap system of politics
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