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Found 6 results

  1. A couple of example results from my latest system, a video player with an audioreactive playhead. There’s a couple of things more to it, but I’ll leave it to my patrons to explore. You can access this system plus many more in my Patreon profile: https://linktr.ee/uisato
  2. Hello everyone. I present before you my latest work: Transforming NASA's asteroid data in real-time into MIDI to feed my Pulsar 23:
  3. Through the use of Ambee’s + NASA’s APIs and TouchDesigner, I’ve managed to capture air quality and near-earth space object [asteroids and fireballs] data in real-time, and used it to trigger MIDI signals in Ableton Live. Said signals are feeding two stock samplers and an instance of SketchCassette. Samplers are loaded one with Thom Yorke’s vocal stems from Nude and Reckoning, and the other one with the song that single-handedly introduced me to guitar-playing. Without further ado:
  4. Hey guys, I posted a new tutorial video to my channel covering how to create complex drum patterns using Ableton's legato clips. Hopefully some of you might find a useful trick somewhere in there. I also discuss follow actions a bit, and there's a little bit of a live performance in there too. Enjoy: [youtubehd] Dud5cqGNAtE [/youtubehd]
  5. Guest

    WATMM Programmers corner

    I remember we had a thread about Computer Science, but I thought i'd be better to create a new thread since programming != computer science. So post your cool programs in here etc Personally, I'm currently developing a framework to enable rule-based programming in objective-c in the hope to implement aspect/role/subject oriented design patterns. So far I focused on aspect-oriented programming and I must confess that, although still being experimental, i'm getting good results. I compared my shit with apple's notification-based observing pattern and mine is around 20% faster. How does it work ? Rules are objects that have three main properties: - a name - a condition (an NSPredicate) - an action (a block) They can be listed into rulebooks. A rulebook has an (ordered) list of rules which are individually followed when the rulebook is executed. Since rulebooks are kind of rules, rulebooks can list rulebooks. How can it implement aspect-oriented programming ? Basically, when you want to 'aspectualize' an instance, you wrap into into an AspectProxy (this instance becomes the surrogate of this proxy). When a message is sent to this proxied instance, the NSInvocation is passed to the forwardingRulebook. • Rules in this rulebook take as argument an NSInvocation and return an NSInvocation (presumably the same one) : in other words, a rule takes as argument the invocation returned by the previous rule. • The condition of these rules applies to the NSInvocation they're passed as argument. For instance, if you want to apply your rule to any setter method, your rule condition will look like: --- [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"selectorName BEGINSWITH 'set'"] and when the the condition will be tested: --- [myRuleConditionPredicate evaluateWithObject:anInvocation]; if the condition is verified, then the rule gets executed The forwarding rulebook is composed of three main stages - the before stage (a rulebook). Any processing that must be executed before the method(s) you're targeting goes here - the for rule (a rule). Executes the original method by forwarding the invocation to the proxy's surrogate. So in my setter example, it would invoke the setter itself. - the after rule (a rulebook). Here I could have a debugging rule that would output upon execution something along the lines of: --- 'myInstanceName : set value of someProperty to someValue'. Another example: with this framework, I could intercept any 'add*' messages sent to NSMutableArrays and write an after-rule that establish a one-to-many relationship between the object and the array that contains it. This way I could write something like: --- NSArray *containers = [myInstance objectsBoundByRelationWithName:@"containing"]; --- [containers performSelector:@selector(removeObject:) withObject:self]; in order to remove the object from any NSMutableArray it is contained into. tada. So I'm looking for beta testers. PM me if you're interested.
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