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Found 10 results

  1. 8 tracks of cosmic synth prog metal ridiculousness. It took me almost a year to create, but some tracks and parts have been waiting many years to be developed.. it's also the first time I've recorded vocals for my Pselodux project. Give it a listen! Track list: Hydrogenesis 4:25 Collapse 7:42 Precursors I 6:51 The Fifth Day (ft. Tim Carruthers) 8:13 New Endings 6:09 Ultramarine 9:11 i. Hero ii. Build II iii. Proving Grounds Infinity Engine 14:24 i. Generator ii. Infinity Fusion iii. Silent Sorrow In Interdimensional Vessels iv. Metal Juggernaut (ft. Tuberz McGee) Precursors II 4:13 Available at Perelandra: https://perelandrarecords.com/precursors/ Artwork by Andrea Marcias: https://www.instagram.com/_waarp_/
  2. https://pselodux.bandcamp.com/album/nanodisco Hope it's ok to post my new album in this forum. I composed this in nanoloop over the last 6 months, and road tested it at a few gigs in Japan before recording it live in one take with minimal edits. As a result, it's pretty raw but is a good representation of my live sets. 1. hikari star 07:04 2. versalife 06:05 3. nanosilo 03:01 4. okimata 11:14 5. goth city 08:39 6. replicator 08:47 7. nanodisco 04:51 8. quark rapid 03:46 9. electret ocean 06:14
  3. It's taken forever, but the 'Video Game Boss Battle Themes' album is finally here! Free download at the following link: https://atavisticspasmrecords.bandcamp.com/album/beat-the-boss-remixes Here's a sampler for the album: And here's a Discogs page so you can add it to your collections: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Beat-The-Boss-Remixes/release/6941943 Thanks to all the artists who volunteered their time to make this excellent clutch of tracks. Extra-special thanks to WATMM's resident mastering engineer Zephyr Nova who did a great job giving the album cohesive levels! I know it's taken a while to come out, but I hope you'll all agree that the wait has been worth it! This is meant to be a free album: please do not pay anything (enter '$0' under 'Buy Now'). I only used the 'pay what you want' option because that way there is no download cap. Enjoy!
  4. https://pselodux.bandcamp.com/album/ace-of-space It's a new thing by me! Less demoscene-y than Titan, maybe more towards IDM territory with a bit of skweee thrown in for some bright sounding action. Equal parts analog/digital hardware and trackers. At 73 minutes it's probably my longest Pselodux release. Here's a slightly different version of one of the tracks: https://soundcloud.com/pselodux/poptori-ii
  5. CLICK HERE FOR PROG 1. Unreal Fyre — 02:38 2. Frelesia — 08:18 3. Titan, part I — 01:10 4. Sine Language — 04:15 5. Gravity Assist — 05:41 6. Sunrise Over Hyperion — 05:35 7. Titan, parts II–IV — 17:35 Another prog album from me. Probably my most cohesive yet. I hope you guys have fun listening to it, because I had a whole lot of fun making it. It's a bit of a concept album, but I'm still writing the story for it. In the meantime, just listen!
  6. Hey! Thought some of you might be interested in this compilation. It features an exclusive track from me, and a track by Orange Dust, as well as some of the more harder edged Australian producers. Orange Dust also did the artwork on the LP labels. Limited to 100 copies, so if you're interested, get on it! http://8-bitrecordings.bandcamp.com/releases SIDE A: NOISTRUCT - DON'T TELL PEOPLE BREAKCORE IS DEAD, JUST BECAUSE IT DOESN'T SERVE YOUR INTEREST MATT BLEAK - RECONJURATION SIDE B: THE LAST NINJA - BATTLEFIELD HAZARD DEADCODE - THE POINT DISLASYSTEM - YOUR HEAD IS FUCKED SIDE C: GELIDO - HAPPY APPLE CARMEL HARRIS SLURRYCUNT - PRISSY MORSEL PSELODUX - BONUS ROUND (FEATURING LIPID) SIDE D: ORANGE DUST - AMNESIA MALADROIT - KFMDN
  7. https://pselodux.bandcamp.com/album/59k-64m 1. arimora 08:04 2. tonetta 05:30 3. yc1 05:01 4. blound 09:52 5. eramer3 05:39 Mostly hardware jams recorded with a Yamaha QY70 and Electribe ES-1. Raw and gritty but I kinda like how it turned out. Sorry for posting in music discussion; I put this out today because I'm broke for the next 10 days and kinda need to get a bit of money together, haha. Anyway there's a guitar solo in one track so I'm sure it's worth your $4!
  8. I cranked this out in about 3 hours. I think it's done. http://soundcloud.com/pselodux/twelver-remix Can't wait to try this out in a live setting. I think I'll do a bunch of remixes like this for a full-on dance action live set, fuck yes! Anyway, here's the original for comparison: http://pselodux.bandcamp.com/track/twelver
  9. Report here in this thread and I'll start a PM conversation. Keep 15th of October free because there is a big chiptune/video game music show that is part of the EB Games Expo, and I've been asked to play at it. Anyway, name yourselves in this thread and we'll take it to PM, or maybe we can keep it going here or in the Upcoming Events subforum - was going to post in there but I'm not sure how many Australian people check that subforum (I hardly ever do).
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