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Found 8 results

  1. alot of old ladys have curly hair im wondering why is that? does peoples hair get curly when they get old, or is that a fashion style? if its the style, why is the style?? is it a remainant of the olden days style, and the young ladys back then used curly hair and there just reliving there youth?? or do they do it to hide the fact there hair is thinning (going bald)?? or something else?????
  2. just found this open question in the net.. i post it just because the Knute Snortum's answer is cool: https://www.quora.com/Why-are-so-many-musicians-fascinated-by-Autechre ..Meshuggah are mentioned in the question ... well, I've seen them play a few hours ago, and at times there was a real kinship with Autechre, not only in the mathematical tangles, but in the overall impression of a huge meta-musical gear, in movement. Live, this aspect is more evident than to home listening.
  3. I remember when I was lurking here 2012/11 you guys did some awards for best post/gayest member shit like that, whatever happened to that tradition?
  4. Hello, So I've been out of the video game loop for a number of years now - I currently have my sister's old Playstation 2, and enjoy playing it, but looking at some of the stuff that is coming out soon (and is out already), I'm really considering getting a new system, etc. My question is - I enjoy multiplayer games, like first-person shooters, etc., a great deal, and one of the biggest reasons I would want a newer system is for the online capabilities. In terms of what's currently out, I think I would want an Xbox 360, with online connection, but I'm wondering if the older online and multiplayer games will become essentially obsolete once Xbox One and all of the newer games come out. Will there still be a place online to play the current multiplayer shooters, etc., and will people actually be there playing them? I saw a video on youtube once about one of the older Call of Duty games, and its online play had completely degraded to the point where it was all people with hacks fucking up the screen and play, messing the whole game up, because apparently the consoles stop monitoring or caring about the older games and their online play... Anyone have any insight into this? Thanks so much, carthief
  5. like the synths it has and that? Are they like the real shit people say to make some good stuff?
  6. So I recently got myself a snazzy new laptop and until a few hours ago, completely bereft of music asides from the catchy Mr. Scruff song that came with the computer. Now, I was wondering if there was a way to have Foobar create subfolders in my "My Music" folder whenever I drag and drop new music in Foobar? Like, I used to use iTunes a lot, and one of the upsides was that I could drag and drop new music into the iTunes library and the program would automatically create new folders. Here's an example: Say I drag and drop Unstoppable Phax Machine by Ceephax Acid Krew into my libary, and it's the first Ceephax I've downloaded, iTunes would create a Ceephax Acid Krew folder in my music folder, and within the newly created Ceephax folder, create an "Unstoppable Phax Machine" folder to store the MP3s. Also, whenever I edit the song titles or album titles or whatever in iTunes, it would edit the actual files and folders to match what I changed. Pretty neat, huh? I could do all my changes within iTunes itself and never have to mess around with the folders and all that jazz. I hope this made sense. I want Foobar to do this, because I am lazy and like to have everything (music-related) perfect.
  7. i wanna buy a thing from bandcamp but the bands name has swear words in the name and dont want my mom to see swear words on the credit card staement. i just wanna be sure... what does the credit card or paypal say when you buy from bandcamp. is it the name of the artist/band or just BANDCAMP or the artists email or what thanks, SUP
  8. im almost 15 now and could soon get a "learner permit" to drive but how do people decide how fast to drive a car?? this a serious question which made me think from the 19 year old shot thread. we wondered what goes on in the 19 year old who pimp the 13 year olds head and we can say wow he is f***d up but what if hes pimmping a 17 year old is it as bad. and a 18 year old?? then what about a more small things like driving above the speed limit which about everyone in the world does. how do they decide which speed they go? how do you??? what goes inside your head???
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