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Found 39 results

  1. Hello everybody! This is our 1st thread on this awesome community - we're on board! We'd like to link you to our very 1st release, it's an LP from Milan based duo Train To Eltanin. Check it out, you might like it! keR
  2. Tried to channel the kind of a 90s vibe house/progressive house track with this one. The final track of my summer project EP (Summer Food EP) 🙂
  3. It's been a while so decided to let this one go into the wild~
  4. https://ruiho.bandcamp.com/album/in-pursuit-of-the-sun
  5. download HERE Wirelessly bringing you pleasure through vibration. Give in to your impulses. Give in to play. Give in to the sounds of Teledildonix. What’s your flavour?
  6. NEW Reissues on Indifferent Space Recordings Available on new formats for the first time Now Available To Order From: https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/merch IDS001 - Acrelid - Abrasion On Sound - C45 Cassette https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/acrelid-abrasion-on-sound IDS002 - Oscillopeisia - Satallites of Mars - C45 Cassette https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/oscillopeisia-satallites-of-mars IDS005 - Oscillopeisia - Cosmic EP - C35 Cassette - Full Size CD https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/oscillopeisia-cosmica-ep IDS012 - Acrelid - Do You Listen To That Sort Of Stuff Which Is Just Samples And Weird Noises EP - C35 Cassette - Full Size CD https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/acrelid-do-you-listen-to-that-sort-of-stuff-which-is-just-samples-and-weird-noises-ep IDS019 - Acrelid - Music 2000 Trax - C60 Cassette - Full Size CD https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/acrelid-music-2000-trax For more information tune into Channel -1 for details: http://channelminusone.blogspot.com/
  7. Algorave = algorithmic dance music, generally live coded in front of you with projections of code + visuals. Read more in: mixmag, the wire magazine, dazed+confused, wired magazine Upcoming dates: * 13 May 2017 - Culture Lab, Newcastle Upon Tyne link * 13 May 2017 - Наука и Искусство, Moscow * 19 May 2017 - Access Space, Sheffield link * 21 May 2017 - Source Festival, Brooklyn link * 03 Jun 2017 - Archspace, London link * 09 Jun 2017 - No Bounds fest, Sheffield link * 07 Jul 2017 - bluedot fest, Manchester link * 18 Aug 2017-20 Aug 2017 - Green Man fest, Breacon Beacons link
  8. https://soundcloud.com/plexusrecords/plxs008-scarper-warmer-squares-full-album-sampler-140417
  9. https://altern8official.bandcamp.com/releases Full On Mask Hysteria - Remastered Edition by Altern 8 Record/Vinyl Ships late September, in heavyweight mailers with stiffener cards. UK Post by Royal Mail Recorded. European / International by courier. Includes digital pre-order of Full On Mask Hysteria - Remastered Edition. The moment the album is released you'll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. shipping out on or around September 26, 2016 £30 GBP 1.E-Vapor-8 2.Give It To Baby 3.Armageddon (KiNK Remix) 4.Infiltrate 202 5.Move My Body 6.Activ 8 (Shadow Dancer Remix) 7.Hypnotic St-8 8.Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix) 9.First Of May 10.Activ 8 11.Frequency (Luke Vibert Remix) 12.Brutal-8-E 13.Frequency 14.Real Time Status 15.Re-Indulge 16.Armageddon 17.A D8 With Plezure 18.8's Revenge aboutFully remastered & re-cut on triple heavyweight 12" vinyl Limited edition numbered gatefold sleeve, adorned with photos & stories from back in the day, from Neil Rushton, Joe Muggs & Ian McQuaid. Includes the full original album plus exclusive new remixes and tracks that never before made it to vinyl. Cut loud for DJ / Club use. Vinyl order comes with a download link for mp3/wavs. This is a pre-order. Release late September 2016 creditsreleases September 26, 2016
  10. New EP!!!: 1. Arpegeot 04:23 2. L-Roc's Downfall (G-Rave) 02:21 3. Mep Jo 03:18 4. Bengal En 03:39 https://retape.bandcamp.com/album/brayks-4 https://soundcloud.com/retape/arpegeot?in=retape/sets/brayks-4-out-now-on-bandcamp Yeeeeeeah
  11. J3FF3R00


  12. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=4276390554/size=medium/
  13. https://soundcloud.com/0f-digital/vrstops-tk4 new pseudonym, new sound, new aesthetic gets pretty mental at the end, cap.IV inspired
  14. New podcast: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros about EVOL's very free deconstruction and reinterpretation of György Ligeti's 'Continuum' and Hanne Darboven’s 'Opus 17a' Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/evol/capsula The name of EVOL comes from the Catalan word for Sambucus Ebulus, a herbaceous species of elder with a characteristic foetid smell. Under this moniker, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp make what they call 'computer music for hooligans' or 'rave synthesis'. Since 1996, their deconstructed rave objects have been released on record labels such as Editions Mego, Diagonal, Entr'acte, Presto!?, and ALKU, and presented as installations and live performances worldwide. Even though they reject a clear divide between high and low culture, their aesthetic exploration of algorithmic composition could be said to occupy a neutral place between academia, experimental music and club music. With influences ranging from popular culture – from Basshunter to 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' - to highbrow music by composers such as György Ligeti and Hanne Darboven, their music is slippery as slime when it comes to definitions. As their close friend Goodiepal put it a while ago: 'it’s radical computer music'. A list of keywords that have been applied to their work may offer some clues to crucial and lateral aspects of their work: rave, synthesis, elasticity, time dilation, chronesthesia, goo, hoover, hoover-stretching, hyperobject, slime, psychedelia, altered states, fractal, upward spiral, downward spiral, warping, hooliganism, mereology, horns, horny, kaiju, tetrafluoroethane, acid, anti-humanism, mentasmic, climax, freeze-frame, recursive, poing, non-anthem, strobe, party boobytrap, fold-in, continuum, squashed, monolith, asymmetry, homeomorphic, recurrence, fluorescence, phlop. SONA talks with Roc Jiménez de Cisneros about EVOL's very free deconstruction and reinterpretation of György Ligeti's 'Continuum' and Hanne Darboven’s 'Opus 17a', and how these works relate to the duo’s current artistic practice. Unusual notions of time in relation to music, algorithmic reverse engineering, complexity through simplicity, anti-climax, ancient trance music, weird mental states and Dick Higgins' Superboredom concept pop up in the conversation. More EVOL @Radio_Web_MACBA: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/composingwithprocess_2_evol_marcus_schmickler/capsula Enjoy!
  15. Upcoming WeMe 12". Sounding straight up Brainrave, I'm getting some Ultrademon vibes too. It even comes with a MNLTH(Dave Monolith) remix! Samples here: https://clone.nl/item28043.html Also a remix he's done recently just to get a better impression of his jams: [sc5]90361151[/sc5]
  16. hi art-aud is a new independent label based in italy opened this year and SECRET RAVE 01 is the first release and the first installment of the secret rave series. This release comes from a misterious guy with two untitled tracks on the a-side that have the intention to open the project and marking guidelines and sounds that you will hear especially on that whole series. On the b-side you find the remix of the track "Untitled 02" by the swedish artist Rivet and the "Secret Rave Mix" of "Rhythm Sticks" by G-23, originally released on London based label No Logo, done by the same author of the two originals. The graphic of this release is composed with a photo by Molly Macindoe made in 1997. Heavily influenced by her father, a world traveler and architect, and her mother, a university lecturer and author, she developed a love for international travel and visited many faraway places - documenting the many different cultures she encountered. However, her attention was always drawn back to the free community party and, since 1997, she has documented and Participated in the underground scene. Also Already she has released a book called "Out Of Order" that is the culmination of ten years of work and a photographic celebration of the free party scene. ltd 300 trasparent vinyls hand-stamped and hand-numbered with a folded insert with photo and infos. the product its distributed directly to small shops around europe but also in part by Clone and Juno as distribution for certain countries. here some links where you can listen, discover and buy the release: https://soundcloud.com/art-aud http://art-aud.bandcamp.com/releases http://www.juno.co.uk/products/secret-rave-01/555312-01/ https://clone.nl/item33826.html http://www.art-aud.com/ hope you'll enjoy it! and all the feedbacks from the forum are highly appreciated! cheers
  17. Ultrademon - Voidic Charms (Coral Records) Release date: 25/07/2014 01. Wake Up 02. Desert Star 03. Drive U Crazy (Feat. The GTW, Zombelle) 04. Full Moon 05. Ultrademon Killin’ It 06. Wasteland (44,000 Years In the Making) 07. Vine Hung Horizon 08. Voidic Charm 09. Nautical Elves 10. March 29 – Viral Host 11. Fantasy House 12. Step Into Liquid (Wayback Mix) 13. Flash Samples: Amazon Japan Desert Star (full): https://soundcloud.com/fireforeffect/desert-star
  18. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=2411225939/size=medium/
  19. Hello! To kick off our very young new label (Doga Media) we are releasing the debut of the experimental electronic group Bonsaei. Titled HC19P, the album kicks off with the inverted rave-pop noise of "Lo Lo" and quickly moves into violent and space oriented techno, as well as the Drexciya inspired "Mondo Gordo" (video below), "Suno SFN" and the dub techno of "Rilofasic." the album can be heard here We look forward to further new releases which can be heard in coming months, and encourage listeners to check out other old releases from the (young) label website, which run the gamut from noise-pop to experimental composition and IDM. And to keep a keen eye out for new releases in the coming months! Thanks for listening!
  20. Anything!! Anything, good rave tunes, dark beats but still funky, old shit, really old shit, new shit. Fling it at me cuz I gotta dj a party later. Just any fucking thing, preferably electronic, that you'd like to hear at a halloween rave! Help! plz!
  21. 'Ello all! I've got an event coming up this October that I thought you might be interested in... http://www.facebook.com/NewbuildUK https://www.facebook.com/events/267326203409757/ http://www.wegottickets.com/event/230811 NEWBUILD DEVELOPMENTS (EST. 2013) EXPERTS IN... ========================================== ACID, TECHNO, HOUSE, BASS, GENERAL ELECTRONIC WEIRDNESS ========================================== PRESENT TO YOU... NEWBUILD 1.0 FRIDAY 11TH OCTOBER 2013 UNION CLUB VAUXHALL 10PM - 6AM TICKETS: £7.50 (+bf) from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/230811 £10 before midnight on the door The detailed plans: Newbuild Developments have secured planning permission for another project in an up-and-coming area of zone 2 in south London. Union Club is conveniently located within moments of tube and rail links from Vauxhall station and the site is also a stones throw from breathtaking riverside views. You are invited to come along to the show home on Friday 11th October and explore the world of acid, house, bass and all forms of forward-facing modern electronic music. The event begins at 10pm and goes on all the way until you can dance no more! So be sure to be there and see how all parties will be in the future... Today! Joining us through-out the evening are: +++DMX KREW+++ www.dmxkrew.com facebook: DMX Krew The multi-genre master of electronic music comes along to show us how it's all done. ++DAVE MONOLITH++ http://soundcloud.com/dave-monolith facebook: Dave Monolith A rare set from one of Rephlex's hottest artists. Definitely one to get out of bed for! +SCRASE+ https://www.soundcloud.com/scrase facebook: Scrase +GARETH CLARKE+ https://soundcloud.com/gareth-clarke faceboook: Gareth Clarke +BENJAMIN JACKSON+ https://soundcloud.com/benjaminjackson +ROTODRONE+ https://soundcloud.com/rotodrone +STEVE+ https://soundcloud.com/stevenosurname +DJ LOVE LOVE RECORDS+ facebook: Love Love Records With mind-melting visuals provided by IDIRON AV http://idiron.com/av/
  22. REGGAECIDE PERFORM MASHUPS ON HIS FAVORITE ROSTER OF FEMALE POP ARTIST RESULTING IN 15 NEW TRUE RAVISH RAVE BANGERS! CHECK IT! [bandcamp width=400 height=472 album=500568326 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=small]
  23. Guest


    http://edm-moments.tumblr.com/ so raw bro
  24. He is mixing live using a ton of virtual instruments and custom mix work. He Really only mixes his own music. He is putting a new face on what it means to be a DJ (Which scares other DJ) He has a sick Mouse hat. He used to be an ex raver and probably did lots of ECSTASY ! And He means Business. So How Much Ecstasy do you all think it takes before you become a Mau5? you can't be serious. you realize that deadmau5 is playing music he has written himself, right? what he does doesn't compare to what a dj does insofar as it is about 1,000,000x cooler and requires 1,000,000x more talent than djing. (a little tip for the kids: DJING IS EASY AS FUCK. any idiot can do it with a bit of practice. now sit down and try to write a track that doesn't sound like it was written on a calculator ) that being said, I don't like deadmua5's music either, but I have a ton of respect for an artist that can captivate huge audiences playing exclusively original material.
  25. https://www.facebook.com/events/156856307822683/ Sorry for the double event folks but we wanted to make sure everyone knows that Sunday event has turned into a MEGARAVE!!!! with afterparty!! Please spread the word!! From 7pm £3 before 9pm in OPIUM, across the road from the Bongo Club with new & improved soundsystem! tasty! All this and an AFTERPARTY!! CEEPHAX ACID CREW (REPHLEX, PLANET_MU, Breakin', WeMe /Chelmsford) ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!!ACID!!! Regularly headlining BANGFACE and every other Dope party the world over, this magnificent man of machines will pleasure you beyond your wildest analog dreams. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dqimbX0l0E http://youtu.be/xdzX35VDVZE CEEPHAX ACID CREW WILL NOW ALSO BE GIVING US A BONUS VINYL SET!!! FEXOMAT (NSF, RRR /Berlin) Prepare for hot hard joy inserted directly into your mind, by this international legend and creator of Ringe Raja Records. It wouldn't be a birthday without the big guy! His mix for last years celebrations was voted best breakcore mix of 2012 yeah, in Japan yeah! Check it out for yourself --> http://www.mixcloud.com/Fexomat/fexomatterrors-2nd-birthday-studio24_edinburgh/ ANTON SERRA & DICO /Lyon 2 of France's greatest MC's Exclusively live and direct for TERROR. These cats been doing it for a long time and they're fucking good. http://youtu.be/NFUNHHpp6kE LOUIE, ERIN FRIEL /old mate Glasgow & EL GREEN The absolute cream of the Scottish rap scene. Check out Louie's sensational album https://soundcloud.com/louiedeadlife/it-is-what-it-is-louie-and PERISHED GUSSETS (RAVE, TERROR /Glasgow) World Famous neo-rave ejaculate! NO GENRE IS SAFE! Lots of GABBA, DONK & SURPRISES! https://soundcloud.com/perishedrecords/ http://perishedrecords.bandcamp.com/ FROG POCKET (PLANET-MU) BREAKCORE AS FOLK http://youtu.be/LAMQq4yvwx0 CONSCIOUS RIDDIM Conscious vibrations with a heavy funk of skunk WISE L LEATHERMONK Celt Hop at it's best http://youtu.be/RjoDHqeMdFM MOG- TERROR's favorite! http://youtu.be/9U6nrDIC0VI Mr Jinx bringing the fucking ruckus no doubt. http://youtu.be/x4qGldnSb5g UPSTANDING MONK (UP DIGITAL /Glasgow) Glasgow based purveyor of experimental acid techno beats! https://soundcloud.com/upstanding-monk http://www.mixcloud.com/UpstandingMonk/ PLASTIC INTERIOR URANIAN Experimental noise, fear, enlightenment https://soundcloud.com/plastic-interior-urynian http://nh2ch2cooh.net/travel/x2.html PRE PARTY (OPIUM): 7:00-7:30 - CONSCIOUS RIDDIM 7:30-8:30 - FROG POCKET 8:30-9:15 - UPSTANDING MONK 9:15-10:00 - MC Cypher w/WISE LEATHERMONK 9:30-10:25 - CEEPHAX ACID CREW (BONUS DJ SET) 10:25-11:00 - KING TOM MAIN EVENT (BONGO CLUB): DOWNSTAIRS 11:00-11:50 - BREAK DANCE CYPHER 12:00-12:30 - ANTON SERRA & DICO 12:30-01:50 - CEEPHAX ACID CREW 01:50-03:00 - FEXOMAT UPSTAIRS 11:30-12:10 - Extremest 12:10-12:40 - PLASTIC INTERIOR URANIAN 12:40-02:00 - LOUIE, ERIN FRIEL, EL GREEN 02:00-03:00 - CONSCIOUS RIDDIM AFTER PARTY (SECRET LOCATION): FEXOMAT / THE JAMES HETFIELD ORCHESTRA PERISHED GUSSETS DJ PI-EYED MA BLA ZONK & MORE TBA!! ALL THIS FOR £3 BEFORE 9pm £5 After!!! QUALITY PARTY!!! GIRO FRIENDLY!!! www.terrorstate.co.uk I will be playing some music @ this in a technicolour dreamcoat, do come and join the raveup if you're kicking about Edinburgh! https://soundcloud.com/upstanding-monk/lick-my-wallpaperhttp://frogpocket.bandcamp.com/track/my-mentle-ass
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