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Found 3 results

  1. So my current girlfriend is quite the Fomo type, and I just can't stand that aspect of her, she's also very competitive and is quite dominant. Loves to be in charge and plan everything. She reckons she's super ambitious, but I don't see the fruits of that label, because she doesn't have anything to show for it, as in money or a house. She has also traveled to quite a few destinations and loves to go on about that. Europe, UK, SE Asia and Hawaii. She has a travel map in her room with pins on it! I mean, OK. We'll be driving along and she'll come out with; "I've been there!" pointing out the place/restaurant, this gets old to me. It comes across as bragging or boasting. Ugh. Last night in the car I was saying how I just found out the show Outlander is also a book, and she said; "I know. Do you want to know how I know? I said yeah, sure. "Well because I travelled to Scotland, and went to a graveyard that the story mentions and I took a photo with Fraser's tombstone." I just wanted to vom right then and there, the way she said it just made her sound like such a douchebag. A simple, yeah it's a book could've been enough—the boasting just does my head in. Don't get me wrong, there's lots to like about her, but what really bothers me is how she turns some conversations/situations about her and where she's been/done. It's like she gets a kick out of it. I'm quite the opposite, I hate talking about myself and achievements or whatever else, unless asked. So, why do people boast? Or make situations about them and their achievements? BTW, I'm not insecure, it's more that she does it lots and with a really boastful tone. I'm not sure if any of her friends have told her anything about it or how they put up with it but jesus I hate it.
  2. relationships seem like a lot of sex, a lot of fighting, a lot of watching shows, and loads less creative work getting done. how do you watmmers manage to get quality work done while maintaining a romantic relationship with another human being?
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