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Found 18 results

  1. This is very crazy but it is happening right now! The world is gonna change alot now and this is only the beginning. https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/russia-ukraine-invasion-donbas-troops-today/
  2. "Harmont Zone is a themed audio project inspired by the greater world and atmosphere of Roadside Picnic (1972), the Russian science-fiction novel by Arcady and Boris Natanovich Strugatsky. Each episode is an experimental, moderated trip into the many unknowns of the Zone, a trip consisting of curated music, ambience, field recordings, and other pieces of sound. It is also directly inspired by the recently reborn Roadside Picnic Radio Podcast (2005–2021) by esteemed artist and filmmaker Joshua Zucker-Pluda." https://augustfreytag.com/work/harmont-zone https://augustfreytag.com/work/a-roadside-picnic for fans of SOISONG, Eccentronic Research Council
  3. https://bheater.substack.com/p/music-on-ribs
  4. From their native St. Petersburg, Square Fauna evoke a score for imaginary protoplasmic oceans, surreal, sepia-tinged space operas and Russian sci-fi folk tales; lush, green landscapes littered with the burned out husks of automobiles, military vehicles, and askew telephone poles no longer in use though marked by pools of water in which can be found the debris of modern society. Primitive kosmische electronics and vintage spacescapes cascade around complex polyrhythmic percussion. Ethereal mists of gaseous reverb are scattered by windswept synths and white-noise striations. ‘Meet The Fauna’ is as much of a cheeky nod to The Residents and Coil (or even Haroumi Hosono and John Hassell) as it is to the likes of B12, Black Dog, Richard H Kirk. A completely singular, modern sci-fi soundtrack for the discerning sofanaut. Artwork by Al White aka Crud. Available end of March 2020. Distributed exclusively worldwide by Rubadub.
  5. "Filterealism" starts from the territories where Gamayun haven't stepped before, from the music that only seems to be simple, but in fact it turns out to be very compound. Their recordings are not escapist in any sense of its meanings anymore; the whole album consists of divisions, explorations and adoptions through the personal and collective experience of music-making. The technical side of this sound acts likewise: you can hear a large amount of routine items (furniture, utensils and deformed recordings of the nature) among "conventional" electronic gadgets and live instruments. "Filterealism" sounds just like some Soviet electronic music pioneer, which had shifted his focal grip from the modulations and synthesizers to all the simple things of surrounding and completed the piece with profounder shot of weirdness and commonplace wondering. And it literally works like a wonder. Check this out: https://gostzvuk.bandcamp.com/album/014 Release date: February 28, 2020
  6. Five years ago, the expression ‘Russian electronic scene’ had borne a tone of futurology and expectancies rather than a real state of affairs. It was possible to put together musicians of local and genre importance easily in general, but not of significance in national scale. With rise and further development of ГОСТ Звук, Russian electronic music achieved power not only as cultural phenomenon within country’s borders, but also proved fully to be a thing of international meaning. Starting operations in 2014, the label quickly defined its domains of authority and engagement and created full-bloody community of musicians, where everyone has a special view on his own work and unique sound. The projects presented on this compilation can be rightfully called the contemporary vanguard of Russian and global electronic music. Each of resonant artists holds his own disparate creative field and impact. However, in this diversity the unity of creation of beauty and ingenuity is born, that distinguishes Russian independent electronica. All compiled tracks perfectly characterize the artists involved, sometimes from extremely striking sides; chaotic improvisations and ethereal grooves, unearthly landscapes and undistracted concisions. Both electric boffinry and club anthems merge into united vision, placed in graceful frame of Rashad Becker’s mastering. Maybe this compilation won’t close the question ‘What is the Russian Sound?’, which has been raising for more than a twenty years. Nevertheless, it is able to give an extensive view on the evolution of Russian electronica in the 2010s. Preview: Preorder: https://gostzvuk.com/album/gost-zvuk-5-years
  7. https://soundcloud.com/gost-zvuk-records/gost012_infx Gost Zvuk continues its journey to the depth of today’s Russia experimental music scene with the debut EP from ИНФХ, yet another emerging artist from country’s capital Moscow. Young muscovite prefers to work on the margins of popular electronic music genres, using the complex broken rhythmical architecture to create his own kind of introverted club tracks for highly observant and thoughtful listeners. The resulting music is an ever-changing, multifaceted and polychromatic living organism with a constantly mutating structure — a truly unique piece of art that should not be overlooked. ГОСТ012: ИНФХ "Fences of Metal" is already available at Hard Wax, "Ace, smartly stepping IDM EP". Coming to all worldwide shops tomorrow.
  8. New forthcoming GOST ZVUK release by Flaty On the sixth double LP in the label's catalogue the Saint Petersburg-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Flaty presents another phase in the development of his project AEM Rhythm-Cascade. The sound of the record is kept true to the stylistic vector defined by the artist way back on one of the first Gost Zvuk's releases, a three-tracker with its main hit «Vspominafoniya» («Memoryphonics») currently enjoying a well-deserved status as the de facto anthem of the label. On his new album «Lit'yo» («Metal casting») Flaty continues to experiment with various dance music genres, attempting to bring diverse stylistic features to a common denominator, a perfect «golden ratio». With his strict and thorough approach to sound synthesis and arrangement, keen attention to detail and «deep» sound atmosphere, here he designs rhythmic structures almost organic, the pulse of percussion smooth and fluid without a slightest hint of technological engineering. The spirit of this quest for flawless harmonic proportion is also present in the symmetric design of the album: two records hold twelve tracks, three on each side. GOST011: AEM Rhythm-Cascade "Litie" Side 1 А1: New Day (6:02) А2: Mimicore (4:33) А3: Soap Water (4:30) Side 2 B1: Spiral (5:30) B2: Razmetka (4:26) B3: Serviz (5:28) Side 3 C1: L–Expo (5:26) C2: Orange (3:48) C3: Partial Presence (4:16) Side 4 D1: Volnushka (5:18) D2: Plaksa (5:40) D3: Emulsiya (4:45) producer — Flaty mastering — Simon Davey photo — Ernest Yakovlev design — Pavel Milyakov executive producer — Ildar Zaynetdinov St. Petersburg city 2 x 12" LP, full colour print June 2018, Russian Federation. © «ГОСТ ЗВУК»
  9. New ANWO release is out today! Flaty & Fama87 story goes back to their childhood passion for hip-hop culture. They'd been doing graffiti together for years, which then transformed into a shared interest in DJing and music production. Since then it's been a continuous parallel evolution of ideas, vision, and understanding in the field of sound and beyond. They've gone from traditional sample-based beatmaking in the early years to producing everything on their own, thus contributing to the styles they once borrowed from. Over these years they've both done many solo projects, as well as various collaborations. Among the recent ones is FFAA, their joint laboratory for sonic exploration, production and recording. «Globhead» is an album of FFAA studio experiments from 2013 to 2017. Bandcamp
  10. Release date: 14th July. OL is coming back to GOST with his first double LP – one hour masterpiece that sums up his research on soviet sound heritage. The album titled “Height Difference” fluctuates through different genres and tempos reflecting ups and downs of daily life. This refined and sincere work showcases the talent and unique sound of prolific Russian producer. Listen to Oleg's mix: https://soundcloud.com/gost-zvuk-records/gostmix18 Pre-order: Decks Deejay.de Redeye Juno
  11. Release date: 20th Оctober. You can buy it or listen to previews here Vtgnike's Boiler Room set:
  12. http://abcnews.go.com/International/russian-television-warns-nuclear-war-amid-us-tensions/story?id=42773541 And countless others from the past few weeks, probably more from the coming weeks. Currently on DEFCON 3 as we speak. EDIT: "It’s not a new Cold War. It’s not even a deep chill. It’s an outright conflict." So what do you think is going to happen?
  13. Check it out We begin our history with the first full-length Dada Ques release, written and produced by the founder of the label, Flaty. Called "1" ("One" or "Album One"), the release is timed with the launch of ANWO / AMONARI-NO-WORD which has been conceived and designed as a creative platform for own musical projects and various other art initiatives. "Album One" presents a wide array of styles grinded and melted into one solid and breathing soundscape, it's electronic romanticism with advanced detail. Available SEPT–15–2017 on heavyweight vinyl and digital.
  14. Out now. Press-release: Audiosapr is one of the most consistent albums you're likely to come across in Russia's GOST ZVUK entire back catalogue. Surprisingly, the full-length by Saint-Petersburg's scene veteran Kuzma Palkin is a compilation of random jams and studio recordings he made in the period of 2014-2015, carefully pieced together by label's masterminds. SAPR stands for the System of Automatic Projection (a Russian term for Computer-Aided Design, CAD) which defines the album's experimental yet complex and interlocking heart. Based around a central theme of immediacy and spontaneity, Audiosapr builds upon the foundations of early, pre-Detroit era of electro and techno, and then progresses the wispy entrails of analogue gear in a contemporary dancefloor direction. It's clearly music that can be attributed as hybrid, however it's not you're going to think about while listening to Audiosapr, Palkin's definitely most inspiring work to date. hardwax clone juno
  15. https://soundcloud.com/gost-zvuk-records/gost007-aleksey-nikitin-ledyanoy-albom 2x12'' LP, hand stamped white label, 180 g. Release date: 7th April 2017, Russian Federation.
  16. New release from my fellow man Zhenya on GOST ZVUK imprint Check this out: https://hardwax.com/76736/flaty/new-suggestions/ https://soundcloud.com/science-art/nii001
  17. “Drugstore phones” is a double LP from Russian wizard Piper Spray. This enigmatic producer is a hidden gem of the Russian electronic underground. The album is taking you on the unexpected trip in many ways – it’s hard to define the genre but one can feel the author’s will for experiments and exploration of new sound. This sonic documentary of Piper’s world is breathing and constantly changing, it has no borders, though it’s the most balanced and mature work of the author. Spectacular opener of the GOST ZVUK's gatefold LP series. 2x12'' LP, hand stamped white label, 180 g. November 2016, Russian Federation. Check this out:
  18. Ukraine says rebels shoot down Malaysian airliner, 295 dead (reuters) Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight, shot down over Eastern Ukraine... fucks sake, worse in terms of lives lost than Iran Air 655. Just horrible.
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