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Found 20 results

  1. just watched alex garland's annihilation and it has got some really nice sound design. overall movie is rather good too, but not as groundbreaking as it was hyped to be. would have profited from a larger budget i guess.
  2. Sunrise Ruby Records 01 - by Bodyverse The new record label based in Berlin founded by Andy Mintaka has developed a wonderful ambient album titled "Religion Cr70", composed with a Roland Juno-G Synthesizer. Limited edition Cassette (20 copies) & Digital! Streaming / Purchase: https://goo.gl/1pSwdm
  3. Artwork by Brazilian illustrator Butcher Billy. Waxwork Records has unveiled their pressing of the Dawn of the Dead Goblin score. Going up for order today, the reissue “marks the first time the entire score has ever been available on vinyl,” according to Consequence of Sound. The largest gathering of the Goblin tracks had previously been 11 songs, but Waxwork is putting out all 17 in a double LP set. SIDE A 1. L’alba Dei Morti Viventi 2. Zombi 3. Safari SIDE B 4. Torte In Faccia 5. Ai Margini Della Follia 6. Zaratozom 7. La Caccia 8. Tirassegno SIDE C 9. Oblio 10. Ris
  4. 1.Novak 監視™ 01:19 2.ラン 05:39 3.0.04 内部 04:24 4.79 Million Adversaries 05:16 5.SANCTION 人造 06:31 video 6.Subterranean District 05:34 7.Maintenance Corridor 21337b 02:10 8.The Last Wave 04:46 9.Another Way 続く 03:25 10.Run Complete 6581 [TIME LIMITED DIGITAL BONUS] 03:22 Inspired by the sci-fi short Tokyo Run combined with the narrative of Mass Distraction. The album is a dark and cinematic insight into a dystopian future nobody wants. Digital version includes TIME LIMITED bonus track only available to download for 90 days. Lush LPs available for preorder on bandc
  5. LOL I was just jamming around w the sylenth1 and then this happened:
  6. First track : https://soundcloud.com/throttleclark/omni-vignette nice That plus the theme by Bowie, I'm interested :
  7. Happy Halloween Everyone! This is our annual Halloween 3 Tribute. Enjoy. https://hilligoss.bandcamp.com/album/cochran
  8. The Hatcliffe House Tapes Volume 1 Early Experiments and Conclusions Available now from bandcamp. Purchased downloads include 2xCD and C90 Cassette print your own CD/Cassette cover templates and A3 Poster. Money from purchases will go towards Vinyl Pressing. Enjoy............................................................................... http://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-1-early-experiments-and-conclusions "The Hatcliffe House Tapes are a collection of recordings from my old residence circa 2001-2012 which i will be releasing thou
  9. POUR LE PLAISIR - TIN MACHINE EP one-sided frosted-clear heavyweight 180g vinyl 12" EP with screenprinted picture disc artwork + download BUY HERE It may be all of 4 tracks and 27 minutes long, but Pour Le Plasir’s Tin Machine EP is the closest we’ve come to a movie soundtrack. The film is Midnight Express: Legacy, in which Shia Labouf goes in search of his missing computer-animated heroin dealer father in a plot largely jerry-rigged to provide lots of slick music video montages. Because with analogue synthy house this throbbing and
  10. https://schwebung.bandcamp.com/album/sacred-ground http://www.fluid-radio.co.uk/2014/08/sacred-ground/ Good stuff as usual. He was also part of a collaborative performance in Japan earlier this year, with Taylor Deupree, Illuha, and Federico Durand, which you can grab digitally here: http://kualauktable.limitedrun.com/
  11. just in time for the spooky Halloween playlist, here's a real creepy and desolate sci-fi soundtrack just put up today: "this material spawned from a dream sometime in 2013. i recorded 2 hours in one sitting immediately after waking from the dream, and have been editing it gradually over the past year. it's a sci-fi horror story about an unconscious space explorer stranded on a strange planet, told through a desolate, ambient soundtrack. i tried to create an "alien field recording" sounding album (Environmental), but with sparse movie like orchestral melodies that tell of a dramatic event unfo
  12. Soundtrack Shed did for F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu is up on his site to stream/download. http://www.nowt.de/web/?p=474
  13. Cyborgs Have Arisen on Titan's Moon Men: The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist: 01. Triachus - Slowly Going Insane In An Abandoned, Cluttered, Industrial Spaceship That's Spinning Around Out Of Control While In Orbit Around Titan 02. Silver Trifolium - Titan Flyover (Opening Credits) 03. Jonas - What's Wrong Huygens? 04. Notein - Unfold 05. LHOKA - Applying Lip Gloss Scene 06. Fuckbeast - Cyborg Sexlove Haven 07. QBLA - My Machines Don't Fail Me 08. Hello Spiral - Subdermal Cyborgs Dance in Embrionic Slumber (In The Church of the Moon Men) 09. Lanarc - Wellmor Station 10. Endless
  14. I heard that they were working on a soundtrack (for a short film) but then never heard anything more about it. Anyone know what is happening here?
  15. that's what Andy just wrote on FB i hope it is true (/sth that wont be cancelled or delayed forever), so we all hear some new Plaid material. :) edit andy.bmp
  16. I would love to hear anyones thoughts if interested...this was made very quickly and Im unexpectedly very very happy with the results....makes me think of some Bourne Identity character sneaking around in some dystopian digital computer base or something. http://soundcloud.com/user6105815/synchrony-post-analysis
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