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Found 23 results

  1. if any of you follow space travel, you will know this Thursday marks the first orbital test flight of NASA's new manned deep space rocket, the Orion Space Vehicle. it will be perched atop one of the largest rockets ever assembled, the Delta 4, and by now actually is, it's completely assembled on Launch Complex 37B at Cape Canaveral. this site has a ustream feed and a countdown clock, so check it out. the next era of manned space travel is about to begin, after the retirement of the beloved Space Shuttle. "A United Launch Alliance Delta IV will herald a new era in manned Space Flight with the launch of the Orion capsule for the new Space Launch System (SLS)." "The Delta IV will be in the heavy configuration with a common core booster and two identical strap-on boosters. This will be the seventh Delta IV Heavy to launch from the Cape Canaveral launch site and the ninth overall." http://www.americaspace.com/?page_id=33925
  2. New tape is out now. Deep space solitude vibes. And here’s some free codes - 56gs-cxkb gyuc-cptx 325e-w2rq dm69-cdhz pgyn-wcpg h7uj-j6gw hlw6-yyn4 hcpt-buvm 4hf3-hqzg q4dw-v8yu 9s4q-627q Redeem at https://thelastambienthero.com/yum If they run out, feel free to give me a shout and I’m happy to send you one. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Superb spacey experimental techno from Zachary Lubin Out on Jeff Mills imprint AXIS records. I absolutely LOVE the first intro beatless track especially. https://www.axisrecords.com/product/zachary-lubin-abeona-adiona/
  4. "Even / Ever / Over" A beatless synth piece I did, if you have 8 minutes to spare and are partial to slow spacey things... https://paulleonanderson.bandcamp.com/track/even-ever-over And here's a soundcloud link, though this one is not mastered...
  5. 8 tracks of cosmic synth prog metal ridiculousness. It took me almost a year to create, but some tracks and parts have been waiting many years to be developed.. it's also the first time I've recorded vocals for my Pselodux project. Give it a listen! Track list: Hydrogenesis 4:25 Collapse 7:42 Precursors I 6:51 The Fifth Day (ft. Tim Carruthers) 8:13 New Endings 6:09 Ultramarine 9:11 i. Hero ii. Build II iii. Proving Grounds Infinity Engine 14:24 i. Generator ii. Infinity Fusion iii. Silent Sorrow In Interdimensional Vessels iv. Metal Juggernaut (ft. Tuberz McGee) Precursors II 4:13 Available at Perelandra: https://perelandrarecords.com/precursors/ Artwork by Andrea Marcias: https://www.instagram.com/_waarp_/
  6. :// aғтer тwo yearѕ oғ recordιng and collecтιng daтa, our engιneer ιѕ ready тo ѕнow yoυ нιѕ laтeѕт dιѕcoverιeѕ. ιn order тo gaιn тнe peaĸ eхperιence oғ тнιѕ daтa, we recoммend yoυ lιѕтen wιтн нeadpнoneѕ, тo aѕѕυre yoυ receιve ғυll connecтιon тo тнιѕ тranѕмιѕѕιon. :// E.V.A - Galaxies Out Now For $6 Album: https://eva-music.bandcamp.com/album/galaxies
  7. Hey folks.. just wanted to share some creations with you.. http://nonlinearspacemovement.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/nonlinearspacemovement https://www.mixcloud.com/nonlinearspacemovement/ and since my nsm soundcloud account is full to the brim and i am too much of a cheapskate to go premium, i continue with the history eraser button: https://soundcloud.com/historyeraserbutton when i am fed up with making space music i sometimes do this: https://soundcloud.com/suprstructure or i go and make some elektrobass music: https://soundcloud.com/subsonicliberationfront Have an awesome evening! I know you will!
  8. Legowelt is dropping a new EP through Unknown to the Unknown. 4 tracks, dark-ish, dance-y, weird melodies. Solid stuff. http://soundcloud.com/hothausrecs/sets/uttu_051 There's also a video; all info via: http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/legowelt-readies-new-ep-for-unknown-to-the-unknown-stream-it-in-full-now/ edit: the Soundcloud link above should play the entire 4-track playlist.
  9. http://www.spacetelescope.org/images/heic1502a/zoomable/ zoom in on the dark areas, top right... it's... all stars... i feel like a dog looking at a computer. i can see it, but i can't understand it...
  10. http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Operations/Live_updates_Rosetta_mission_comet_landing More images: http://imgur.com/a/TKI3r size comparison with a boeing 747: http://i.imgur.com/jf1IWp3.jpg
  11. just in time for the spooky Halloween playlist, here's a real creepy and desolate sci-fi soundtrack just put up today: "this material spawned from a dream sometime in 2013. i recorded 2 hours in one sitting immediately after waking from the dream, and have been editing it gradually over the past year. it's a sci-fi horror story about an unconscious space explorer stranded on a strange planet, told through a desolate, ambient soundtrack. i tried to create an "alien field recording" sounding album (Environmental), but with sparse movie like orchestral melodies that tell of a dramatic event unfolding in the story (Narrative). and finally, dream scenes where the unconscious explorer (the listener, perhaps?) is subjected to alien hypnosis (Visceral)." --> https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/the-sleeper-listens <-- imagery & interpretation aside, this is an extremely quiet and long album, and probably my most inaccessible music to date. but i'd like to think this album would be a stepping stone in the direction of making film music or any sound design job as i am currently unemployed & broke, using my music as a crutch & begging for tips. above all, enjoy and thank you.
  12. Been focusing on more minimal and atmospheric tunes featuring wonderful analog sounds from my DSI Tetra. ***edit: Tracks will disappear/reappear at my convenience. 20072014 update: link to soundcloud set since I can't embed private tracks properly:: 080814 update: Album now available via VUR: http://virtualurbanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/m http://soundcloud.com/6bem/sets/virtual-urban-records
  13. http://orphicpriest.bandcamp.com/album/transference Hope you listen and enjoy! Buy it if you can...... love always, Akkad the Orphic Priest 777
  14. CLICK HERE FOR PROG 1. Unreal Fyre — 02:38 2. Frelesia — 08:18 3. Titan, part I — 01:10 4. Sine Language — 04:15 5. Gravity Assist — 05:41 6. Sunrise Over Hyperion — 05:35 7. Titan, parts II–IV — 17:35 Another prog album from me. Probably my most cohesive yet. I hope you guys have fun listening to it, because I had a whole lot of fun making it. It's a bit of a concept album, but I'm still writing the story for it. In the meantime, just listen!
  15. NASA's spacecraft Voyager one has left our solar system and is now struttin' its way through interstellar space at a speed of 61000kms and hour. It took this little guy thirty six years to break free but he's done it, happy day!! http://www.smh.com.au/technology/sci-tech/voyager-1-exits-solar-system-in-breathtaking-achievement-36-years-after-launch-20130913-2to2h.html
  16. https://soundcloud.com/geniegarrett/geniegarrettspace
  17. The 6th broadcast on Future Music, this time with two special guests! The Man From Ultra (Ultrayonic) & Oxynucid (Centrifuge, Complex Sound Sagacity) Not to be missed! 1st of October 22:00-00:00 GMT on Future Music. http://themanfromultra.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/themanfromultra https://www.facebook.com/pages/oxynucid/16675047757 https://soundcloud.com/oxynucid http://future-music.co.uk/
  18. http://news.discover...nge-120822.html No idea what this would mean for us, but it sounds cool
  19. check out their tunes, you will hate them. http://survive.bandcamp.com/ spase j▲ms
  20. Bill's tribute to all songs sci-fi. some good ones on here, lol 1. Major Tom 2. Space Oddity 3. In a Little While 4. Space Cowboy 5. Space Truckin 6. Rocket Man 7. She Blinded Me With Science 8. Walking On the Moon 9. Spirit in the Sky 10. Bohemian Rhapsody 11. Silver Machine 12. Mrs. Major Tom 13. Empty Glass 14. Lost in the Stars 15. Learning to Fly 16. Mr. Spaceman 17. Twilight Zone 18. Struggle 19. Iron Man 20. Planet Earth
  21. Guest

    "Floating Home"

    Here is a new original composition titled "Floating Home." It takes inspiration from Koji Kondo, some of the vibe of Mario Galaxy, and a little bit Final Fantasy as well. I'd love to know what it makes you think of! Thanks for listening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUFJyJyaobY
  22. it begins and ends with, and takes as its basis the excellent, eerie NASA Space Sounds recordings (in this case, EM-radiation-data-converted-to-audio from the planet Jupiter). It builds on this to make an at-first ambient but then beat-oriented journey through space, in a literal sense. I'm not sure how i feel about the final result really but it exists on its own now so try it out. mp3 download: http://www.mediafire...6eozeid6mdtclci
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