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Found 814 results

  2. https://www.beatink.com/products/detail.php?product_id=10470
  3. Finally! Its here. The album you've all been waiting for, more eagerly awaited than Boards of Canada, more sought after than Aphex Twin, WATMM covers Squarepusher. Congrats to all involved, this is a wicked compilation of tracks. DOWNLOAD HERE, in WAV. Tracklist: 1. Zephyr Nova - Rotate Electrolyte 05:24 2. Hermann - Squarepusher Theme 06:39 3. YIkES! - I Wish You Could Talk 03:06 4. Stocko - Rebus 03:15 5. The Kimmy Gibblers - My Sound 03:48 6. Hefty Carriage - Unknown (Inspired track) 05:08 7. Swegüno - I Wish You Could Talk (Reinterpreted) 05:47 8. Acidburp - Unreleased 03:50
  4. Here. Also have the Venus No 17 12" if anyone is interested
  5. Wow, are we already on Week 4?! Let's listen to Big Loada and the Burningn'n Tree compilation. Above is the album cover for Warp's original release of Big Loada, but I actually have the U.S. version released by Nothing Records with extra tracks. Here is some info from Wikipedia regarding the differences between the two. Paraphrased from Wiki (because I couldn't have said it better myself):
  6. Hey, I bought a copy of feed me weird things recently and sometime during the records life, someone has used side C as an ashtray or something so Ernest Borgnine and Future Gibbon are unplayable. I only need the C/D disc as the sleeve and side A/B are in great shape... if anyone has it, get in touch! -m
  7. I’m sure it’s been discussed somewhere, I just can’t find it... There are obvious similarities between parts in at least two tracks on Chaos A.D. Buzz Caner and I Care Because You Do: Chaos A.D. ‘Friend Track’ contains the same drum loop as ‘Cow Cud is a Twin’ - seems the track name would be the obvious clue here Chaos A.D. ‘Dreaded Pestilence’ uses a nearly identical sound (harsh feedback resonant filter lfo fart) to ‘Ventolin’ - I have never heard this sound anywhere else. Does anyone have details, ie did anyone ever confirm/admit that RDJ contributed on Buzz Caner and/or borrowed material from it for ICBYD or vice versa?
  8. SO Far... 13-16th March 2020 https://bangface.com/ebang/weekender2020 Squarepusher Tommy Cash Venetian Snares Plaid Fabio & Grooverider Helena Hauff Altern 8 DC Breaks DJ Rap Sound Murderer Luke Vibert Lennie D Ice Benny Page Sentimental Rave Hellfish The DJ Producer Chris Liberator Ceephax Acid Crew Konx Om Pax Claro Intelecto Reso Lucy Furr Coco Bruce Hallucinator Kursa Spyro Shosh Forbidden Society Broken Note Rachel Rackitt Casual Gabberz Djinn Seppa Audiotist Sei2ure Ewa Justka Somniac One Kanji Kinetic Mr Bad Monkey FFF Wan Bushi Dave Skywalker Saint Acid & The Bang Face Hard Crew
  9. ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED. Live listing of shows (including DJ sets) performed by Tom Jenkinson, in Year-Month-Day format: 1996-XX-XX - The Big Chill Festival 1997-07-24 - Japan-Tokyo - Liquid Room - audio: 1999-05-08 - UK-England-Manchester - Upper Campfield Market 1999-11-05 - UK-England-London - Old Truman Brewery - Z Rooms - Warp 10th Anniversary Party 2001-04-25 - USA-California-San Francisco - G.A.H.M. 2001-04-28 - USA-California-Indio - Empire Polo Fields - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2001-07-20 - Australia-Sydney - Frigid's 5th Birthday 2001-07-29 - Japan-Niigata - Naega Ski Resort - Fujirock Festival - released as disc 2 of "Do You Know Squarepusher" 2002-12-13 - Japan-Tokyo - Makuhari Messe International Exibition Hall #1-3 2003-05-16 - UK-England-London - SonarClub 2003-06-27 - Denmark-Roskildle - Roskilde Festival - Odeon 2003-06-29 - UK-England-Glastonbury - Glastonbury Festival-The Glade 2003-07-20 - Canada-Montréal - Société Des Arts Technologiques 2003-08-06 - UK-England-London - HMS President 2003-08-07 - UK-England-London - HMS President 2003-08-08 - UK-Liverpool - Stanley Theatre 2003-08-09 - UK-Sheffield - Leadmill 2003-08-11 - UK-Edinburgh - Liquid Rooms - Fringe Festival 2003-08-12 - UK-Nottingham - Rescue Rooms 2003-08-22 - UK-Leeds - Leeds Festival 2003-08-24 - UK - Reading Festival 2003-09-XX - Italy-Rome - Piazza Dei Cinquecento 2003-XX-XX - Japan 2004-03-12 - UK-England-London - Royal Festival Hall - Ether 2004 - BBC Radio 3 2004-03-13 - UK-England-Coventry - Warwick Arts Centre - London Sinfonietta Tour 2004-03-(14 or 15) - UK-England-Bournemouth - Bar Fruit 2004-03-16 - UK-England-Basingstoke - Anvil - London Sinfonietta Tour 2004-03-26 - UK-England-Brighton - Dome - London Sinfonietta Tour 2004-03-27 - UK-England-Liverpool - Philharmonic - London Sinfonietta Tour 2004-04-02 - USA-New York-Brooklyn - South Paw 2004-04-03 - USA-Massachusettes - Paradise 2004-04-04 - Canada-Quebec-Montreal - Club Soda 2004-04-06 - Canada-Toronto - Phoenix 2004-04-07 - USA-Ohio-Columbus - Wexner Center 2004-04-09 - USA-Illinois-Chicago - Metro 2004-04-10 - USA-Minnesota-Minneapolis - Ascot Room 2004-04-13 - USA-Washington-Seattle - Showbox 2004-04-14 - Canada-Bristish Columbia-Vancouver - Richards On Richards 2004-04-16 - USA-California-San Francisco - Avalon Ballroom 2004-04-17 - USA-California-Los Angeles - El Rey Theater 2004-04-18 - USA-Arizona-Phoenix - Old Brickhouse 2004-04-20 - USA-Texas-Dallas - Trees 2004-04-21 - USA-Texas-Austin - Antone's 2004-04-22 - USA-Louisiana - New Orleans - The Parish 2004-04-24 - USA-Georgia-Atlanta - Echo Lounge 2004-04-25 - USA-North Carolina-Ashville - Orange Peel 2004-04-27 - USA-District Of Columbia-Washinton - Black Cat 2004-04-28 - USA-New York-New York City - Irving Plaza 2004-05-13 - Japan-Nagoya - Club Quattro 2004-05-14 - Japan-Osaka - Mother Hall 2004-05-15 - Japan-Tokyo - Laforet Museum 2004-06-26 - Glastonbury Festival-The Glade 2005-06-25 - UK-England-Glastonbury - Glastonbury Festival - G-Stage 2005-06-26 - UK-England-London - Meltdown Festival 2005-07-16 - UK-England - Glade Festival 2005-11-10 - UK-England-Birmingham - BarFly 2005-11-11 - UK-England-Sheffield - Plug 2005-11-12 - UK-England-Leeds - Northern Light 2005-11-13 - UK-England-Nottingham - Stealth 2005-11-16 - UK-England-Norwich - Waterfront 2005-11-17 - UK-England-London - Koko Club 2005-11-19 - UK-England-Cornwall - The Stannary 2005-11-24 - UK-England-Newcastle Upon Tyne - Carling Academy 2005-11-25 - UK-Scotland-Glasgow - Arts School 2006-09-28 through 29 - BBC Radio 1-Breezeblock 2006-10-14 - UK-England-London - BBC2-Culture Show 2006-10-26 - UK-England-London - Electric Ballroom - Electric Proms 2007-06-22 - glastonbury 2007-07-16 - (with Evan Parker) - html 2007-07-22 - glade festival 2008-04-27 - Camber Sands Holiday Park - Bangface, The Weekender Interviews: 1996-XX-XX - The Big Chill Festival 1999-01-XX - Perfect Sound Forever 1999-10-XX - Jockey Slut - Warp Factor Ten 2001-07-XX - Jockey Slut 2001-XX-XX - Plastic Man 2004-03-11 - The Gaurdian 2004-03-XX - i-D Magazine 2006-10-14 - UK-England-London - BBC2-Culture Show 2006-10-15 - bbc.co.uk unknown dates: Making Music 'Special Interview with Tom Jenkinson' (Go Plasic interview after Coachella) Weekly Dig - Keith Fullerton Whitman - MIT - Phone Interview Other Broadcasts: 199X-XX-XX - BBC Radio 1 2004-03-16 - BBC Radio 1-Breezeblock (with previous DJ set) ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED.
  10. Warp Source Breakcore set i suppose.... "Could be good"
  11. Excellent show. Nothing was going to top RDJ's set for me emotionally or in visceral impact but fucking hell Squarepusher's show was incredible sounding (well done whoever set that stage up) and the visuals were brilliant. Loved the reaktor patch shots mixed in with the other visuals. Tom was having a lot of fun up there as well. No bass or full band but he still ripped, especially when he was playing around with a track in the middle of the set, speeding up and slowing down breakbeats live and being cheeky. I haven't been as well versed in Tom's discography for years now so beyond the obvious cuts from Damogen Furies I didn't recognize everything by name immediately, though I swore he played some older tracks in there. couple snippets my wife and I took: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOOQDJGgb9Y/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BONUVlPAfHoDLFTk8SQrdakI4MGkoJi4LgQGnA0/
  12. I read on the wiki that the album was done without a computer. in my opinion, that seems so unrealistic that i've been listening to it all morning trying to figure out what the hell is going on. certain sections are obviously performed and recorded, but other sections are so meticulous and drawn out/lacking repetitiveness, that it doesn't really seem to be plausible. I'm not sure of what technology was available back in 2001, but i can't imagine that album being arranged, sliced and chopped with no computer interference. Any of you guys/girls have any mind-blowing info on the subject? Is it actually not that big of a deal?
  13. [youtubehd]WLq9wA5o5QM[/youtubehd]
  14. Phil Fish (creator of video game Fez) has created 30 different treatments of the Analogue logo set to Squarepusher music:
  15. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of reverb & delay vsts. They sound sweet. But sometimes it's fun to try something new, y'know? So I thought it might be interesting to have a thread about less common ways of producing effects of an echoy nature (preferably ways that don't involve using a room-sized ten thousand dollar contraption from 1937 that belongs to Squarepusher or something). A few methods I've tried or plan on trying: -dollar store echo mics spliced together (cheap spring reverb) -doing a room recording of something, then doing a room recording of that, repeating until you have a weird droney mess) -floppy drive reverb (no idea how that works but I've got a few old drives lying around & I want to find out) -tape delay (I have a huge reel-to-reel machine I got for free from a recording studio. I just need to buy some tape for it)
  16. Seriously whats up with this guy? I've seen his name thrown around this forum a lot, especially in the bitter Squarepusher threads, and for whatever reason I decided to check out his album this weekend ("Toeachizown") and wow.... I was completely blown away. Now any friend of mine would quickly tell you, I'm a big fan of both George Clinton P-Funk and Dre's G-Funk, so it should come as no surprise that I would latch onto this one... but I think dude is plenty relevant to WATMM as dude's album is him showing off his old school analog gear. I mean its basically Analord funked up to the nth degree. Whats truly confusing to me, is when you turn on one of his songs, you are almost immediately presented with one of the worst drum pattern/sequences known to man, and while you are mid-cracking up, he just calmly adds the other pieces of the equation into the song, and all of a sudden those drums you were laughing at fit perfectly in a synth-funk harmony. After a minute or two, you wonder how music that good could even exist. Its almost like he redeems himself in every song.
  17. I've heard exidy tours and I thought it was the shit. But I havn't heard his Acid Crew album cause it's out of print :cry2:. I'm new to him, although I did just buy the Megalift EP. How do you compare him to good ol' Tom. I also ask because I have CD money from my birthday so I don't know whether to go out of my way and get Volume 1. Or pick up Squarepushers Square Window and Venus #17 releases off ebay. I missed those 2 cause in the states they're nearly impossible to find. And don't say get em all... I get stuff 1 at a time, I'm a puss like that.
  18. https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/thoughtforms From the very solid Detroit Underground label. Never heard of this artist before today, but just listened to her album -- think Squarepusher with hints of electro, a la Morphology or EDMX. Very very solid album start to finish.
  19. ATP announce Made In Japan benefit concert, with Squarepusher, LFO and Fuck Buttons, plus a new, exclusive Autechre track as part of the ticket price. The concert will take place at the Forum in London and all of the profits will go to the Japanese Red Cross Charity in support of people affected by the disaster. We hope you can support our friends at ATP with the event. Afterwards, head to Warp at Bang the Box, part of Lovebox festival's Pop-Up series at Village Underground, with Hudson Mo, Rustie, Kwes and special guest Benji B going late. THURSDAY 21st APRIL BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND ATP Concerts presents... Made In Japan @ The Forum, London. 6pm-12am Squarepusher (improv/jam set) LFO Fuck Buttons Guest DJs: N>E>D Declan Allen Buy tickets and receive a free new Autechre track '6852' ** Lovebox presents...Warp at Bang The Box @ Village Underground, London. 10pm-5am Hudson Mohawke Rustie Kwes special guest Benji B HMV Tickets / Ticketweb
  20. shobaleader1 album coming spring 2017 i'm guessing shoba plays pusher-classics kinda deal? not sure more info welcome
  21. One love. TT https://soundcloud.com/titch-thomas/midi-sans-frontieres Available on Bandcamp: https://titchthomas.bandcamp.com/album/midi-sans-frontie-res
  22. Thanks, as always, for tuning in. Anybody else doing one? https://titchthomas.bandcamp.com/album/midi-sans-frontie-res
  23. This thread is about memories. About music that made you, influenced you, kicked your arse, kept you alive and floating. Post your mix (past, present, future) of your all-time favorites. I start with my Ingredients 3 - Passive Aggressive mix, back from 2008 or so feat. (of course) Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, FSOL, Luke Vibert, Funkstörung, Goldie and a few more. Enjoy my flashbacks. And I am looking forward to yours. https://www.mixcloud.com/BertoltBrechtakt/ingredients-3-passive-aggressive/
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