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  1. Aphex Twin Syro WARP247 Release date, Sept 22, 2014 http://warp.net/records/aphex-twin/syro Available for preorder on Bleep Tracklist: 1. minipops 67 (source field mix) [aka the Manchester track] 2. XMAS_EVET10 (thanaton3 mix) [aka the Metz track] 3. produk 29 4. 4 bit 9d api+e+6 5. 180db_ 6. CIRCLONT6A (syrobonkus mix) 7. fz pseudotimestretch+e+3 8. CIRCLONT14 (shrymoming mix) 9. syro u473t8+e (piezoluminescence mix) 10. PAPAT4 (pineal mix) [aka the Singapore track] 11. s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix) 12. aisatsana The japanese release will feature an additional bonus track: MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96. Track ID's (Metz, Singapore) have been done by jasondonervan sleuthing his way via a youtube copyright detector algorithm. Here's a recent interview done by Fader magazine with Richard D James about Syro and upcoming projects: http://www.thefader.com/2014/08/25/aphex-twin-syro-interview-excerpts Here's a recent few snippets of a talk Pitchfork had with Richard: http://pitchfork.com/news/56459-aphex-twin-speaks-on-his-new-album-being-sampled-by-kanye-more/ UPDATE SEP 03: Brand new interview in Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/aphex-twin-on-new-syro-lp-im-feeling-really-horny-about-it-and-very-smug-20140903?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter The typeface on the album cover is Decima Mono Light. This information is all well and out there now, but we originally deciphered most of it from the official Aphex Twin Twitter account posting a TOR link featuring this: It's coming, ladies and gentlemen. Are your bodies ready?
  2. DvStcH


    Nice to see sigils getting mentioned in the mainstream press. Anyone else use them? i've done 'em from time to time, i find them an artistic way of stating my intent and bringing what i intend to do to the forefront of my experience/consciousness. I don't believe in them. Most of them have worked. How i define 'working' i'm not so sure but strange outcomes have occurred and i'm in a better place than I would have ended up had i flapped around not focusing on what I intended to do and just floating rudderlessly thru life only doing what I thought others expected of me. Not sure if that is 'magick' or just decision making. Or maybe 'deciding to do magick'. As I said, I don't believe in them but i can see the merit of actually doing them. It's not mandatory to believe in anything, so i don't. Intent and the creative process seem to me to work outside of (or parallel to,) consensus reality, they are personal and subjective and, if successful, they result in actualizations that can seem a bit strange and synchronistic. I don't usually go around telling people I enjoy a spot of witchcraft now and again but I thought i'd use this opportunity to share my experience. Like i said, no-one has to believe anything they don't want to. Here's an example of some i made a few years back and that have only just recently resurfaced (in a service manual for an 808 no less.)
  3. Most know by now that there's official album art featuring a list of the gear purportedly used in the making of Syro: And a spreadsheet version that shows what goes on which track: https://docs.google....6S9GnEU/pubhtml But what exactly is all that gear? Here is a youtube playlist featuring demonstrations of almost all the equipment listed. The only ones omitted were rare modules, microphones, pre-amps and EQ's that weren't available on youtube, but they are all legitimate devices, searchable through google. Something to look through for your christmas shopping, a help to guess what might have gone where on the album, or just an opportunity to gawk at the best synthesizer and audio hardware on the planet. Thanks to Hexahedral for transcribing the list into plain text and adding the spreadsheet version. I might also warn you that reviewing this unreal list, device by device, might lead to a severe case of gear lust; side-effects include envy, depression, madness. Talk it out here.
  4. http://wp.logosfoundation.org/save
  5. Acid in the jungle, in the in the jungle. So many funky synth lines to digest, masterful adoption of the amen was a given. DnB/jungle as genres have been hammered to death, but trying to fathom how Richard makes it all sound so new (and fun!) is a real head-scratcher. Six minutes just isn't enough, I'm already finding myself greedily wanting more as soon as the track has wound up. Calling it an album highlight on day one. 163.97 bpms of glorious turbo lush 'phex.
  6. http://warp.net/news/marchromt30a-edit-2b-96/ MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96’ first appeared as the Japanese bonus track for recent album ‘Syro’ becoming an instant favourite of those that heard it. The song now comes to vinyl for a global audience, backed with a new version of‘Syro’ track ‘XMAS_EVET10 [120] (thanaton3 mix)’ and an alternate take of‘MARCHROMT’. It will be out on white label 12" with hand stamp on 6 April (7 in N America) 2015. New version of XMAS has me sold.
  7. Hi WATMM, I'm new here - so please be gentle... Anyway I have one of the WARPLP247X, bought from the Bleep ballot (by me). Will try to answer your questions here! Auction link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/151806802243 (it's not so expensive yet, so you might get lucky...) Aphex Twin - Syro Limited Edition Box Set 3xLP WARPLP247X "Up for sale is the 2014 ultra rare release from Aphex Twin, Syro, in the limited edition triple vinyl box set. This version of the release is limited to 200 copies worldwide allocated by a ballot held by Bleep. It includes all the items as listed on the Bleep website in totally new condition, including the triple vinyl, Syrobonkus Intaglio print and the acrylic slipcase. The whole package is designed by The Designers Republic and will be a valuable collectors item for years to come. Keep in mind that the Caustic Window album recently sold for $46,000. I'm seeling this since my kids don't appreciate limited edition vinyl box sets as much as I do. Simply can't have stuff as nice as this lying around the house. So I'm passing this brand new/mint condition box set on to another AFX fan. Good luck with the auction! Full details here: https://bleep.com/syro-limited-edition More info & pictures here: http://www.thevinylfactory.com/vinyl-factory-news/warp-reveal-stunning-artwork-for-new-aphex-twin-album-syro/ See screenshot of email for evidence that I won the ballot and is the owner. Item ships from Stockholm, Sweden via registered post. Respect to Richard D James! Condition: Never played, never opened the gatefold. Only removed from slipcase for these very photos. Stored away since delivery in my book shelf (in a kids free zone). Edition: This is one of only 200 in the world! This box in number 39/200. To clarify one last time: When the box was shipped, it only had a black plastic liner wrappped around the cardboard – it was delivered by courier/Fedex, the black plastic liner have been removed since it was not branded in any way, or had any use or value to the box set. The plastic sleeve inside the cardboard box was not sealed in any sort of plastic etc. The cardboard shipping container has only been briefly opened this one time in order to take photos, the item itself has never been removed from the shipping container or even been touched without great caution and care. I can also forward the email below so that the buyer can download the digital version of Syro from the Bleep site, I have not downloaded the album myself in order to save this for the buyer of this auction. Thank you fellow AFX fan! Shipping cost to be determined after the auction. Will ship either UPS, EMS or DHL – which ever is the best for the buyer. Cost of shipping will be determined after the auction based on where the item is being shipped. The item will be insured for the amount of the winning bid, or otherwise agreed upon with buyer. The items will ship neatly packaged in a outer box, pictured above, protecting the shoe box. I’m an Art Director and take great pride in packaging stuff air- and watertight, with great care. Specially when it’s ultra rare limited edition shoes. If you have little or no feedback, I reserve the right to cancel the sale unless contacted ahead of purchase. Please do not send payment until you have received an invoice. Winning bidder must send payment via PayPal within 48 hours of receiving an invoice. (Fancy blanket belongs to the wife and will not be included in the auction!) International Buyers – Please Note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what your additional costs will be prior to buying. If your bidding on one of my other auctions please contact me so I can give you a quote on combined shipping if you are the winner of both auctions. Any questions please ask me. For additional photos, please also ask me. Happy bidding!"
  8. [sc5]206995679[/sc5] i'm not sure what to do with the end of the song right now. so this is still a WIP i guess.
  9. [sc5]206995679[/sc5] i'm not sure what to do with the end of the song right now. so this is still a WIP i guess.
  10. I have this Syro dropcard lying around my desk. It came with the vinyl I ordered. Something was supposed to be going on at that url that was on it but it didn't. Can I sell it for a lot of money now? Or in a couple of years? I just don't feel like I need it. It just feels like a piece of meaningless 'merchandise'. Is it just a cheap piece of plastic? (it looks very cheaply produced) Or is worth keeping around and is it going to be worth lots of $$$ in a couple of years? I didn't even redeem my download with that particular code because I ordered it from Bleep and it was available on there via my personal account anyway. How did this work out with similar releases in the past?
  11. I feel like it's not getting enough talk around here. Lets talk about it. This one is probably my favorite on Syro. It gets stuck in my head the most, next to 180db_. Everything about this track jams. I think it's possibly the most accessible, most danceable and one of the most melodic, for sure. Those b-boy break beats and that bass make me rock the fuck out , wherever I am when I hear it. There really is nothing wrong with this one. No miss. All killer. I personally think this one must be one of the oldest compositions from the LP. It strongly reminds me of ICBYD or The RDJ Album, in terms of melody. It has that whimsical, but bittersweet sound. I can't stop listening to it. Great fucking tune. A total classic.
  12. i don't want to derail the other thread and no way i'm searching for it... but what the hell is the badger? (bits expected)
  13. The current list of interviews for Syro: Fader (Preview) Fader (Full interview) Pitchfork (Preview) Pitchfork (Full interview) Pitchfork (note: links to mp3 - podcast about the interview) ​Groove (Preview #1) Groove (Preview #2, other producers ask Richard) Groove (Full list of other producers questions) OOR (Bonus Beats #1 translation by Herr Jan here ) OOR (Bonus Beats #2 translation by Toastmann here ) OOR (Full interview translated by Herr Jan in .doc) Rolling Stone (Full interview) Spex (Full interview, translated by rd1994 from these scans) Tsugi (Full interview, translated by Perezvon) Obsessions (Full interview, no translation yet) Q-Magazine (Scan of the first page of the interview) Q-Magazine (Printscreens of the full interview by korona15) Noyzelab (Part One) (offline unfortunately, PM Herr Jan) Noyzelab (Part Two) (offline unfortunately, PM Herr Jan)
  14. Guess we better have a home for this lush little latecomer! http://youtu.be/SiVmqDB8I2U
  15. Has anyone gotten an email with their "ticket" or whatever to order the limited edition SYRO vinyl package?
  16. I gotta be honest, you guys. I was expecting to have my copy of Syro by now. Unfortunately, I am in AMERICA, and according to my ELECTRIC MAIL, my copy of the album has JUST NOW left the island nation of Japan. It may not arrive until FRIDAY, in which case I am probably gonna die before then Just wanted to start a little thread where I and anyone else afflicted with this awful, awful hardship of waiting for their copy of Syro can come and hang out to chat. I should mention that I am being a patient mature listener and have NOT heard the album in full yet. Waiting will make something something better something something patience something something? Or so I’m told? Anyway, this is sad. Happy, but also very sad. Sad. How are you?
  17. https://soundcloud.com/zhaozhou/zhaozhous-vocoder-test-14-nov-2014 it was designed to perform super well with super low saw waves like that one song in Syro *thanks Richard* it uses the same frequencies as a bode vocoder i spent the past four days actually coding this because i wasnt happy with any other vocoders. theres still room for improvement, lots of optimisation, etc and the code, for use in ReaJS //Vocoder 14 nov 2014 Thanks SaulT and Amateur Tools DSP //This plugin contains ideas and code techniques by RBJ, SaulT, Moog, Bode, Loser, etc. //USE AT OWN RISK. This plugin could turn you into a human centipede. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// desc:Zhaozhou's Vocoder - carrier chans 1+2, modulator chans 3+4 slider1:0<-50,1000,0.5>Frequency Base Shift (hz) slider6:0<-24,24,1>Carrier Amt slider8:0<-24,24,1>Mod Amt slider14:-90<-120,6,1>Threshold (db) slider16:20<1,100,1>Fadein (ms) slider18:20<1,100,1>Fadeout (ms) slider20:20<1,100,1> RMS smoothing (ms) slider60:-120<-120,6,0.01>Dry Mod Signal slider62:7000<104.5,20000,1>Dry Mod Highpass Filter slider64:0<-120,6,0.01> Main Out Amp @init // Freqs from Bode Vocoder (centered) \ f1=104.5; f2=179.5; f3=226; f4=284.5; f5=358.5; f6=452; f7=569.5; f8=717.5; f9=904; f10=1139; f11=1435; f12=1808; f13=2260; f14=2852; f15=3616; f16=4556; // Q's aka 'damp' for bandpass filters q1=0.008; q2=0.05; q3=0.02; q4=0.03; q5=0.03; q6=0.03; q7=0.03; q8=0.04; q9=0.04; q10=0.04; q11=0.04; q12=0.04; q13=.03; q14=0.05; q15=0.05; q16=0.05; q17=0.3; // PCB trimpots for adjusting carriers after filters trim1=0.2; trim2=0.2; trim3=0.01; trim4=0.4; trim5=0.4; trim6=0.4; trim7=0.5; trim8=0.5; trim9=0.6; trim10=0.6; trim11=0.7; trim12=0.7; trim13=0.8; trim14=0.8; trim15=0.9; trim16=0.9; // PCB trimpots for adjusting modulators after filters // trim17=1.25; trim18=0.25; trim19=0.35; trim20=0.35; // trim21=0.45; trim22=0.45; trim23=0.6; trim24=0.65; // trim25=0.8; trim26=0.9; trim27=1; trim28=1.25; // trim29=1.5; trim30=1.5; trim31=2; trim32=2; // PCB trimpots for adjusting modulators after filters trim17=49; trim18=3; trim19=100; trim20=4; trim21=6; trim22=9; trim23=12; trim24=12; trim25=15; trim26=25; trim27=30; trim28=40; trim29=55; trim30=60; trim31=90; trim32=110; // used by rbj filter cDcAdd = 10^-30; cDenorm = 10^-30; // bandpass filter function bp(in,freq,damp) instance(c,a,fa,fb,fk,damp,d,fd,fc) ( damp=damp*0.999 + 0.001; c = ( 1 / tan( $pi*freq / srate ) ); a = 1 + c*(c+damp); fa = 2 * (1 - c*c) / a; fb = (1 + c*(c-damp)) / a; fk = c*damp / a; d = fk*in - (fa*fd + fb*fc); in = d - fc; fc = fd; fd = d; ); // lowpass for c1,m1 function lp(in,freq) instance(in,freq,a9,s9,q9,w09,cosw09,sin209,alpha9,sinw09,b09,b19,b29,a09,a19,a29,b09,b19,b29,old,x19,x29,y19,y29) ( a9 = 1; s9 = 2; q9 = 1 / (sqrt((a9 + 1/a9)*(1/s9 - 1) + 2)); w09 = 2 * $pi * freq/srate; cosw09 = cos(w09); sinw09 = sin(w09); alpha9 = sinw09 / (2 * q9); b09 = (1 - cosw09)/2; b19 = (1 - cosw09); b29 = (1 - cosw09)/2; a09 = 1 + alpha9; a19 = -2 * cosw09; a29 = 1 - alpha9; b09 /= a09; b19 /= a09; b29 /= a09; a19 /= a09; a29 /= a09; old = in; in = b09 * in + b19 * x19 + b29 * x29 - a19 * y19 - a29 * y29; x29 = x19; x19 = old; y29 = y19; y19 = in; ); //highpass filter rbj function hp(in,freq) instance(in,hp_f,a0,s0,q0,cosw00,sinw00,alpha0,b00,b10,b20,a00,a10,a20,x10,x20,y20,y10,old_in) ( hp_f = 2 * $pi * freq/srate; a0 = 1; //start coeffs s0 = 1; q0 = 1 / (sqrt((a0 + 1/a0)*(1/s0 - 1) + 2)); cosw00 = cos(hp_f); sinw00 = sin(hp_f); alpha0 = sinw00 / (2 * q0); b00 = (1 + cosw00)/2; b10 = -(1 + cosw00); b20 = (1 + cosw00)/2; a00 = 1 + alpha0; a10 = -2 * cosw00; a20 = 1 - alpha0; b00 /= a00; b10 /= a00; b20 /= a00; a10 /= a00; a20 /= a00; hp_f != 0 ? ( //start hp filter old_in = in; in = b00 * in + b10 * x10 + b20 * x20 - a10 * y10 - a20 * y20; x20 = x10; x10 = old_in; y20 = y10; y10 = abs(in) < cDenorm ? 0 : in; ); ); function g(in) // gate instance(a,silentcnt,seekto,g8) //fadein and out are global ( a=abs(in) > thresh; a ? ( silentcnt=0; seekto=1; ) : ( (silentcnt+=1) > 2205 ? seekto=0; ); seekto > 0.5 ? ( g8=g8*fadein + (1-fadein); ) : ( g8=g8*fadeout); in*=g8; ); // smoothing out the audio rate stuff function rms(in) instance(rms_s,in) ( rms_coeff = exp(-1/(slider20 * srate * 0.001)); rms_s = (rms_s * rms_coeff) + ((1 - rms_coeff) * in * in); sqrt(rms_s); ); @slider //freqs and freq adjust f1=104.5+slider1; f2=179.5+slider1; f3=226+slider1; f4=284.5+slider1; f5=358.5+slider1; f6=452+slider1; f7=569.5+slider1; f8=717.5+slider1; f9=904+slider1; f10=1139+slider1; f11=1435+slider1; f12=1808+slider1; f13=2260+slider1; f14=2852+slider1; f15=3616+slider1; f16=4556+slider1; //gate thresh = 2 ^ (slider14/6); fadein = 1/pow(10,1/(srate*slider16/1000)); fadeout = 1/pow(10,1/(srate*slider18/1000)); //rms rms_coeff = exp(-1/(slider20 * srate * 0.001)); // gain amps c_amt = 10^(slider6/20); //Carrier amt m_amt = 10^(slider8/20); //Modulator amt d_amt = 10^(slider60/20); //Dry Mod amt o_amt = 10^(slider64/20); //main out @sample // dc fix, denormals spl0 += cDcAdd; spl1 += cDcAdd; c_in=((spl0+spl1)*0.5)*c_amt; m_in=((spl2+spl3)*0.5;)*m_amt; dry_m=m_in; //carrier filter array \\\\\\\\ c1= c1_lp.lp( c_in,f1 ) *trim1; c2=c2_.hp( c2_bp.bp( c_in,f2,q2 ) ,f2 )*trim2; c3=c3_.hp( c3_bp.bp( c_in,f3,q3 ) ,f3 )*trim3; c4=c4_.hp( c4_bp.bp( c_in,f4,q4 ) ,f4 )*trim4; c5=c5_.hp( c5_bp.bp( c_in,f5,q5 ) ,f5 )*trim5; c6=c6_.hp( c6_bp.bp( c_in,f6,q6 ) ,f6 )*trim6; c7=c7_.hp( c7_bp.bp( c_in,f7,q7 ) ,f7 )*trim7; c8=c8_.hp( c8_bp.bp( c_in,f8,q8 ) ,f8 )*trim8; c9=c9_.hp( c9_bp.bp( c_in,f9,q9 ) ,f9 )*trim9; c10=c10_.hp( c10_bp.bp( c_in,f10,q10 ),f10 )*trim10; c11=c11_.hp( c11_bp.bp( c_in,f11,q11 ),f11 )*trim11; c12=c12_.hp( c12_bp.bp( c_in,f12,q12 ),f12 )*trim12; c13=c13_.hp( c13_bp.bp( c_in,f13,q13 ),f13 )*trim13; c14=c14_.hp( c14_bp.bp( c_in,f14,q14 ),f14 )*trim14; c15=c15_.hp( c15_bp.bp( c_in,f15,q15 ),f15 )*trim15; c16=c16_.hp( c16_bp.bp( c_in,f16,q16 ),f16 )*trim16; //Modu Sig Chain m1=m1.rms( m1_g.g( m1_lp.lp( m_in,f1 ))) *trim17; m2=m2.rms(m2_.hp( m2_g.g( m2_bp.bp( m_in,f2,q2 )),f2 )) *trim18; m3=m3.rms(m3_.hp( m3_g.g( m3_bp.bp( m_in,f3,q3 )),f3 )) *trim19; m4=m4.rms(m4_.hp( m4_g.g( m4_bp.bp( m_in,f4,q4 )),f4 )) *trim20; m5=m5.rms(m5_.hp( m5_g.g( m5_bp.bp( m_in,f5,q5 )),f5 )) *trim21; m6=m6.rms(m6_.hp( m6_g.g( m6_bp.bp( m_in,f6,q6 )),f6 )) *trim22; m7=m7.rms(m7_.hp( m7_g.g( m7_bp.bp( m_in,f7,q7 )),f7 )) *trim23; m8=m8.rms(m8_.hp( m8_g.g( m8_bp.bp( m_in,f8,q8 )),f8 )) *trim24; m9=m9.rms(m9_.hp( m9_g.g( m9_bp.bp( m_in,f9,q9 )),f9 )) *trim25; m10=m10.rms(m10_.hp( m10_g.g( m10_bp.bp( m_in,f10,q10 )),f10 )) *trim26; m11=m11.rms(m11_.hp( m11_g.g( m11_bp.bp( m_in,f11,q11 )),f11 )) *trim27; m12=m12.rms(m12_.hp( m12_g.g( m12_bp.bp( m_in,f12,q12 )),f12 )) *trim28; m13=m13.rms(m13_.hp( m13_g.g( m13_bp.bp( m_in,f13,q13 )),f13 )) *trim29; m14=m14.rms(m14_.hp( m14_g.g( m14_bp.bp( m_in,f14,q14 )),f14 )) *trim30; m15=m15.rms(m15_.hp( m15_g.g( m15_bp.bp( m_in,f15,q15 )),f15 )) *trim31; m16=m16.rms(m16_.hp( m16_g.g( m16_bp.bp( m_in,f16,q16 )),f16 )) *trim32; // Modulation Block c1*=m1; c2*=m2; c3*=m3; c4*=m4; c5*=m5; c6*=m6; c7*=m7; c8*=m8; c9*=m9; c10*=m10; c11*=m11; c12*=m12; c13*=m13; c14*=m14; c15*=m15; c16*=m16; //the final summing and amp section dry_m=(dry.hp(dry.bp((g(dry_m)),9000,q17),5080)*d_amt); spl1=(c1+c2+c3+c4+c5+c6+c7+c8+c9+c10+c11+c12+c13+c14+c15+c16+dry_m)*o_amt; //spl1=(m1+m2+m3+m4+m5+m6+m7+m8+m9+m10+m11+m12+m13+m14+m15+m16+dry_m)*o_amt; //spl1=(m16)*o_amt; spl0=spl1;
  18. So, we have all heard about the drop cards (yes, I know there is a thread about it already) and the http://syro2eznzea2xbpi.onion/orys site. Apparently, as it's been mentioned, the drop cards will allow people to access some exclusive content on the site. I've tried checking out the site on the TOR browser, so far it looks the same except for the fact that many of the fields read "indeterminate", likely due to the browser protection. Hopefully this will change in the coming days/weeks. I wanted to start a separate thread where we can list findings (if any) that pop up via the TOR-accessed site. an example of whats out there... (From: http://thegroovenashville.com/now-taking-pre-orders-for-aphex-twins-syro/ )
  19. Guest

    Syro reaction gifs thread

    Inspired by jhonny in the main Syro thread, thought it would be nice to have a home for bandwidth-crushing reaction gifs to allow adequate listening enjoyment visualisation of specific Syro tracks. Ball rolling: 4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26] CIRCLONT14 [152.97][shrymoming mix] s950tx16wasr10 [163.97][earth portal mix] aisatsana [102]
  20. So, these two tracks make up over 20% of Syro. They're obviously related in some way, though I honestly couldn't point to how just yet. Except they are both dense as hell; dense with awesome. Vocal deciphering? I'm terrible at such things... (Shrymorning...'na, sho cha key' is the best I've got...) Gear discussion? Using this from the Syro Gear Discussion thread we can see there was a fair amount of gear used on both tracks. As RDJ mentioned in the Pitchfork Interview, he would occasionally create a set-up in his studio, make a part or a track, then tear down that set up or modify it heavily. Could these two tracks be mostly related because of something like that situation? Apart from the obvious Cirklon sequencer usage on both...
  21. First one that comes to mind is 3:21-3:59 of "4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26]" Those ambient keyboards that sweep in are incredible. He could have milked that more. So great.
  22. We're all now familiar with how SYRO's artwork reflects the costs associated with putting out a record - Richard has even said each releases' info is tailored for that release (e.g.: vinyl version has different data than say the CD version). But what about the digital versions? the iTunes artwork for SYRO is just a chartreuse circle with "APHEX TWIN" "SYRO" in it (the full release I believe comes with a digital booklet), so unless there is more, the numbers for the digital versions aren't there (do the Bleep downloads have different artwork?). It's certainly an interesting concept - nice too they included mention of the Caustic Window Kickstarter and the "Making of Windowlicker" video costs, although how that relates to SYRO is yet to be seen. It will be neat to try and extrapolate the # of pressings and costs once all the versions are out (assuming of course they started off with actual costs and divided by the number of pressings for each format).
  23. I expect we're going to see a lot of this stuff until the record comes out so I thought it might be nice to have a thread that compiled all the tracks and fake tracks that come out. This way folks don't have to sift through the SYRO thread. Here's what's been posted in the SYRO thread so far: [youtubehd]http://youtu.be/_y14O46AQrQ[/youtubehd] [youtubehd]http://youtu.be/gn7RTNgGAT0[/youtubehd] [youtubehd]w_C6tX5S4aw[/youtubehd] None of these strike me as possibilities. It all sounds like (second-rate versions of) music he's already made and I suspect the album is going to be new stuff but what do I know.
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