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Found 5 results

  1. Was wondering how everyone shaved, by which I mean faces. It occurred to me that I worked out my shaving technique myself because I didn't have the older brother/uncle/father figure to show me. For years I've been wet shaving with a Gillette Sensor Excel. Fill sink with hot water and splash my face with it. Apply Nivea shaving gel. I start at my sideburns and work my way towards the middle of my face. Do my chin last as it's the densest with hair, so takes longer and is more unpleasant. Recently I thought "Why do the most unpleasant part last?" So instead have been starting at my left sideburn and working my way across my face to my right sideburn. When I'm done I splash my face with cold water and apply some Nivea aftershave balm. I only shave once a week, if I can be bothered. Get a good beardage on first. What about your good selves? Wet or dry shave? Hand held razor, straight razor, electric? Where do you start and finish? Do you leave any bits (moustache, sideburns, goatee, soul patch, map of canada?) What products do you use? How frequently? Also interested if you were taught by somebody or worked it out for yourself. Ladies are free to join in with this thread, just exchange face for legs or pits (and probably replace brother/uncle/father figure with mother, sister or friend.....one would hope).
  2. Sorry bad english..... i have allways thought that there are more advantages in working with audio files instead of midi data. for example, it is very easy to cut the impact of a recorded ride, leaving you with only the ambient ringing tonne. also, by cutting out parts of a recording, and pitching them differently can also do wonders! and there is the good old reverse. for me, working with audio recordings inside my daw (reason7) gives me more creative control of the sounds that i'm working with. but, i dont find me being a guy of control. you can unleesh just as much chaos working with audiofiles. for example stretching (and then quickly exporting the streched sound before it has rendered and fixed all the glitches) has given me alot of chaos in my work. I also think that there are more advantages (for me) in working with "analog" equipment, or atleast -the idea and feel of analog equipment. the idea that all sound created is audio, just a signal and you just kinda play more with it when it is analog gear. just just twiddle som knobs and make up new sounds in the moment. and to make some filter follow a rythem in your head, does not mean you have to do an automation -you record it in the go. i like the playabillity of alaog. the "live" onetake, feel of recording that. problem is that i really dont own any analog gear. and i have an old casio toy synth that sounds very ugly and a SQ1 workstation, but they dont offer that much control over the sounds, -in real time, that is to say. But! i got a mashine last year, yeah -that beatthing with colours and blinky buttons and stuff. it's bacically like an mpc midi controller. But! i love pads! i play melodies so much better on pads, and my brain can like remember the scales when it is on a grid. and i can play rythems very nicely on the pads. i just love playing around with the mashine. the problem is just that if i do something live with it, it can sound nice and exiting but when i want to record something -it all comes down to automations and midi notes...... SO HERE IS WHAT I DID, it's not like revolutionary or anything, but i really got me rid of working with any midi! (: I borrowed my friends soundcard (he doesnt produce anymore, -only gets high) and i dusted off my old stationary PC. booted it up, installed reason7 on that mothafukka, and now my production setup is like a digital marrige beetween two computers (PC + MAC), two soundcards (EIE + BALANCE), two daws (REASON7+MASHINE2.0). so all i do on the mashine software on the mac computer is spit out through the balance soundcard and into the eie soundcard and into the pc and recorded in reason. this new way of working has done sooo much for me! and has given the playfullness of making electronic computermusic back. i am thinking to expand, you can get like very cheap midi replika synths with alot of knobs too, i think aturia makes them. buying alot of midi knob twidling stuff -will not sound like analog DUH!. -But will have the same live, playfull feel in this context. SOYUZ!
  3. Hello everyone, here's StocKo. I see all the very interesting threads out there, like the Jay Dee one, and at the moment I'm listening to "old-school" house music, like Motorbass and most of the Crydamoure/Roulé stuff that came out. I'm still amazed by the sound of their 909s beats and their soulful samples. Example : But I can't make a "good" house song . I mean I actually do put 4-to-the-floor 909 patterns with some bass and sample but I never managed to have something actually House-sounding. I suck pretty much with the EQ and Compressor things (except for sidechaining pads in Ableton). So I was wondering whether you could help me or not - please don't answer by "Sample better stuff" or "Make better beats". I hope there's not a similar topic for that kind of music. That would be very kind of y'all Cheers ! StocKo.
  4. Lately there have been a couple threads about how to improve musically. Electronic music has so few objective rules which is part of what makes it so liberating but it can also be daunting and difficult to figure out which direction to go in. One route is simply to copy some of your favorite music, reverse engineering it from the bottom up, part by part. I think a lot of people get started this way. This can get boring and I tend to avoid doing it but this seems very educational. Obviously being too analytical about this can make it less fun, but isn't that exactly what "real" musicians do? Isolate technical weaknesses, and keep working on those until they get over the hump and improve. In a very muscular, drill-oriented way, like working out. It's satisfying when you can objectively point out what is improving about your craft. Thoughts? EDIT: Sorry, hit enter too quick!
  5. Helleuh, how are you? I am searching for this article, could anyone post a pdf somewhere? thanks a lot (Maybe some reward for the one is possible as I have the entire "bass solo live in Paris" footage...thanks
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