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  1. Superb new album from hard techno stalwarts Iesope Drift after over 25 years of silence. I went above and beyond in the late 1990s so that I could get my hands on everything they released back then, and now their approach has mellowed out and this new album is much more mature, exchanging brute force to more thought-out expression and experimentation, making this album more IDM in contrast to the dark warehouse belters from beyond the millennium. Extremely highly recommended.
  2. New EP from Rrose - of the three preview tracks available, we get a proper techno banger and two hypnotic droning synth excursions. Had to buy this instantly - excited to hear the remaining tracks in a few weeks.
  3. Absolutely fabulous roster of artists - John Shima, Steven Rutter, Paul Hierophant, Shadow Acid, Morphology, and SCN1 - on a 3x7" dubplate compilation. Extremely highly recommended, I really hope these tracks will be released in digital, too.
  4. https://cagedelement.bandcamp.com/ I've collected some mixes I've done from the last few years and started to release them under the name Caged Element. This will be the name I use for my main output now. There might be one more Concealed Sequence release at some point. It's nothing amazing. Minimal Techno/ Ambient/ Dark Techno styles. Here's the first few of what I'm calling the Inside series. Single tracks will be released every so often with a compilation at the end, which will include some bonus tracks. A full length album will follow. 😊
  5. Driving and rolling dancefloor techno belters from the Spanish meister. Highly recommended.
  6. Hi all. I realized music that sounds like spiritual, etheric ambient glitch/techno is the type of music that my mind resonates with the most. Some examples might be Oval, Vladislav Delay, SND, Visible Cloaks, Huerco S., etc. Do you know something similar? Can be visuals too. https://www.webdesignmuseum.org/flash-websites/sixstation-2002
  7. So, I've been waiting for a copy of Aprilheights' We Haven't Got A Clue to become available for over two decades, and now Furthur Electronics releases a 3x12" of unreleased tracks from them. Highly recommended.
  8. My latest mix is for my mate threepayments' mix series, ______PLAYS MUSIC. From his kind writeup: "For the 6th mix in the _____ PLAYS MUSIC series dj sriracha joins us to provide an hour long meditative journey of 2 step, hypnotic techno, breaks, and leftfield club. Taking a measured approach in the first 35 minutes, tracks transition effortlessly guiding the listener through a multipurpose mix that can be enjoyed in a club setting or remote environment. In the final 25 minute stretch all the buildup and anticipation culminates with a showcase of some of the most eclectic club adjacent tracks of recent years." 01) Aleksi Perälä :: UK74R1721041 [AP Musik] 02) Cadans :: Millian [Balans] 03) Skee Mask :: 800AB [Ilian Tape] 04) Answer Code Request :: Resonate [Delsin] 05) Uun :: The Egregore [Semantica] 06) Kim English :: Learn 2 Luv (Francois K's Atmospheric Mood - Pearson Sound Remix) [Nervous Records] 07) Yan Cook :: Buddy [Delsin] 08) Versalife :: Aegis [20/20 Vision] 09) Albert van Abbe :: The Blackest Orange Turns Purple Green (Rrose Remix) [Danza Tribale] 10) Adiel :: If Not Me Who? [Stroboscopic Artefacts] 11) Pfirter :: Ultraviolet [Modularz] 12) Wata Igarashi :: Cascade [Midgar] 13) Pangaea :: Still Flowing Water [Hessle Audio] 14) Reptant :: Syncussion Concussion [Trust] 15) Clouds :: 6i6 [Maxiboy] 16) Simo Cell :: Storm Steven [BFDM] 17) Zenker Brothers :: Enjoy Reality [Ilian Tape] 18) DJ Plead :: Rough Text [Livity Sound] 19) Psyk :: Scattered [Who Whom] 20) Uun :: Scythe And Sickle [Dynamic Reflection]
  9. Classic emotionally charged electronic music for heads and feet. Highly recommended.
  10. A new Indio release w/ ERP remix, currently vinyl only. Clips on Juno, Deejay.
  11. Brilliant bit of Swedish techno out last month. Ingenvart (last track) is a peach. https://lomskrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bekymmer-ep
  12. Deep house, techno, and techno from Swedish Ola Bergman on their third full-length album. Recommended.
  13. https://rhythmwerk.bandcamp.com/album/zubia-ep Brilliant debut EP from new techno producer Judy on the relatively new label Rhythm Werk (this is their second release). Straightahead but absolutely lovely banging techno that should appeal to any fan of the style who doesn't need everything to be tough as nails and bleak EDM or schranz and enjoys some groove and atmosphere in their tunes. Not too tracky, either, even though that can be something that has its time and place. 1. Ustekabe (6:13) 2. Ondo Doa (6:00) 3. Herengun (6:54) 4. Ez Nazazu Ukitu (6:40)
  14. There's a new alias for the legend of Scottish techno: Amorphic. He's planning on releasing a bunch of things this year under the title and here's what's out so far. An EP on Modularz (the first of a few): Modularz 63 - Voyager 222 by Amorphic The launch of a self titled label which will release two more EPs of the project this year: Amorphic 01 by Amorphic An EP on Symbolism: https://www.beatport.com/release/resonation-ep/3825788
  15. Originally released on GPR in 1994, now available as a remastered, expanded digital edition. Highly recommended.
  16. The amazing first EP from Mika Vainio's Philus alias available in digital for the first time. Extremely highly recommended.
  17. Second chapter of Elusive Intelligence, an amazing album from Darren Nye. Looks like vinyl, too. Highly recommended.
  18. Second part of Thorne's Lost Cause project, tracks spanning and produced between 1997 and now. RIYL Stasis, Connective Zone, Repeat, Russ Gabriel. Highly recommended, check out Part One as well.
  19. Emotive electronics in the form of ambient, house, and deep techno for fans of Darren Nye, John Shima, Derek Carr, and John Beltran. PWYW, Highly recommended.
  20. Remixes from Marcel Dettmann, Mike Paradinas, Plaid, and Beltran himself - what's not to like. Highly recommended.
  21. Bumping this up here, RIYL the sound of Exalt, Firescope and the like. Highly recommended.
  22. From ambient through house to emotive melodic techno and beyond, Vid Vai's first album is a tasty charcuterie w/ hints of Detroit influence. RIYL John Beltran, John Shima, Derek Carr, Darren Nye. Highly recommended.
  23. Brendon Moeller returns to Delsin with an EP of dubby modular techno and soundscapes. Highly recommended.
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