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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone else watching it? I find it marvelous. Should this be classified as metamodern?
  2. it is my new fav show on tv IMO its good. its on fox surrounded by those shows like family guy and the other shows which are exactly the same as familty guy but bobs burgers its like home movies (made by some of the same people i think) who elese here does watch it?? i think you should watch it cuz its good and when it gets canceled people will discover how good it is but you already watched it so hop onto this COOL TRAIN now before it leaves!!
  3. been thinking about this topic for a while being the nerd i am. this is the other or "ugly" half of Hollywood, the people making less than millions, but more endearing and infinitely more talented than some of the "stars", especially the ones getting by solely on looks. they usually play the antagonist, or sidekick, but the really talented individual can parley a leading career into character roles as they age (Vincent Price is an excellent example). anyway, i love these guys Giovanni Ribisi (former child star now intergalactic corporate douche bag) Patton Oswalt (stand-up comedian has moved into dramatic and comedic film roles) Stephen Root (brilliant chameleon actor and voice over artist - i.e. half of "King of the Hill") William Sadler MC Gainey Clancy Brown (been in everything from Shawshank Redemption, LOST, Batman Animated Series, as well as video game voice artist) Jackie Early Haley (another child star gone thru the wringer in life to come out the other with a resurgent carrer in Watchmen, etc) and of course the king of Hollywood nepotism, the excellent Clint Howard! who else am i forgetting? please give me some ladies' names, there are some great ones out there i'm sure.
  4. http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/10/5601300/late-show-names-stephen-colbert-new-host I watch Colbert every few months and I have never seen Letterman. Do you watch either? Excited? Desolated? Indifferent? Is it possible to be funny on network TV?
  5. anyone see this? i've always thought this era of computer tech was really interesting. sometimes i look at articles or interviews about this period and usually i've always been more interested to read about stuff like lesser known figures or events rather than gates/jobs/etc, and that seems to be the kind of thing this show focuses on. anyway, the first episode to me seemed like it really could've been just about any of the other big time drama type shows that A&E have popularized. the nerdy computer side took a backseat to cut-throat office maneuvers, and it was really just all about establishing the cliched characters- alpha, broody beta, and wizkid. and of course setting up the drama. BUT i think it's kind of cool that someone is making a show like this, and i've always thought there were a lot of great stories from this era, and wondered if they could be tapped for anything besides a nice docu on youtube, and get any success. obviously and unfortunately the nerdier stuff will be left out, leaving mostly just teh drama fo yo mama. a few cringey cliches aside it seemed OK. i might check out the next one at least. i give the first episode 6.5 silicons out of 10
  6. I'm not hungover or drunk currently, but whilst browsing some files wondering what to watch whilst i use the stationary bike (no it's not made out of elastic bands and pencils), it came to me that i like a particular type of television when hungover. That being .. for the most part Nature documentaries and binging animated comedy like the simpsons. When considering why these might appeal more when i'm in that state of recovery, i think the answer would be the calm one derives from watching the wildebeest drift by whilst a gentle well spoken voice elucidates on the action. And the animated comedy trips both the childlike reverie and the warm part-smile circuits of the mind. Both these types of programs would have a rejuvinating effect whilst distracting you from the personal suffering and potential self loathing that might otherwise be ruining your day. ... Of course some might just take some paracetamol and a multivitamin or go for a long swim. But this thread is about what TV you'd watch, hopefully, for the most part, if it ever gets off the ground. Heh, perhaps i should have posted it on everybody's saturday.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B345Oz63CSs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H7iBukuU8I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4pxE-TVVMM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Iqyk_peug
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