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Found 16 results

  1. https://schnaussandmunk.bandcamp.com/album/eight-fragments-of-an-illusion
  2. Ulrich Schnauss will shortly be releasing Now Is A Timeless Present, a career retrospective boxset. Having reaquired all of the rights to his catalogue a couple of years back, Ulrich set about remastering all of his albums to date, with quite substantial reworking done to his most recent two albums, 'A Long Way To Fall' and 'No Further Ahead Than Today'. Alongside his previously released albums there will be a new release, 'Now Is A Timeless Present,' featuring previously unreleased and disparate material. It wil be available to buy digitally from the 6th December with a physical release to follow in January. Click me
  3. German electronic wizard Ulrich Schnauss will be releasing his fifth solo album, No Further Ahead Than Today, on November 4th 2016. There are currently no samples available at the time of this posting but I'm given to understand that these will probably start going live soon. I was, however, at a gig during the UK tour he performed this year and though I am a dyed in the wool Schnauss megafan, this is hand on heart some of the best material he has produced yet, with one particular track being one of the most euphoric pieces of music I've yet heard. My most anticipated album of 2016 for sure.
  4. Quarantine jams released for your listening pleasure: https://ulrichschnauss.bandcamp.com/
  5. One for the Schnauss fans. Horizon records will be running a limited test pressing of Ulrich's (excellent sounding) remix of Naibu's 'Just Like You'. The disc will also feature Naibu remixing one of his own tracks, 'Play With Fire'. The run is limited so if you want to get your mitts on one then you'd best order soon. Samples can be heard here - http://www.horizonsmusic.co.uk/shop/just-like-you-ulrich-schnauss-remix-vinyl
  6. hey friends, do you remember this youtube video of some wedding company, there were some couples dancing the music used was A letter from home, from the album A strangely isolated place, I've been looking for that video but I think it was removed do you remember it? I would like to see it again
  7. Ulrich Schnauss and the lead singer of Engineers, Mark Peters, will be releasing their follow-up to 2012's Underrated Silence later this year on October 25th. Samples below are sounding pretty great to my ears, and there's even some singing by Ulrich himself:
  8. Saw him in Philadelphia yesterday, and he totally rocked. I was kind of on the fence about the new album, but his live set was great. He actually got a bit electro at times, I mean I wasn't really dancing, but almost. There were excellent visual elements too, lots of cut up film stuff. Be sure to bring nice earplugs though, cause the bass on his stuff is huge on a big system. 07 Aug 2013 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, PA (done) 08 Aug 2013 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY 10 Aug 2013 The Drake Hotel Toronto, 12 Aug 2013 Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL 14 Aug 2013 Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle, WA 16 Aug 2013 The Independent San Francisco, CA 17 Aug 2013 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, CA 18 Aug 2013 Troubadour West Hollywood, CA 27 Oct 2013 Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit Asheville, NC
  9. Frank Muller and Ulrich Schnauss, aka Beroshima, will be releasing Real 2 Reel on Circle Music in July. You can listen to a 9 minute sampler of the album below: https://soundcloud.com/beroshima/frank-muller-ulrich-schnauss
  10. Another great release from Parralax Sounds (Christ., Syntaks and many more). It sounds like a mix of Boards of canada, Bibio and Chapterhouse. Their debut album Phoenix asteroid is also good, but I think this album is much stronger! Found some nice samples from the album on their soundscloud. 1. https://soundcloud.com/ecovillage/ecovillage-blissfully-yours 2. https://soundcloud.com/ecovillage/ecovillage-telepathy 3. https://soundcloud.com/ecovillage/ecovillage-summer-of-love
  11. Ulrich Schnauss fans will be thrilled to hear that the new album, A Long Way To Fall, will be released next year in either March or April. In February he will be releasing a collaborative album, Underrated Silence, which he worked on with Mark Peters.
  12. It'll be a busy few months for Ulrich Schnauss fans, what with up coming EP's, remixes, and an album. One of those EP's will be dropping at the end of this month, a collaborative effort with ASC. These songs have been about for a while now as part of the Auxiliary Auxcast's, but they've been bundled together for an independent release. Sample is below, and it sounds rather stellar: http://soundcloud.com/auxiliarylabel/sets/aux007-ulrich-schnauss-asc-77
  13. I mentioned this collab. album in a thread in this forum for Ulrich Schnauss' solo album, which will be released in the first quarter of next year. Here's a sampler he's put up of some of the music from the album: http://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/ulrich-schnauss-mark-peters There is also a free download available from the same site of one of the tracks from the album, Gift Horse's Mouth, which I actually thought was a track from Ulrich's new solo effort, but I appear to have been wrong on that: http://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/gift-horses-mouth-video-edit The following blurb is lifted from the page from the full track above
  14. Cruising Ulrich's last.fm page I came across the news that there are two new Ulrich Schnauss albums on the horizon (alongside his forthcoming solo effort), one of which should be coming out this year. He's completed a collaborative album with Jonas Munk, better to known to many as Manual, which is a dream collaboration. The album was due for a release date this spring past but for some reason has not been released commercially. A spokesperson on the site I'll link to below says that the album will 'will be released exclusively to our affiliate agents worldwide in May for use at their discretion'. Information, and three streaming tracks from the album can be found at the following link: Ulrich Schnauss vs Jonas Munk 1. Chasing rainbows 2. Coming up for air 3. Johnny (sentimental fool) 4. Costa 5. Weightless memories 6. Sirocco 7. Sonnenblumenstrahl 8. Made of sky 9. In Odense you can walk anywhere 10. Leaves of grass 11. In Odense you can walk anywhere (part 2) also: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/58137-ulrich-schnauss-kirsty-hawkshaw-two-trees/
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