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Found 11 results

  1. this youtube channel has really cool music with great videos. the latest, red, is really good, and it seems like it's the third snippet from an epic song.
  2. So recently I got a request from a user if there is a possibility to do a Kickstarter similar to the Caustic Window LP we did back in 2014 for Tom's "Methyl Orange" LP, a 2x12" whitelabel apparently only given to Richard, Chris Jeffs, GWC, and potentially a few other mates. Was destined for MEN Records (a Rephlex sublabel) back in 2003 but never saw the light of day. Wait - what? "Methyl Orange LP"? I'd never heard of it until now... So, a bit of Googling (you get a lot of science-y stuff if you just Google "Methyl Orange"), and I did find where I am assuming Tom played these tracks live for WARP20 and keyfumbler posted it to Mixcloud: A comment on the Mixcloud page seems to indicate this set contains tracks from that LP, and Richard has played some in recent live sets: Anyone have more info? I would like to know a bit more, and the possibility of a Kickstarter is highly unlikely, but I'd like to know more.
  3. Inspired by @NewSchoolScience post in the thread, I got to thinking - what is everyone's favourite Autechre track that's unreleased?
  4. 'unreleased thgni 4 rainy daze n nitez' Bit lush innit
  5. hello how is the sky? I want to share with you the next release on my label art-aud that will be released next month, in the trust that some of you could appreciate the record in question is a four track ep composed by alastair johnson between 96 and the new millenium, and dusted from old DATs. he really did few things with the alien alias in that era and then kinda disappeared. we are happy so to have had the opportunity to find him and bring this beatiful material back to light today in super addition, the three originals are accompanied by a long trip interpretation by the masterminds B12! the 180gr. vinyl, in a beauty-weirdo full printed cover, will be distributed by clone and available in the online stores, and directly from us (for digital heads too) any kind of feedback and support is very welcome respekt! clips: pre-order: https://art-aud.bandcamp.com/album/unreleased-96-00
  6. I just had a second thought about that here is more info about the robot: http://logosfoundati...um_gwr/HAT.html The topic where it was mentioned did not really go anywhere and it was not used in any release before. So whats up with that? Is he spoiling us for his next release where we will have a full drill n bass release but with this beast drumming or whats the purpose of this? I don't think the information about it leaked randomly. So what else do we have? This picture of him standing in front of new gear also not used yet: plus him telling in interviews he has several release ready. In addition he is willing to work together with radiohead (Jonny Greenwood) and maybe even did some material with Krzysztof Penderecki and Jonny Greenwood in secret too as they where doing some cooperation after the festival where he performed with Penderecki what else do we have as a fact? edit: Another image of his studio surfaced: more info here: http://everythingpopularisrubbish.tumblr.com/post/71652646327/a-photograph-apparently-taken-by-a-friend-of
  7. so the other night i was at my friend's place and we found an old minidisc of music that i'd done in around 1999 when i was 22 or 23... i haven't heard these tracks for years myself and thought it'd be cool to share them... had to record from headphone jack out of an old minidisc player, so apologies for any sound quality issues...i think it sounds alright! https://acidenvmod.bandcamp.com/album/maximum-gyro
  8. Martin Boulton, aka Min-Y-Llan, will be broadcasting a 2 hour showcase from Plaid, including album tracks, remixes and unreleased stuff, on the evening of 8 May. see the link for further information, hallelujah! http://www.facebook.com/events/698389120218314/698423696881523/
  9. So, as most of you may already know, someone on Discogs has finally decided to offer the legendary unreleased Caustic Window LP (CAT023) for sale. There are plenty of threads about this release if you are unaware of the history. The seller is asking 13,500.00USD for this 2xLP test pressing, and several people suggested everyone chipping in and buying the album in exchange for a digital rip of the album. I am willing as owner and administrator of WATMM to head such a venture, with the understanding that any and all monies collected in excess of the asking price will go straight to Richard D. James - this is his work, and is copyrighted, despite not being official released. At this point, I think 25.00 would be a reasonable amount for each person to pay (13,500 / 25.00 = 540 persons). This would entitle a contributor to a high quality vinyl rip of the LP, in whatever format(s) deemed appropriate. They would also be required to pledge not to distribute the tracks elsewhere to anyone else. Why Do This? I think any Aphex Twin fan (myself included) would dearly love for Richard to release any new material, and for whatever reasons he hasn't yet, this is an opprotunity for the fans to let Richard know there is a demand for even his older material. This may not mesh well with Richard's personal wishes (there was probably a reason he didn't commercially release this), but since this is fan-driven, if anything, it will convey to him and the labels the fans are willing to support their favourite artists in unique wayss. This may even prompt Richard's contemporaries to follow suit. What If This Doesn't Work? If for whatever reason we don't reach the goal, or for some unforseen legal issue this gets halted, etc., any person who contributed will get a refund, minus any fees PayPal may charge for any transactions to do so. What's Next? Please vote in the attached poll so we can guage interest, and also discuss any aspects of doing this. I'm also going to announce via the Official WATMM Twitter Channel this to bring attention to this endeavour.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/tom_knapp/rewindanne-podcast-12-sublimaze-mixtape tracklist : docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k…/edit?usp=sharing Авторы паблика о «современной и экстраординарной музыке» Rewind/Anne продолжают знакомить слушателей Follow Me с экспериментальной электроной сценой. В этом выпуске — специальный микс одного из основателей британского объединения ICASEA. Lowdans: «Подобно CYRK или Entr'acte, ICASEA является первоочередно объединением артистов с общими взглядами на музыку. Затем идут подкаст-серия и лейбл. Хотя микстейпы оставались доминирующими, ICASEA успевали издавать и альбомы — например, главные произведения Криса Дугласа под его альтернативным именем Scald Rougish. Более того, лейбл стал организатором массивной коллекции работ Benefit Compilation For Japan, на которой отметилось огромное количество признанных и новых экспериментальных музыкантов: от Autechre, Luke Vibert, Dj Stingray до Laurel Halo и Lee Gamble. Помимо этого выпускалось и множество цифровых изданий от участников объединения. Все бы шло к большему, но ICASEA на данный момент объявили перерыв. Один из трех основателей объединения, Том Кнэпп с удовольствием представил нам новый микстейп, который включает как неизданные работы артистов ICASEA, так и близкие по характеру композиции других музыкантов. Мы, в свою очередь, хотим выразить признание лейблу за тот период, в котором они успели оставить значительный след. И, конечно же, посмотрим, что будет дальше». Том Кнэпп, ICASEA: «Этот микс — нечто непривычное для меня. Сюда вошли неизданные работы артистов ICASEA и треки других музыкантов, отобранные исключительно на основании того, чем я сейчас наслаждаюсь. Это ощущение сегодняшнего дня. Для ICASEA будущее остается неопределенным, но, надеюсь, этот микс сможет передать, что независимо от дальнейшей судьбы лейбла мы будем продолжать работать вместе в той или иной форме, возможно, в некоторых еще неназванных новых проектах». ’sublimaze mix’ for rewind/anne podcast 2014 tracklist : docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k…dB2cg0/edit#gid=0 Public authors of "modern and extraordinary music" Rewind / Anne continues to acquaint students with the Follow Me experimental electronic scene. In this issue - a special mix of one of the founders of the British Association ICASEA. Lowdans : "Like CYRK or Entr'acte, ICASEA is the primary association of artists with shared views on music. Then there are the podcast series and label. While mixtapes remained dominant, ICASEA time to publish and albums - such as major works by Chris Douglas under his alternative name Scald Rougish. Moreover, the label became the organizer of a massive collection of works Benefit Compilation For Japan, which was marked by a huge number of well known and new experimental musicians from Autechre, Luke Vibert, Dj Stingray to Laurel Halo and Lee Gamble. In addition many were produced and digital editions of association members. All would be gone for more, but at the moment ICASEA announced the break. One of the three founders of the association, Tom Knapp gladly presented us with a new mixtape, which includes unpublished work as artists ICASEA, and close by the nature of the composition of other musicians. We, in turn, wish to express our recognition of the label for the period in which they managed to leave a significant mark. And, of course, we'll see what happens next. " Tom Knapp, ICASEA : "This mix - something unusual for me. These include unpublished work ICASEA artists and tracks other musicians, selected solely on the basis of what I now enjoy. This feeling today. ICASEA for the future is uncertain, but hopefully, be able to pass this mix that regardless of the further fate of the label, we will continue to work together in one form or another, perhaps even in some unnamed new projects. "
  11. I recently came across this rather unusual track, titled "Ventolin (Ae Mix)". It sounds very experimental, kinda like something Booth and Brown would put together while they were just playing around. There's not much to it, no percussion, but some interesting development of synths and white noise. What convinces me is that it does sound similar to the original mix of Ventolin. It has a similar high-pitched ring, though it sounds more like a cover version than something that samples the original. What do you guys think? Is it real? If not, any idea where it's from? autechre - ventolin (ae mix) UNRELEASED.mp3
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