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Found 25 results

  1. have you guys heard of this (new?) genre? basically, sound files from 80s television or cd roms featuring both library or soft jazz elevator muzik with minimal cut & paste, loop or mash up edits packaged as cassette tapes. http://youtu.be/os8J-EBPVk0 http://beerontherug.bandcamp.com/ http://newdreamsltd.tumblr.com/ http://vektroid.tumblr.com/ anyone wanna make an album of this stuff? i feel like i can be the new mozart of this genre
  2. not sure if this is uber-WATMM or anti-WATMM probably the latter anyway now there's also a mug and pencil and pen set too just give it a listen :)
  3. MEL Magazine has a great article on Mallwave/Vaporwave, and the "false nostalgia" listeners too young to have directly experienced it have and why: https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/the-teens-who-listen-to-mallwave-are-nostalgic-for-an-experience-theyve-never-had Another great example of Mallwave/Vaporwave: https://mistakenforrobots.bandcamp.com/
  4. Note the company who makes the first cassette And of course, amazing music by HOME
  5. Palmbomen II returns with Memories of Cindy, an intimate collection of eulogic, supernatural house music made for a muse and to bemuse those who make (first) contact. A haunted memory hole of hardware grooves, celestial synth pads and lonesome vocals, Kai Hugo’s warped west coast vantage has never seemed so surreal but certain. Been obsessed with this project recently, especially his amazing video series (see part 1 above) CD/Digital album is out now, on bandcamp and streaming on spotify.
  6. A few years ago, I sought out to compose a piece of very generic and incredibly bland music with generic visuals for a fake ad that advertises nothing under the Julie Winters alias (used Windows Movie Maker for the vid). The track appears on a compilation I was asked to contribute to for a strange microgenre within the vaporwave genre called "metrosong" that uses modern day ad music with techy, optimistic visuals to create a surreal take on modern corporate branding. I plan to do more of this stuff sometime, as its fun to do an original non-sampled take on it, like with my Donovan Hikaru alias. link to the compilation released on Carboard Futures:
  7. Comes in custom made black box with specially designed foam insert to house all 10 cassettes. Lid of box has foil printed DREAM logo and DREAMBOX_1. Also includes DREAM logo sticker inside box. https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com/album/dreambox-1
  8. Edition of 1000 vinyl copies. https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com/album/a https://www.normanrecords.com/records/162514-telepath-a?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Tuesday%20Update%2015%20November%202016&utm_content=Tuesday%20Update%2015%20November%202016+CID_0db23c69b94dba5ca933c22d6ff520f0&utm_source=EmailMarketingSoftware&utm_term=A
  9. Motion Graphics - Self-titled https://motiongraphics.bandcamp.com/releases A good guy that I've watched some playoff basketball with. Glistening electronic music at hip hop BPMs. Maybe for ppl who like OPN but need some bones too. I'm not very good at keeping up with everything so it sounds kind like slowed Caribou/Four Tet to me. Very nice review from Sherburne http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/22257-motion-graphics/
  10. Fantastic evocation of lost and forgotten shrines to '80s consumerism. https://disconscious.bandcamp.com/album/hologram-plaza
  11. CDr + DVDr, first full length from the HKE project (owner of Dream Catalogue / one half of 2814). Sounds like he's moving away from vaporwave entirely on this one. Sounds pretty awesome. https://oesbee.bandcamp.com/album/omnia Clip from the DVD on Fact
  12. Quality Head Profile - Pest Life EP Bonding Tapes presents the latest release by Quality Head Profile, Pest Life. Three chillwave/vaporwave tracks channelled from some vague dimension. Dreamy impressions with some lofi-backbone. Quality Head Profile is an alias of Olli Pétas. Also known as Thiefinger. creditsreleased February 2, 2016 BOND008 Produced by Quality Head Profile Artwork by Leftm www.leftmgraphics.com ©2016, Bonding Tapes www.bondingtapes.net
  13. HEY! Please consider helping me do this awesome thing. I'm attempting to give my most popular album, CYBERIA, a small vinyl pressing (100 copies) and I need YOUR (yes, your!) help! Even if you aren't interested, if you know anyone who might be, please share the post and get the word out - especially for people who do small-time distro. On transparent purple vinyl, it's as gorgeous as it gets. Even if you don't have a turntable, simply reserving a copy just to donate to the cause helps just as well! If you think it's too expensive, message me and we can work something out. The important thing is that I get enough backers to make this thing happen. If you want to order more than one copy, I'll give you a special rate of $14.42 per copy. https://qrates.com/artists/kyonpalm/items/10144
  14. Various Artists - Quality Time Vol. 1 After almost a year of planning, Bonding Tapes is finally here! And to help usher in this joyous occasion, we've released a beat tape titled Quality Time Vol. 1. Come make yourself at home and spend some Quality Time with us! Track List: Lex Looper - Tie Your Shoe Laces The Koreatown Oddity - Off To The Shaman For Some Ancient Medicines DMN SLYR - Architect Groove We Savage - Knuck Sonic D - Aqua Hello Keller - Like Life QBLA - Flatlands Vimana Aircraft - Colorful Retinal Scan Radio 92 - 35MPH V N C F - (Girl) What You Gonna Do? Dolphin Brain - 9407 Oasyum - ryoushin EMRLDS - Mattress SR388 - Therewolf Zander One - Redshift David Peck - Lunchinabag. Tim Cosner - Feelers Thiefinger - Hierophant
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krc547miOdM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPsnymfLAUw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGLwyO-KUhc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN8U1kuQo0c
  16. Tracklist: 01. tiered distribution and remuneration model - total success pack 02. Tamagotchi San - Eco BOO$T Surgery 旅行 スペシアル 03. Smasm - We Tried To Look At The Data But There's So Much Vapor On This Wave That There Is Condensation On Our Glasses 04. VNCF - Sexcapades '95 05. Ness - For Jon D and Jimmy McShane 06. Social Media Platform - No Music 07. Mozzarella Stick - I'm Not Sing My Song To Share It 08. Magic Hour - up up and away 09. solo jazz cup - trulove2 10. Hello Spiral - Science Transforming Life ® 11. CORN - MAKEMEBAD 12. Radio 92 - 35 mph 13. Salaam Helicoid - Interest Free Credit™ 14. Poblequadrat - Poor Delegation 15. Ness - Daryl, John, Mark, Rick and Olga hooking up for Bacardi and Coke 16. warrior and friend - lovelove funk and emotions faster edition Theme: Vaporwave Cover Art by: roasty Music by: chim, Friendly Foil, DerWaschbar, NorthernFusion, Whoopdee, Tamagotchi San, sergeantk, hello spiral, triachus, gmanyo, poblequadrat DOWNLOAD LINK C U
  17. Seriously this guy he needs his own thread in order for him not to slip under the radar. He's got a few releases up on bandcamp for free. Friends of Eccojams and 80s commercials, check this out. Televised Tragedies was my goto-summer-album this year and last year. Easily my favorite of the "Vaporwave Movement". http://18carataffair.bandcamp.com/
  18. I'm really liking the album 'qualia - activity' http://qualiaa.bandcamp.com/album/activity it's what I was hoping would happen, which is 'vaporwave' ideas informing more original compositions. This is a really crisp and clean production and listen, don't sleep on this 'un.
  19. http://maisonblanche.bandcamp.com/ After going through a creative lull, I wanted to try my hand at a bit of vaporwave, and these 14 tracks are the result. Short, sweet, and nostalgic, Maison Blanche will make you drift to a time where VHS was king, perfume and fashion ads were cheekily sensual and that your cable preview channel was your only solace in a amnesiac night of boredom. Each tracks was named after once prominent, but long since defunct businesses in the metro New Orleans area, making this a hazy love letter to days gone past. So sit back, relax, take a deep breath, and let the vapors do the rest...
  20. https://soundcloud.com/samwhite/c-mm-dty-bjct-e-x-p-r-t-c-m-f
  21. http://soundcloud.com/samwhite/fuk-whale http://soundcloud.com/samwhite/h-i-t-m-e-r-i-p-i-t
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