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Found 18 results

  1. Not on label 20 18 04 01 01. DirtBassDub 4:32 02. Guitar b bass 5:38 03. morc2 7:12 04. Resonante 6:09 05. tabla street 5:16 06. lump 7:21 07. cashhog 5:04 08. dragon juice 6:03 09. noto 3:15 10. fuddy dub 3:59 11. technodub 3:45 12. CloudBrolli 3:30 13. i scrub dub 6:24 14. the reed cutter 6:08 https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/b-sides-and-mixers-07-09 (name your price)
  2. Delivering on his promise to release a bunch of stuff after getting his hardware back and running! Another new LP from wAgAwAga. https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/totangled I won't have a chance to listen until Fri/Sat, hope it's a good-er. enjoy
  3. From his bandcamp! one night the phantom came and lifted the cursed devizez, this time capsule was left behind. Returning from the mountain dream. having sailed the seven seas of trudgeon. and washed up near reggie. we travelled, with silas as the guide, traversing the multiverse of Sonus Australis. from the crystal-murky waters of Aotearoa the neo-fluoro landscape of the immigrant hominids was recapitulated through an angld lens. to form a hybrid view of rigdom. the master files now lost! these crystalline sketches are all that remain of a long weekend of Progging into the pHuture.
  4. Nice surprise this morning! Couple mental sounding tracks from mr waga. https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/redline-vip I'm stoked, really a big fan of his more electronic stuff (Satta EP, Acid Highway etc). Happy to have more of it coming out lately. Glitch Test EP was great.
  5. Great EP here by mr Waga! https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/
  6. https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/more-of-that-jam-on-toast New wAgAwAgA. 'Nuff said.
  7. ¡new wagawaga! https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/
  8. Another EP from the man this week! 3 releases in one week, all quality! Thanks wAgAwAgA! (also sorry for asking for the jungle stuff so many times, thanks for putting it up! lol) http://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/the-parabola-ep
  9. 01. wAgAwAgA - inflight frogs 5:10 02. wAgAwAgA - morning beach 4:58 03. wAgAwAgA - Yng lAz 4:00 04. wAgAwAgA - rivah jetty 2:56 05. wAgAwAgA - scrumpin selecta 6:26 06. wAgAwAgA - telescopic lug 5:00 07. wAgAwAgA - cookswait 4:51 08. wAgAwAgA - dub intent 5:09 09. wAgAwAgA - elev8or 3:52 10. wAgAwAgA - spLtinttnt 4:00 11. wAgAwAgA - ThLvLngn 4:32 12. wAgAwAgA - stithlootla 6:36 13. wAgAwAgA - wind down 5:26 https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/tasmagoria !
  10. New album from wAgAwAga! http://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/pineapple-arcade I know what I'll be listening to for the rest of the week! Edit: I thought I saw somewhere that he would have a record out on John's label this year?
  11. Another EP! Good stuff, get it while it's hot! http://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/satta-ep
  12. We've had this on our bandcamp for a short while, but it hits all the main online stores today. wAgAwAgA - Acid Highway wAgAwAgA returns to Acroplane Recordings with this blistering 9 track acid LP. 1. Dubbage 2. Machinesound 3. Darks1de 4. Spooks Patrol 5. Hypnotechniq 6. Midnight At The Arcade 7. ElBoogie Acid 8. WHITEnoise 9. Egyptian Elevator Rave "UK drumwork producer Wagawaga has been a bit quiet since his last album Hyper Typewriter back in 2011. Now he's back with Acid Highway and it's an even more intensely vibrant listen than its predecessor. Featuring nine blister
  13. Easy Guys! Just uploaded another bunch of tunes here: https://cookinguprecords.bandcamp.com/album/jitterbug-lp its a bit of a weird collection, as ever. blending hard synth tones with real world samples and live drum recordings. hope you like it! wAgA!
  14. Hi Guys! Ive uploaded a recent live show recording from Berlin on the 22nd Feb. The recording has a few annoying clips on it (didnt notice the touch of red-lining) anyway, its a good mix so i wanted to share it. i tried to cover a lot of different material in the set, so it jumps through quite a few styles and tracks. check it out here: http://i.mixcloud.com/CG5ZBR cheers!
  15. Hi guys ! I have finished work on a new album. Dhunadh Dubs. Electronica mixed with Dub and Jazz vibes. Live drum recordings and instrumentation. very pleased with this one! Music to combat the flooded winter blues. i hope u like it! http://cookinguprecords.bandcamp.com/album/dhunadh-dubs http://cookinguprecords.com
  16. hi all, a quick update and some more music for u all...... ive compiled an album of sounds recorded in the north of india, predominantly in varanasi, with the nagara drummers. its was a very ad hoc operation......no studio or multitrack or headphones or brief. just a stereo recorder and grabbing snippets of whatever came along......i arranged the sounds first into tracks and then into the album flow. its a nice one ! i hope you all enjoy ! http://cookinguprecords.bandcamp.com/album/uttarakasha
  17. artist: wAgAwAgA title: Midnight Sampler release date: 2/13/2012 format: Full Length MP3, FLAC label: RecordLabelRecords cat#: RLR30 a decidedly more laid back and tribal dub flavor for wAgAwAgA more information to follow.... http://soundcloud.com/fluorescentgrey/wagawaga-varanasi-puja-from
  18. hello acroplane.org asked me about 6months ago if i wanted to do an ep. we decided on dec 1st and then i didnt think much more deeply about it until a week ago. i wanted to wait til the last minute before picking the tunes in case i wrote anything worthwile before the release. so this week i started picking tracks and i couldnt resist putting as much music on there as possible. so instead of a 4/5 track ep its become an 11 track lp. i tried to get it to flow so it was listenable as one solid piece of music rather than just isolated tracks. musically its all quite similarly paced, sitting
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