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  1. So then, since we're basically snowed in here - time for some top secret project revealing: My oldest son, Kaito, and I will be opening a small new store here in Ypsilanti called "Technical Equipment Supply". Clothing, decks (Palace), music - lots of 7" and cassette, but other vinyl as well - the majority is modern funk/boogie & Detroit-related hiphop. And since we're doing all of that, why not use this opportunity to make a super-label featuring a bunch of my buddies? So, there is also a new label happening alongside the store - TECH.EQPT.SPLY. 1st release (TECH-002) Soundmurderer/Atlas 7" 2nd release (TECH-004) Aphex Twin 10" 3rd release (TECH-006) Madlib 7" and more releases coming from Bogdan Raczynski, Flying Lotus, Wisp, Zinc, etc Label releases are only sold in-store (no digital, no online) - 7" & 10". A few other unique items in the pipeline but that's enough news for now. Probably* open this Wednesday, Dec 14 onward. Probably* hours will be 2-8pm or 3-9pm, something like that. https://www.facebook.com/technicalequipmentsupply/ http://www.technicalequipmentsupply.com/
  2. (Bah, this post should've been in Forum Discussion / Issues, admins, please move it.) As there's occasional grumbling about the difficulty of embedding Bandcamp releases in this editor, here's my writeup on the subject, including a simple(r) solution that's far from optimal, but it works. Bandcamp release id is AFAIK actually a WordPress article id, a numeric string that's more or less random from our point of view, so it can't be guessed. The id is not included in a Bandcamp release's URL, but embedded (multiple times in different ways) within the HTML of the release page, so manual extraction requires viewing the source and knowing what to look for. The way to get the id from the Bandcamp page without viewing the source is to click Share / Embed (under the release image), which opens an accordion below the link with a second link, Embed this album. Clicking it will open a Customize dialog, where you can select by clicking any style you want to get to the next step, where you get the Embed HTML code in a text input (the one starting with <iframe...). The embed code contains the release id within the iframe tag's src attribute, e.g. https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=140089158/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/artwork=small/transparent=true/ where you can see the release id as a value for the album parameter (bold emphasis); this is what you want for this editor's Bandcamp embed dialog. Paste the embed HTML to an editor and copy the release id, then click the editor's Bandcamp embed button, paste the id and Bob's your uncle. I used to paste the whole embed HTML to the dialog's text field, then delete everything before and after the id, but YMMV. This is difficult and sucks donkey derrière, although I'm quite quick at it. As always, TMTOWTDI (There's More Than One Way To Do It) - so I viewed the Bandcamp release page's source and found the easiest possible way to extract the id, so I came up with a small Javascript fragment that can be used as a bookmark: javascript:window.alert(JSON.parse(document.getElementsByName("bc-page-properties").item(0).content).item_id) Add it as a bookmark (copy and paste the code as the URL of the bookmark); when you're on a Bandcamp release page, run the bookmark and you'll get the id on a popup from where you can copy and paste it to the embed's input. As I've written elsewhere, this is not optimal, but definitely less painful than suffering through the indignity of doing it manually as above. There's no truly optimal solution that wouldn't require any copy-and-pasting, because to pick up the release number the release page's HTML source is required, so any solution is required to copy-paste either the id (extracted with Javascript from the release page like with my bookmark thingy above) or the release page URL (so that the id can be extracted programmatically from the page's HTML source). There are more complex and complicated solutions, but they're definitely even more farther away from optimal because of the effort required to implement them - I think the intuitive way would be to just paste the Bandcamp release's URL in the editor, but that would require modifying the editor's behaviour; the next best thing would be to paste the URL in the embed dialog, which would then load the release page's HTML and extract the release id - but that would require modifying the Bandcamp embed functionality. Therefore, the currently easiest way is to use the bookmark kludge above. Let me know if you come up with a better one without having to delve into the forum software's innards.
  3. Finally! Its here. The album you've all been waiting for, more eagerly awaited than Boards of Canada, more sought after than Aphex Twin, WATMM covers Squarepusher. Congrats to all involved, this is a wicked compilation of tracks. DOWNLOAD HERE, in WAV. Tracklist: 1. Zephyr Nova - Rotate Electrolyte 05:24 2. Hermann - Squarepusher Theme 06:39 3. YIkES! - I Wish You Could Talk 03:06 4. Stocko - Rebus 03:15 5. The Kimmy Gibblers - My Sound 03:48 6. Hefty Carriage - Unknown (Inspired track) 05:08 7. Swegüno - I Wish You Could Talk (Reinterpreted) 05:47 8. Acidburp - Unreleased 03:50
  4. http://phlntn.com/emojibuilder/ Let's see what emoji we can come up with...
  5. Members of WATMM have come together AGAIN to share tracks centrally created with the Monomachine! All monies are donated to MacMillan Cancer Support. :) https://watmnm.bandcamp.com/album/watmnm-ii
  6. https://tefosav.bandcamp.com/album/tefosav-aggregation-project-0x000b
  7. WATMM did a thing called WATMnM - The WATMM Monomachine Compilation: [bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=603290162 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false] All tracks are created with the Monomachine and by members of WATMM. All monies will go to Macmillan Cancer Support (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/touched-music). Cover and header art created by super user peace 7.
  8. Lets have a party! Or do a music comp. Or something. Ideas here? Or maybe the mods already have a plan (or maybe they don't, I dunno)
  9. So this is pretty old, amazed the CD isn't scratched or anything, but it was a mix I culled from the EKT forum back in 2003. I found it in an old duffel bag I used to use for work in the basement this weekend. I only have 3 artists out of 14 identified. Please help me solve the puzzle, and let's figure out what old school watmmers made these.... I'll update the tracklist as necessary. A lot of this sounds better than what I remember... 1. ??? - ??? 2. encephala - qbibble 3. ??? - ??? 4. MRX - eeuue 5. ??? - ??? 6. ??? - ??? 7. jonas the plugexpert - brown sauce 8. ??? - ??? 9. ??? - ??? 10. Atop - Rainbow at Noon 11. Beak - McGriff Acid 12. ??? - ??? 13. ??? - ??? 14. Pigeon St - ??? [sc5]82970016[/sc5]
  10. Sheatheman and I each have a track on this upcoming compilation, tracks 5 and 7 respectively. Deep zones and moods throughout. You can peep the samples here: https://soundcloud.com/shimmering-moods-records/preview-shm-various-artists-cd-meditations-1-pre-orders-now-delsin-records Pre-orders up at Delsin: http://www.delsinrecords.com/release/4786/various-artists/meditations-1
  11. Hey WATMM'rs! Echoing the successes of the WATMM meetups in London, I think it would be a fun idea to hold a WATMM meet up in Amsterdam! DATE: FRIDAY AUGUST 15TH 23:00 - 06:00 VENUE: TROUWAMSTERDAM (VERDIEPING ONLY!!!) PARTY CLONE LABEL NIGHT: BACK TO THE ACID PLANET SERGE BEVERY HILLS 808303 SCHMERZLABOR AKA GUY TAVARES Who's in? I practically live next door to Trouw, so the pre-party will be at my place (further information about this will follow)
  12. project1ep.bandcamp.com Project1EP is an effort to make independent musicians come together and create music for a good cause. Each artist has been given a month to compose and submit up to 15 minutes of new material, without any genre restrictions. The result, our first edition, is an impressive collection of amazing and unique music of all kinds, mostly within the electronic realm. Ranging from organic and earthy recordings to abstract and surreal experiments, each submission is a glimpse into a different world. All proceeds from this album go to Doctors Without Borders. All music has been composed as a token of support of Doctors Without Borders. If you enjoy the album, please consider paying what you feel it's worth and supporting our cause. Thank you to MSF UK for your correspondence and support. A huge THANK YOU to all incredibly talented artists who made this possible.
  13. Some of us guys thought we could use another project to help us all be creative, and we came up with this. You have the whole of February to make 1 EP containing up to 15 tracks at a max total length of 15 minutes. Anybody is allowed to submit any content under any artist name, provided it's your own material, not offensive and not OLD material! No folder dumps! There are no genre restrictions, make anything you want. If you are stumped for ideas, message me and I will send you two randomly selected words, and the combination must be the title of your EP. The rest is up to you. Submit your EP in a ZIP to me, either as a private message or to mikewestaudio (at) gmail.com , together with all relevant info, before March 1st. The final result will be compiled into one MASSIVE digital release - including top of the line mastering, provided that you don't brickwall your tracks. It will be available as pay-what-you-want and ALL proceeds will be donated to the international charity Medicines Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders. So, what excuses have you got? Try something new out, challenge yourself, just do some music. Let's go! Follow us on Facebook for more updates and information: https://www.facebook.com/project1ep https://www.justgiving.com/Project1EP
  14. So this is an idea that has been mentioned before. I think it would be a good idea. What are your thoughts?
  15. any brooklyn or nyc or watmers wanna chill? pm me plz/ /
  16. *WATMM SECRET SANTA 2012* Please PM me your full postal address (and real name) by Sunday December 9th 15:00 GMT. Once we have confirmed numbers I will randomly assign everyone an address and the fun can begin. In these times of austerity, the gifts should be low in cost (or whatever you can afford) but high in LUSH factor. Gifts need to be sent out *relatively* quickly if you want to receive them before Christmas, although since WATMM is a worldwide community and not everybody celebrates Christmas it is not an entirely fixed deadline.
  17. Guest

    let's get personal

    state one fact about yourself that other members may not know of I'll start: I have very little friends, but the friends I do have are great ones. most of my time outside work is spent alone, though I am perfectly fine with that. I prefer being alone
  18. i've seen fleeting postings here on the watmm; sharing the opinions of random people, as well as established artists and more prominent figures in the music community regarding the watmm. i'm curious, what have u heard? what do your friends think? do u talk about watmm with friends or is it a secret activity only for u. i'm also curious to start up a discussion about what the eventual greater vision is for watmm. i'm always hoping for this forum to take flight; not that i don't enjoy it the way it is, but i do feel it has incredible potential if given just a slightly more powerful push. anyway...
  19. Hello, the Italian music magazine Mucchio Selvaggio published in the last issue an interview with BOC. Since it cited WATMM in one of the questions to the Sandisons (that made me chuckle when I read it), I made the effort to translate the text. The weird wording is partly my fault not being a native english speaker, partly due to the interviewer trying to be cool by placing dramatic full stops in the middle of a sentence. I attached the scans from the magazine, there's some press photos in it and the original text if you can read italian. Enjoy
  20. Hi! I'm starting this topic to post my music that I've been recording these last months. Some of them (13 exactly) will be in a new album I will release this June, called I Came Here For Nothing. There's a reason why I'm taking so much time to release the album: I still have to record some songs that depend on some people, and this May I will be so busy preparing exams for entering university, and those exams are on June. BUT I will release two or three songs of the album before that date, so you can hear them. Here's the teaser for the new album:
  21. what is the meaning of this "jazz" inside joke/thing on watmm? does it expand outside watmm?
  22. Well, should we? All posts in here would merge into General Banter if we decide to axe the dedicated subforum for footie.
  23. in the event of watmm emergency, we might do well as community to have a universally agreed upon meet spot. watmm, help our fellow community members stay safely connected in the event of the unforeseen. plees submit your ideas of what might be the best system to employ. might we leave messages at this potential location to announce the fact that we have indeed been there? where shall we meet?
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