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Found 16 results

  1. Note to Self (a lullaby) http://happycream.bandcamp.com/track/note-to-self-a-lullaby i hope you enjoy. This will be the opening track on a ep I'm working on.
  2. You're welcome: https://weird-vintage.com/
  3. Note to Self (a lullaby) http://happycream.bandcamp.com/track/note-to-self-a-lullaby i hope you enjoy. This will be the opening track on a ep I'm working on.
  4. A few years ago, I sought out to compose a piece of very generic and incredibly bland music with generic visuals for a fake ad that advertises nothing under the Julie Winters alias (used Windows Movie Maker for the vid). The track appears on a compilation I was asked to contribute to for a strange microgenre within the vaporwave genre called "metrosong" that uses modern day ad music with techy, optimistic visuals to create a surreal take on modern corporate branding. I plan to do more of this stuff sometime, as its fun to do an original non-sampled take on it, like with my Donovan Hikaru alias. link to the compilation released on Carboard Futures:
  5. So rather than buying a load of gospel records and playing them backwards, I'm looking for more haunting, ghostly choral stuff akin to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1-MY9ESIP0 and even this, at least before Moby happens: Apologies for terrible use of adjectives. GO!
  6. Looking for a book similar to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that is not written by Terry Pratchett. thx
  7. Source: http://news.sciencemag.org/physics/2015/10/feature-bizarre-reactor-might-save-nuclear-fusion
  8. Guest

    Jazz Mag Numb 6

    Jazz Mag Numb 6 Alan Tew : Gentle In The Night Rita : Erotica Al 'Turkey' Barrett : Bang Bang Lulu Barbara Markay : It's All Rite Peter Wyngarde : Rape Die Antwoord vs. Enya : Orinoco Ninja Flow Richard Cheese : Rape Me Acid Pauli : Fuck The EU Tom Neville : Just Fuck The Holydrug Couple : Je T'aime Swinging Barmaids - trailer Hecker : Bsf-tyk 5 Nurse With Wound : Ketamineaphonia Mag & The Suspects : Erection Loudon Wainwright III : Good Ship Venus My Dick : Fields Of Dick Jensen Sportag : Fallen Doves listen download
  9. so i made this yesterday. i took songs i made between 2004/2008, cut out parts i liked and turned them into weirdness by streching and manging and keyshifting and feeding into effects. than edited it together into one long piece. it was, like, 6 hours of pure fun. PZNE is an acronim for polish translation of the title. soundcloud.com/palcolor/sets/pzne/s-5fMVs enjoy. if you dare.
  10. This has been the first thing to really catch my ear in a while. I doubt a lot of people on here are going to like it, but what the hell, you might. http://soundcloud.com/subpop/the-pisgee-nest?in=subpop/sets/daughn-gibson-me-moan This shit is weird. It reminds me of what Buell Carter's music in Idoru probably sounds like. It's sad and the vocals are very country but it has electronic elements that are integral to the production. We live in interesting times.
  11. I recently gathered together my various on-off tracks and compiled them together into this: http://spectral.bandcamp.com/album/back-catalogue-vol-3 Since there's no thematic connection, all the tracks are very different, but mostly lean towards dark drones, ambient and weird experimental noises. Although there are some melodies in there too :) Feel free to download - i also added a .pdf with my recent glitch-art experiments to go with music.
  12. SJ Soloman Tump in the place! He brings the hits! He might not always play stuff at the right speed or indeed mix very well, but he sure knows how to rock the shed! So yeah, I recorded a vinyl only mix of bizarre noisy electronic stuff that I like. It ended up resembling a bad trip of fucked up dreams. I hope you like (?) it. You need to be in the right mood to enjoy this sort of thing but I quite enjoyed recording this style for a change. SJ Soloman Tump is available for bookings! Icarus - Despair (Soviet Igloo EP), 2001 Not Applicable 001 Perispirit - 14th Annual Seance (Spiritual Church Movement), 2012 Digitalis Recordings 038 The Cars - I’m In Touch With Your World, 197 Elektra Records K12312 Garrincha & The Stolen Elk - Void (Void LP), 2011 Weird Forest Records 072 Ekoplekz - Thermodub (Variables II EP), 2011 Mordant Music MM048 Last Step - Cimicdae (Sleep LP), 2012 Planet Mu records ZIQ303 Oyaarss - Flight across the Twilight (Smaida Greizi Nakamiba LP), 2012 Ad Noiseam ADN163LP Autechre - Gelk (Peel Session 2), 2000 Warp Records WAP 150 Maxim - Paranoid (My Web EP), 1999 XL Recordings XLT108 Lorn - Everything is Violence (Ask the Dust LP), 2012 Ninja Tune ZEN 187 Zager & Evans - Little Kids, 1969 RCA Ltd XPKM 5615 Funckarma - Strip (Part 5 EP), 2002 Dub Records 023 Macc & dgoHn - Fake Bus, 2009 Interspective Records INP016 Outro: David Bowie - Space Oddity, 1969 RCA Ltd 2593A Including samples throughout from Hi-Fi Sound Stereo Test Record, 1974, HFS75 https://soundcloud.com/feltch/sj-soloman-tump-bad-trip-whisk
  13. Guest

    Shepherd's Check

    http://shepherdscheck.bandcamp.com/album/flatliner I recorded this album for Mebane Robertson, who is a crazy guy I know. It's mostly guitar & vocals. I added some production & played bass on some of them. It reminds me of Jandek, early Leonard Cohen, Dylan, and some other stuff but it's pretty unique. His songs are mostly bitter wordy love songs. I liked his stuff enough to do it, so I hope someone here will enjoy as well. If you like weird- Talk To Me Dead Behind The Eyes Mary Jane Irish tragic ballads - Look Away Chilled out - Redwood (I made this one) WARNING: THE VOCALS ARE ALL OFF KEY ALL OF THEM IT IS JUST THAT KIND OF MUSICS except Look Away, that one's pretty on. Thanks for checking it out!
  14. yo dogz! similar stuff to this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umL3v2ubVZo Like experimental and that, not electronic stuff, instrumental.
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-14114555 The system works by submerging the body in a solution of water and potassium hydroxide which is pressurised to 10 atmospheres and heated to 180C for between two-and-a-half and three hours. Body tissue is dissolved and the liquid poured into the municipal water system. Mr Sullivan, a biochemist by training, says tests have proven the effluent is sterile and contains no DNA, and poses no environmental risk. all i gotta say is WTH
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