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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    My Weekly Beats

    Hey! Haven't posted here in a while (haven't finished a track in a while). I felt ike sharing my weekly beat for week #04, and while I'm at it I'll post in that same thread my best weekly works for 2014... Tell me what you think!
  2. Yo, I'm trying to make at least 10 seconds of audio everyday for the Inpuj 10s project whose sc group page is https://soundcloud.com/groups/10-second-project-2013 Actually I try to make 1 minute rather than 10 secs, these are my takes: https://soundcloud.com/yan_g/sets/inpuj-10-sec-project Some will be reworked on, some will be kept as are, some will be forgotten :) I'll be posting here whenever I add a new track to this set...
  3. Guest

    untitled #082

    ideas for the second half welcome, and on overall production (drums too loud?) i'm pretty happy with the arpeggios & melody, sounds like my mood, tell me what you think! Edit: works better with a link!
  4. Due to multiple computer problems I haven't been able to work on current tracks so I started a couple of other ones :) Here's one I almost finished (I think): https://soundcloud.com/yan_g/unt077 Comments & criticism welcome :) I'm especially looking for feedback on spacialization of the drums.
  5. Guest

    yan_g - unt074

    I have to work the transitions, and some parts are a bit boring, have to fix it, other than that it's got moments i'm pretty happy with...
  6. Actually a rather old track, started in 2009 but I've been working on it more lately... Tell me what you think, it's not finished indeed, criticism welcome! http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/unt034
  7. My latest work, don't know what to think, you tell me! http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/unt070-wip
  8. Guest

    unt067 & unt069

    http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/wip-unt069 criticism welcome!
  9. Guest

    yan_g - EP 4

    Hello there! Yesterday my 4th EP was released on rec72: http://rec72.net/?p=2306 If you feel like donating you can go to my bandcamp instead: http://yang.bandcamp.com/album/ep-4 Reviews welcome. Criticism on how to improve these tracks NOT welcome. Criticism applicable for future releases welcome :) For the bleep fans there is some HSS3i and Nebulophone on unt039 ;) Hope you like it! Yann
  10. Guest

    yan_g - EP 4

    Hello there, I posted in the EKT releases forum already but it's not quite heavily populated so I thought I'd post the link here, I hope you forgive me... The most regular members must have heard most of these tracks at earlier stages so if you generally like my output, here's the chance to grab some of it. If you don't remember my music, it's electronica which I try to make melodic and colourful, and surprising. Tell me what you think! Here's the link to the release forum post: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/74186-yan-g-ep-4/ /y.
  11. Just found this file on a USB flash drive, I thought the world needed me to upload it to soundcloud, you'll thank me after you've played it, it's an essential recording, really ! It's great to be happy I'm tellinya! http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/silencide-yan_g-cest-g-nial-d
  12. Still needs some work in the transitions and ending but I think it's pretty much got something which goes a little like this: http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/unt039-part-4 Tell me what you think!
  13. been playing with this today, need advice on mix & eq, i'm going crazy it sounds like shit! http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/unt065-wip suggestions welcome! /y.
  14. Guest

    yan_g - unt064

    Here's my latest creation, I've been experimenting things I never do... These tracks are the most difficult to work on... Dunno where I can go from there but I'll find out! Until then tell me what you think! http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/unt064-wip
  15. ...that I might finish in 2012! http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/butterfly-bass Tell me what you think! Criticism appreciated on all aspects. Haven't been putting enough efforts in the mix yet I think.
  16. Guest

    HSS3i tracks

    Hi all, I got an HSS3i (http://bleeplabs.com/hss3i/) for Christmas and I started making short experimental tracks with it, some got feedback already so I though I might share them here too :) here's the link to the soundcloud set: http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/sets/hss3i-mixes/ and another track that doesn't seem to appear in the list: http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/hss3i-mix-09-an Tell me what you think!
  17. First, here is the original track, in case you care: http://ilkae.bandcamp.com/track/careless-wonder And here is my remix in progress: Criticism and suggestions welcome!
  18. Hi there, I'm currently learning to create visuals dynamically with music, here is one of my first sketches, it's a Java applet so you need to have Java installed for your browser... It takes a while to load cause I didn't want to encode the mp3 @96kbps... http://yann-g.net/processing/fftCircles/ To use the keyboard controls you'll have to click the applet first. Just wanted to share :)
  19. in case you don't know, ilkae released many sources including those of pistachio island, visit http://inpuj.net/201...ts-daisy-chain/ to get them +proswell files and other merck/inpuj source files :) i'm currently working on this remix: http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/ilkae-saxifrage-snowshoe-rabbit-rmx original track: http://ilkae.bandcam...track/saxifrage comments welcome :)
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