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daniel couldt come pick me up to get groceries

Alien Sugar

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the day this was released


i go get groceries with daniel here https://www.sweetwater.com/

its a place i dissapear in a beautiful place out in the country to do my urit you alls

and jupiter ascending was all ascending in metal terms as jupiters headgames can't find a head to invade cos flying lotus gave life to the unborn

while marilyn manson died again in 97' cos autechre said i forgot developing schizophrenia who now has the perfect drug and the beautiful mirror given to by a trent

now that mark has i just wanna give headphones most likely scratched into my kingdom waiting for yeshua a white police officer has a gold denzel washington diamond gift in exchange for half the price of a pack of ciggarettes


clean police record vanished in the snow of 93 coming from the north to the hells of california in 93' to bring the cold on a warm summertime nick and james smoking in the trees took one crack puff to feed the bumble jizumbees 


the tunnel was smaller in diameter marcus so you could watch it shift with an amethyst of kale

www war world wide the nets music www losing brain never read a book got a fast book lit up in the faces with faces of you're home mall


dhank hank on a hill


thank you

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