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Yellow Swans - Going Places (Reissue)

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Picked this up this week. New band for me, although they were active back in the last decade and broke up in 2008.

This music is emotionally crushing - maybe not the sound you want to hear in current times. Still amazing.

Boomkat describe it best.


Perversely and brilliantly, Yellow Swans disbanded right at the point when they were tipping into wider recognition, just as the rest of the world was catching up with the noise scene which shattered into myriad strains of kosmische noise, Neo-industrial and power noise and would give us everyone from James Ferraro to 0PN, Wolf Eyes and Prurient. But a decade later Yellow Swans’ ‘Going Places’ feels like a scrawled note left by a lover who has fucked off to somewhere more exciting, and leaves behind a ragged palimpsest of memories, forgotten or suppressed emotions and maybe even an encrypted map of where to find them in the future.


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